My First Shameless Shit

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One day at work in the spring of 2001, I somehow stumbled upon PoopReport. What intrigued me the most about this website were the tales of people like me -- people who disliked or even had a fear of dropping a load in a public place, and what they'd do to avoid it. I started submitting my own stories, eventually coining the now popular expressions "Shameful Shitting" and "Shameless Shitting." I wrote analyses of my discoveries and experiences as a Shameful Shitter, and the great lengths I'd go to not shit where anyone else could see, hear, or smell me.

It has been a real rollercoaster ride over the last three-and-a-half years as I've worked to become a successful Shameless Shitter. I've made some progress and had a few false starts -- but now I believe I may have finally succeeded. If you remember my last story, you will recall that I froze about a pound of the hot toxic chili that I made in early August. I am proud to credit this container of meat, peppers, and beans as the catalyst that enabled me to cross over to the ranks of the Shameless.

I started a high-fiber diet in late August -- oatmeal, salads, vegetables, fruits, and very little meat. If I do eat meat, it's usually chicken or turkey. So lately it's seemed that whenever I eat red meat, primarily ground beef, my digestive system goes haywire. During opening day of the NFL season, for instance, I went to a bar and ate tacos; for this I received stomach cramps, raunchy gas, and screaming diarrhea for twenty-four hours.

In spite of my diet, I'm not one to waste food, so I decided on Friday night to heat up that pound of frozen chili for dinner. Of course I chugged many beers beforehand, and I didn't end up eating dinner until nearly 9:00. The chili was brutally spicy. It cleared my sinuses and made my eyes water and my body sweat. I chowed it all down and soon passed out in front of the TV.

The next morning we had plans to go shopping at Sam's Club. I started the day with some coffee and took a shit; it was an unimpressive little load and not really too hot. The wife and daughter wanted to stop at Denny's for breakfast before shopping, so I skipped my morning oatmeal and off we went.

I can maintain my diet properly if I am eating at home, but when I go to a restaurant and I am paying for someone else to cook my food, serve it to me and clean my mess, I am going to eat a decent meal. No way am I going to sit and eat a bowl of oatmeal at Denny's. So I drank some more coffee and had a breakfast of two eggs, two sausages, two bacon strips, rye toast and a bowl of grits.

After yet another cup of coffee, we decided to head out. A few minutes on the road and the coffee kickstarted my bowels, giving me a sudden urge to purge. I let off a few nasty hot chili farts and laughed as my wife and daughter cursed me.

Soon the fun would be over. About a mile before our destination I started feeling real queasy. I slipped into a state of panic and confusion -- I needed a toilet NOW. Home was too far back. I considered flooring my SUV to my parent's house just a few miles down the road. I told my wife of my dilemma, and she told me to just shit at Sam's Club.

I decided to try her idea, and kept heading in that direction. I felt intense heat in my rectum -- the chili was coming fast. I got stuck at a very long red light and started to sweat, panic and squirm... I was going to shit my pants.

After what seemed like an hour at that fucking red light, I pulled into a Burger King. I ran from my vehicle into the Burger King men's room to find some fool inside taking a piss. I didn't care. I entered the stall and was greeted by a seat dirty with traces of piss and pubic hair.

I ripped down my shorts and hovered over the bowl as I blasted hot rotten chili diarrhea into the toilet. It was a loud eruption as it splattered into the water but I didn't give a fuck what that urinator was thinking. I took several deep breaths, trying to stop myself from puking up my breakfast; my stomach was killing me. Deep breathing that toxic chili stench was a rough road to take.

I managed to hold down my breakfast as I wiped my poor red-hot starfish. We got our shopping done, and that afternoon at home I pissed out at least three more blasts of chili from my asshole.

I don't know if I will be a Shameless Shitter in the future, but I must admit that after doing it once, the fear isn't as strong. My fear of eating ground beef is by far worse!

-- Doniker

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Doniker, you Red Hot Chili Pooper. Congratulations on freeing your inner shameless. I believe Freud would state that by doing so, you are one step closer to self-actualization.

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Doniker, what a charmed life you must have led that your crowning achievement is coining the phrase "shameful shitter", as you remind us over and over. That and writing endless stories about taking shits......... Oh how I envy you.

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Necessity is the mother of shamelessness. Good story Don.

And yes, First Post Does rule.

