In Defense Of Open Stalls

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One of the most interesting issues that pops up from time to time on the poop forums is the discussion of open stalls versus closed stalls. I grew up going to public schools in the South where open stalls for boys were the norm.

Girls had closed stalls -- I know because I once went one in to check my jaw in the mirror (a guy had accidentally decked me in a fight scene in a play we were rehearsing), and since the girls' bathroom was closest to the stage, and I needed to stop the bleeding, a couple of female cast members escorted me in to this no-man's land. That was when I saw the long row of closed stalls. I remember thinking to myself, "Where are the urinals?"

I've never quite figured out why the girls got doors and the guys didn't. Someone once told me it was because boys were more likely to smoke, and open stalls put a damper on that. But I knew some girls that smoked, so that doesn't quite cut it as an explanation.

Whatever the reason, the fact that I spent 4th-12th grades using open stalls with other guys really freed me up from ever feeling embarrassed about taking a crap in public. It got to where crapping became a social outing between periods or during lunch hour. We would talk back and forth and cut-up -- and like forum participant Dakota has pointed out, there was a special sort of bonding that grew out of this.

I would say that most of the guys who used the open stalls freely were just doing what they had to do. I know I was -- I didn't worry about who saw me doing it. It seems that some people who post on the forums have issues with this -- in some cases, four walls are necessary for them to function. That's not a criticism; it's just something I don't understand.

The most curious school bathroom-related incident I experienced occurred my senior year, and it illustrates to some extent an adjunct to the principle of Shameful Shitting. I was coming out of the boys' room, having just finished peeing, and for some reason a female classmate of mine was hanging around the entrance to the bathroom. I said hello to her, grabbed a quick swallow of water from the nearby fountain, and then headed towards my locker. My classmate stopped me, though, and said she wanted to ask a special favor of me. "Would you let me see what the boys' bathroom looks like?"

Since I knew there was no one in there, I said I would stand guard for her. So I stood there just outside the wall while she went in. Then she asked me to come in quickly. I made sure there was no one coming down the hall first, and then joined her inside.

The bathroom had two sinks, with mirrors on the wall to the left; straight ahead was the quintessential porcelain pee trough, right across from three open stalls. There were partitions, but no doors.

"Oh, my God," she proclaimed, clearly very upset. "How can you go in front of everyone? How can you just sit there out in the open?"

I just shrugged at her and said, "I do it all the time in here. It's no big deal. Actually, it's a good way to get to know your friends a little better."

She looked so disturbed I thought she was going to pass out. We walked out of the boys' room together, and she said, "I'm sorry I looked."

I believe there is something to be said for the leveling that takes place in open stalls. At summer camp -- and in the military -- the objective is to bond 'the troops,' so to speak. So you share a lot -- eating, sleeping, showering, shitting together, usually without privacy. If you are shy, you soon learn not to be. And it ultimately makes for better morale. When you have lived this closely with your mates, you want all the more to go to battle for them. (Or at least to win the camp trophy.) They are you buddies, and you've done everything together.

So it may be an unpopular view, but I stand behind it: open stalls are a good thing. They build strong character. The girls don't know what they're missing.

-- The Big Wiper

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i am amazed they have this website.

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If would be neat if there were a list somewhere of public (=accessible to anyone) men's rooms without doors. There seem to be very few restrooms left with doorless stalls these days. My high school had open stalls and I was accustomed to using them, and it used to be you'd occasionally find highway rest stops where there were doorless stalls. But I do a lot of road trips, and I haven't run across an open stall rest stop in quite a long time, except one outhouse-style latrine on a back road in Ohio. A nightclub where I live did have doorless stalls but then they put in doors last year.
My office restroom has doors, but there's a fairly wide gap between the door and the frame, so you can basically see guys on the can. Somehow that seems more embarrassing than if there were no door at all.

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I just did some open-stall shitting this week. I was in the locker room of a YMCA and before working out I really needed to go. I walked towards the toilet area and saw one stall, no doors. There were a couple of other guys in the locker room changing, and they had a view of the stall -- but like I say, I had to go. So, shorts and jockstrap at my ankles, I sat down and went. Tell you the truth, it wasn't that big of a deal. The other guys ignored me and I actually sat there quite a long time emptying my bowels. I think, now, I can go ANYWHERE!

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I rarely have to pee at school but I have to shit there everyday. The restroom lines suck, especially between classes. Beginning two years ago when I was a sophomore and after I had served about a dozen detentions for tardies caused by my bodily needs, I started to use the one or two doorless stalls in each of the bathrooms. There's rarely a line and often they are a lot cleaner than the other toilets because they get much fewer number of butts sitting on their seats. It's a win-win situation for me. I wish I would have figured it out my freshman year.

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I belong to a rugby club where the facilities are pretty basic. The toilets in the locker room consist of two urinals and one toilet bowl, and the latter does not have a stall but is open to view. If any of us guys need to poop, we have to use the one toilet there is. Most of us don't have a problem with doing the job in front of the other lads. I felt a bit embarrassed when I first had to take a poop there, but you overcome that pretty quickly. It's fine.

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Here is a strange thing.
In our intermediate school there are modern closets with doors for the boys, but also remains a rank of old WCs with 1.2metre square panels only between them. After recent vandalic episodes many doors are broken or pulled off, and no one will use the damaged closets. But a number go to the old WCs for shit instead.
The rationale seems thus. If a boy uses to closet with no door, the others all point and mock at him. When all can be seen having pants down, then he has no fear to expose himself also.
Quaere then shall all doors be simply removed? Their answer is loud NO NO!!

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In each of my middle school bathrooms there are like 20 stalls. There's always 2 or 3 that have the doors off, sometimes because they have been busted off. Well, as a 6th grader I started using the open stalls to pee. They are fast to use because there's never a line and since I'm only going to be sitting for a minute or two, I don't mind it. Because there is no door, there's more room in front of me for my large book bag. Also, I have friends that don't mind taking a shit that way. They put their book bag on their lap and wipe from the back. I start high school next month and my older sister says it is really going to suck then.

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Tough shit indeed. Maybnee you would of done better with my "uncle" as the school called the older boy allocated to newcomers to guide them round for their first month. He told me it would feel like everyone was watching me at first but they wouldn't bother as we were all in the same boat. So the trick was to pull my trousers and pants straight down without giving myself time to think about it. Because if I dithered, then everyone would gather round to see the fun. It did happen once, and the poor kid got a round of applause from the audience in front of his stall as soon as they got to see his business area!
So it's all in the mind really, and just one of the things to get used to about a new school. Why one should have to is another matter. I bet the teachers have doors on the staff room toilets. And for sure they don't have to put up with the duty master - well some of them anyway - coming in to ours to inspect during breaks!

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Too right. I am in a prep school with open stalls and as a newbie I was so scared I held off as long as I could, nearly a week. When peristalsis finally won out, with my luck it was in recess when the main boys room was busy. First off my room-mate called out "Join the club" just as I got my pants down, then it was a long hard bm so I just had to sit there with other guys giving me the eyeball as they came and went, and to finish the teacher in the next class did not believe when I explained why I was tardy till another guy told him all about it. After that it was less grief being seen on the pot and now it is just something that happens every day like cleaning teeth.

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There's a non-sequitur if ever I saw one! OK for a day-schooler maybe (if he does not have diarhoea that day). But a pupil in boarding school with 5 weeks before the first home leave of the semester? He would be hospitalised with a real solid impaction if not a ruptured bowel first.

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j 1000+ points

Easy answer, no stall door, no need to crap.

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Dear Kanobie,
Right first time, British OBs housemaster would be proud of you! But if you want it spelled out that was exactly what I meant by "do something really private". There are others, having a quiet weep for example. Its a general problem with open stalls of course, however unbothered boys get to be about seeing and being seen by their peers on the toilet.
The second school, which remember I never visited so cant vouch for personally, illustrates something rather different. The story true or not is a classic example of what would nowadays be called "institutional sadism", a refinement of torture for shy boys particularly, whereas Br OB and his schoolmates were simply reacting spontaneously as a social group to the circumstances.
Thats all I have to say. I may be wrong of course. Give us the benefit of your experience. Put up or shut up.

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Dear PB2.....Didn't that last rule make it dreadfully hard on the wankers?

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I reckon, OB, that putting on pants just so as to drop them again was a convention in the making without any logical reason. Not but what boys boarding schools were rife with meaningless rules and customs for making life hard for junior boys. The lavatories at mine had doors, but there were still a few schools then (the 1960s) where they didnt to encounter at away sports fixtures. It felt a bit daring using them but also somehow liberating. But I could also see a problem of where to go to do something really private if I was there all term.
At one such the captain of our under-15 football team caused a minor sensation by going on the toilet with his shorts down, jockstrap between his knees and no shirt on. A bit embarassed he explained that when his dad fitted him with his first jockstrap, he advised him not to poo with it in position but pull it down like underpants, otherwise the join between the pouch and the understraps got mucky. But that what was not what was bugging our hosts. It turned out they had to to take their trousers down far enough to sit with knees showing above the waistband of their underpants in order to show they were not pussyfooting, but if they did not keep a shirt or at least a vest on their top half they would be caned for indecent exposure! And there was another school, which I never visited but gossip had it that although there were doors on the lavatories, for their first three years boys had to leave them wide open!!

