Manual Disimpaction

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Early this summer I had some minor surgery to remove a small benign cyst. Although it was an outpatient procedure, my doctor elected to perform it under general rather than local anesthesia. There were no glitches, and I was driven home by one of the nurses at the clinic and put to bed for the rest of the day. I had feelings of nausea for a while, but as I hadn't eaten anything in fifteen hours or so, there was nothing to upchuck, and I drifted off under the influence of my pain medication.

Going under the knife can wreak all sorts of havoc with your bodily functions. I remember a cousin of mine who had severe trapped gas pains for two days following her surgery. Still, I didn't anticipate the effect that brief dose of anesthesia would have on my bowels. Apparently it's quite commonplace to get bunged up following such a procedure. Leading up to the surgery I was sliding them out smooth as silk; but two post-op days passed with no output, despite the fact that I was eating again. By the third day, I was getting worried.

Captain Constipation has rarely blockaded my shit channel with his funky frigate, so I've had very little experience with laxatives. I went to the drugstore and purchased one of those gentler, herbal-type remedies that are supposed to provide non-explosive relief; and I even stuck in a suppository for good measure. Would you believe it? Still no action. By now I definitely had the urge -- I could feel the boulder(s) lurking behind my groin -- but every time I sat on the pot to try and purge myself of what my surgery had wrought, I failed utterly. Just a lot of grunting, rocking back and forth, and empty promises of expulsion.

What I finally resorted to does not provide reading material for the faint of heart. Our veteran PoopReporter and friend Snapper, who is still in the midst of her nurse's training, posted a while back about her first manual disimpaction in the course of duty. That's exactly what it sounds like -- digging into the rectum with the fingers to dislodge the offending offal. This, my friends, is something you want to avoid.

I started the job by stripping down to my birthday suit, sitting on the pot, and forcing the accumulated gravel out of the pit as far as it would go -- which in my case meant about one-fourth of the way. It would not budge any further.

Thus began the gnarly part. I stood in a hovering position over the toilet, pulled at my left ass cheek with my left hand and then carefully inserted my right index finger next to this Mount Rushmore of a merde -- which, at the moment, was only the forehead of one of the four presidents peeking out into the world. I had to penetrate fairly deep to push it forward... and the process hurt. I was trying very hard not to rip or tear any delicate tissue, but the stretching was very uncomfortable. And I'm not being poetic when I liken this surgery-induced monstrosity to Mount Rushmore -- it had formed itself into a series of four large, linked, hard-as-granite chunks.

After much tedious manipulation, each president tumbled out into the water below, and I was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. There was a pinkish tinge to the water surrounding the drop zone.

As might be imagined, this was a completely wipeless turd -- but this is not a recommended technique to achieve such a milestone. Thankfully, once I had expelled that medical oddity, my system returned to normal.

We tend to take our everyday elimination patterns for granted. As a veteran PoopReporter and now after this recent bout with a demon of a drugged doodie, I know not to be so cavalier. Fellow poopers, please just take my word for it that healthy bowels are a wonderful thing -- may you stay out of hospitals, so as to not have to come to this conclusion through your own experience.

-- The Big Wiper

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I have had to do this before and yes it is gross and it sucks but sometimes emergencies happen and you can't get to the dr. If you don't have a glove use a plastic bag for goodness sakes. Lubricate the gloved finger with petroleum jelly, KY, or even veg. oil or Crisco, just lube up a lot. Using your index or f-u finger insert slowly and carefully into rectum and go around the impacted turd with the glove to lube well. Push the turd gently inwards or outwards and try to bring downwards slowly and gently. Don't stick toothbrushes and spoons up there! After this remove finger and try to poop normally. Push some and see if it moves any. If not repeat above technique. If you can't get it out with this method then you need some help and the Dr. would be best. Good luck and to the poor people who have had to do this I feel your pain.

Hugs and good luck.

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I've been on vicodine plenty of times before during my military service. Until now I've dealt with a lot of pain and have never been constipated. Well, never say never, I was on vicodine, an antiviral, and amoxicillin,
And with the recent pain I was unable to stick to my normal workout, or get up and walk to the door to retrieve mail, I also lost my appetite and became very bloated. It was about a week ago when this all started. Since last Thursday I was feeling a little bit better so I've been moving.

I went to Philly for my cousin's graduation. I went out to dinner and to the movies with her and when I got home I had this urge to poo.

I went into the bathroom and tried to no avail. Friday came around
And I proceeded to my old routine and went skating, when I got in I seriously had to poo again. I pushed, I strained I knew it was there but nothing!

