Men or Women: Who's More Disgusting?

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There has always been an ongoing debate on which public restroom is the
most disgusting -- the women's or the men's. After what I witnessed last week I definitely say its the women's restroom.

Where I work I have many responsibilities. Among them, I am the Facilities
Administrator. Well one day last week, first thing in the morning, I got a
call from one of the girls downstairs, telling me that something nasty
happened in the woman's bathroom. I told her the janitorial people will be
in at night, it will just have to wait.

Well within the next two hours I
received many calls from grossed out female employees, telling me of the
horror in the bathroom, and wanting me to do something about it. In my mind
I imagined it was gross and didn't want to witness this scene.

In most cases
a persons imagination builds up the fear, and once confronted with the actual
situation, the person discovers its not as bad as imagined.

Well, this was a rare case. I went
down to witness this mess and reality was far worse then anything I could
have imagined.

First off, the smell was so bad I almost lost it. We are
talking vomit and diarrhea on the floor in the stall and out of the stall,
on the sink, drops of it everywhere. This was one sick bitch !! Its hard to
believe these substances could exist inside a human being.

I just put an
"out of order" sign on the bathroom door and directed people to go upstairs
to do their business.

Now the mystery is: who did this? Couldn't they find
the toilet? And with shit and puked sprayed all over the place, didn't they have
it on their clothes?

We checked payroll and nobody went home sick that day so this person worked
the whole day with this secret.

-- Doniker

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168 Comments on "Men or Women: Who's More Disgusting?"

doniker's picture
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You already know what I think. women are more gross in the bathroom...especially when its "their time of the month". I worked at a janitorial service when I was a kid and this one place had these containers in the ladies room by the toilets for used tampons that I had to empty. 50% of the women missed the container and left them in the toilet, on the floor, etc. I quit this job real quick...I would rather be a homeless bum.

janitor69's picture

ive been a janitor for 69 yrs and i can tel you that women are worse. i usually keep a hidden camera in the stalls so that i can take the tape home after work and i always find them leaving their shit in the toilet b/c they dont want to touch the handles.l it is really disgusting. once i went in to clean up this clogged toilet that was full of feces blood urine and toilet papar

Jayson Franklin's picture

Men are much more civilized on the toilet. While women are grunting and gazing between their legs, checking their mucous for elasticity, men are reading the latest issue of Wall Street Journal. Secretions or Stock Quotes? You be the judge.

rose's picture

women are definitely more disgusting than guys. In the place that I work, someone had a miscarriage in the much blood.

doniker's picture
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God bless the janitors. You have got to be a special person to want to be a janitor. To spend your life cleaning up the results of other peoples bodily functions.

Dave's picture
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Maybe women aren't necessarily more disgusting, it's just that a) when women are more disgusting, they have more body fluids at their disposal to be disgusting with than men, or b) we perceive women to be cleaner in general, so its shocking to us when women are gross. Maybe we're just used to guys being nasty.

Clarissa's picture
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Well, men have the advantage of standing up half of the time, and women have more bodily fluids released in that area. How would you like to bleed from you penis? I personally think both are equally disgusting. Men piss all over everywhere except the toilet, and women leave traces of tampons on the floor. There have been many times when i have gone to use the bathroom at my other brother's apartment and have seen shit left on the back of the toilet seat, and i have seen blood all over the toilet seat at my work. So figuratively speaking we both are disgusting just in different ways.

Sr. Spankalot's picture

Well, I have to admit, my experience of women's bathrooms is limited. But the previous responses makes it clear that woman are disgusting. The idea that it is because they have more fluid coming out is a farce. The problem is that women think that their periods and the fact that they have to sit down to piss is a burden that they don't deserve, and so they have no shame about the mess they leave. How many women piss all over the seat because they need to squat over the toilet after every woman before them did the same thing? Men, on the other hand, by virtue of their experience with masturbating are very aware and prepared to remove any and all evidence of their bodily waste. We got an extra fluid, too, and many times you don't know where it's going or how far. But we take the time to clean it up, because we realize that no one wants to walk in on that. I guess women don't know the shame of being caught jerking off.

Trashcanman's picture
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I once went to a school in which the ladies room was like a scene out of a nightmare movie, much worse than any other story here. Besides blood, feces, urine, and vomit, there was ocasionaly "aborted babies" yes, you heard right, it was in a really bad part of phoenix, and uugh, those gals never heard of contraception?

Clarissa's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Well, i dont think that womens periods are an excuse to be disgusting. I just know from my own periods that i do take more care into my cleanliness. Maybe its that most people dont care about being clean in a public bathroom. Since it isnt theirs why treat it with care. and OMG aborted babies, that is disgusting. Maybe you shouldnt label it as Men or Women thats disgusting just certain people. I'm a pretty damn clean person myself and im sure most of you are as well. Its just when some people arent clean then the rest of use look bad. And to Sir spank alot, why should we be ashamed of our bodily fluids in the first place? do you read the forums?