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Seems to me that whether or not you had open toilets as a youngster in Britain depends on when and where you went to school. I certainly remember them being installed new when I was about 15 as part of updating our 100-year-old boarding house with indoor sanitation. An old glory hole next to the first new wash/shower room was lined out in terrazzo and fitted with two seats side by side. There was a dividing panel, but when the users were seated it came only head high, they could see each others knees and dropped pants and both were in full view of the door. Work was not finished when we reassembled for the autumn term, so word of this got round and a deputation went to our housemaster. He huffed in his moustache and said well of course it did not do to be too coy about what are after all natural functions. But clearly he was not happy talking about it himself, so we never did discover what the authorities had in mind. Maybe they thought it did not matter as we saw each other nude in the showers, which were also communal, anyway, or whether they were trying to provide as many facilities as possible into the limited space available.

Whatever the reason, finally the plumbing was finished and the Head of House put up a notice saying Demi Clochemerde now open for Business and left it at that. (Merde is French for poop and Clochemerle was a film about a French village which installed a public loo that was going around then). Standing to pee in the bowls was no problem of course, and eventually someone (not me!) who was either taken short or just less inhibited than the rest of us sat down to business. After that, with winter coming on, it dawned on us that there was no need to go out across the yard to the main clokes as we called them, particularly in bad weather last thing at night or in the morning - it was our choice. Meanwhile, work started on a second set of ablutions. Here two ends of a wide shallow recess were walled off with a central doorway, to form two stalls where the users sat facing each other. When that was complete it came into use without comment. The next year, new boys took it as they found it of course and by the time I left school it was just part of life.

It took a bit of gettting used to of course. Myself, for quite a long time I felt edgy about someone else walking in on me if I was alone. Sitting down beside someone already there came much easier for some reason - quite often people would go with a mate in pairs and take their trousers down together. One odd thing - nobody ever went in completely nude - always pulled on pants or pyjama bottoms or at least put a towel round them. I once asked a friend who was sitting bare for all it mattered with his briefs round his ankles why he bothered to pull them on again when he 'd already stripped for a shower. He said it was because it was ok to pull them down to go on the toilet but he still had clothes on - as good a theory as any I suppose.

The original clokes were a masterpiece of Victorian sanitary engineering, well ventilated - but perishing cold in winter, and the floor got wed and muddy in rainy weather. The brick-and-tile closets were roomy with massive thrones and lead-lined wooden cisterns with cast-iron valves that clanked when you pulled the chain. The doors were sturdy pieces of carpentry with solid brass hinges and bolts, probably historic relics in their own right with the initials and dates carved on them by generations of boys. Nothing was done to them in my time - they looked good for another century. But a while back the old boys newsletter reported that what had been our new ablutions were torn out and completely refitted, which a present-day boarder said was "the best thing that ever happened to the place"!

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Like Donte's Dad, like all fathers for that matter, there are things I regret not telling my son, but I never thought to warn him about this one. Would not have known what to tell him if I had, there have beeen no open toilets in England for many years. In my own time at school, the cloakrooms, rears, karsies, call them what you like, could be pretty grotty, but they always had doors. Colin was just coming into puberty when we arrived in the US and we were given a conducted tour of the school he was to attend at the end of the summer vacation. Recently opened, it was the showpiece of the city's school board and equipped to a standard schools at homes could only dream about. Passing a Boys room, we excused ourselves and went in. All bright clean and modern, and then Colin gasped as he realised that the row of stalls all had no doors, and for good measure were reflected in the mirror running along above the washbasins on the opposite wall. Then he marched over to the one in the middle of the line, very deliberately took his trousers and pants down and hoisted his shirt, seated himself and announced "Just testing, Dad." Not knowing quite where to look or what to say, I mumbled something about he should be ok then, to which he replied stoutly, "If they can manage, then I can!" He reported later that it took a bit more doing to go on the toilet for a real in the lunch hour, with the place being busy and people showing an interest in how he reacted. For some reason, he added, seeing other boys sitting in the stalls with their trousers piled round ankles and underwear displayed knee-high (this was before the days of laptops) somehow made it harder to drop his own rather than easier as you might expect. Once sitting with his clothing down and up, though, he found he could relax and watch the world go by while nature took its course. And as he said, if you've done it once you can do it again. Just as well really, because we encountered similar arrangements while touring. There was one extraordinary Mens block at a campground, divided up into identical cement stalls, each with a urinal, a sink, a shower or a toilet seat, but all unlabelled so everybody had to go up and down a central aisle looking to find the facility they wanted. The school did not have a cross-dress day while he was a student, so he was spared Iftweredone's ordeal at least. From this I would say that youngsters can find their own way to go about it without advice, as they generally do about most things. I go along with Progressive Mum too, because in general I think parents should support school authorities in all reasonable measures to maintain good order, and this includes seeing that their kids abide by the school behaviour code even if it is not one that they would use at home. Only real injustice or malfunction will justify challenging the rules. In this aspect it was not necessary, but I certainly advised Colin in another context that he would do better to keep his head down and go along with his American peers, because we were only visitors, so there was no chance of getting things changed for his benefit. But that's all I know about it.

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My son, who is 14, also goes to one of the growing number of school districts which issue free-of-charge a lap top computer to each student. Since it could be easily stolen from his desk in an unlocked classroom, it's only logical that he should take it with him when he's in places like the cafeteria and bathroom. Yes, all the stalls at his high school are doorless and he has taken his computer in its carrying case into the bathroom when he has to crap, which is about two or three times a week. He is relatively small for his age and early in the year was getting some shit from the older boys when he would take down his pants and sit on the crapper. Having the computer and carrying case on his lap works wonders, although some of the teasing about the size of his organ, etc., continues. I wish I had talked to him about being a less "exposed" crapper earlier in the semester. It would have prevented some problems and self-esteem issues.

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I'm a mother of two girls. Although they are younger than Carolyn Marie and attend public schools, I would side with the administration on this issue. First, Carolyn Marie admits the bathroom is crowded and that's why she's using a doorless stall. I could see other students with computers or similar electronics get carried away with what they're doing and forget that they are done with the toilet and others are waiting to use it. Secondly, only a head-strong person would get upset at a reasonable request and leave in haste--carrying a "four-day crap" for four additional hours. That's not a well thought-out and rational response. Third, a student sitting without a privacy door has to expect more scrutiny because their activities are more easily seen. Students should be using school bathrooms only when necessary and no longer than necessary. Electronic devices, if permitted, only encourage them to hang-out longer.

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I started using an open stall pretty frequently at my high school last month. The first time it was because I had a four-day crap coming, and because it was 5th hour (lunch) the room was full. I noticed another advantage to add to Shasta's list as I was pulling down my underwear and pulling up my uniform skirt: I wasn't getting the smell from the bowl left by 30 or 40 earlier crappers.

Then I took my laptop out of it's case and I was going to check my e-mail and record the Algebra III assignment I had been given. My crap was probably 2 minutes away and I don't like to waste time. I was just starting to read my e-mail (I work at a mall store and they wanted me to come in an hour earlier) when Sister Hope walks through, looks into my stall, and sternly tells me to put the lap top away. She said: "It's inappropriate to have it out in the bathroom. You should be focused on just one thing when you're in here!" Then I got to thinking about how strange that is because the parish board sells them to us as part of our tuition and fee package.

I don't like to admit it, but I got so upset, sitting for another 3 or 4 minutes without my computer was no longer an option. I stood up, pulled up my underwear and suspended my crap until 4 hours later at mall. The stall was dirtier, smellier and the lighting was so bad I could hardly see what I was sitting in, but it took me less than 2 minutes to completely unload.

As I started to wipe from my soft crap, I imagined Sister Hope's face on section of the toilet paper I used. And I wiped thoroughly.

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Seems to me reading these posts that there's the odd

bad experience, but mostly its much worse in the mind beforehand

than actually doing it. In that respect, its like my other big worry

heading for boarding school at age 13, which was going back into

short trousers, which were part of the uniform. In fact, putting

them on and dropping them along with everybody else was just part of

the daily routine we all did without thinking.

The bogs were a row of closets, solid but doorless,

facing a blank wall across the gangway that went along in front of

them. People tended to avoid the first one, which everyone else

would pass twice coming and going. On the other hand, they went by

without a glance, whereas using the far end one could be pretty sure

the next comer would look in to see if it was vacant. So it pretty

well balanced out. Quite often too a boy, or sometimes a small

group, would prop up the wall opposite a closet and pass the time of

day with a friend doing his business inside. It was thought polite

to look away when he stood up to wipe himself, but if two boys

arrived talking together one would watch the other take down and

tuck up his clothing and settle himself on the throne while they

continued their conversation without either of them thinking twice

about it.