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Oh yeah, how much weight have you lost on that diet?

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Doniker - That's funny, dude. I had a very similar experience ten years ago - in a Burger King toilet no less! Instead of chili, I filled up my crap factory after a 7 plate binge at an all-you-can-eat buffet. I felt no shame after that shit either. Good post!

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Now, see how much cooler it would be if poopreport adopted the Fark "first post" filter? THS's pointless missive would now read "And yes, boobies Does rule." and be at the bottom of the heap. Quite fitting, I'd say. First Post does not rule. In fact, I find myself more and more often ignoring the content of first posts, especially when a quick glance informs me that they contain the words "first post". "Oh," I think to myself, "Junior's been allowed to play with the computer again. How wonderful for him."

As to the content of the story, I don't think you'd have fared much better at Sam's Club, had you been able to make it. I've been in their bathrooms, and they're not pleasant. Piss and public hair? Ha! That would be the mark of a clean shitter in Sam's Club.

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HR Poopnsquirt - I agree. The first post filter is badly needed here. I think of the first post weasels as nerdy, old, bored guys who sit around hitting refresh for an hour waiting for the new story to arrive.

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Don - what's up with this diet? you get to hammer down beers, and the only caviat is no red meat? is this some type of reverse atkins diet?

loading up on the fiber is good for you, and also makes shitting more fun

clean getaway

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My bro Doniker, snatching the pebble from master's hand.
I wonder, though, what WOULD you have done three years ago in this situation? Would you have gone back home? Neccessity does precipitate change, maybe after all.
Way to go.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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First post filter is easy. All we need is a good PHP programmer. Any volunteers? The old one is too busy with "a job" or something insignificant like that.

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What, exactly, does a PHP programmer do? If it would teach me more about computers, I'd love to give AB2K a help out.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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C Everett - why knock doniker for telling stories about poop? After all, isn't reading those stories why we're all here??? Why are you so bitter? Are you constipated?

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I'm not bitter and I took a giant shit about 2 hours ago so I guess I'm not constipated either. Any more questions, Mike?

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Congratulations, Doniker. You've done it! This is the first step to your future!

Oh, and I laughed at the red light thing. I have had to take a shit that bad and ended up waiting at a red light that seemed to take three million years, too.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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What, do you guys not want me to put the First Post Rules comment on there? Cause that's ok. I don't have to. I don't need to publish the fact that I rule.

I rule by essence alone.

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Doniker: Did you use an Ass Gasket?

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It's a start. If he thinks about it logically, no one noticed or mentioned his huge, stinky shit. Why would they mention it later? Go, Doniker! You have arrived.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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Explosive diarrhea, or the threat thereof. It could probably make the Pope himself use a roadside shitter if he had to.

Sadly, it doesn't make Doniker any more "Shameless" than he would normally otherwise be. I have detonated on many a public porcelain pooper when the need outweighed the natural shame I normally would have felt. If the urgency wassn't there, I, and he, would have held it till he got his groceries back home.

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I CAN NOT STAND HOMOPHOBES! You have consistently attacked the members of the GLBT Community! This is not the nineteen forties any more! We ALL piss and poop the same, regardless of one's sexual orientation! Let's stop this crap of slionging shit at the GLBT Community!

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You're gonna have to learn how to properly and rapidly cool down your soups and stews before freezing them so that you don't grow bacteria to such a degree as to cause explosive butt flow, dude. Then you could enjoy your away-from-home respites on plebian potties.

Keep on shuckin'. TH.

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Yea maybe its a start, but I have to agree it doesn't really count as shamelessness if you have no choice about it.

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Well, poop, Doniker could have tapped into his inner power to seal the sphincter, rather than go into unknown territory. I guess Doniker can achieve shamelessness by taking one step at a time. By shitting at public places with a less urgent shit each time, eventually, he will be able to perform a moring ritual BM in a public crapper, rather than be prepared to wait hours.

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Good story Doniker, but I have to say that a true act of shameless shitting would have to be around people you know or will see again. Shameful shitters hide their poop habits because they know they are going to see their coworkers, friends, school mates, and so on. Letting lose in front of a dude at Burger King is a start, but you need to blast ass in front of people you know to achieve a true act of total shameless shitting imo. Again, though, great story and a good first step.

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Again Burger King gets the brunt of a bowel movement. What is this, the third or fourth Poop Report story where Home of the Whopper has served as a relief stop?