Trashcanman's picture
l 100+ points

It was almost disheartining to hear about, and to smell!

airborne500's picture

man i don't really know who is more disgusting, but that is some really sick shit, good god.

Erin's picture

I personally think that men are more disgusting. I've walked in a few men's bathrooms and the stench is disgusting. The bathrooms smell like urine and some immature ones think it's funny to do disgusting things. I agree that some women are disgusting and don't know how to clean up after themselves.,.,but that isn't women in general.

Chuck E Chunk's picture

My vote has to go to the women. i worked at chuck e cheese for a summer job, when i was sixteen, and man the womens bathroom was foul. I dont know if some women think that they are to good to flush, but their was shit in almost every toilet at the end of the day that was not flushed. Men shit and piss, but atleast they flush! And those little tampon trash cans, they really work well, we had to put a plastic liner in them, and guarenteed that atleast three of them would have a bloody tampon smeared down the side and on the floor. And women changing diapers of thier little ones, Shity kid diapers everywhere, not a very clean place, it always took me twice as long to clean the womens restroom than the mens!

Jacob's picture

This forum is disgusting and horrible.

The only thing I can add to it is the fact that in elementary school, the entire halls of the 4th and 5th grade classrooms stank like piss because of the boys bathrooms on each level. We had to keep the doors of the classrooms closed because of it, else it would seep in (the smell, not the urine itself).

Woman's picture

I think it comes down what sort of hygienic habits & consideration for others one has whether one is male or female, if you are a disgusting slob without any consideration for others i.e. if you would not treat your bathroom at home that way then why would you be so disgusting and inconsiderate in a shared bathroom?? I have seen every kind of disgusting mess in the "ladies" room, and personally, am too revolted to even go in and flush and then use the stall, I just do a quick U-turn and head for the next clean stall, unlike some women who will calmly flush the previous user's logs and goodness knows what other disgusting material and then use the toilet, just one glance is enough to turn my stomach! As for the smell of urine coming from men's rooms, well, not sure why that would be, and never visited a men's room so don't really know if they stink or not, but maybe it's because men don't feel the need to flush, since it goes down the drain as they pee, whereas in the toilet you add the pee to the water so you have to...if they don't flush then the water does not flush away the urine, and there is a loop in the pipes, "the trap" which prevents odors from leaking, so the pee just sits there smelling...

vicki's picture

Come on -- this is a no-brainer. Have you ever seen a woman wipe a booger on the wall of a urinal?? Case closed!

Cap'n Fuzzybeard's picture

I've worked for my employer -a major midwestern university- for 9 years. Seen, smelled, & cleaned up after every type of person *&* animal. In my opinion, it's got to be women. My proof:

Item: A can with a lid operated with a foot pedal used to collect used feminine hygeine products. Full.

Enviromental conditions: Outside, wintertime. Inside, a balmy 90 steam-heated degrees.

So, no chance of the window being open for ventilation. Let this noisome mixture slow-cook for 3 days. The smell is unholy miasma of decaying blood, vaginal sera, detached uterine lining, and the gawdawful perfume that the manufacturers of the hygeine appliances seem to like to douse their wares in.

Men are also guilty of sins of the bathroom; but most of these involve not flushing urinals.

Mary's picture

I get the impression that all these posts here are from either American or Canada. I'm Irish and I have never ever witnessed ANYTHING mentioned on these posts in ladies bathrooms - and I have also lived in England and same applies for there. Ok I have seen one or two nasty things as accidents will happen once in a while but on the whole this is completely alien to me. Maybe it's a country/culture thing? Any other nationalities care to give opinions?

kari's picture

i am the best pooer

Trashcanman's picture
l 100+ points

the UK is clean, that's all

Amanda Perry's picture

Ok, I work at a bar, and part of my many unpleasant jobs is to clean the bathrooms. now, the janitor cleans the toilets, but i have to clean the sinks and mirrors. The ladies room is always nastier that the men. last night i went in there, and it looked like someone had shaved their legs in the sink. and then there was a huge bloody loogie hocked in it, and they didn't even have the courtesy to rinse it down. that's nasty.

s's picture

women are real pigs. women's bathroom is full of dirty pissy toilet paper strew everywhere. i don't know what possesses these piglets to do this!

Jiggawha?'s picture

All I know is that alot of these chicks feel they are too good to clean up their own mess. Either that or they aren't as comfortable as guys doing disgusting shit. So, when the inrvitable accident/travesty/ass-explosion occurs, they are more likely to ignore it and leave the mess. Men on the other hand will sit back and admire, possibly show a friend or two, and then make a half-assed attempt to clean it up. At least something is better than nothing.