So we were pretty relaxed about it, but oddly enough it was just

this that once gave me grief. Id been playing one of the female

leads in the school Shakespeare play, as was pretty common for the

younger pupils in boys boarding schools then. After the last

performance, I needed to go before the cast party, which the actors

all attended in costume. All I needed was a pee, but felt shy about

using the urinal and wasnt sure I had enough hands to point percy

and hold a long dress and petticoats clear, so I turned into a

closet. Unfortunately it was the just the time when other juniors

were going to bed so the place was busy and they started to gather

round to see how Id manage. To add to my problems, the costume

included long stockings hooked onto a bodice, and Id fastened the

suspenders outside my pants. Id enjoyed being on stage and was

looking forward to the party, but just then I really did NOT need an

audience! Even if sitting with skirts spread across my knees Id be

less exposed than with shorts and pants round my ankles. But the

more I tried to tell them the more people came to see the fun. It

was all quite friendly, but I don't know what would would have

happened if the duty prefect hadnt come to see what was going on. He

chased them off, then stood in the gangway with his back to me and

directed all comers into the unpopular first closet until I got

myself sorted out.

That wasnt quite the end of it, because next morning

he happened to come by just as I was taking my pants down and said

cheerfully "Back to normal today then?". Also the story spread, and

till the end of term people seeing my were apt to give me a grin and

a thumbs-up as they passed.

I can laugh about it now, but its better to have

complete privacy and then nobodys going to have a problem ever.

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I was at a sports complex today. I had just woke up and needed to shit, but I did not have time before leaving the house. I went into the men's bathroom ans walked to the stalls. I was suprised to see four stalls with no doors. The Bathroom was very busy, I knew that I really needed to go. I went into the first stall because the others were in use. Pulled down my pants quickly and sat down. I had my pants around my ankles but I had someone walk by. So I pulled them up closer to my thighs. I sat there for a second and looked at the ground. As Soon as I thought the coast was clear I started to push. As the second turd was comming out someone walked by and looked at me, I was setting there with the turd half out my ass. So I decided to push it on out. Several other people walked by as I as pooping, but I figured hey what the hell they are doing the same thing I am.

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Kids have a different attitude to teenagers about this sort of thing, and Private School
Boy could have known he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. But I can share his
feelings, because as strange as it may seem I had experiences like this with closed

As I was entering the teens, we moved to a district where the school board had middle
schools for grades 6 thru 8. The boys' room was quite big, with a row of stalls down one
side and sinks etc along the opposite wall. The stalls had doors with catches but no
locks, and hinged to swing outwards on a spring so they stayed open when not occupied.

The catches were old and sometimes slipped, and worse, some guys idea of a joke was
to go down the line and pull all the doors open from behind so you could not see who did
it, leaving the rest of the gang to point and laugh at what was revealed. If one was in
mid-dump, he just had to sit it out, and even if not he had to shuffle front and centre
hogtied by slipping pants to reach the door and pull it closed again. All good dirty fun for those with a perverted sense of humor, but stressful if one just wanted to his own private
thing in peace and quiet.

Then we moved again to another town and junior high for me. Bathroom bigger with more stalls but same general design as school #1, but this time -oops, no doors! I wondered how I was going to manage at first, but when finally I did get the courage up to let my pants down, I found that with no privacy to worry about being violated, it was no real hassle. Sure it feels strange to be doing what one was used to do by himself behind a closed door since age 4, but with everyone else the same he soon becomes used to it and relaxes.

Nobody made a big deal of it the way Jerrell seems to, just dropped pants and hitched
up shirts to suit themselves. The attitude seemed to be, We all have them between our
legs, if one sees mine I'll probably see his tomorrow so the hell with it! The ventilation was better too so less stale gas hanging around in the air.

I still think doors and proper locks are best, but failing that clean open stalls for a uniform age-group with the right attitude make a good second best.

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I have a rather humiliating story dealing with doorless stalls. I was in 10th grade in a private school that had about 1,000 k-12 students. NO ONE used the high school bathrooms. THey weren't cool if you had to crap. The cool guys went down to the bathroom by the gym and the elementary building. Well, long story short, I realllly had to go one day, so I walked down, and it was just before lunch, so I figured I'd have the place to myself, so I dropped my jeans and boxers down and had a seat and let it go, and I stunk up the place. No sooner had I done that than I heard lots of people coming in. Turns out, the THIRD GRADE class had been dismissed to take a restroom break, and about 10 boys walked in and immediately started talkin about the smell. So I hoped they wouldn't walk back and find me in the first of two doorless stalls, but they do. "OH MAN, its a high schooler" one says. That's the cue for them all to come look. To my complete humiliation, MY COUSIN is also among the group. He says after snickering, "drop them boxers down and doodoo man," I couldn't do anything but sit there while they had their laughs. If I reached down to cover up and pull up my pants, they'd laugh; if I started to wipe and finish up, they'd laugh. That was a pretty good lesson in huilility for me that day to say the least.

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m 1+ points - Newb

I will never poop in doorless bathroom stalls and I don't have a problem with bathroom stalls but it has to have a door since I pull my pants and underwear down to my ankles and I need some privacy while I poop and I poop for peace at home and other bathrooms, just not in open stalls but if I need to poop very badly I will poop with my pants either to my knees of above the knees. I rather poop with my pants and underwear around my ankles and get caught by a girl with my pants down and underwear showing in the girls bathroom then pooping in open bathroom stalls.______
-Sam aka bknightshadow

-Sam aka bknightshadow, a guy that loves to poop with my pants down around my ankles

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Like Shasta, I don't mind the open stalls. I'm in my 11th year of school and I have gotten use to using them. First, I use the farthest stool and there's less traffic down there. Secondly, I don't sit down for more than two minutes (my girlfriend says I'm lucky that I can crap so fast--she can't and at places like the theatre she has kept me waiting for as long as 15 minutes. Third, my dad taught me to sit on my underwear and to keep it mostly up. This does two things. Less of my skin is exposed to the toilet seat and I'm not exhibiting my "tool" for anyone's pleasure. My girlfriend says she would rather gag than sit directly on a toilet seat and without a stall door, but I don't think it's that bad. If you're not constipated and you don't mistakenly show too much of yourself, I don't see what all the controversy is about. With the exception of the faculty bathroom and the athletic complex bathrooms for fans, none of the stalls in my school have doors. I just try and make the best of the situation. Do I have any other alternatives?

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m 1+ points - Newb

it's jake ya i spat on a bunch of olderkids but i spat on a gr 1 kid and i wasent alloud to use the bathroom.

If you have to shit you shit. But if you are not close to a shiter shit by a tree but if there is not a tree go in a bag and if there is no bag shit your pants

Shit shit and shit

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I'm in high school. I use an open stall a couple of times a week. The open stalls don't suck as bad as closed ones because they receive less use. Also there is no line. I can go in, sit down and shit or pee and there is less stress on me to get done fast because others are waiting in line. Most of the time there's toilet paper to wipe with when I get done--my friends can't always say that about the most heavily used other stalls. A few girls used to give me dirty looks when they walked in the bathroom and saw me with my jeans down. But now I bring a book to read and that helps cover up my pubic area. Sometimes I bring my lap top in and read e-mail or play a game while I'm waiting for my shit to come. That way less of me is exposed and I still get done faster and back to class faster than if I stood in the doored stall lines which are much longer. I'd much rather sit on a toilet in an open rather than a closed stall. Also the seats are almost never wet or in other ways soiled.

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My parents are divorced and I live with my father. He has to move every couple of years due to the executive job he has with his Fortune 500 company.

I'm experiencing what Chelsea-Anne and Shy Sophomore reported on. There are about 1,500 students in my new high school and in each of the five main girls bathrooms more than half the stalls have the doors taken off. Some seniors I know said it started happening last year when bomb threats and gang grafitti was being put on the insides of the doors so the doors were removed. Also putty is being used to cover the holes in the wall that use to hold toilet seat protector holders. I'm told that too few of the girls used them to put on the seats and that they were widely being abused. My friend says that some students would yank all of them out, put them in the bowl, flush the toilet and then run before it overflowed.

Although I'm new to my city and a senior this year, I think it sucks that I have to hurry up and use the bathroom during class because I'm not about to pee or shit for my peers and that's what I feel open stalls force us to do. It also takes me longer to go because I line the seat with toilet paper before I sit down, even though most of the other girls think nothing of it. I've seen a few, especially the younger ones, sit right down in urine left on the seat. To me that's gross and it sucks that some students mess it up for everyone else.

However, because I'm a senior I get open campus which means I get to go out for lunch. Twice last week I took my shit at Burger King. It was during the lunch hour and they were quite busy but it sure beat the options I had available.

I'll be the first in my family to go to college next fall and I hope the situation is better there. It sucks the way it is now!

