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A couple years ago I was dating a woman who had three young daughters, aged six, eight, and ten years old. All three girls had the bad habit of not flushing the crapper when they were done, so I could not help but get a glimpse of what they sometimes brewed.

So anyways, I went into the bathroom after the eight year-old one time, and there was an absolute behemoth staring up at me while floating on the surface of the water. I never drop floaters, so this was something I found really odd. But it wasn't the floatiness of the poo that baffled me most -- it was the sheer size of this insane poo log. And the eight year-old was very thin and petite. I could give you all measurements and such, but I find it easiest to say that it was the size of a pop or beer can... This thing was huge. Because the kids rarely used toilet paper, there was no paper to block my view; all I could see was the monster, just floating there.

I flushed, and reluctantly it went down with the last of the water. We did take a picture of it, but I never got the photo, so you will all just have to believe me. It was the largest human poo I have ever seen, and it came from a little girl.

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If a soda can sized turd came out of her 8 year old ass, just imagine the size of the turd that might come out of her 18 year old ass. Jeez, that could be a full 2 liter bottle!

Yo quiero Taco Bell.

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Wait, you mean to tell me that an 8 year old isn't using toilet paper? How disgusting is that??? Who cares about how big their turds are--someone needs to teach them how to wipe their behinds after going #2. Gross!!

An apple a day keeps the ExLax away!

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CoachB12:I think they teach tush cleaning in school,because I had teachers who were asswipes.

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My 9 yr old actually has bigger turds that that - a few inches bigger (I'm guessing.)

He does use TP. He clogs the toilet sometimes with his big turds.

He's 4 foot 9 and 71 pounds.

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BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! <3 this!!

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Damn. What kind of mother doesn't teach her kids to wipe and flush afterwards? 8/9/10 is way too old to not know a few basic poo manners.

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Hahaha, :D

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Holy cow! that woman is stupid to not teach their kids to flush the toilets after they poop. Nobody wants to see your waste products. Unless they are coprophiliacs.

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Never underestimate the power of the little girl shit. When I was 12 or so, my 9 year old sister had a friend over who was about the same age. I went into the bathroom after her and there was a perfectly cylindrical shit coiled around that must have been at least 14 inches long. Also, no paper. Hmmm.

What the heck are these girls eating???

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