So here comes Saturday and I've tried ex lax, ducolax, and lots of water but nothing worked, so I go skating again and by now my normal chronic pain has increased almost ten fold because of this pressure on joints, my hips and my back,
mind you I'm not even 21 yet. By Saturday night I am beyond ready
To expel this malfunction but again nothing! So I try and try and finally give up and go to sleep.

I wake up Sunday morning and see my mother off to church. I ask her to get me an oral fleet solution as my final effort and if it doesn't work I'll be off to the doctor Monday morning!

My mother comes home with an enema ,which I've had before from my life in the military, and I'm prepared. My mother begins and the pain is horrible, I am crying and panting. Not even 30 seconds later I'm in the restroom awith nothing but blood and pain and tears and screaming my mother calls 911. When I get to the hospital they triage me! I can't talk I can't walk, all I could do was grunt and moan with liquid poo running down
my leg. I felt embarrassed and ashamed and dirty.

Well three hours later the doctor
Sees me, says thanks for your service and how can I help you?

With much pain and discomfort I utter "get it out!"

He says okay!

Now I had
No idea he was going to get straight to it. He came in and said, "Well let me
Examine you." He begins with a female nurse talking to me nonchalantly. Ha ha lies! He sneaked up on me! He went in and grabbed it and it was very painful. I screamed the entire time which was only 30secs! And was left shaking in pain. Five minutes later it was a rush to the restroom where finally, with a little pain and discomfort, I felt relief!

Now I am a little nauseous and still a little uncomfortable but I will be fine.

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If I had read this last summer I wouldn't have given up halfway through after 3 hours, wiped as much as I could off with toilet paper, and then taken three showers...
Although I don't think I will ever be as brave as some of you are o___o
I'll stick with the miralax.

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So I am a college student. I don't drink enough water because I drink soda to keep my up to study and do my clinical rotations. I am stressed to the max and so ready for May to get here. Tonight I had my scare with fecal impaction. Since being in nursing school I know I was impacted and was dreading the fact of sticking my finger up my own butt to do a disimpaction on myself. After calling my mother to get her advice I knew what I had to do. So like you said I hovered over the toilet seat and dug the mass out. I was sweating bullets. I can not go to the ED here if something goes round because I have done clinical rotations their and I will be damned that anyone I know besides my mother knows anything about this! So I think I have gotten this beast out of my intestinal tract or at least as far as I can reach. I have taken 2 stool softeners and I am waiting to results. I can't go any further up so I am hoping I got it all. I guess I haven't been to the bathroom lately but never really keep track. You can bet now that this young gun will be keeping a calendar. That is the worst thing I have ever done In all my life after having given suppositories to patients. Now I will be drinking some Benefiber and increasing my intake of water daily. Plus added a little exercise in to my routine for a few days a week. Please pray I got it all. I had to take a shower afterwards because I felt so nasty. Oh my goodness

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I'm so glad I found this. I feel much less alone in my poop hell now. Yesterday I had to pick apart the poo. It was about the size of a baseball and I thought I was going to end up in the ER with a half-expelled turd between my butt cheeks. The culprit in my case is narcotics: I'm taking dilaudid for a ruptured disk in my back and severe sciatica. Excruciating lower back and leg pain is only made worse with laboured pooping. I really hope I don't have to do that again soon.

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Since the birth of my child, now in elementary school, I experience occasional bouts of constipation. Usually it's no more than a day or so of the winds, followed by bloating and then sweet relief as the log flume opens for business. But every so often I have to take it a step further and lube up the old "tall man" and "pointer" and hook some of those jagged little almond rocas out of my vestibule.

It no longer bothers me in the least, and in fact, once those nuggets are freed I usually produce a healthy log that makes my knickers fit better once out! I keep a tube of KY next to the toilet(save the good lube for sex) and whenever I begin getting that feeling I just go fishing.

Word of advice; poo scented fingers are not in vogue and as I do not like gloving up prior to my excavations, I simply wash my hands very well with the usual soap and water, followed by a dollop of toothpaste rubbed onto the fingers involved. Let the toothpaste sit for a spell, then wash it off. Poo smell eliminated!

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Following my first born's birth. A drug and epidural passing that went like a walk in the park. Except of course the three stitches where I tore all the way to my anus. Anyway I had a bout of going two months without success. I was inso much pain I couldn't even hold my new born. So doc ores for the manuel assistance program of course I hated the idea Felt ashamed embarrassed ext... It took no more then a minuet It happened so fast I got sick when my stomach suddenly lurched for its home territory. But it was howevere despite the protocol. The most reliving thing I had ever done.