Average Student's picture

I agree with you, Tessa. I too use the open stalls if they are toward the end of the room because they are cleaner and I don't have to look at the gross stuff on the doors. Having been in this school district all my life, it hurts me to see the names of students I know slurred and depicted as degenerates by people who don't know them and what they stand for.

Finally, if you are totally ready to pee or poop, you're only going to be on the stool for a couple of minutes at the most; I've never been one to linger in the bathroom to avoid a boring class or get out of taking a test. Besides, I don't want my thighs on a public toilet seat any longer than is necessary to do my thing. Is that supersition? I don't know.

Tessa's picture

I find it interesting the meeting Shy Sophomore has with her school's administration. It's bad at my school too because with more than 2,000 students and a lot of vandalism, the doors from one stall may be removed for a few days or weeks and now I understand what the administration is trying to say to us. Unfortunately, there are just some girls (and my boyfriend tells me there's lots of guys too) who just don't care about anyone else.

My boyfriend has his daily movement in a doorless stall. This is his first year at our school because his family moves frequently with his father, who is a rising business executive. His last four schools have had open stalls, and one of his elementary schools, had stalls doors so low many of the boys could see over them. He would be impatient standing in line for a stall and then finding there was no or little toilet paper. Therefore, he would look at the size of the toilet paper roll before standing in line. Is it any wonder he has a 4.25 GPA!

As for me, I will take an open stall that's doorless if it is at the far end of the restroom because there is less traffic there and often there is no line. I also agree with Kristen that I'm turned off by the sexual and gang grafitti on the doors. Last month I had just sat down to have my BM a half hour before school and I looked up to see a rather intricate drawing of a male sex organ that was good enough for use in a porno magazine. It both startled and incensed me so much that I pulled up my panties and jeans and quickly moved to one of the doorless stalls. I had no trouble having my BM with no door and looking at the sinks is a lot more pleasant than the alternative.

My boyfriend was curious so I took him in when we first arrived at school the following morning but even at 6:30 a.m. the door had already been removed. He asked where the custodial supply/repair room was and we momentarily thought about going into the basement, but we both agreed we are less than that adventuress!

I don't totally agree with what the administration is going in removing doors from stalls, but the information Shy Sophomore gives is convincing enough. As a student body, we have to do better in respecting the facilities. (To that my boyfriend says "Dream on!)" Are there any other alternatives?

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Shy Sophomore shares some interesting information. I remember reading it a couple of weeks ago and thinking "That sucks!" Having to sit, pee or shit with no stall door would be the worst thing that could happen! This week, the doors of two of the eight stalls on our 3rd floor bathroom at school were removed. I heard it was due to smoking and repeated vandalism being done to the doors, the feminine napkin dispensers and apparently one of the seats! We must have a few-actually probably several--real pigs in our student body. Anyway, I didn't want to wait for one of the doored stalls so I took my shit this morning in the open stall. I decided to keep my jeans and panties as high as I could over the front of the seat and it wasn't really as bad as I thought it might be. I was discreet and wiped while sitting down but was surprised when the sensor set off the flusher twice. My panties and jeans got splashed but at least I didn't have to "hold" my daily BM. I hope the doors go back on soon as was the case with Shy Sophomore's school. I'm not as adventurous as I might think, I guess!

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This seems to be a feature of American rather than British life. I had never heard of it before going to school there age 12-13 after my father was sent to the USA by his firm.

The boys' bathrooms as I learned to call them were L-shaped. The door was at the bottom corner, washbasins beside it and urinals at the top end, with the seats in shallow alcoves along the end wall of the cross-bar. When I told my father, he suggested that, rather than wait till I was desperate one day, I should deliberately go on the toilet at recess even if all I wanted was a pee.

Which I duly did. There was a moment of panic as my trousers and pants came down, but once settled on the seat with them round my ankles I somehow felt as if I was watching the other boys come and go me rather than vice versa. Also my attention was caught by my neighbours underwear, which I could see below his knees next to my own and included a jockstrap as a foundation garment, another American custom new to me though that's another story.

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In public place I'm forced to sit
To relieve myself and take a shit.
I sit here bravely on the can
Praying that when shit hits fan,
Others through the door won't come
And see my hairy white bare bum.
There is no door upon these stalls
One can be seen to scratch his balls.
If I had my way you see
I'd only come to take a pee.

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I have been in similar situations like Cougar described: a woman with a young child came into the men's bathroom at his high school while he was on the stool fully exposed in a doorless stall. First, at age 5 the boy should have been able to go in, get up on the stool and crap on his own. Mom should have stayed outside at the doorway. Second, she should not have been so judgmental of Cougar--especially in front of a very impressionable child. Third, I feel its unreasonable to expect a child of that age to carry out a parent's dictate to cover the seat. My son is six. When he's with me, he picks his stall, puts the seat down (on the rare occasion that its up) and he takes his crap. Only once has there been a problem because some idiot at the theatre complex had put a popcorn box in the bowl. After showing me the situation, he simply sent to the other end of the restroom and selected a new stall. No lectures of AIDS, need to use scare tactics...just let 'em crap and gain confidence in using bathrooms away from home. It's my belief that the toxic parent like Cougar dealt with raise toxic kids and future generations of problems.

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There are two things, Kristen, that stand out in your experiences. You're sitting directly on the toilet seat...uhg!! and you are doing it in front of everybody. What would your mother say if she knew? Mine would shit (sorry, bad pun).

Kristen's picture

I enjoy reading the comments on the open stalls debate. As a senior in high school--and one who doesn't like to waste a lot of time--when all 10 stalls in our nearest girls bathroom are full (this is especially the case over lunch and during class passing periods), I will use one of two doorless stalls. I figured the advantages out four years ago when as a freshman, I was threatened with tardy checks because I was stuck in the long lines for the girls needing to pee.
1.By selecting a doorless stall, I'm pretty much guaranteed a toilet immediately. There's no more long weights for someone whose constipated or who has the "bashful bladder" ailment.
2. These stalls are used less and they are cleaner because who is going to vandalize them when dozens of others wait outside in long lines.
3. I have always found there is ample toilet paper, and often the reserve roll hasn't even been opened.
4. The seats are a lot cleaner to sit on. Sometimes, I even have to put a seat down because I'm apparently the first user that day.
5. Although others are lined up sideways waiting for one of the doored stalls, my mom taught me how to keep my skirt and panties at stool level and thereby not exposing my pubic area to the others.
6. I can usually pee and flush within about two minutes of sitting down. A stool takes me about a minute longer, but only because of the extra wiping necessary.
7. I could, if I wanted to, spend more time in the stall because I don't feel the pressure of long lines waiting for my every move.
8. I have a relatively easy passageway out because there is no group standing in front of my stall.
9. I feel cleaner sitting on the seat and touching the flusher because so few girls are using each of the two stalls in a given day.
10. I don't have to read all the gross graffiti and stupid hand bills taped on the inside of the doors. A good pee to me is more important than learning that my homeroom can win treats submitting some stupid skit to be read at the upcoming pep rally.

I'm surprise more girls don't take advantages of the doorless stalls. I think they make a lot of sense!

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I agree with IBS that open stalls--especially in mens bathrooms can be an invitation to "surprises".
Last spring I had just gotten done with track practice and remembered that I had forgotten to pick up my English textbook from my locker. It was about 8 p.m. and I didn't feel I could carry out my plan to hold my BM until I got home.
There were only two stalls and I selected the first because the seat was up and I thought it would be cleaner. As soon as I sat down I heard voices--a woman and what appeared to be a little kid. The girls bathroom was on the right side of the wall a few feet to the north of the men and that's where I thought they were heading.
However, it became apparent as their voices increased they were coming into the BOYS bathroom. The mother, who was in her late 20s, caught me fully exposed on the stool--my sweats and boxers were at my ankles. I was soo startled and as she and her son (who was about five) looked at me momentarily, I instantly grabbed my penis and placed it into the bowl--amost hurting it as I forced it against the front of the bowl because I wasn't sitting back all the way. I pulled my sweats up almost to the point where some crap could get on them. She cursed and told her son to use the other toilet, and after he gotup on the seat himself, she got upset with him because he didn't put some toilet tissues over the front of the seat.
She came back to my stall and asked to borrow some toilet paper since there was none in that stall. She said no one should sit on a public toilet today due to AIDS and I believe she said something about SARS. Once her son got done, she asked for moe paper so he could wipe. She was very demanding and unfriendly. She cursed him a couple of times about taking too long and that she just had a 10-minute break time from her class (a local university uses rooms in our high school for its classes that they don't have room for on their campus).
The boy washed his hands as she continued to watch him, but I could see in the mirror that she was also watching me. The boy thanked me as he was drying his hands and I remarked to her that it would have been more appropiate for him to have used the girls bathroom. "No way", she barked. "I want him to know his gender."
I pulled my pants up and finished down the hall in the faculty lounge bathroom which was unlocked. AND IT HAD A STALL DOOR!

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Shy Sophomore (not verified) -- 10.04.2006 "GottaGoGirl is wondering why Chelsea would have complained about schools with open toilet stalls..."