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Doniker, gassing the family in a car...BRAVO.

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Chuck, I think this is because Burger King serves shit anyway. No one would notice if you dumped a little more in their bathroom since it has a special nozzle hooked up to the burger machine anyway.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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Sounds like a good one... well done

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Shit yea
fuckin' a'

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i was in a catholic high school ,we wore sports jackets, shirts and ties, i was in spanish class, i had eaten a breakfast burritto and 2 brans muffins, the class was half over, i felt the shit coming on, i was too meek to ask to go to the bathroom, so i shit my pants, right there in sister teresa's spanish class, it stained and seeped thru my white levi jeans, i was sitting in back, i took my sports jacket ogg wrapped it around my waist to hide the shit stains and walked around like that for the rest of that school day, what a shameful shit that was.

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am i alone when i say that i cant eat a breakfast burrito without shitting violently? i mean a constant stream of crap. and any kind of breakfast burrito, too- i have no idea why. i sure do love the things, though.

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Burritoes and spicys and such never really screwed me over, just sugary foods. If I eat an apple, I get violent gas. If I eat a piece of cake, I get some shits. God forbid I eat 3 donuts. This sucks, cuz I love cooking those things!

I'm not too shamelful, nor am I shameless enough to be called shameless.

I'd say I'm a Seamus shitter.

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WAy to go Donkier. Although I didn't read all the comments, I've done about the same thing at a Burger king in the past. The amount of force behind a dirahea shit like that is unbelivable! The next step is to purposly plan a public shit!! It's quite liberating!!

Poop Shooter!

Poop Shooter!

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Agree Poop Shooter! When I was shameful, I tried deliberately to put myself in a position where I would have to do a public shit, to try and get rid of that irrational embarrassment. I failed a few times, and ended up just holding it in until I got home again. I got there in the end, and will now shit wherever the urge strikes. Freedom!!!

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My first and most shameless shit came eight years ago when I was a junior in high school. No experience since then--including college and my career--has come close to it.

At school I peed twice a day and never sat on the seat because I hoved. I wasn't a germophobe, but pubic hair and and splashes of the unknown on the seat were turnoffs for me, although most of my friends thought nothing of sitting down. This was October of my third year and I had never crapped at school (and with the exception of a few times while with my family on vacation) never in a public place.

I was working on a paper for my U.S. History class that required me to use the micro film/micro fiche at our city's main public library. My teacher, who was a real bastard, slammed electronic sources so each member of our class had to use the archives of the city or a college library. I had held off to the last minute getting my primary source done so I took the city bus from my high school downtown to the public library with about a two-hour window to get my research done.

A friend of mine was going to come along, but she cancelled because she couldn't get off her part-time job. The time it took me to find the right floor, room, and to learn to use a most cryptic machine, was such that my daily crap was about to come. As the pressure got more intense, I remembered what my mom had taught me about going to the upper floors of public buildings and stores because the toilets should be cleaner due to less use. Right!!! I visited my first open-stall womens bathroom. Three stalls. A middleage lady sitting on the first toilet with so much paper under her and hanging down that I knew she must have taken it from each of the other two stalls. The far stall was taken by a girl about nine who must have been taking a difficult shit because she was repositioning herself and moving her legs around quite a bit. I didn't want to directly look at her because I knew she would have been embarassed about using an open stall. Seeing that the middle stall was my only option, I decided to hold my crap in longer. There was at least a full bowl of crap and pee that I suspect several had contributed to and water from the flusher handle was running onto the back of the toilet and seat.

I went back downstairs, xeroxed the few pages of documents I needed, and with my bookbag feeling pretty heavy, I headed out and to the bus stop. Looking at the clock on the bank building across the street, I found that I had just missed my bus.

I wasn't sure I could hold my crap another 45 minutes and then a 30-minute bus ride back home. My dad was out of town and my mom was at work. I was at the end of our city's six-block central mall and I got to thinking (actually I convinced myself rather easily)that I needed to find an option and fast. There was just one bathroom complex marker I could see, it was several steps down from street level, and as I picked up my walking speed, my back was aching more from the bookbag load and my bowels were ready to explode. The sun was almost down and I stumbled on a couple of the steps. Two steps down and I could already smell the stench. Two of three tubes of ceiling lights had been removed and the one remaining was flickering only enough to illuminate two stall-less toilets. The library option now looked pristine. There were two toilets, out in the open, and with special steel construction that made them look, well, very different. Both the units had overflowed and there was more water on the floor than had been drained, there was no toilet paper, and it was the grossest place I had ever seen.