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Well my experience is somewhat unique in that I cannot say I have had recent surgery, narcotics or take any meds that may have induced this extremely uncomfortable condition. I am also not 90 or bedridden and although I don't get enough exercise I am by no means sedentary either. If anything it may be dietary related, as I was on a Ketogenic diet for a period of time (high protien & vegetables with little to no grains or sugar). I'm female and 45.

Funny reading this forum, because I can't even say 'pooh' in front of my husband and he gets all grossed out..where here its the topic de jour! Kind of refreshing really. I practically bust a gut laughing everytime I read "the big wiper's" account of his Mount Rushmore. No disrespect of course to your pain, I am totally empathetic, but you did inject such humor into it. I've always found the topic of poop very funny anyway.

In the interest of education and sharing, I'll tell you my story. Lately I had suffered from periods of constipation and rabbit sized hard turds, thinking it was a result of the diet. I figured that at least I was going, even if it wasn't my normal smooth monolithic passengers. In the back of my brain I was thinking 'geez I gotta start drinking more water'- so one day I am at work....great, just love the public bathroom for one's private business. Pass a few rabbit biggie. Then here cometh the boulder. I grunt and strain, sweat, feel nauseous and felt like I might pass out. I return to the throne at least 5 or 6 more times that morning, but all I can do is push it to the door. I feel panicky, not sure what to do. I take some TP and tentatively give it a 'feel' to see just what beast is lurking there, and honestly it feels like the size of a softball. However, having had BMs before that 'feel' like a bus but then you look to see they are the size of a marble, I am thinking the feel perception may be off.

I return to my desk, barely able to sit for the boulder pushing at the exit door. I am unfamiliar with fecal impaction (never even heard of it), so I think its constipation and all I need is a laxative. I run out to get some, take it immediately and am dismayed it says 6 to 12 hrs to work. I have to suffer in this pain for up to 12 hrs?!? Next is to the internet to research treatment options...thats where I come across the articles, and treatment options. Almost all medical sites say it has to be manually removed, and to go to your doctor. I'm horrified at the idea of having anyone, even a medical professional, fish around in my anus to dig out my fecal matter. Good grief, there has to be another way...if they can do it, shouldn't you be able to do it yourself, and likely with a much gentler hand and a feel for your own body? Again, the thought of this foreign concept however, was a bit daunting. I stumbled upon this site and was amazed, and amused, by all the stories. But it did give me the courage to try it on my own. And it was successful - at least partly. I removed part of the beast, enough to relieve some pressure anyway. Being at work I didn't want make it into a new career and will feel better trying this at I am off to do just that! And vow of course to exercise more regularly and drink lots of water. Wish me luck with the continued excavation. I really don't want to have to go to the hospital and have them 'insert their hands' or some other instrument of torture!!! no, no, no...

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I wouldn't use any actual "utensils", such as spoons or pencils, because the reason we use our finger in healthcare is so that we don't perforate the bowel. Fingers are softer and have very important feeling in them! Now thats a big poo problem. Use a glove with loads of lube on it and gently break the stool away or hook your finger to pull pieces out. Good luck on your adventure.

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Hey man we are oficially poop brothers! Oh man, on the serious side this just happened to me. I had to do it, I mean the pain was so unbearable! I have no shame that I had to resort to this method but I can honestly say it was one of the worst experiences in my life, no joke. Im in a shock stage right now, feel bad for people that have to go through that on a regular basis! (I just had surgery a week ago)

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I have had to perform manual disimpaction on myself once in my life; difficult, messy, bloody. It did the trick, though, and I'm glad I had the courage to do it that once. It was after surgery--about four days after--and I have not had surgery since, so I have stayed well enough hydrated to have mostly easy b.m.'s. Water, water, water: that's the key, at least for me.

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Yikes. I am going through something like this at the moment and am feeling completely helpless. Four days ago I had a hemorrhoidectomy and was petrified (haha) of my first bowel movement. Well, I am still petrified and there is still no movement. I have tried multiple times and it's like there's no hope at all! Interesting to read that pain meds (I have been taking percocet) can cause this. I didn't even have the urge to go until yesterday, and when I tried I was like..."uh oh"...

Trying all the stool softeners and milk of magnesia etc...but I have a feeling if nothing happens by tomorrow I may have to go buy some KY and see what I can do. Holy crap.

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Wow - great that people have been so open about their disimpaction.

I'm a doc and have disimpacted people myself before (although never anything like the horror story above!). I have even had to do it on myself once after just one day of narcotic use after and injury! The horror!