Actually, no.

What I said was I'm surprised that Chelsea's school even HAD open stalls for girls. But thanks for your story.

BTW, though, could you please consider a few line breaks in your longer posts to make them easier to read? Just sayin'.

Shy Sophomore's picture

GottaGoGirl is wondering why Chelsea would have complained about schools with open toilet stalls. I was on the student council last year and we had girls complain that two or three of the ten or 12 stalls in the bathroom would be doorless. Both our principal and vice-principal said there was a lot of vandalism being done. Grafitti--some of it they said was gang-related--was involved. Like in Chelsea's school, there are old toilet liner holders built into the walls behind the toilets but they haven't been filled for years. My older sister doesn't remember having them eight years ago when she was a student. Girls deliberately stop up the stools with 20-ounce Pepsi bottles. I remember holding my stool once last year after finding a dinner plate (probably stolen from the cafeteria) in one toilet. Today, during 7th hour, I waited 10 minutes for one stall to come open and then I had to wipe pee off the seat before sitting down. As our student council discussed the situation last year, we found that the administration protects itself from open stall complaints by having custodians take a few stalls doors off after incidents while making sure that a majority of the stalls have doors. For example, the stall I used before school yesterday morning had its door off when I came in during 5th hour lunch. According to the principal's explanation, that would be a sign of vandalism. When we asked about why there are no toilet seat protectors in the holders, our vice principal said that few girls used them and that the holders would be vandalized and the papers would be thrown in to plug the stools. She also said that if girls don't want to sit directly on the seat, the toilet paper avalable can be used. Me and my friends have found using the toilets earlier in the day is best because later you don't know what mess you might have to sit in in order to relieve yourself. Since I have a half hour walk home, I often stop at a gas station/convenient store (right on my way) and I can use the bathroom there. We just have some students at our school with NO class and they make it tough for all of us!

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i 2000+ points

Chelsea, we've discussed this here before, but I'm still surprised that a girls' bathroom would have open stalls. It just doesn't seem normal for the girls', but it does for the boys'.

I don't know why.

Chelsea-Anne's picture

We had both open and closed stalls at my large elementary school. There were about five of each in each girls bathroom. Of course, the closed stalls would fill up first but since we only had 15 minutes for both bathroom and recess each morning and afternoon, instead of wasting my time, I would take an open stall. In actuality, I found them to be cleaner, and after finishing my "activity" I never pulled the toilet paper dispense to find it was out of tissues. By the time I was in 5th grade, however, I did notice a few of the girls were lining the seats with toilet paper before sitting down. I remember my friend asking my why I sat directly on the seat and I didn't have an answer. Once or twice I got teased because when I was constipated, it took me longer to take my shit and a line was forming. Getting outside for recess was important. In middle school--I especially remember this my first year--the stools were way taller than I had experienced before and the seats were black instead of white. It was harder for me to see if I was sitting on someone else's mess. The building until that year had been our city's high school and that's why the stools were so high. I was short so I was a quarter or half inch off the floor when on the toilet. Another adjustment came when I got to the brand new high school building. There were doors on all the stalls and dispensers with toilet seat covers built into the wall behind the toilets. Many of us didn't know whether we should take the trouble to put them down or not. Sometimes when I tried the tissues would get stuck in the dispenser or a portion would rip off. Often when I was taking a crap, I found I would spread my legs when my BM was coming out and the cover would rip and I would be on the seat anyway. By my senior year, due to vandalism the seat tissues and some of the doors were removed. Some of my friends were aghast that the administration would do this; it didn't concern me because I had done without them. When I went to college, co-ed bathrooms and open stalls didn't faze me, although I never understood why some guys would not lift the seat and therefore pee pretty willingly over the toilet. I was always sympathetic of the future user who would be inconvenienced or haphazardly sit on a "surprise".

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m 1+ points - Newb

Stalls may come in many different forms, but their all the same to me. I'd just take a shit in any of them with no hesitation whatsoever. I've had to crap in an open stall plenty of times with people watching me, but after a few blasts, I can clear the room anyway.

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About 10 yrs ago I had a trip to London. The glass doors mentioned earlier were a suprise to me too. However I had to go so I had no choice. I was aware of guys walking past, the frosting in the glass seemed to give some degree of privacy I thought. Being a stand up wiper I did so with my pants down at my ankles. When washing my hands in the row of wash basins I looked across at the line of stalls & realised that the glass was more see thorough than I thought......

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I had that happen before, the uni sex dorm bathrooms, and i've had to crap infront of other girls, after about the first half of the first semester it becomes normal for that to happen. i too had my crush walk in, and I too have shared study notes. face it it could be worse, u could have to go, and have nothing available.

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I bet some guys would leave a cell phone in a open stall on purpose for the chance to come back & embarrass you longer.I cant imagine have a girl catch you on the can.
Hey have we ever started the official open stall statewide directory yet?

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Funny story to the open stalls issue, In college we had the usual communal bathrooms in our dorm, the thing is these were co ed dorms, which meant co ed bathrooms. Not a big deal to me but, to some it was. Well it was finals week and everyone was cramming for finals and eating the ever abundant load of takeout which meant the crappers were in high demand.

I had to go, so of course i decided to go, not a big deal, I decided to take my psych notes with me. So i'm sitting there do my business and some of the girls come in,( half the stalls were closed and half werer open no walls at all just toilets lined up). All the closed stalls were in use so i picked one of the open ones and went. While going some girls came in, this was only our first semester so all were still adjusting. However to make this horrible worse, the girl i was crushing on was one that came in. She glanced over and we had an awkward"hi" she's standing by the sink with her friends when she says" I can't take it anymore" she turns around and walks my way. I start getting a bit nervous cause she's coming closer and well definatly know my business. Turns out she had to crap too, interestingly enough she was way more open with hers(or she just couldn't hold it anymore) so we both sat there talked, and shared psych notes, and shared a "private" moment. Needless to say we are still together and she's on the crapper now

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I was going to write about 2 wks ago as I had a horrible experience upon entering a stall to pee quickly I stepped in fresh shit & I although I wiped my sneakers off on the floor they quickly went into the trash as soon as I got home.
But this is about what occured today. I was in a recently renovated department store but the restrooms still need some work. They are spacious & clean but something must have gone wrong with the stall doors as they dont lock & one stall was missing the door all together. I used to be a shameless shiter but have a very nosey cleaning lady walk in on you once while in the locker room as you let go with die-a-rear-a after taking a shower after an intense work out & you loose your embarrassement level. So I enter the stall tonight to take a quick but needed dump. I sit on the throne in this enourmous stall that is basically the entire back end of the restroom. I realize that there is a chance that I could be on display if someone enters but that is a chance I am willing to take. Just as I am about to open the trap door I notice a cell phone & some keys & what appears to be money sticking out of the cell phone case all sitting on top of the TP holder which is just above my lap.
At first I hold back thinking, I wonder how long that has been there. Should I take it somewhere now. What if someone comes back? So the train of poop backs up into the tunnel for a moment so I had to prime the pump if you know what I mean by doing a quick masterbation. Then it all came out both ways. Just then I hear someone but they sould like they are going to the urinal. WRONG. There appears this older man who walks in & looks rather shocked & annoyed to see me. At first I say "hey bud, spot taken" but then I realize he is the owner of the missing cell phone. He points to it & I was going to offer to hand it to him but I guess he thought he would get poop germ -- I would think the same thing but(should not have left it there). So he walks over the 4 or so feet to get to me & is within inches of my totally exposed front. Do I cover up now? Or just lean back? Or do a combo (which is what I did). I told him to "grab what he needed" Probably the wrong thing to say seeing where it was located. He did & left & I told him my cleaning lady story to ease the tension between us which is amazingly stood there to hear all of.

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Englishan, just how old were you when you pooped with your dad on the same toilet naked?

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m 1+ points - Newb

Posting of anonymous coward on March 16,

Are you and the English Gent one and the same??

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The Dumpster: We Europeans are just not used to the idea of stalls being built without doors or stalls which have had the doors removed. In the nineteenth century, industrial toilets were often built in Britain without doors and some of these were still in use when I was a young adult. I remember one like that at Southampton Docks in 1965, but there were more modern ones nearby, with normal doors. In the railway engine building works at Swindon, England, there were 10 inch circular holes cut into the doors by the management, to discourage people from spending too long on their personal business or, presumably, beating their meat in company time. I remember an orphanage, now closed, thirty years ago, which had doorless facilities, including a long row of cans in a building on the sports field. I saw young boys crapping and conversing quite happily with their friends in the main building, but I never saw the sports field toilets used either to pee or to poo.