I knew what I had to do. Both seats (I had never sat on steel before) looked equally evil so I selected the left stall, and without taking my bookbag off my shoulders, I pulled down my jeans and panties and placed myself on one very cold seat. My two foot-plus shit came in an instant, but with so many other deposits in the unflushed bowl, I guess I'll never know for sure. Just as I was pulling my jeans up two homeless women came in. One immediately threw herself onto the toilet next to me and, pulling her sweats and underwear down after she was seated, and looked at me as she let off a large eruption and said "I've been waiting for this all day, Honey!"

I took off without looking back. The busride home was uneventful. Because I wasn't able to wipe, my panties were messed up pretty bad and I just threw them away.

From that day on I became a Shameless Shitter. I doubt I will forget my first experience. Over the past several years, no matter where I am away from home, I've never tried to hold back a crap.

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Damn and that was a pretty filthy road toilet from the description too. You were very brave and became a shamless shitter that day. I am beaming with pride here! Snifff sniff.
The Thunderous Crapper 63 Enjoying home toilet advantage since 2004!


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I use the city library most every night after school. It's the only place where I can get studying done since my house is usually very noisy with four younger sisters and their friends over. And with five AP classes, there's always a paper to write.

My experience with the library bathrooms mirrors that of Suzanne. Most of the stalls are unflushed. I just accept that and I'm not going to be able to change it. If there's only one available--like Suzanne's middle one--I just pull my jeans and underwear down, seat myself, and make the best of it. I don't flush it first because sometimes the stool will clog and overflow and then I've lost my only option. As I vacate, I do flush it once BUT unlike one of my middle school friends, NOT until I'm standing and leaving so if it backs up it's not going to victimize the unsuspecting sitter. Senator Craig's incident isn't going to help get more doors on public toilet stalls, even for us women.

I shit and pee shamelessly ASAP. Holding it and waiting until you can find a better option is stupid, as Suzanne found out. Your options may get worse. As far as the few users that buiid and sit on the toilet paper nests (my mom calls them "prima donnas" because they think they are better than everyone else using a public bathroom), I just imagine how they must freak when there's not TP (thanks to their types)and they have no choice but to sit on the seat like the rest of us.

I've been a Shameless Shitter since 2002 and I love it!

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I spent a lot of time each summer when I was growing up in the 80s on my bicycle. Like two of my friends who were in middle school with me, I had gotten a bike for Christmas and the two wheels provided us lots of adventures until we got into high school and qualified for other activities.

I was the last in the group to become a shameless shitter. I would regularly pee in public parks, gas stations, portable potties when we were out together, but there was something about the public toilet shit that caused me to hold it until I got home. Then because I had waited a few days, I would take a dump so big and smelly that I would often have to pen the bathroom window and plunge.

I might add that I could crap at school, but I was totally repulsed by having to do it in large restrooms such as the mall or ballpark. Yet I would have no trouble sitting down to pee. I became a shameless shitter in June '88 when my friends and I were riding on a trail on the outskirts of our city, about two miles from our subdivision. Both Janie and Kristi had to pee bad, but there were no bothrooms in the area were were riding in. It was humid and in the 90s with the hot, afternoon sun. Kristi spotted a porta-potty at a road construction project that wasn't being used since it was a weekend. She went in first, then Janie did. Because there was no fan and we were in the hot sun, both came out dripping of sweat. It had been three days since I had taken a shit and I was convinced I shouldn't hold it. When I first went in and sat down on the moist, hot seat, I thought I was going to melt. Sweat was dropping off my face onto my exposed thighs as I pushed to get my bowels started. I started to get nauseous after about a minute on the stool because there was NO air circulation. Since there was no one else around, Janie suggested partially opening the door and while it was embarrassing, who was there to see me? So I opened the door while my shit started dropping with a piece-by-piece plop that was satisfying to my ears. I think I used most of the toilet paper on the roll to clean myself but I knew that I had accomplished something: my first shameless shit.

