Fond Poop Memories of Childhood

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I remember it like it was yesterday. The 80's. I was a kid at Pine Crest
Day Camp in South Florida. In the event you don't live here, I'll explain.

South East Florida is rich, REALLY rich! These yuppies need some place to send
their kids to school, so -- for the small fee of $30,000 a semester -- you can send
your kids to Pine Crest, with an olympic-size swimming pool, a lake, two cafeterias,
multiple athletic fields, a marina, 10 or more snack bars, a multiple computer
labs with game systems, two stadium seating movie theatres, a couple fountains, a waterpark
with 6 water slides, a bike track and amusement rides, and 3 playgrounds.

Well, anyway, I had a friend who, one day, decided he wanted to go for a walk. We
went over to a water slide under construction, and to a peice of track on it's
side. He then proceeded to pull down his pants, and poop on it.

Ok, job done
right? No. He ran and got a counselor, and took him to the spot! He said, "look, I
think a big dog pooped!" and walked away, never wiping.

Some time in another year, I was
holding in a big one in art class (in camp, which was cheaper then school, I never
went to school there) and the pressure got too much, RIGHT IN CLASS!!! Diarrhea!
The teacher yelled, "OH MY GOD!!! WHAT IS THAT SMELL???" The area was evacuated.

-- Trashcanman

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I remember once when I was little, there was a big black tar spot about the size of a pizza in the middle of our street. One day I got it in my head that I was going to pee on it. So I waited until no one was around, walked out into the middle of the street and peed on it. Of course, my neighbor saw, and of course she told my mom, and of course i got in trouble.

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God that was embarrasing, it just came out! and the look on peoples faces??? pure sickening fright/discust.

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we used to have about a mile of hidden passages in my neiborhood, that we cut into bushes, walls, treetops, ect. It was really amazing the amount of foliage we had made into a huge complex, and it of course had a shitter, aka, the piss tree. That poor thing, I'll bet it never grew. It's amazing how us kids had such creative ingeinuety.

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Your story reminds me of the time I made my cousin laugh so hard she peed her pants. She was like 13 at the time... old enough to be able to control herself, which is why it was such a triumph. I keep on bugging her to tell the story to PoopReport, but she refuses...

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The only time I ever pissed myself as an adult was when I got jumped coming out of a apartment building once...I guess the shock and fear made my bladder release.

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aw, dave, why dont YOU post the story? the stories are the best part of the site, more always = good!

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When I was about 4 or 5 Me and my mom were at the mall and went to get something to eat at the food court like some burgers and fries. After we were through I felt a little rumble in my botom stomach, and while my mom was looking for some lingerie I took a major crap in my pants, I had dierrieha so bad that my mom had to take me to the bathroom, clean me up, and buy me some new panties, I was so embarrassed because when i passed by people they all stared at me while holding their noses!

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Here is one of my stories about what one of my friends told me that they did when they were little todlers:When one of my friends from school was little' someone took a shit and did not flush.You Know how little kids do

not understand many things right? Well he saw the terd floating in the toilet and it was one of those tan/brown ones. I can't believe he did this.He thought it was one of those JUMBO tootsie rolls, so he reached his hand in the pot,pulled out the terd,......AND ATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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Once when my sister & I were playin outside, we were behind the house and she had just eaten some of these mints, they made her stomach sick. she said she felt like she had to fart and diahreha came nstead!

another time mom started a fire in the fireplace for us, and my sister crapped in her pants cuz of the smoke.

one other time she had diahreha because of the pine in the forest.....makes her sick.

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yeah earlier up there yall were talking about pissing yourself, I did that once when i was little, me and my friend were playing outside and she fell off her swing backwards and I laughed so hard I peed everywhere. Lucky 4 me I was at my house but I had to change my clothes.

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My aunt ate crap once when she was little, my mom crapped in the hall on the floor and her sister thought it was chocolate and started bragging that she got candy, but then ate it and found out it was crap and cried.