No shop toilet or facility to which the public had access was doorless in my many years of visiting toilets in Britain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Norway or Spain, although some crapatoria in France and Italy left much to be desired in terms of facilities and maintenance. Glory holes were not unusual, in Copenhagen and Elsinor in Denmark, for instance. German public toilets are very cruisy; you can't get to the urinals for wankers, who are always looking for new friends! our feet in a cublicle (stall) suggests they have found one! Fear of what I might find when I needed a crap in a public facility has discouraged me from visiting Greece or south eastern Europe. Such experience as I have suggests that Europeans are shamefull shitters, although I am not. I have a Russian friend who is shameless, but my Asian friends have been, almost without exception, shamefull. I have met only one American shameless shitter, some fifteen years ago. He was a student from the northern East Coast.

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i 2000+ points

I must apologize for my earlier post condemning this as a dull thread. I must have been out of it when I read this before.

True, there are some seriously lame posts on here, but whatever happened to "Englishman," and "Sitting Wiper"? These two unregistered users had a pretty decent exchange going for a while!

Also, why do there seem to be an unusally large number of Brits on this thread? Maybe things are just more "wide open" here in America.

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Cathedral of Learning... 3rd floor .. two rows of doorless stalls facing each other

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I go to Pitt and have never seen doorless stalls except one time when they were replacing all the partitions in the bathrooms on campus.

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To IBS's comment.
I went to UCLA and Univ. Of Pittsburgh.. I would see guys, who I knew had girl friend's working themselves on the toilet with no door.
And even though I'm married.. once in awhile when i use a doorless stall... i'll rub one out just for the thrill of it, but never in front of anyone..

IBS's picture

I was reading earlier posts and I found one that was talking about trying to find ways to hide their penis while on the toilet in an open stall. I can't remember the person who requested it, but I have a tip--> when sitting there, pull your underwear down enough to clear your butt and penis and sit. Then, push your penis down between your legs and lean forward, with your arms folded on your legs (like you have stomach cramps). I figured out that you can hide your penis that way.

Also, today I was at a new store and my IBS started acting up, so I went to the bathroom. It was kind of small. There were about 5 urinals and 8 stalls, 4 on each wall. The stalls had no doors. I went to the last stall on the right, pulled my pants and boxer-briefs down and sat on the toilet and positioned my penis to pee. Right then, a boy about my age walked into the stall I was in. When he realized that there was someone on the toilet, he kind of freaked out. He apologized to me a couple of times and asked me if I minded if he took the one across from me, as he liked to be in the last stall.I told him he could take it. So, he went and pulled down his pants and boxer shorts and went. But, the thing that bothered me is that he started masturbating in front of me! I did not appreciate it. He could have asked me first. I was not happy at all. I finished as fast as possible and left. For some reason, I felt filthy. I hope that never happens again.

The Dumpster's picture
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Bunga, I swear: You are really Gwisdala after a sucessful reverse-lobotomy procedure! How can you relate to that guy so well!

(For those of you unfamiliar with the forums, visit attention rob gwisdala to see what you have been spared.)

What a prick! (Gwisdala, Bunga, not you!)

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I went shopping with my friend Pete. He had to go poo. We went to the washroom. There were open stalls. He had me stand in front of the stall while he went poo. I am not kidding! We then went to the food court. I had milk and he had a Coke. This is an honest and truthful statement.

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PoopReport of the Year AwardComment Quality Moderatori 2000+ pointsj 1000+ pointsk 500+ pointsl 100+ pointsm 1+ points - Newb

Poo Zombie: in answer to your questions:

1) The response to particularly loud and smelly shits was usually to tease the originator in good-natured fashion. Such as: "You stink!" or "What crawled up your ass and died?"

2) Emergency craps were usually ignored. There seemed to be a sense of respect regarding such a rushed routine. I can recall one of my classmates walking into the boys' room just ahead of me and racing to the pot, where he ripped down his pants and started up his engines noisily.

I just walked to the urinal trough and basically ignored him, giving him a break of sorts.

3) The open stall environments I encountered at camp and school consisted of three to five open stalls with partitions. It was possible to talk back and forth with your potty-mates on either side of you and to know who they were because of the lack of doors.

I once visited a friend in a military academy whose bathroom was similar to the one in 'Full Metal Jacket,' though not as spartan. There were low partitions between each crapper, but you could see your potty-mates from the shoulders up, and, of course, there were no doors.

Some people are extremely challenged by such facilities, while others aren't bothered in the least. Cultural expectations of privacy affect each of us in so many different ways.

Pulling My Pants Down For Peace, Plop and Posterity!

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m 1+ points - Newb

TBW, having never experienced a setting like this, the first question that pops into my head is, what was the typical response to a particularly loud or smelly shit? What about emergency craps? My guess is that the environment of shamelessness this situation helped form enabled you to tease or even compliment each other about it.

Also, before it was clarified in the story, I originally pictured one big room with a row of toilets, like the head in Full Metal Jacket.

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PoopReport of the Year AwardComment Quality Moderatori 2000+ pointsj 1000+ pointsk 500+ pointsl 100+ pointsm 1+ points - Newb

Dumpster, I don't think anything less of you for questioning the thread. It's all about intelligent exchange of opinions (and humor) here on PR.

And I would have to agree that on any thread of this length, you are bound to get some lame-o comments. Chill, brother. You are doin' fine!

Pulling My Pants Down For Peace, Plop and Posterity!

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i 2000+ points

Bunga and TBW, you are both right. I think I may have hit a PR wall; especially gotten spoiled by some of the best and funniest threads.

And TBW, I wasn't saying your original post is dull. That remark was applied to about 95% of these interminable comments. I felt like I had just sat through a four-hour faculty meeting on the subject, where neither lack of knowledge or ability to communicate, nor respect for other people's time, are any deterrent to those who wish to rattle on at length about nothing.

Sorry; maybe I'm turning into C. Everett Poop. At least Everett gets to the point!

Also, I'm not implying that the thread should be "buried" in the sense of removed from the site or anything; that was just a figure of speech. Clearly, there are those to whom this topic is of earth-shattering significance.

Bunga: Please make me feel better and put a post on here that would make it sound like it was from Rob Gwisdala!

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PoopReport of the Year AwardComment Quality Moderatori 2000+ pointsj 1000+ pointsk 500+ pointsl 100+ pointsm 1+ points - Newb

Dumpster, you have to keep in mind that this thread was begun three years ago and that since then many people have discovered PR on their own, making it fresh and new to them.

As the originator of this thread way back in February of 2003, I can assure you that this topic was considered controversial and groundbreaking at that time. Dave-O had never put up anything like it, and it still seems to attract new readers despite its age.

I'm not sure I completely understand why you think the subject should be dead and buried when the concept of open stalls is still being encountered by some readers for the first time here.

Pulling My Pants Down For Peace, Plop and Posterity!

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j 1000+ points

Dumpster, it's not the worst thread ever, you've just hit a wall, the shit wall my friend, happened to me too. Too much time spent on PR and then you go into Zombie mode reading something that has little to interest you and that little light upstairs goes on and you have your eureka moment where you decide to lash out, turn the pc off and vow to begin flaming the retarded most things here Dumpster...this too shall pass.

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Jesus Christ! I've read (I think) the most vulgar thread on this site, the most pornographic, the most thought-provoking; the most puke provoking, and so forth, but this takes the cake for being the DULLEST thread in all of PR. Thankfully, I didn't come here first. Who gives a fuck about what goes on in middle school restroom stalls, anyway? It is sort of an advance taste of prison.

TBW did his best to breathe some life into the earlier parts of this thread, but at this point, it is DOA. Dave, is there a cemetery where dead threads might get a decent burial?

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Ok... it has been a while since my last post, which was on November 10th about being in the bathroom with many other boys because of IBS.

In my school, they are talking about removing all stall doors from the boys bathrooms. "Why?" is the question being asked around my school. The answer is that there have been some boys crapping on the floors right outside of the stalls. The faculty feels that if they remove the doors, then boys won't have an excuse for not making it into the stall to crap. They also stated that if boys still crap on the floors, they will lock the bathrooms up at all times except when a faculty member is available to monitor usage. They also feel that they are not in the wrong for removing the doors because if boys are willing to masturbate with other boys and masturbate other boys in school; wear shorts and boxer shorts so baggy that their dicks can be seen, then they have no problems taking craps where their dicks can be seen.

I have no problem with this rule, because I know all boys have seen a dick and seen other boys crap before. And having IBS, I get the key to a special bathroom if they have to lock the bathrooms up.

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Well, curious anonymous coward, I've been to Manchester several times, but sorry, didn't see any. Although I wasn't particularly looking, I have to admit.

Pantsdown Pete

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Pantsdown Pete draws attention to the problem of frosted glass. Often you can see INTO an area meant to be private, more than you can see OUT of it. Some friends of mine moved into a new bungalow, and the bathroom had a door with frosted glass ALL THE WAY DOWN. They put a curtain over it until they could afford to have it replaced.

Actually, the glass on my bathroom window is rather close to the shower, and I have the curtain drawn, especially when I need the light on.

Most of the London public loos had glass only half way down, but there were one or two all the way down, which could be even more embarrassing to some people. I suppose the philosophical way of looking at it is to say that you are doing something which is perfectly natural. Not something to be ashamed of doing.