Adrian's picture

I don't men are worse than women or vice versa. They've both got the same basic digestive system and, so far as the passing of solids is concerned, plumbing.

Slave-On's picture

I don't know who's worse, but the other day on my break at work I though, "Oh thank heavens it's my break. I can finally take a shit in peace. There's no one in the bathroom." So I go up to the employee bathroom and go into one of the stalls and in the toilet was a massive big, brown baby piece of shit. Looked like it'd been there for a while because there was a brown hue in the toilet water. So I flush and go on to the next toilet. Next one had a red smear on the toilet seat. Sick, I tell you. I don't know what kind of people I'm working with.

doniker's picture
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Seeing that you are a 14 year old girl, I doubt you have spent that much time in men's public bathrooms to compare the men's room to the women's room (unless you are a teenage whore who gives blow jobs for $5). I admit I am sexist, what normal man isn't? Sure, men lie about not being sexist to get their dicks into some wet pussy, but deep down all men know they are superior to women.

A Person's picture

Accually, I have a brother so I had to go in there when I was little with him. And just for the record: I do not believe in premarrital relations.

A Person's picture

First of all, it is not about "Men or Women", it is about how you were raised to deal with the occasional mess. I've seen men's bathrooms and women's bathroom messy. One fact that you have to understand is that women sit down to go. And most of us have been taught not to sit on the seat, therefore perhaps we spill. I do not use public restrooms because I find them unhygenic. One thing most of you "men" have been saying is that women are disgusting. DO NOT make sexist comments judging all of us by a few vulgar women. If I just went into a random mens' public restroom what do you think I might find? If I find puddles on the floor, vomit in the toilets, and shit on the seats should I say that all men are vile, repulsive creatures? Or how about the bathroom in your home. If someone were to go in there what might they find? I am 14 years old and I am the only one not making sexist comments because of a few immoral people, that's sad, very very sad.

Disgusted's picture

I believe that both men and women can be vile in PRR's. It's disgusting how filthy they can actually be. There's no excuse for uncleanliness of that degree.

While both sexes can be as bad as each other, I agree with a previous post that you shouldn't judge everyone from one persons actions.

shithead's picture

hey, im no sexist, but, hands down, women are worse when it comes to toilets. i would explain, but the explaining has already been done.

and a reply to vicki: when was the last time you have seen a women wipe ANYTHING on a urinal, let alone use one?

nunya's picture

While I have seen disgusting filth perpetrated by both males and females, there is one incident that stands out in my memory. The boss went into the men's room one day and someone had torn out pages of the complimentary reading material (Sports Illustrated) and used it as toilet paper - throwing some of the soiled pages into the bowl and some into the floor. We were having a problem at that time with a mysterious toilet paper thief, so some dude improvised with the magazine.

As for odors, men's waste products and the women's "sanitary?" and waste products all stink like hell - when not quickly cleaned or removed - especially in the johns with NO ventilation whatsoever. Both sexes can be disgusting in their own little ways.

Why some people like to leave their little packages behind for others to clean or have the horror to witness, I don't understand. The FBI should establish a "profile" of non-flushers so they can be identified and prosecuted. These people need to be taken off the streets.

Super Bowel's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Man I wish Doniker was here to give people shit.

As for A person, shut the fuck up. Your a 14 year old, cock whore! Thanks.

Mikey's picture

A male friend of mine would piss in the corners of bathrooms, missing the urinal entirely- he thought it was funny- he'd piss in the walk-in cooler where all the beer was kept at a store we went to. I just laughed and told im he's an idiot.I don't know women who would do that, or think it's funny. A woman was caught at a Sears store shitting in a trashcan that wasn't even in the bathroom- she had wrapped her coat around it and was just kindof ..sitting there shitting.duh.

Pooh Peters's picture

According to a news report, a certain private school in Victoria, BC,

> recently was faced with a unique problem. A number of grade 12 girls were

> beginning to use lipstick and would put it on in the bathroom. That was

> fine, but after they put on their lipstick they would press their lips to

> the mirror leaving dozens of little lip prints.


> Every night, the maintenance man would remove them and the next day, the

> girls would put them back. Finally the principal decided that something


> to be done. She called all the girls to the bathroom and met them there


> the maintenance man. She explained that all these lip prints were causing


> major problem for the custodian who had to clean the mirrors every night.


> To demonstrate how difficult it had been to clean the mirrors, she asked


> maintenance man to show the girls how much effort was required. He took


> a long-handled squeegee, dipped it in the toilet, and cleaned the mirror

> with it. Since then, there have been no lip prints on the mirror.


> There are teachers, and then...............there are educators...