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Good for you Barbie - but I think when most of us talk about being shameless shitters, its just that we mean that we'll go anywhere; public toilets, work, wherever. But it isn't necessary to have the door open!! I've certainly never had a shit with the door open! I think that makes you uber-shameless!!

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My first shameless shit came the last day of the 2001-02 school year. I was in my last day of student teaching and my class of 15 2nd graders at a parish school wanted to treat me to a picnic at the pubic park about three blocks from the school. We were also celebrating my 21st birthday and college graduation. We had sack lunches delivered to the school by a caterer and we got permission to open the pop machine for our drinks. I remember telling my class to go to the bathroom first before we started our walk down the street. We were running late, the students were super-hyper, and I don't exactly remember why--it may be that I didn't have/take time--but I never made it into the faculty room that morning to take my daily crap.

The exercise of taking a group of 7-year-olds to the park is what did me in. We had no sooner arrived at the picnic table area when I knew I had a real problem on my hands. I remembered how my boyfriend having complained about a couple of think fast/move fast situations a couple times when we were dating. Each time he barely made it to the bathroom before making a mess. This time the ball was in my court. While the students were settled and starting to eat, I called a "freeze-frame" activity (they had to stay in their seat and not move) while I excused myself to check for some water that I said I wanted to drink. A lame excuse, I know! But I couldn't think of anything else and I was within a minute of crapping my pants. The ladies room (does one open toilet and a sink qualify as a "room"?) was only a few feet away and I practically ran in. The seat was up and I dropped it no sooner than my butt was to have contact with it. There was a series of uncharacteristically loud farts and within 10 seconds I had filled the bowl. At that time, the mother of one of my students, who had volunteered to help, had arrived and she walked in and was very embarrassed to see me on the stool and in such a public way. Apparently some of the kids heard my farts and knew what I was doing. She diverted attention and got them involved in an activity about their summer plans while I finished up and then came out to join them.

One boy shouted out "Miss Petitt had to poo" and although there was some laughter, the students were quite understanding. It was my first shameless shit...I'll never forget it!

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Student teacher: you got off easy. You didn't plan ahead like you tell your students to do and you inconvenience the students so you can go in and take a shit. Lots of us had teachers that MADE us hold it and you should have too. It would have TAUGHT you the lesson that you so eagerly taught us. Also, you were all alone when you went in, dropped the seat and sat down to shit. How many times have we had to stand in long lines, only to have our anticipated dump put on hold because the bell rings and we have to get to class. Like I said, you got off easy. Bet your set was relatively clean also!

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Student teacher - I really enjoyed your story, particularly the little boy shouting out. I can imagine your embarassment! That's just what would have happened at my school.

AC above is wrong - some people can hold it, some can't. Plenty of evidence of thathere on PR!

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I sympathize with Student Teacher and know that AC doesn't have a clue as to what it takes to succeed on the other side of the desk as a teacher. I did one semester of student teaching in 1969, graduated with a 4.0 GPA and knew from my one semester experience that I wasn't cut out to be a teacher.

Although my students were 9 years old (4th grade) bathrooms were tough when we were on field trips. Both the school administration and my university professor/supervisor preached supervision as being the most important thing when we were at school and also when we were on field trips. Because each of my students read a certain number of books, our class was treated to lunch at the mall one day. Not only did I have to have a male colleague go along with us on the trip, but when a student said he/she needed to use the bathroom, one of us had to go in with him/her while the other watched the larger group. When my colleague's class won a bus trip to the state senate, I had to go along and help supervise the girls. Two ate too much and got sick (one puked on the bus; the other in the legislative gallery) and one crapped her pants while waiting in line to use the bathroom. So much for my "patience is a virtue" lecture I guess! With each, I had to call their parents and fill out an administrative report. Then there was the two boys who got into a shoving match as they both collided at the door of the one open stall.

I'm only sorry that AC wasn't in line to apply for my job. I've been working in the private sector since 1970 and I love it. Shameless Shitting? I doubt I would have even had time to think about it that semester. And after 40 years of such "expectations" regarding supervision, my colon would havebeen pretty sad shape.

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Rosie - you must have been very unlucky! I can remember my class when I was nine. We had only one boy who used to take a crap at school (always preceded by him complaining of tummy ache), but he did it without any dramas, and I can't ever remember any incidents at all with the girls - I suppose they did what they had to do without drawing any attention to themselves.