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Ok here it goes. This one time i was at summer camp and i was playing jump rope when all of a sudden... BAM! I accidently pooped my pants right there in front of everyone! But i kept jumpin and al the poo just fell out of my shorts on the ground and then i ran away.

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once i farted so big, my butt blew off, bounced off the wall an suctioned to my head.

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hi i was in 2 grade and had to poop soooo bad.well my teacher wouldn't let me i had a massive direah accident right there in front of the teacher and the class.and i peed my pants too then i pooped again on the floor

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I'm in 5th grade and I had to go really badly to the toilet. I didn't like using the school toilets so I tried to wait until school was over and go at home.

I was holding on but it really hurt to hold on. I started to let go and pee my pants a little bit but it all came out at once! I just sat still in class until it was over. Then I realized I had also done a poo in my pants as well. The girl next to me saw I had peed my pants, I had a wet patch and wet legs. She told the teacher who made me stand in front of the class. I was so upset. Then those horrible words "Have you pooed your pants" at first I denied it but I then told the truth and everyone laughed. I thought I was going to be sent home but instead the bell rang and the teacher told me to go to the toilet. I walked slowly out into the corridor and everyone walking by could see what happened.

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I was in chorus class and we were having a party. I really had to pee but I didn't want to leave the party. We were laughing and talking and I realized I had to fart. I asked the teacher if i could use the toilet but she said no. I tried to hold it in. Then my friends made me laugh so hard that I farted. As I farted not only did I pee but dierhea came out too. They smelt it and heard it and asked, what that noise was. I said I farted. But the smell didn't leave. So, they said they waneted to move.I tried to pull my sweatshirt down over the mess. My friend Kate said "Lara can I see the back of your pants, turn around". I said no, no. But finally she kept asking and I did. She laughed a little and I rushed out to the bathroom. I looked at the mess at the bottom of my pants. I cleaned my underwear as much as I could. She helped me cover it with my sweatshirt being tied aaround my waist.

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In first grade I had to go to the bathroom real bad. The teacher would not let me. I started to cross my legs. The boy next to me noticed. He started tickling my stomache. I could not hold it and peed my pants. There was a puddle under my chair.

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Don't anyone feel bad. I pooped my pants on the school bus on the way home from 7th grade once, and it wasn't even diahreea!

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one time in 6th grade i crapped so bad in my teachers face and she had to go and clean it off

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One time i was sick at night throwing up, it was really hot so i just had panties on. I was hunched over the toilet and thought i had to fart so i did. I didnt know i pooped my pants at the time. I ended up going back to bed and when i layed down i felt something squishy. I had pooped all over and didnt even know it.

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I had a horrible pooping accident once. I didn't have time to use the toilet before school because i had woken up late, so i just went on to school thinking i could hold it until lunch time. Well, I was pretty wrong. I farted in my trig class at least 3 times, and it's far from a good thing to be an 11th grade GIRL and fart in public...they weren't too loud and didn't emit much of an odor so i got away with it..I felt like my stomach harden and i could feel my dump coming on HEAVY. i sat very uncomfortably in my chair squeezing my butt together as tighty as i could praying for the class to end. The bell rang, but right when i stood up i had accidently stopped clenching my butt and started to poop in my pants. right as that happened my left hand shot right back and i covered my butt as if trying to force it back in and i managed to let my bowels regain control and i stopped pooping. my heart was pounding hard and my face was beet red. people were too busy rushing out of the class to notic that i was having an ordeal so no one said anything,and i just continued along slowly and cautiously..when i began to walk i could feel my accident squishing in my panties right in the middle of my butt and i could tell i had let a lot more poop come out into my pants than i thought..and i still had to poop incredibly badly..i was so afraid to move because of the squishyness in my panties and i thought it would slide down my leg and go on the floor despite the particular pair of panties i had on that day that were rather tight on me, and as a result of my slow moving i naturally lost all control and filled my pants completely with the rest of my poop. i had never before pooped my pants in my life and now iwas 17 and had just had a major accident at school..i snuck to my locker with this gigantic warm bulge in the back of my pants squishing between my butt and thighs, and i sprayd some body spray from my bag all over my butt and tied my sweatshirt around my waist so it covered my butt too. i actually proceeded through the rest of the school day with a massive load in my pants, occassionally respraying my butt with the body spray. that's how afraid i was to tell ANYONE. not even my school nurse so she would let me go home.