A lubricated finger or gloved and lubricated finger is okay but I have to advise people to NEVER stick a foreign body like a toothbrush or spoon in their rectum! You can perforate your anus and cause a MUCH MUCH bigger problem. Seeing all these posts about it scares the crap outta me! (pun intended) "Nursing student" had good advice. Don't hurt yourselves!

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Thanks to the stories shared here I was able to avoid going to the doctor for a manual disimpaction. After an evening an mornings effort at passing what turned out to be a nearly solid log of granola poo, I read this site and was able to use the back end of a spoon to clear out enough of the mess for it to pass normally. Surprisingly that was less painful than trying to push it out normally. I feel much better now, but I think I'm going to take it easy on food for a couple of days so this doesn't happen again!

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I'm sure Constantly mis-described the method - it can't have been a full bar of soap that she inserted, just a sliver, a soap-suppository. A method I can fully endorse.

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I had a very similar experience after I had my first child. I didn't do the deed for 2 weeks and had to disimpact myself. Truly sucks!!!!!

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The correct medical term is digital disimpaction, and it is not recommended that you try it yourself as there is a risk of perforating the rectal lining. A doctor or nurse safely can preform the proceedure by priming the feces with an enima and the anus with a topical analgesic such as lidocane cream.Seek medical help if your concerned about constipation and be aware that tolerance developes with long term use of the same laxitive. It is best to keep hydrated and eat plenty of high fibre fruits, veg and whole grains like oats.

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Wow, this post has made me feel so much better about my day. I had never heard of manual disimpaction, but have been feebly trying to perform it half the day.
I woke up this morning and had a giant cup of mocha and some dry cheerios. After about ten minutes, the urge set in. I made my way to the loo, only to pass a few small pebbles. The urge was worse than ever, but the pain of pushing was unbearable. After a few minutes hiatus, I gave it another shot, only to be greeted by a brownish red squirt. I examined the area with a finger, only to be greeted with a large, jagged boulder whose horizontal edges were heaven knows where. In a panicked sweat, I rushed to the doc's, thinking I was having a serious GI bleed.
I didn't know what to expect, and readied myself for the possibility that things would have to get pretty invasive. Much to my surprise, he concluded from a simple rectal exam that i had a 'tiny' hemorrhoid and 'possibly' a 'small fissure'. Just as he was getting ready to dismiss me, I had to ask how I was actually going to get *rid* of the mass. He seemed confused. I had to ask him how I'd pass the stool. He told me a bunch of different inexpensive things to buy, already knowing that I didn't even have money for food (i had eaten so little in the past week that I figured it was why my movements were infrequent). I was then sent away, still scared and confused.
I did a bit of research but could only find solutions that cost money (i am literally penniless). i spent much of the day making repeated attempts, drinking tons of water, and attempting at-home enemas with an old waterbottle (that doesnt work). Finally, a ocuple hours ago, it occurred to me that I can at least pick at the mass, relieving some of the pain and pressure in the area. I've actually been removing it, bit at a time, for hours, drinking water to lube it up.
I'm so glad I stumbled upon this blog. I felt pretty freakish about the whole thing but now I see that this happens, apparently all the time.
Thanks everyone for your brave tales!

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Wiper, I'm glad you ended your problem. I don't think I could stick my finger up my ass. By the way, I liked the comparison to Mount Rushmore and "Captain Constipation"
Russell the shitting queen

Russell the shitting queen

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Hi sorry to hear your story. Only this morning when l finerly snap. l tried to see if there was any info on what l have had to put up with. 4 years ago l had a proplaped bowel l had my op was i hospital for 4 weeks as the block they gave me went into some other place not and parlaized my bladder and bowel.well once l left the hospital l was about to shit and wee on my own ony down to other op's like thank fuck for. Well 3 years past and agian my prolapes is back how ever the poor thing cant show its self as lm cant poo at all and having to do it myself. This was something l couldnt do before as it was to much but one day l started to think at all the doctors l have seen and all the wired things they had got my to do to beable to show them my prolapes l could at list venture in my self well try at least....not much luck eachtime l may if lucky get a plums worth o and that if you put it all together lol.
This is not down solo to my prolapes .So dont think if you get one it will happen to yourself.How l look at it is if it hurts that much you would have two ways of dealing with it one go to hospital and get doctours doing it for you and then after a few tablets your back to yourself again but having to go throughshowing your asrss off or sticking your finger in there to help you go till it get backs to normal. Up to you.