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My parents owned a business when I was growing up. Because they had a hard time finding employees who were reliable, they frequently had to go in at the last minute to keep the lounge open. That sucked for me because when they were planning to take me places like to a ballgame, the circus, fair, etc. they would call in this 13 or 14 year babysitter, Francine, to take care of me.

I was about six and remember older boys occasionally coming around and talking about how "hot" she was. She wore her high school's sweater a lot, and I didn't understand why she just wouldn't take it off to cool off. Anyway,
she seemed to enjoy taking me out as a substitute for my parents.

The problems came when I had to go to the bathroom. I often would try to hold it until we got back home because I didn't like the attention I would get when she would take me into the ladies room. It was bad enough on the few occasions when she had to pee. Just being eyed by so many women as we stood in line for a stall was embarrassing, and when we finally got to the front of the line and went in, she would have me stand facing the door, while see peed. I don't remember hearing her swear that much except once when she grabbed for the toilet paper and found it was all gone. Thinking back, it probably only took her a minute or two to pee, but for me, it seemed like a half hour, and with the line of others waiting for the stall, there was pressure.

However, at the state fair I had eaten a lot and really needed to poop. She asked me about it a couple of times so I think she could smell what needed to come out. I was really embarrassed about even having to take my shorts down in front of her, so I told her I could wait until we got home. I think I even made up an excuse about not having to go yet, but she knew better.

There were lots of women and children in the bathroom that seemed larger than my entire first grade classroom. Francine quickly took me into an open stall, and I knew the moment I had dreaded was near. I had never crapped (not even at school) in a public bathroom! Holding it was not an option I could hold out for. She put some tissue over the toilet seat that I had never seen done before (how messy did she think I was going to be!)and then she exited and listened as I followed her instructions to latch the door. I pulled down my shorts and underwear and with one push, I had made a significant splattering cotribution to the bowl. I stood up, pulled the tissues off the seat to wipe with (I remember she later corrected me about doing that and also because I had sat down without them to wipe). I had taken my first shameless shit!

Francine continued to care for me over a couple more years. However, she would then let me go into the mens room on my own and she would be waiting for me at the entrance. Once you have the first shameless shit, you're fixed for life!

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Trent - Francine seemed old and wise beyond her 13/14 years!! You were in good hands!

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Last year my family hosted an exchange student from England. Olav was from Norway and had been brought up never to hold his shit. He would always go at his first opportunity. For example, at my high school, I, like another couple of my friends, hated the doorless stalls. Each and every one of the stalls (with the exception of three in the athletic area that were usually closed off during the regular day) had no doors. I would go upstairs to the fourth floor and use a little-used bathroom by the art department during my lunch hour. I would crap as fast as I could and then get out of there. Then there was Olav who would go into the most-busy 12-stall bathroom right next to the cafeteria, sit down for five minutes, and even carry on conversations with the others with his slacks dropped to the floor. I remember once being at the urinal and truly amazed at the ease he went about it. He was on the stool and checking someone's math homework with about 18 other guys in the bathroom at the urinals or on the stool, plus others waiting for the next available stool!

Two days later I felt a big crap coming on right after lunch and I decided I wasn't going to go and hide out on the 4th floor as usual. I simply walked in, took the first stall to my left, and sat myself down. It only took me about three minutes to get my shit out and I acknowledged several of my friends as they walked by. Although I have never had an acting class, I didn't let my nerves and insecurities get the best of me. I kept my underwear and jeans at stool level as I took a largely uneventful shit that thoroughly clean me out. The wiping took a little longer than usual; I guess it's the price we pay for a complete soft shit. I pulled up my jeans, flushed and acknowledged one really scared looking freshman who was about to replace me. It had been my first prime time shameless shit. I was proud and so was Olav when I told him about it that night at home.

Although all the stalls at my college have doors, I don't think I'll ever forget my experience from November 15, 2006.

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Although I am female, I found Trent's posting to be very sensitive. That first public shit can indeed be challenging, to say the least. I was about Trent's age when was forced to use the boys' bathroom at the circus. My regular babysitter Mandy had a school soccer tournament that conflicted, so her brother, who was about 15 took me. He wasn't that bad and told me he really needed to earn some money and he would be happy to care for me again, but I don't remember the need ever coming up.