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when i was 13 i got salmonela poisoning. when you get salmonela poisoning, you are pretty much bed-ridden. i was way too sick to move, and salmonela poisoning MURDERS your intestines. i would be laying in bed so weak and ill that i didn't want to breathe, and then i would need to poo so badly i would actually cry. i only attempted to get out of bed to go to the toilet once, but wound up pooing in my panties while waddling to the bathroom, and it got all over the place. about 4 or 5 times after that i would just soil myself laying in my bed, and then my mother took the liberty of getting me some diapers.

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I am a shamefull shitter and attend Freshman in
high school.Last week I had to take a shit,REEL BAD
but as I said (shameful shitter)I couldn't use the
school i shit myself

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when i was little my friend had to shit but i told him it wasnt polite when ue at someones house (we werent at his house or mine) and there were lots of woods so i went with him he pulled his pants down to his knees, stood straight up and half a shit was coming out and i watched it, it was nice and round thick in diameter, and just one came out and our parents came out so we ran b4

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I did a large poop in my pants in the fith grade. I had been excused to go to the bathroom earlier, but couldn't do anything but fart. A ittle while after I came back, I felt like I had to go again while I was sharpening my pencil. I tried to fart softly, and got a big soft surprise in the seat of my pants. I was so ashamed that I snuck back to my seat and sat down. Of course poop went everywhere. Soon the teacher noticed the smell, and asked if anyone had an accident. I didn't answer, so she started walking around the classroom. When she got near me and saw my red face, she told me to come with her to the office. When I stood up, some slid down my leg and fell on the floor. All the kids laughed at me, and I was teased and called names all the way through school after that.

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When I was like 10 or so (I was living in Japan at the time, so I know I wasn't older then 12), I woke up one morning and felt like I had to fart. It was a lovely fart, too, nice and long and fun-smelly. It was so nice, it made me smile and giggle. I did another one...and another...and the third one, I shit my bed.
Taught me a valuable lesson-when you feel like you have that much fart in you, there is probably something wrong.

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When I was 5, I was at my cousin's birthday party. I was wearing a pretty party dress, cotton panties under lacy tights. We were playing hide and seek, and I was hiding in the garage, when I realized I needed to poop. I didn't want to come out of hiding and get caught, so I tried to wait. It wasn't loong before I became really desperate. I pooted a couple of times, and then it happened. I felt my bottom open and poo slid out into my panties. I stood, and couldn't help pushing as it came out. I heard my aunt calling us to come for lunch, and ice cream and birthday cake. Instead of telliny mama that I'd had an accident, I ran over and sat at the table beside the birthday girl, her 3rd birthday.It didn't take long before the smell made it apparent that someone had messed their pants. At first my cousin got the blame, because she was just potty trained and sometimes still had accidents. My aunt asked her, "have you done a poop in your panties?". My cousin said "NO". When my aunt persisted and checked her training pants, my cousin said"see told you it wasn't me, it was Suzie". When my mom made me stand, the brown stain in my tights made it apparent who had pooed their pants.

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When I was 7, I was playing at a friends house with several other boys and girls. i had to poop pretty badly, but I didn't want to stop playing, so I waited. I realized too late, that I'd tried to hold it too long, and before I could go to the bathroom, it just came out into my pants. I kept playind, and pretended nothing had happened. The other kids soon noticed the small. I said I pooted, but they didn't believe me and accused me of pooping in my pants. I still said no, so the boys grabbed me and one of the girls pulled my shorts and underpants down far enough so they could see the poop in them. I was very embarrassed. They told me to go home and tell my mom I needed my diapers changed.

