Poop For Peace 2005: Introduction

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The east hates the west. The Christians hate the Muslims. The liberals hate the conservatives. The Sunnis hate the Shiites. All across the globe, the chasm dividing humanity is ever deeper. In all the world's wars against terror, the distinction of who is perpetrating which depends on what side you ask -- so divided are we as a species that we can't even agree why we're killing each other.

For there to be peace, there must be understanding. For there to be understanding, there must be a common ground. But the further the chasm deepens, the more fundamental to basic human nature the common ground has to be.

And so April 15 is Poop For Peace Day.

Poop is the one experience all human beings have in common. We may have varying ideas of God and politics, but the power of an impending poop is a higher calling to which every human must answer. Side by side in a public bathroom, any two human beings are stripped of their differences and reduced to their most basic essence: a pair of feet sticking out below the stall, and a pair of butt trumpets performing a greasy symphony to lament humanity's non-negotiable deference to the call of the vile.

Under the influence of Taco Bell, there is no Christian or Muslim or Jew. There are only human bodies, reacting to the complications of digestion in the same predictable and malodorous ways. Poop wields supreme power over our bodies -- when poop calls, you answer, or you face the consequences. Poop is our cruel tyrant, our fickle deity, our omnipotent oppressor -- it is a force to which every human being has no choice but to submit.

And recognizing this is the first step toward world peace.

Poop For Peace Day is not a day of protest. Pooping for peace is not a left-wing or right-wing activity. Pooping for peace is an act of unity. It's not about religion or politics. Rather, it's about the simple truth: underlying our religions and our politics are universal needs, wants and desires. To poop for peace is to transcend arbitrary divisions and embrace that which makes us human. Only from starting at such a fundamental truism can we hope to expand our understandings and solve our differences.

On April 15, take some time to think when you take your time to stink. Think of yourself on your toilet, and George W. Bush on his, and Saddam and Osama on theirs. Think about the children of Iraq and the children of America, and realize that while their skins are different colors and their gods have different names, their daily ritual is exactly the same. We all poop, which means we're all human, which means we're all brothers and sisters. Any other differences are arbitrary -- we are all united in the daily struggle against the tyranny of the bowel.

poop for peace

Poop For Peace Day 2005 has passed. Poop For Peace Day 2006 has passed. And yet, somehow, war and suffering still exist in the world. Which means next year we'll poop for peace twice as loud; and the world will echo with the flatulence of freedom.

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Thanks to Tristyn for the idea! From his diaper came my inspiration.

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140 Comments on "Poop For Peace 2005: Introduction"

Tydirium's picture
k 500+ points

On April 15, I will be pooping for peace. I've done it for two years now... third #2 is a charm.

Jimdog's picture


Chris Rockwell's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Count me in!

Jaci Woodring's picture

Pooping for peace is a great cause and I am glad to be a part of it!

Alex's picture

Poop makes the world go round!
fling that poo if you must but how much better to just enjoy the process

The Shit Volcano's picture
Comment Quality Moderatorh 3000+ points

I pooped for peace in 2003 but I was constipated in 2004 so I peed for peace. This year I intend to drop a huge steamer if it takes all day!!!

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

wonderpance's picture
Comment Quality Moderatork 500+ points

this will be my first time participating in poop for peace, and i couldn't be more excited! i can only hope that my poop will bring us all one step closer to world peace.

i love poop.

Logjam's picture
Comment Quality Moderatori 2000+ points

Beginning this April 15, and for every day this coming year, I will poop for peace. At home facing East and West, at work facing North and South, my birds will take flight in search of that peaceful shore.


Mike Olanreeks's picture

This means that April 14th is "Jolly Time popcorn and Nectarines" day for me.

I'm there!

Ass Pumpin n Dumpin's picture

I'll make sure I eat some serious taco bell that day.

Sharty_Jones's picture

I will try to hold it for a few days for an extra special Poop for Peace. Count me in!

Anthony Dossier's picture

I'm starting to tell friends and family. And I'm ready to support any way I can. If anyone would like some FREE Final Wipes for the cause, send us an e-mail and we'll send em out. finalwipe@lycos.com

Deuce Donkey's picture

Proud to drop a Deuce in the name of Peace!!!!

Thomas of Denver's picture

Every day is 'Poop for Peace' day in my book. But to make April 15th a bit more special, I will have two large bran muffins and a strong coffee for breakfast. That should time it to a perfect mid-afternoon deposit staggering in size ans scope.

Anyone else planning on recovering their poo and having it preserved in lucite?

TheMorningWood's picture

Count us in over at TheMorningWood.org

poop_soda's picture

Dropping this kind of bomb never hurt anyone! Yay for Poop for Peace Day!