We were at our large Civiplex which serves a five-county area. First Chadd had to pee and, of course, I had to follow him in. I remember it was sooo gross! Guys were crapping in stalls without doors and some of them were surprised when I walked by. Others were at these large troughs like they had on my grandpa's farm and you could readily see them with their organ out and the pee splashing into the trough. I remember watching one guy for a few seconds as he was splashing his pee in a circular fashion just like I had been trying to do with a sparkler the previous Fourth of July. I know I wasn't supposed to be starring, but while Chadd was peeing, I was watching this older guy trying to stop peeing and then wiping his organ over the front of the trough in order to get it dry and put it back in his underwear. I remember a couple of my friends were fascinated by the stories I was able to tell.

An hour or so later I had to both pee and crap. I had eaten too much junk food, I guess. I felt queasy and knew I wouldn't like either of the alternatives: peeing/pooping or puking in a mens bathroom. I told Chadd I was allowed to go into the bathroom on my own (I was partially lying because my mom would walk me in and I would use the stall next to the one she used). However, he said the place was too big for me to go into the womens bathroom on my own. I plead my case, but to no avail.

We went into one of the bathrooms on the upper concoarse and this time there were more children on the stools and at the urinals. Again, all the stalls had no doors. There were several boys who were about my age and older on the stools with their jeans and underwear down to the floor and they looked pretty startled when I walked by. I couldn't help but notice a couple of the boys who were so small that their legs were dangling down because they were too small for their feet to touch the floor. Chadd motioned me into a stall at the very end of the row. He pushed me aside and dropped the seat. It was big and black and seemed to make a good amount of noise when it hit the bowl. He basically stood in front of the stall when I pulled my shorts and underwear down and gingerly sat over the front of the seat. It was one of the largest craps of my career and it came out fast. I don't think I was seated 30 seconds before it came out. Immediately, my stomach felt better and I was releasing a few rather noisy farts. I still had to pee and I got a pretty good stream going, despite the fact that sitting on such a big toilet and in the mens room sucked. I saw one guy line up behind Chadd. He made some kind of remark about waiting on "the kid sister". I don't recall if Chadd corrected him or not, but as soon as I wiped and got up and buckled my shorts, I felt quite an accomplishment. I had taken a much needed shit in a large mens bathroom, but I still couldn't wait to get out.

That was not to be, however, because Chadd told me to wait in the stall doorway. He then pulled down his shorts and sat down to poop. It seemed like it took him an hour or so, but I was just embarrassed by going in with all the guys, and after doing what I needed to do, then being kept hostage as he needed to crap. Although he told me to turn my back to him, it was gross to see him there and being able to readily smell the most recent deposit made in that toilet. The couple of peeks I snuck in were even more revolting to me. First, he had his penis over the front of the bowl and then he tucked it down into the bowl and I could hear him pee while he crapped. I guess I had momentarily forgotten that I had accomplished the same mission.

I tried to coax him off the toilet ASAP and although he got up and wiped and I was eyeing the exit door, he insisted on washing his hands. And yes, he made me wash mine too. Although very embarrassing, my first shameless public shit was something I still remember more than 20 years later. And nothing in those intervening years has been so traumatic.

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I was at a soccer stadium in Buenos Aires during a Boca-River match.

My guts were suddenly starting to squirm indicating the rapid approach of a full-blown intestinal explosive situation. Product perhaps of some dubious choripanes I had ingested a few hours before.

I went to the Men's room in the stadium and found it so vile I couldn't go. They didn't even have doors on the stalls and the toilets were simple hole in the ground type things. They call it a Turkish toilet I think. There was NO toilet paper, people were wiping themselves with a finger and smearing it on the walls. It was unbelievable, I shit you not.

So I decided to go all the way back home to crap. It would be quite an effort but I was pretty sure I could make it. I didn't know that feeling of explosive anal internal combustion would get increasingly worse and worse!.

I went out to the street and walked/staggered 3 blocks to the bus stop. I waited there for a 15 full agonizing minutes of gastrointestinal pressure buildup. The bus finally came -completely crowded- and I had to stand writhing in unbearable gutwrenching pain while passengers seemed to be getting on and off every freaking single stop, turning a half-hour trip into a full hours worth. MANY times I felt I was going to lose control and allow that hot, volcanic mass of shit to spew forth uncontrolably past my vanquished asscheeks and right down my pantlegs in a hot torrential flood of plasmic SHIT. But I held on. Sweat bathed me and dripped off my forehead as I fought back wave after wave of these feverish
feces' attacks. People began staring at me as I agonized over the alien whom I felt was trying to chew his way out of my guts, preferably thru my anus. At times I could feel him burning his way and almost out, but each time I was able -thru SUPREME will & effort- to force that burning demon back inside again only to repeat the process over and over and over and over.