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ya...when I was sick(vomiting) I ran to the the bathroom but it loaded my pants!(I had the diarrheas...who thinks it is harder to hold in liquid...)

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one time when i was 6 i was at my local convinence store and had saved up enough money to buy a toy which was a rare opertunity for me at the time and befor i had time to choose a toy i realiy had to pee but i really wanted to buy a toy and befor i reailized it i had let it flow and ran out as fast as i could leaving a big puddle of urine behimd for the store owner to clean up.

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this didn't happen 2 me but 2 a friend of mine. K, so we were at camp, and we went on a trip 2 see a baseball game. The game went well, and we headed back 2 the bus when it was over. Before we got out of the stadium, my friend told the counselers he had to go 2 the bathroom. No 1 else had 2 go, so they told him 2 wait, cause it was a short drive home. Now, when this happened, i was 10 and i happened 2 be the oldest person in the camp. My friend was 7 or 8 at the time. anyway so we got back to the school where the camp was, and we had some free time be-4 we went home, so we played on the playground. my friend was climbing up a ladder, and i was climbing up after him. He slowed down, and he rests 4 a sec, and here are his butt, right in front of me, and theres a biiiiiiiiig wet spot running all over his dark blue pants. I wouln't have noticed it if he hadn't have stopped. I asked him if he wet his pants, and he said ya, i wet them on the bus cause i couldn't hold it. ne way, he went on playin' and some-1 heard us and told the counselers. After awhile, my friend musta found out that they were lookin 4 him, so he hid somewhere. Finally, the counselers came outside and yelled his name. He didn't come, so they started 2 look 4 him. 1 of them got pretty close 2 his hiding spot, so he came out. He was cryin like hell and blushing, cause half the camp was watching him. He went inside and got cleaned up. Seriosly, by the looks of his pants, he had been peeing 4 about 5 minutes. His underpants were probably sopping wet. I feel really sorry for the kid who was sittin next 2 him, although whoever it was, they didn't notice. email me if you have any stories, or u wanna comment or ask questions about mine. i also have some others, if u wanna here them.

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once i was at the gym doing heavy deadlifts not funny i am 23 but it was a great day i felt strong a little to strong was about my 3rd rep when i shit my pants it was just like biting the tip off a cigar just a little poop but any way i droped the weight went and wiped it off ande went back to my workout i am sure a couple of people saw but i dont care fuck'em they just wish they had as much dedication and size i do

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One day I remember being outside at my parents summer home when I farted and a tiny bit of poop came out into my pants; i think I was about 11 or so. I cleaned up and thought nothing of it... but a few months later the thought came back into my head about that accident that day and i thought "well what would it have felt like if i had taken the whole poop in my pants?" At the time I was about 12 and home alone for a while, so I put on an older pair of white cotton briefs and went to the bathroom and went pee. After I finished that I pulled up my briefs and sat on the toilet and took a dump in my briefs while sitting on the toilet. I was suprised to find that I kind of enjoyed the sensation of pooping my pants. I'm now 23, and I still like to load my pants once a week or so. I'd estimate that since that day 11 years ago, I've pooped my pants on purpose about 300 times or more, and I've loaded my pants in public too at grocery stores, laundromats, malls, and gas stations.

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how did you clean it after you pooed yourself at age 12.

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im a person that lives in the big city and i always have i hard time hold trying to hold my urine.So one day back when i was 11 but one day when i was running down my street to try to find a place that had a bathroom and i had to go real but the streets were crowded and i couldnt go anywere but then i stopped really fast since i was about to explode when suddenly a little streem went down my pants and then i couldnt hold it and i went so bad that it sprayed out my pants and everyone was looking!

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sorry every one i just turned 13 and im still a little slopy and hard at typing my sentences. ;)

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Kids are so freaky. I remember just after my fifth birthday I shit at the top of a slide. It was one of those hard turds and it rolled down the slide into the sand. It was just nasty!