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Bound Up. As bad as this sounds, try putting your index finger in your anus and pulling out the culprit. This worked for me. It might be more pleasant if you have some rubber gloves or a condom for your finger. You will probably find that alot of poo will follow the blockage which is a very satidfieing feeling. Good luck and please let us know how you get on.

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Whose toothbrush? Surely not your own.
The white zone is for loading and unloading only- FZ.

The white zone is for loading and unloading only- FZ.

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I can't believe I lucked-up and found this web site while trying to look up treatments for fecal impaction. 3 weeks ago, I delivered my first baby via c-section. 8 days after that, I went through my first surgery and percocet induced big-assed bm. I thought I would die! Now, as in for the last 3 days, I've got a big ole impaction again right at the exit and cant pass it. I've taken a gentle laxative which gets my bowels moving, but its too huge to pass. To make matters worse, I have all this going on, and I'm trying to take care of a 3 week old baby all alone. Right now I,m using mineral oil enemas, glycern tail rockets, and that gentle stool softner while praying that the mass will get soft enough to pass! But, so far that's not happened, although I do have runny wet crap running around the mass every time I try to poop. I tried digging with a toothbrush handle, but it seems that I've not gotten it mushy enough to pass, and yet, it seems too mushy to digg out. Somebody help me!

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I totally understand where your coming from BigWiper. Im 28 years old and only had this experience a few days ago. I have never had problems going to the toilet but i noticed i hadnt gone in 3-4 days. Anyway, i felt the urge come on, quite strong. I went to the pot only to be met with what seemed to be a log way too big for me to get out of my ass. I would get to a certain point before litrally being in tears, sweating and panicking. It was physically impossible to pass this thing and it was terrible. I kept putting it off, watching a bit of tv but i knew i had to go, this had to come out. Pacing from one room to another wondering what the hell i was going to do. I thought about going to the hospital but having no experience with this i had no idea what they would do if anything. So after 3 hours of sheer terror and agony i thought the only way would be to try and break this up or pull it out using my finger. Gross i know but it seemed the only option. Taking the stool as far as humanly possible i proceeded to put my index finger quite high up along side what felt like a very hard tennis ball. I mean rock hard like a big ball of plasticine that had been refridgerated. I pressed my finger into the culprit and pulled at the same time as pushing. Painfull but manageable. After this house brick shot out, half a dozen others passed with alot of blood and alot of pain, although i felt relieved and the panic had gone i thanked god. Anyone in this position should not be laughed at as it is a total nightmare which i will never forget. Ive now read up that this is basically what the nurse would have done at the hospital so id rather be in control aswell as suffer embarrasment. This was traumatising enough for a grown man, id dread to think if a child was ever in this predicament. Hope you enjoyed/learned from my story.

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Before I was put on Miralax, it was routine for me to have to dig my pebbles out with a gloved well lubed middle finger.
...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

...And their flesh like dung. Zeph. 1:17

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I lived my own version of this story earlier today. I had lower abdominal surgery 5 days ago, and had been on Tylenol 3's ever since. I had been using benafiber, and drinking lots of water just in case I had problems, even though I have used codeine in the past with no issues. I was a little constipated 2 days ago, but passed an average sized u-boat without too much trouble. I stopped the codeine and thought all would be well. I was wrong. I woke up this morning feeling the urge to go. I sat on the old crapper and gave it my best shot for about an hour. I was sweating, nauseas, feeling faint, and my ass hurt from the gigantic turd sitting at the exit for way too long. The worst part is that the pain from the incision was getting pretty bad as well, and limiting my ability to strain. I was worried that I was gonna blow something out. Desperation caused me to use some TP and my bare finger to attempt to get this thing out of my ass. I could feel a large, hard, dry dookie sitting flush with the outside of my balloon knot. It was so larget that I could not get a finger far enough up to do anything other then break off a few small pieces. This did not offer much relief. I was about 5 minutes away from crawling to the phone and calling ambulance was actually seeming like a serious option, as I was in agony. What happened next is little blurry. Here is what I remember. I had something similar to a dry heave, except the direction of the heave was out my ass instead of out my mouth. My entire body literally gave everything it had to push this turd out. This happened three more times, and on the 4rth or 5th heave, I felt both the best and worst thing I have ever felt. During this time i was dripping in sweat, and having pretty bad nausea , and amazingly not feeling any pain from my incision....despite the fact that i had just strained harder then I ever had in my entire life, by at least 3 fold. Once the solid mass fell into the toilet like a 2 X 4, I threw up a little bile, and I blacked out for at least 30 seconds. I then proceeded to get some lovely soft poop that was a joy to pass. I am now taking some stool softener, and will never touch codeine again if at all possible. This was easily the worst two hour period of my life, and I don't think I will ever be the same.