I FINALLY got off that damn bus and then literally RAN -carefully keeping my buttocks tightly squeezed together tho- all the way to my place. I stormed into the bathroom and was still in the process of lowering my pants when I finally sucumbed to that relentless demon struggling to exit my rectum and allowed him to GEYSER out of my anus onto the toilet, floor and surrounding walls. I released wave after wave of hot steamy solids, semi-solids and LOTS of liquids like a human Mount Vesubius issuing forth magna from the overheated bowels of the earth itself.

Finally, the horrific surge came to an end and while I unloaded the last weak juices that dripped harmlessly out of my anal opening, I started to consider the post-catastrophic clean-up operation.

The stench was unbearable and I had to use a full paper roll to clean myself, the floor and other surrounding objects afterwards.The jeans had to be sacrificed.
My asshole burned for two full days afterwards as it recuperated from the immense pressure it had been forced to funnel thru itself.

At present my anus is fine. It has since retired and moved to California.

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I can sure relate to what Jaymme posted about having to follow her male babysitter into the public mens room. Since my mom worked odd hours--she was a waitress and was always on call and in need of the extra hours--Dad took me out quite a bit. Whether it was the state fair, Six Flags, the circus, rodeo, or the stock car races, he called me "Daddy's Little Girl" very affectionately when he had to insist that he take me into the bathroom. He was sensitive to the fact that it grossed me out, but even in the 1970s with perverts and all, until I was about 8 he wouldn't let me use the ladies room alone.

Like Jaymee, I found it gross but also intriquing to watch grown men and often their young sons going to the bathroom. Most of the bathrooms had open stalls, and I remember seeing several men quickly pulling their pants up off the floor as I walked by. I remember being curious as to why some were sitting on toilet paper and others right on the uncovered seat. Dad would always put toilet paper down for me and was insistent that I not move around much so that I wouldn't get off it, although most of the time I know that I did. I remember him telling me about how you could catch some really scary sounding diseases, so I learned not to question him about it. I did note that on a couple of occasions, when he thought that I wasn't watching, that he would sit directly on the seat, but I was afraid to ask him why he was violating his own rule.

The grossest thing I observed were children and men peeing into the urinals. Some would be looking around a bit, see me, and then move their coat around them so as to block my view. I remember seeing a couple of very young boys at the urinals with their penis pointed up and over the bottom of the bowl. One was on his tip toes in order to get his urine into the bowl. I know I wasn't supposed to be watching, but I had to do something while my dad was in a stall taking a crap, and there was their one boy who had one hand on the flusher and another in his pocket while he was flinging his pee pretty recklessly. I also remember watching another boy who I think might have been retarded, drop his pants and underwear all the way to floor, instead of using his zipper to pee from. And there was this guy who was pretty short and you could see that he actually had his penis in the water. That was gross!

I learned to take my first Shameless Shit at Six Flags. After Dad lined the seat for me, he stood in the stall doorway so as to give me more privacy. I remember feeling so good about overcoming my fear about using the mens restroom. And because I flushed and washed my hands without being told, Dad treated me to an ice creme sundae.

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Part of me is happy you feel attached to you dad (sounds like you love him very much), and part of me wonders why he didn't ask the men in the restroom to hide themselves or let them know he needed help because he had his daughter with him before he brought you in. My father had to do this a few times, also, when he babysat me because my mother was judging baton competitions; I remember him almost getting hostile with men who didn't comply to his requests that he could bring me in without being exposed to them in states of undress. Most guys, especially the apparent dads, were totally cool about giving us a break. It was the other ones, the ones who didn't seem to have anything paternal to them, that seemed to ignore us and were the ones my father would have to ask more than once to help him out.

Your dad sounds like a very caring man. However, the experiences you describe has an almost voyeuristic feel if viewed from Dad's perspective. He could have covered your eyes or had you put your hands over them and lead you to a stall, but you don't mention him doing that; and as a mom, it bothers me a little bit.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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