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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I had just had a large pesi and didn't have time to go to the bathroom because i had to walk to cheerleading practice. As i was walking to cheerleading practice a tiny spurt of pee went into my panties.But nothing bad just something that happens to me alot being a girl and all. When i got to practice i really had to go bad but i thought i could handle it. I was fine for a while(about15 minutes.) But as we were doing streches another spurt went into my pink panties. But i didn't think it was that big of a deal. it was just about a 2 or 3 inch spot. But my shoe came untied and not thinking i accidently bent over to tie it! And i think my crush saw up my skirt! But i continued. And was doing good for a while. So it was break time and i went to sit with my friends and crush. We were goofing and around and laughing. all the laughing may me pee and another medium large spurt. but i gained control. Then i went to sit by my crush instead and as i sat down i lost control. i think it turned him on thogh because i saw a bulge in the front of his pants. but on another day with my friend we were playing monoploy and sitting indiand style but i had to shit so so so bad it was like coming out all time(you know that cracking sound). then it happened! i shit my panties. It stunk so bad.

nicole's picture

I was in school and had to go poo so bad one day that i was on my way to woodshop and thought that i would crap with every step foward. SO we were sawing in class and i held it fir a minute or so. but as i was sawing more i shit in my panties!!! And i was wearing a short skirt-it was such a big link it hung below my skirt! i was so embaresed someone whould see i instantlty sat in my chair! It sqaused all over and i started to cry.

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I go to West Scranton intermediate school. I was trying to try some of the green tea diet. I drank 3 big cans of Arizona tea before going to school. I wass bothering mrs petrucelli to much with the lav for the last past week so he said i couldn't go in her class for the rest of the year. It was math class and it was kinda of hard to concentrate on math when your about to pee in your skirt. Ahg,!I hate this one boy josh tippet you is always looking up my skirt if i don't cross my legs. He was doing it again so i crossed my legs angrly. I was shaking my legs trying not pee. But everyonce and a while i would leak a little. so i finally put my hand on my peehole to stop anyfurther leaks. but i could feel the small wetspots on my panties. I let go for a second to releave some pressure then regained control. Finally class was over and i went to the bathroom. It was just annoying walking around with moiste panties between your legs. I think when i sat in my seat a small wetspot formed aan my skirt from m paanties. But my friends said they have a few spurts all the time. I guess i am not the anly girl who leaks sometimes in emergencys.

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You girls need to change your diet or something. Leaking in your pants is NOT normal, especially for teenaged girls. I am also a girl and the only time I leak is when I am sick.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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Once, when I was in 8th grade, I was sitting in history class, and I really, really had to piss. But, the bell would ring in about 2 minutes. So I sit there wiggling in my chair. But, pretty soon, my wiggling had no effect and I pissed my pants. I was sitting next to the girl who I had a huge crush on, and she just looked at me and I turned bright red. Just for the record, I never had a chance with her after that incident.

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When I was 11, I went over to my friends house, When I hot there, several of the other boys in the neighborhood were already there, and they were all talking about a boy in the grade under me who had pooped his pants in class. They were all laughing about him. I defended him, and told him that everyone does it at sometime, even adulte, and it wasn't so bad anyhow.They wound up dareing mt to poop in my pants. Atb first I refused, but one of them said he'd give me a dollar if I did it, so I tried. Finally, I managed to push a small hard turd into my pants in front of them. I was wearing boxers, and it was so hard that it fell out of them I shook my leg and it fell out on the ground. they all stared at it, and them started teasing me.

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I was in math class and i had to pee and poo so bad. I asked but my teacher said No. I knew i could hold off on crapping in my panties but i didn't know about peeing. My teacher called me up to do a math problem on the board! I already had a small stain on my blue pants but i knew i had to get up anyway. As I was writing it on the board i ped in my panties more.I knew By know people could see so i just started crying .As i was cryiny I lost control of my diarea and my bladder. So did some ther kid from laughing at me

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I work at an office and can't go to the batroom often. So i got sick of damp panties(leaks). SO I tryed a pantieliner but it didn't cut it. I now use an adult diaper and now can shit an dpiss when ever i want. I just let go.