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If I get constipated, all I have to do is squat over the toilet. This position seems to compress my intestines, forcing out the poop.

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WHY...WHY...for shit's sake is there not a disimpaction contraption available for those (including myself) suffering from the miseries of concrete crap, sphincter-shredding screamer shit or the plugged pulsating poopster phenomena!

An esthetically pleasing, easy to use, electric or battery operated device that either by sonic waves, rotational and/or vibrational activity once inserted into the rectal cavity, will gently mash, break up, pulverize, liquify or process the offending obstruction in a matter of seconds, is sure to be a money making utensil that many on this forum would purchase.

Is there such a tool? If there is, I would like to know about as I am real tired of this shit!

Fecal impaction is not only dangerous, but left unattended can cause death!

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Had I been clever enough, I might have done!! Laugh away!

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You're not missing much; it was pretty gross.

And I'm sorry; I thought you said "smell-minded". I'll try to stop laughing, now.

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GGG - may sound a bit small-minded to some of our friends on here, but I couldn't read it!!! I got a few lines into it and got fed up. Badly written, little punctuation and no paras to break it up. Not reader friendly at all.

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Seems to me we've read that story above your post before, AAP. I didn't like it any better this time around.

(*goes archiving*)

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Constantly, I have one question for you? WHAT HAVE YOU AND YOUR SON BEEN EATING!!? Cement milk shakes, maybe? Good gawd.

Submit these stories to Dave so I'm not the only one shivering in horror.

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i once had to mannually disimpact my son. he hadnt pooed in about a week and a half so i had him bend over and i inserted a well lubricated finger. he was about 11 at the time so as you can imagine he protested and was very embarrassed. i explained to him that if he didnt poop he'd end up at the hospital with much larger objects crammed up his butt. he shakily went to his knees and bent over on the bathroom floor and i told him he'd be having a fleets enema. i stuck the little nozzle up his bum and squeezed the bottle. he moaned in displeasure. i told him it would all be over soon and to spread his cheeks apart. the box said to hold it until the urge to evacuate was i gave him a few minutes and he was having alot of trouble holding the little bit of fluid in. i told him to lie on his back with his feet up and keep spreading his cheeks apart. i then inserted my thumb into his butt and helped him hold it for about 10 minutes. he waddled to the toilet with my thumb in his butt and the poop exploded out. huge poops as long and wide as cucumbers spewed from him. he was crying, unable to stop the torrent of poop from coming out. his body just kept pushing and pushing. "PUSH HARDER! YOU CAN DO IT!" i coaxed him on. he screamed and said "NO I DONT WANT TO IT HURTS." but the poop just pushed and pushed out. after five long minutes of constant huge poops and him crying, the eruption came to a sudden stop. "is there anything left?" i asked tentatively. he said nothing but went to his knees and bent over again, crying. "there's still more?!" i asked in horror. "okay this is worse than i thought we're going to the hospital." he started crying harder. "NO! PUT MORE STUFF IN MY BUTT AND GET IT OUT IM NOT GOING TO THE DOCTOR!" he was quivering as he crouched on the tile floor with his butt in the air, waiting for me to help him though he was in complete misery whenever anything was inserted anally. i moistened a bar of soap and pressed it against his butthole to see his reaction. "if this doesnt work, were going to the hospital." i began to push the soap so that it started going into his rectum. he cried harder and was miserable but didnt protest. i slid it deeper and deeper in until about a centimeter was hanging out of him. he was bawling. "okay, baby i need you to push this out, okay??" he was in total agony. i could see he was trying to push it. "harder! you need to push harder, honey! push! push!" he shut his eyes and gave a massive heave. the soap lurched a little further out of his stretched butthole. "puuushhh! you can do it! come on! push hard!" he heaved the bar out and just as i planned, he also heaved out the huge remaining obstruction. i guided him to the toilet and nature took its course. he was exausted but the gravity helped to pull the huge poop out. he sat there with his head in his hands, in total agony, as his body pushed out the huge poop against his will. as soon as it came out all the way, he just cried harder. i examined his anus which was stretched to a horrible extent. i bent him over and stuck up a suppository to soothe his butthole and sent him to bed. his ordeal was over.

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Having only just seen this discussion, I must say that I don't think Jobber's story got the credit it deserved! Well done Jobber - TLC of the highest order! Even if you did enjoy it! And to have a girl friend who can shit like that!! Hope you are both still living happily thereafter! Any more experiences?