Robbie Trencheny's picture

I will Poop for World Peace on April 16th.I heard about it on the Daily Download!

macheath's picture

I hate to say that I've been pooping frivilously but am now resolved to give my poops meaning. May the God of your choice bless you and your poop on Poop for Peace Day!

C.C.'s picture

So proud that my poop wll be going towards a higher cause!

kyle peterson's picture

on april 15th everyone will be saying "dont be gay poop today." I believe its a great way to spread peace throughout the world. Poop is great!

Will Carpenter's picture

I shall Poop for unity on this day! And everyday until then! and Every day after!


Dave's picture
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Ill be gruntin` out a big one for peace! What a great idea!

Andrew's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

I will be pooping all day. I bought some grape nuts and some metemucal. I might even purchace an enema!

Joe's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Please... do it for the children.

drive by pooper's picture

I will do my dooty on April 15th for world peace...

freakazoid's picture

I'll shit for peace... and shove it in my tax return. IRS bastards!

Lorrie Rockwell's picture

I will join my husband Chris and poop for peace. But not at the same time as he suggested, the sick freak.

Charles Stevenson's picture

I love it! One small spelling error I noticed: "Rather, it's about the simple truth: underlying our religions and our politics are universal needs, wants and desires. To poop for peace is to transcend arbitrary divisions and embrace that which makes us human." Should read "our universal needs" shouldn't it?


Sonny/cowchipshirts's picture

Not only will I be Pooping for Peace on April 15 but my cow-workers will be pooping for peace and up to our elbows in cow poop, staining shirts for Peace...

Ron Ray's picture

I'll definitely squeeze a loaf off for peace! Heck, this bomb has never hurt anyone!
(To Charles Stevenson: The spelling is CORRECT! "underlying our religions and our politics ARE universal needs"... That's where they "ARE".)
{It's these arbitrary differences that this is all about! ... Talk about anal!...}

Sapientum's picture

Here at sapientum.com we will be doing our bit on the day!

Anonoblogger's picture

As they say at college, "one's man's feces is another man's thesis!"

Perhonorificus's picture

On April 15, I shall endeavor to bravely answer the calling of nature; and as I gaze upon the bland wall of my bathroom, my enlightened social responsibleness shall intertwine with that of all fellow peace poopers. May the lowliest of our needs bind us all as one species; may our prejudices be flushed along with our fecal wastes.

patsyblue's picture

I'll try and do the same as, Perhonorificus.

The Phantom Crapper's picture

All we are saying, is give poop a chance. Win one for the crapper!

dookie dog's picture

I will hershey squirt my weapon of mass destruction aka a box of prunes, upon thy weary throne for peace.....

I'm sure I will be participating.'s picture

I'm sure I will be participating.

Harry Plopper and the Chamber Pot of Horrors's picture

Fortunately PFP day follows Constipation Tuesday and Wednesday, and then on 14th, Drink as much lager as you can and have a hot curry Thursday. My calendar has 15th as Shit a Brick Friday, but I'm crossing that out and pooping for peace!

Poopatubo's picture

Not only will I poop for peace. I'll do it in technicolor. A rainbow of poop for a rainbow of unity!

Caleb Santangelo's picture

I want very much to poop for peace

poopazoid idiot's picture

one good poop deserves anothor.This piece is for peace.

Elizabeth B.'s picture

I'm doin' it! I'm gonna Poop for Peace! Yeah!

Poopaloopa's picture

If it comes out as blood, is it still pooping for peace?

Ross's picture

For what its worth, I'll be taking the biggest poop ever for this event.

Jlysses's picture

Ulysses here...we will poop for peace definitely...after we mail in our taxes and play a few late night hot dog too many drinks shows...one large poop for us, one small flush for world peace. Come say hi - www.UlyssesTheAlbum.com

If you eat, you poop's picture

April 15, totally poopin for peace. i dont understand how people can be uncomfortable with poop, especially guys not understanding and realizing the fact that girls poop and fart and everything just like them. Im going to poop in hopes that one day everyone will poop in harmony.

turdhanky's picture

"I Have a dream..." just as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had on that fateful day all those years ago, that this April 15, will be a day of reckoning. Personally, I think all kids regardless of age, sex, disabilty, religion, or race, should be excused from school. Every little shit counts. I will also hit every buffet in town the day before and doo doo for diversity!

The Mighty P.A.'s picture

Release the brown hostage on 4/15/05. No ransom required!

Garrett Frierson's picture

Poop For Peace!

~the Freak!'s picture

Poop For Peace is an amazingly poetic and beautiful MOVEMENT. Sign me up.

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