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one time when i was 12,almost 13 i was on my computer playing a game called infantry. i thought i had to fart but i realized it wasnt when i completely loaded my drawers. all this soft mushy warm poop was squishing around in my clean white briefs. I got scared and peed in my pants also. i ran up to my room, grabbed a pair of pants and some new briefs and raced to the bathroom to change. I was mortally embarrassed and luckly no one saw. if uve got any other good stories send
em to me thx.

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When I was 12 I was out playing at my friends house. We were out playing dodgeball. We would play for about half an hour then take a fifteen minute break and then go back to playing. After a while I started to get a small urge to poop, but this happens to me a lot, so I didn't think much of it, so I just kept playing. As I kept playing the urge kept getting worse and worse, and after a while I had to sit out, because my stomach was hurting me so much. I finally managed to clinch my buttcheecks togther, and I started to feel better, so I got back in the next round. During the next round my friend pegged me right in the stomach with the ball, and after that I felt like I was going to poop in my pants right there, but I regained control. Then, I told my friend I wasn't feeling well, and that I wanted to go home. He told me I could just use his bathroom, but I declinned(they were always filthy!). So I started walking home. We lived a couple blocks apart, so I thought I could make it. Once, I got half way there I doubled over and felt the intense force of a load pushing against my bum, but after much pain, I managed to regain control, and so I kept going. After I walked about another 10 meters I got the same sensation. Then it started happening to me every five steps. So finally I couldn't take it anymore, and as I got the urge I squatted relaxed my bowels, and let a huge log start flowing into my pants. When I felt my bowels starting to close I pushed as hard as I could and pushed about twice as much into my white briefs. Finally, because I didn't want to overflow my underpants, I stopped and kept walking along the dirt road home. I could feel an enormous load in my pants, but it was so hard I wasn't too scared of it squeezing out. I made it home, and no one was there, which is what I expected. I took off my pants and checked them for any stains, but there weren't any, so I was pretty relieved. At that point I walked into the bathroom, and sat down on the toilet with my undies still pulled up, and then I started pushing again, forcing the rest of the poop into my underwear. After that I walked around for a little while, and then finally cleaned out my underwear, and washed the stains out of them before my parents got home. I also made sure to take a shower.

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Dont worry 2 the people that wet there pants when they really need 2 go, i do it all the time and not on purpose its very anoying when your sitting in class and your not aloud 2 go 2 the bathroom , i can usualy hold it for 1 minute but after that i just lose control and the is usualy a wet patch the size of a basket ball on the front of mm pants, its so embarissing when im caught and thats nearlly all the time

travis's picture

one day i was in school oh and im 12 i was 7 at the time thow but back to the story i was sitting in my chair i felt a urg that i had to poo but you see i dont like the bathroom people at my school would rather go in thear pants so i dident bother asking so abot 10 mints later i fet the poo getting stronger but i could go in my pant sence a girl in my class was ask if i wonted to have a acedent so i sead yes so we wated for the right moment thin i heard a fart it was her see just pooped her pants so i was like what the heack so i let mine out it felt so good and we bothe got to go home but my mom did becouse she understud so thats what ive been doing my hole life at all should try that sometime it is fun and you get out of school lol.

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When I was a kid, well into my teens in fact, I was lazy sometimes, or just didn't care and peed and pooped in my pants a lot. One time I did it, I was in a shopping mall with my mom. I was 14 at the time. This would have been in the early 1980's, and as was the fashion at the time, I was wearing very short shorts (by modern standards), and knee high tube socks with the stripes at the top, t shirt, and tennis shoes. The urge to both pee and poop started in the car on the way to the mall, but I didn't say anything, or look for a bathroom when we got there. We were shopping for school clothes, and while my mom was picking through some jeans on the rack, right then and there, I just squatted and started peeing and pooping in my shorts. Several people walked by when I was doing this. I stood up with a big log in my shorts, and pee started running down my legs. I got in trouble when I got home.

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