The name I have given myself has not been strictly true while I have been sitting at my computer writing this. I am at this moment KnickersUP Nicholas.

When I have posted this contribution to Dave, this will alter - a belt needs to be unbuckled; a zip must be undone. A wooden seat is needing some company. I will post another contribution elsewhere. But I will enjoy myself, and then set out for work.

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Does any1 know of any open stalled toilets in manchester? im curious now

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m 1+ points - Newb

I'm glad you remember those glass panelled doors, Knickersdown Nicholas. If you're in London soon, you may still find some, although as I intimated before, they're increasingly rare. I never had a problem using them, and from what I recall very few guys did. I was once in one of these places with a couple of friends, and needed to take a big dump. They waited for me outside the stall while I did the job, talking to each other (and sometimes to me) and at intervals encouraging me to get a move on. I didn't mind this, as it was all good natured banter, and I was shameless even in those days. I remember another occasion when I was at a urinal in the same facility, and a guy (obviously unused to the open nature of the toilets) said to everyone within hearing, "You can see through those doors! God! You can see through them!" He almost ran screaming into the street.

Pantsdown Pete

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Problem with open stalls in schools is that they encourage people like my classmate, Fatback, simply to shit in their pants and keep on going. Just wait 'till I get Dave to let me post "The Fatback Archives"!

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I think open stalls are an ABOMINATION. As posted farther up the main reason is to discourage vandalism and get the pooper in and out asap. What I fail to see is why the vast majority of peerless poopers who don't cause trouble are punished for the sins of the shitstains. There is no defense in my book for the open stall. The open stall is a common element in places where there is a concerted effort in social conditioning and behavior modification namely Prisons, the Armed Forces, camps and generally speaking I don't groove to people trying to condition my behavior.

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I been reading PoopReport for some time and your contribution has given me the courage to write something.

When a student about 15 years ago, I a few days in London sightseeing (the official kind)and because I am a daily shitter, there were times when I needed to find somewhere to perform. (The cheap accommodation where I stayed was a bit grotty with regard to facilities.)

I well remember some male toilets in Central London where there were glass doors as you describe. The glass was only half frosted. Some of these were underground, and artificial lighting was necessary. Some of them had hooks on the door where you could hang your coat, giving a bit of privacy, but in others, the hook was on the partition of the cubicles. In any event, most of the time the weather was warm, and guys were not wearing coats to take off.

It wasn't the done thing to press your face against the glass and see guys sitting there, especially as there was often a short queue for a cubicle. But you couldn't help seeing guys undoing their belts.

One small lad I can remember pressing his face against the glass of the cubicle where his dad was ensconced - laughing and making straining noises and pinching his nose.

I must admit that one day I was a bit naughty. I went in when all the cubicles were occupied, and as nobody else was in, I did look quite closely, ostensibly to see if any were vacant. It was interesting to see the postures - eg trousers round ankles or knees (mostly ankles), position of hands eg clasping them or resting elbows on knees.

Thank you for reminding me of that, Pete. (And also for the name you give yourself!)

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I confess to being a shameless toilet paper user from Pennsylvania. I can also attest to the fact that they also sell toilet paper in the commonwealth and that I have seen it in most restrooms, which seems to suggest that I am not alone in my use of the product. "Pennsylvania, America Wipes Here" was under consideration for the State Motto a few years back. So there.

There are also a lot of doorless stalls in our state, it seems. I have heard and seen similar scenarios at Penn State and lots of other educational institutions. All in all, where conditions are clean, I'd say the doorless stall is a healthy phenomenon, although many seem to have issues with it.

As for the urinal dividers where no stall dividers exist, I would simply suggest that perhaps the pee shy phenomenon can even be at work in a shameless shitting situation. It would be interesting to hear other thoughts on this matter.

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m 1+ points - Newb

Pantsdown Pete
In England, I have seldom come across public facilities with open stalls, but in London there used to be many public toilets which had doors with glass panels. I guess that the purpose of this halfway house approach to the matter under discussion was to make sure that the stalls were used for the reason intended, i.e. for taking a shit. Nobody in their right mind is going to do anything illegal or indecent behind a glass panelled door. I always felt that there might just as well have been no doors anyway. Although a few of these kind of public toilets are still around in London, many have been changed to stalls with doors which are high off the floor. So now you can still tell if a stall is occupied by the sight of the guy's trousers around his ankles.

Pantsdown Pete

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Unbelievable: good description--i.e.--shitting pilot to co-pilot. The next imagery that occurs to me is: bombs away!

Pulling My Pants Down For Peace, Plop and Posterity!

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I was interested to see the comment by "Unbeleivable". Some years ago I met a student from Penn State. He came back to supper and he crapped without shutting the door of the bathroom. I was surprised to note he did not wipe after he had finished. I reminded him, but he said he didn't wipe "because it is dirty"! Put me off Pennsylvanians for life!

It is inconceivable that any British educational institution should have doorless cans. Door locks break, but the convention is, if the door is shut, or almost shut, don't push to see if anyone is inside.

I am shameless, but I am not sure I would want a whole crowd of strangers milling around whilst I am on the can. Crapping is a rather intimate exercise and I would prefer to choose my company and that it should be a small party, not a milling scrum!

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I was once in a frat house at Penn state to visit my buddies and their bathroom had no stalls at all! if took a shit you were two feet away from another person taking a shit. not even dividers between seats and it was a huge open bathroom with a row of sinks and a huge mirror in front. someone would be shitting pilot and co-pilot. it's hilarious and a little awkward at first. but what blew my mind was the fact that the URINALS HAD DIVIDERS! WTF

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In the old Swindow works of the Great Western Railway in England management had cut a one foot circular hole in each of the doors of the artisan's stalls, so that foremen could check their men were not reading papers or, when they should have been working. The works closed around twenty years ago.

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i was in mexico quite a few years ago and was in a bar having a feed and a few beers. the actual bar was fairly long, probably about 25 foot long and at the ends of the bar were the doors for the men and the women, the door for the men were on the left and the door for the women were on the right, but when i went in the mens door, it was the one toilet as the ladies entrance had them come into the one big toilet. there was a long urinal for the men, but the actual toilets were a plank of wood with six holes in them for the women, and the men if they needed to have a shit. no pertions or anything, just this plank of wood with it holes. after i had a piss, i was just about to walk out when this stunning mexican women came in, still don't know if she had a shit in there

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Is America unique in having open stalls? I know the Indians squat on the ground together in their villages to shit. A previous post on this thread described their way of pooping. They deliberately go as a social group and chatter whilst they poop together. I have read that a tribe of South Sea Islanders go together to watch their fellows pooping and to comment on the quality of their efforts. I know of no other society in Europe and the civilised world or, indeed, elsewhere, that shits openly or comunally, as you do in America. How did open stalls come to be built in the first place? What are ordinary people's feelings when they are presented with such a crapper? They seem a commonplace in schools at a certain level, but not at all levels, and are also common in colleges, particularly adjacent to sports changing rooms. J C Penny is said to have open stalls in its stores. Are they common in factories or offices? Are they built for the use of passengers in bus and train stations? Are there any on river ferries?. To a European it seems most odd that people should be willing to be seen pooping together in groups; such communal facilities would be illegal in English schools, but are said to contribute to "bonding" in American schools, universities, the USN and football teams. Boot camp is said to include naked communal crapping.

I would certainly be a shameless shitter in the US, but it would be impossible to behave in this way in public lavatories anywhere in Europe.

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One of the guys I grew up with is a custodian of a high school an he sai the doors are removed so people do their business and get out, if the doors are there there is a huge increase in vandalism.

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There is a Scout Ranch in New Mexico that Has a Pilot to Bomadeer It is a long square box you sit back to back to drop your load. It is all open no roof no sides.when you sit you can look at nature,and all it beauty.

The an from across the pondnonymous Coward's picture

I can't understand how so many Americans use open stalls with little embarrassment. More to the point, why do the schools colleges and JC Penny build them in the first place? I am a shameless shitter, but from my experience, Europeans are not. Even the "Turkish" hole in the ground toilet, so beloved of south eastern Europe, France and Italy, has a door to hide the sqautter from public view.

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I knew a guy who also got broke fingers cause the other guys in the mens room kept opening the door on him while some girls stood in the main doorway.

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Your desire for more privacy because of IBS is perfectly reasonable. Sounds like you have a well-adjusted attitude.

Pulling My Pants Down For Peace, Plop and Posterity!

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My problem is going when there are about 50 boys in the bathroom during lunch. I could care less if there are a few in there when I take a dump, but if there are more in there, I wait until there is a "lull" in there. I have IBS, so it is normal for me to go around others. And- we have "1/2 stalls" in our boys bathroom. (a wall about 3' with a lockless door.)