Aaron's picture

there is a reason you havent seen any women wiping boogers on the sides of urinals vicki. most women dont use urinals. (im making allowance for the occasional woman who can and will pee standing up.)

A Person's picture

In response to Super Bowl's post, I already said that I do not believe in pre-marital relations. Therefore what you called me makes no sense. Thank you for showing us all your maturity level.

Disgusted's picture

All I know is this that the women at my job are disguesting. I'm on the Health and Saftey Commitee and I've seen how nasty the Ladies RR are. Some woman missed the trash for her sanitary napkin for on the floor in the corner of the stall all bloodied. Blood on the toilet. And talk about pissing on the seats, woman do it to. The women at work are gross. As for the men, well I did hear about something shit all over the walls, but I don't have the full story. Women can be pigs, and so can men.

Ruth's picture

The girls bathrooms at my school are disgusting. I won't even use them in dire emergencies. The toliet seats are covered in sticky goo, the trash cans are always overflowed with crap and used pads/tampons, there are spots all over the floor... It's no wonder the janitor won't clean that bathroom up.

My guy friend, he tells me the boys bathrooms are relatively clean.

Mike's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

Has anybody used the openseats and were affraid of them

Ha Ha's picture

Is this a joke!!!!!!

Of course all these replys are going to be against women because the most people on here are men! Men care more about poop and that nature than women. Women don't care to look up a website like this!! HA GUYS YOU ARE GOING TO SAY WE ARE CLEAN!! lol (I AM GUY.)I am just saying that everyone will just say the other gender. This is the conclusion, there can't be one!!!! Based on each others bathroom needs!

fecaltreacle's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

gad who is that 2-bit whore?

women are dirty, ask my girlfriend: she's proud of it!

Salus's picture

Depends a lot on the people using the restroom. I've cleaned a fair number of restaurant and hotel restrooms, and both sexes can be pretty damn messy. Men tend to be messy because of poor aim, but tend to produce more obnoxious odors. Women produce fewer strange scents, but I am convinced that women are messy on purpose. A lot of the mess produced in women's restrooms seems to be for the purpose of avoiding contamination. For instance, there's always about a foot of tissue on the floor in the ladies' room. Women have carefully pulled paper to line the seats, lest they contract some awful toilet-seat disease... and then once the paper has touched the seat, they won't touch it again to throw it away. Which results in delicate streamers of toilet paper floating down into the bowl, wicking up water and other detritus. Eventually this clogs the toilet, even if proper wiping protocol has been followed.

Another peculiar female phenomenon is tampon or pad disposal. If there's not a mini-can in the stall, women either drop the damn thing on the floor or try to flush it... It seems to me that more of us would learn to wrap the offending item in TP and dump it in the big trashcan on the way out... but that would be too simple. Why is it "too gross" to carry it to a trash receptacle? You just stuck your fingers all over it getting it out.

For some reason, women are weirder about disposal of nasty items generally, too... only a woman would try to dump a used tampon in a restaurant kitchen garbage disposal (I fired her for that, too)... only a woman would try to change her kid's diaper at a restaurant table during Sunday lunch rush...

Of course, part of this is also based on a conviction that guys are neater than girls, generally. I know my husband is the clean freak in our house... I just get paid to keep things sanitary at work. :)

Batfinch's picture

We took some American friends to Wales and they found the public toilets in one place equally discusting.

This place was in the news for a while in the 60's.

However the point is that they both said the same and my wife and I agreed

urina's picture

I had to use the Mensroom sometime ago(female).The Door inside proclaimed "this is a french historical Site,Napoleon sat here and blew his bon-a-parte.

Any Idea what that mean?

person's picture

'bon' = 'bone' a colloquial word for penis 'a-parte' = apart

Boit Mukes's picture

I occasionally clean the restrooms at work, and I must say the women's is invariably more disgusting: clogged bowl, toilet paper scattered everywhere, tampons all over the place. Stinks to high heaven. To be fair, the men's room usually stinks as well, but it's unambiguously a urine stench. The women's has a more-er-complex odor of urine, perfume, menstrual blood, feces, and various chemical smells (tampon related, I assume). While the floor in the men's is more likely to be wet, the floor in the women's has more trash.

Slim Jim Junkie's picture

my experience is that every men's room will have that 6 inch diameter circle of piss permanently embedded in tile

Butt Nugget's picture

Personally I like restrooms that have art work or some funny saying like, this is a teepee for you to pee pee not a wigwam for you to beat your tom tom.

Some Guy's picture

Men's usually stink like piss. Gross, but I can deal with it Women's are fairly nastier. My girlfriend told me they used to throw their used tampons on the wall and see if they would stick, or slap Maxi-pads against the door or mirrors, and leave them there. She also said she's found tampons in the sink drains, and some woman once left a giant buttplug in the stall, smeared with poop.

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