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once i was constipated for about a month and the poop was just too big and my hole was just too small eventually i went to the emergency room and when the nurse gave me a rectal exam and saw my condition, she said "oh yeah youre in for a manual disimpaction.." id never heard of this but it didnt sound enjoyable so after having an enema and multiple suppositories, that's exactly what happened. hours after i decided to go to the emergency room, there was a doctor wrist-deep in me. i cant even begin to describe the agony to you. ill tell the story in detail:

i laid on my back, knees in my hands, my butthole fully exposed. the doctor shoved a suppository into me. he used his long middle finger to push it deep into my rectum. he left. after an hour of waiting for all means of relief to work, the doctor retured and i was just as constipated as before. he instructed me to lie with my knees under me and my arms at my sides so my face was flat on the table. with a herd of young doctors watching behind him, he inserted a syringe filled with lubricant about a centimeter into my anus and pushed it all in. he lubricated all five of his fingers, much to my horror. he inserted a finger. then his middle and index. "i can feel the feces. its much too large for you to be pushing out. what i am now going to do is called a manual disimpaction. im going to manually remove the feces from your rectum. if i dont have success, your only alternative will have to be immediate surgery. are you ready?" i only gulped in response. "will using any instruments in the procedure?" i was terrified. "yes, there may be a few instruments inserted to assist in the removal of the impaction." i pleaded with him to please not, please. he just began the procedure with the audience of college-aged kids watching. i was completely exposed. he inserted three lubricated fingers. then a fourth. he probed deep inside me. i was in hell. he said to me "we are going to need to dilate your anus, ok?" i only groaned in return. a nurse gloved up and inserted her index then middle finger of her right hand into my rectum. she then did the same thing with her left. she pulled in two separate directions so my anus opened wide. the nurse said "now i need you to tell me when you are feeling any discomfort, because we dont want to dilate you too far." yeah, like i wasnt feeling discomfort. i moaned in pain. "ok, weve stretched him far enough." the doctor inserted a long metal probe about 10 cm. it was cold and i was in complete and total misery. the nurse continued to hold me open while the doctor worked. the nurse withdrew her fingers when the doctor inserted four fingers. my butt hole was in agony. "now, i want you to push. push as hard as you can." i pushed. "see, youre expelling my fingers. you can push them out. this feces is just too large." um, thanks dr. obvious. this was horrible. he pushed his entire hand into my rectum. this was when i started to become dizzy. this wasn't happening. i passed out and woke up to the nurse looking me in the face and the doctor wrist-deep in me. he had take hold of the feces and used some kind of device to stimulate my sphincter. he again instructed me to push hard. soon the huge poop was hanging half out of my body. it was wider than a zuccini. almost six or seven inches wide. the young observers were in awe. i was in extreme discomfort. he pulled the huge feces out. my ordeal was mostly over. needless to say, ive been regular ever since. so everyone, STOP complaining about having the doctor stick one measly finger up your butt. i had an entire hand and a whole slew of spectators.

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What a relief to find this site of horrid experiences! I had to undergo surgery a few days ago and recovery was going great until the turd otter came and built his dam in the wrong place! I never thought the two to be related until my web surfing journey began. I seriously surfed for hours through useless sites filled with medical jargan and unhelpful advise and leads. I was so relieved to find this site. I no longer felt alone in this world of happy shitters. Never have I expierenced such agony and discomfort in my life ( and i just had a baby a few months ago!) I have tried mass amounts of water, stool softners,praying to god above, sqeezing till I felt like I was going to pass out or puke or both, And finally, the ever so desperate lubed up latex finger scoop. Knowing the agony myself, I was happy that this worked so well for others out there. However my outcome was not as pleasing nor relieving as I was praying for. It is a huge unmovable bolder blocking my exit. I am sweating and shaking as this uncontrollable poop reflex is continuously
pushing at my rear exit trying desperately to escape. But to no avail, the exit is just to small. The pounding pressure is unbearable and ever so building by the hour. Did I mention I am trying to care for my baby while all this is going on? I wish this upon no one! Of all my readings I have come across almost nothing that tells the tale of how to soften the bolder of pain once it is engaged already. I have one road untraveled and that is Enema Alley.Im in so much discomfort I had to have some one bring it to me, as I can hardly stand, much less walk My poor poor swollen tender hole. Ive come this far though. I just try and envision the feeling of relief that will overcome me if this works. If it doesnt, It is straight to the hospital for me! I need relief. Im imagining this was what the birth of my daughter would have felt like coming out the other end with no epidural. Pray for me!

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Hooooooollllllllyyyyyyyyyyy shhhhhhiiiittttt.

I made a BIG mistake reading that article by Snapper AND this story. I porbably won't shit for a week!

Some are born crappy, some achieve crappiness, and some have crapiness thrusted upon them. (Do NOT be the last one)

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Wow, this is perfect for brightening up someone's day.

Some are born crappy, some achieve crappiness, and some have crapiness thrusted upon them. (Do NOT be the last one)

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How do accountants treat constipation?

They work it out with a pencil.

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oh my! It's really wonderful to read this. I had to perform a manual disempaction while traveling. I have never told anyone, I thought it was the strangest thing in the world to's interesting to know that others have done this. thanks!

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Try using the well lubercated small end of a spoon to dig out the offending fecal matter.

Sort of like digging a fence
post hole...

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just snap on some rubber gloves andgently insert your finger up ur butt. My son has been like that before and I had to put on some rubber gloves lube up and started scooping it out. He was embarrased bending over like that but it had to be done. EEWWWW!!

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I had to do this once for a girlfriend. She had been constipated for 5 days and when she did feel the need to do a poo it was too big and hard and despite my rubbing her tummy and encouraging her she couldn't pass her motion.

I suggested that I lubricate her back passage and I went to the local pharmacy and bought a large tube of KY Jelly. She had tried again when I was out but had still passed nothing. She stripped off and lay on the bed and I coated my index finger with KY Jelly and very gently inserted it into her rectum. I could feel this huge fat knobbly lump. I removed my finger and used it to insert more KY asking her to hold it in and let it melt and coat the turd. We went into the toilet and I continued to rub her tummy. After about 10 minutes she said that she could feel things moving and with a gasp as it must have hurt she bore down and a fat lump the size of a tennis ball dropped into the pan with a loud KUPLOONK! This was followed by three similar rocks with then what I can only describe a brick of solid poo slowly emerged and slid into the pan with a thud. She hadn't finished as she then passed a long fat but smooth sausage on top of the huge load she had already dropped .

When she had got her breath back we had a look at the motion she had passed and were amazed that such a lot of poo could come out of one person at one sitting. Apart from the tennis balls the big hard turd was the size of a milk bottle and the fat sausage must have been 14 inches long. She went back to bed and slept for a few hours after her extertions and it took me sveral flushes to get her mega load to go away.

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I had to use the business end of an enema bottle and the handle of a toothbrush do this 2 days after a HEMORRHOIDECTOMY, then again 4 days later.
I then got on milk of magnesia and Colase every night, but have been weening off of it for the past 4 days.
Guess I can't go again.
Somebody shoot me...where's the enema bottle?

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I had a similar experience once like TBW's and im only 13, after a hard day of kicking back and eating McDonalds and Wendys and going to a supper club down the road only to down a great helping of greasy chicken. I came home from the supper club(knowing what i had ate would not agree with me or my previous 2 meals as i have had much experience with this)i hurt horribly, i ran to the stool, quickly dropped my undershorts and sat on the cold porcelin throne, begging for mercy from god. The pain i experienced was absoleutley horrendous i would have rather had somone rip my testies off than have that happen, i was on the pot for at least an hour, tears rolling, then finally i found the vaselline, cringing at what i knew i had to do i quckly greased up the ole poopshoot and WHAM my finger was in dislodging the hellion with in my anus, i took a good 15 min to get it out but boy was i glad, i too share your pain TBW and god help any of you if it ever happens

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I had a girlfriend once who worked as a live-in assistant for a quadraplegic.

Ass-istant is more like it. One of her tasks was to manually disimpact this poor fellow every three days. Yes...gloving up, reaching into his ass, and scooping out his shit. The whole process took about 30 minutes with prep and cleanup. Oh man!

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Offal Rocket, my great-aunt (living at home with us) was once that severely constipated. I'm not squeamish, but I damned near fainted when the home health nurse literally shoved her gloved hand, up to the wrist, into my great-aunt's poor rectum. It was agonizing for her (my great-aunt, I mean), and the nurse was as kind as one can be while ripping shit out of someone's ass. Nasty business for both patient and nurse....

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fullofsht, we keep rubber gloves around the house for a lot of reasons...shit being one of them. On many occasions, I've Vaselined a gloved finger, reached into the nether regions to pull out something that looks like bridge mix, but feels like jagged stones. Sometimes just sticking the finger up your butt and wiggling it a bit is enough to kick Perry Stalsis into action....

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anyone else have luck with the medjhools? I'm craving a solid clean slider. I hate to wipe.

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