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On the subject of doorless toilets in schools, I grew up in the Chicago northwest suburbs in the late 70’s. In elementary school the washrooms all had toilets with partitions and doors but when I went to my newly-built junior high school at age 12, all of the school's washrooms had doorless toilets. I have no idea how it was for the girls washrooms. When I entered high school at 14 it was the same story. The school had been built during the 20's, then added to in the 50's and 60's. All of the boys washrooms had doorless toilets and trough-style urinals. Both the junior high and high school toilets were at the end of the washroom so no one really saw you unless they came to the far end of the washroom, although the end toilet usually had a view of the mirror and if you stood there and messed with your hair, you could sometimes see a boy in the mirror behind you taking a shit. I can remember many times seeing guys on the toilet taking a dump. I took a school shit maybe once a week, but only if I could slip in there during the study period after lunch when few students were around. Other boys had the same idea, and lots of times when I came in during a quiet period, one or even two or three guys could be on the toilet taking a shit, sometimes talking to each other, sometimes shitting in silence and a bit embarassed. Communal shitting hardly ever happened in junior high, but by the time we got to high school, kids grew up a bit and it was considered ok to do it and if a boy needed to go he just found a quieter time to do it. The 14 yr old freshmen were usually still a bit shy.

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What does bullying in bathrooms have to do with what I was describing? The behavior of those assholes you mentioned took place in a bathroom with closed stalls. Bullying in any school bathroom should never be tolerated--but that's up to school officials to get it under control.

Of course bullying is not bonding, but that's an entirely separate issue from closed or open stalls. Your question makes no sense--particularly as it relates to my school. If the sort of behavior you describe is tolerated at your school, it makes no difference whatsoever what the facilities look like.

And, no, I definitely wouldn't want to go to your school if that's the type of thing that's going on. But it doesn't diminish the bonding that went on at my school.

Pulling My Pants Down For Peace, Plop and Posterity!

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I disagree with you Wiper.
Sure, if you're liked by a lot of people, or (like you said) you went to a good school it's okay.
But did you ever stop to think about the OTHER type of school?
A guy in my school recently broke his finger because some assholes were slamming the stall door on him as he was trying to keep it shut while he shat.
And they caught his fingers in it.
Is that what you call bonding TBW?

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Fart Poopie, I heartily agree with you. I don't want to see anyone pulling a wad of stringed cotton out of her pussy, or shoving one in. Nor do I want anyone watching me do the same. Ew!

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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What is it about JCPennys having open stalls all the time. The one around here had them for years but they were the busiest ones in the entire mall. Maybe they are cleaner with less privacy. But the first stall in the one around here was the handicapp stall that faced the door so everyone saw you even if people were only coming in to wash hands. They would even line up to use it.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Glad to see people are still commenting on this interesting subject.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I am from the north eastern us and have seen lots of doorless stalls, from high school, to college, and in lots of bars. Never had a problem with them, but I have almost never seen them being used and only once shit with a guy in the stall next to me in a doorless situation.

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Your anonymous visitor asks why there are so many posts on the subject of open stalls. I think it is because they are unusual and are largely confined to American schools and colleges, probably in the south, rather than the north. Because they are an alien concept to many, if not most, readers of Poop Report, they attract comment. I was surprised to note in an earlier post that Duke University, which I had thought of as one of the more prestigeous, if not Ivy League, establishments, has open stalls in its sports changing facilities and possibly (I forget) dormitories. I was very surprised to note elsewhere that at least one J C Penny store has open stalls for men, which caused some perplexity to an incoming store manager - should he or should he not put doors on his stalls. I think the general consensus of debate was that he had no need to do so. The women's facilities had doors, of course. It appears that, whether or not the men's facilities have doors, women's facilties invariably do, mainly, it appears, so that other people shall not see tampons changed, which is said to be a rather messy and unpleasant business.

I am reminded of an open stall facility I came across on a small island in the River Danube by Vienna. It was constructed of a single concrete casting. There were several seats, set facing in the same direction, with a full height wall in front of each seat. There was also a full height wall to the left and right which formed the sides of the stall. Between the two sides was a cast concrete shelf at normal sitting height, which formed the bog seat. The two sides were the depth from front to back of the seat. The stalls were open, however, because they had no door - just a space where the door should be - and you looked in to see the user sitting sideways on, with his legs and feet occupying the "door" opening. I met a young man of 20-25 using it and he did not seem at all put out that I should see him evacuating, perhaps because I could give him the t.p. that the facilities lacked, so there was a feeling of gratitude and good will. He was sitting upright, rather than leaning forward. I wondered whether the hard edge of the concrete hole might be hurting him as he sat there, but did not ask. The facility had painted on the side in 2 feet high letters ABORT. It was cleared periodically, without human intervention, when the river rose and flooded out the facility, mainly in the autumn. It was demolished several years ago to build a railway bridge with one of its foundations on the island.

Here's to more posts on a fascinating subject!

Anonymous visitor's picture

i didn't even read half of the posts

why so many posts?

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j 1000+ points

The reason the stalls in the girls room always have doors is because no woman wants to see another woman change tampons.

English Gent's picture

Many thanks to Ben for giving us details of school poos he has witnessed. He standards of observation and reporting would do credit to any work study team! I shall look forward to learning in detail how he does the deed which fascinates us all so much!

Unusually, I have not gone to commune with nature yet today - normally my first action on putting foot to bedroom carpet is to poop, not, I might add, on the carpet, but into the nearby bathroom pedestal, with its warm wooden seat. I think after making this post I will see what nature can achieve.

I am always surprised how some gay people are shameful shitters. They happily go backwards up a one-way street, but are ashamed to be seen going the right way down it. I am not attracted to two way traffic through the butt hole, but was much amused by having a TV camera, accompanied by a knife, going up - and coming out again - when I had rectal polyps. I have literally seen where the sun doesn't shine and seen proof that turds are pointed at one end so the arsehole doesn't close with a bang! I will draw a veil in front of the embarrassing consequences of having rectal polyps. Suffice it to say I was once 30 seconds too late on rushing into the loo by the door of my doctor's surgery, after which I had no choice but to consult him.

I was interested in Ben's note that Taiwanese and Iranians squat. In fact the vast majority of the world's population squats and we are the unusual ones. Chinese can squat with their feet flat on the ground, whereas this fat old Englishman can only squat on his toes and finds the posture most uncomfortable. Amongst Europeans squatting for choice, by climbing on the pedestal, most seem to be followers of eastern religions. I have a friend who was active in Hare Krishna and he squatted because his religious peers told him to do so. He found it perfectly conveniet and generally wiped whilst still squatting on the pedestal, but would sometimes stand up to do so. He was a strict vegan and tis may have ensured that his turds were always soft and prolific, but never explosive. I met a German who was into Krisha and he squatted, because he had been told he should do so. He stood up to wipe. I have met a Hare Krishna follower who solicits donations - very civilised, well educated Englishman - in London. Until conversion he would undoubted have shat convventionally, sitting on the pedestal and I shall ask him whether he had to change to squatting when he took his new faith and whether he was given any tuition on the new, rather difficult for newcomers, posture.

I look forwward to posts from other poop afficionados and to extend my knowledge of this most necessary art.

Ben's picture

English Gent,

First of all, I applaud you for your VERY extensive research on bowel movement procedures worldwide!!

I was sent away to boarding school in the US and can report the followings:

All personal hygiene acts were performed in full view of others. No doors any where. The reason is to prevent drug taking and masturbation. Of course, the school was unsuccessful in both counts.

I remember most guys sat leaning forward with their hands held in a fist, legs not too far apart. Those who sat without their undies tended to spread their legs. Some guys sat with their legs squeezed together with their penis pushed down. I suspected they tended to get erections. If one were caught having an erection, one would be laughed at. One student got so much teasing he did leave. As a rule, the very athletic guys were in most exhibitionistic.

As for wiping, most sat down, reached downwards with one cheek raised. Some did assume the half stand/sit position with their butt sticking out. A few times I saw the Iranian guys wiping while suqatting. They would reach between their legs and wipe back to front and finish off standing. They also brought in wet loo papers for the final few wipes.

We had once an excahnge group of students from Taiwan and they enjoyed communal pooping. They would occupy all the stalls (six:three and three facing each other) and had conversations. When one of them made loud farts or plops, it was always met with cheers or jokes. I was privy to all this because they were not always successful in monopolizing the entire room. Most of them went before breakfast and were not ashamed to make loud grunting noises. They squatted and made comments in English about the exiting turd. Since the exit was in full view, I also witnessed some unbelievably huge turds!!! For wiping they reached between their legs, back to front.

After school I spent a bit of time in the Middle East. All public loos has sitting and squatting loos. Out of curiosity, I saw through the gap of the petition that they use the hose with a spray and their fingers to clean themselves. Paper is only used to wipe themselves dry afterwards.

I hope this posting further expands your already extensive knowledge, English Gent. I shall leave my own habit for another post.


Alex's picture

I really loke your web site.

An English Gent's picture

Sorry if the name I adopted sounded pretentious! I am now of an age when I have given up bespoke City suits, but I am also old enough to remember when all public toilets were labeled "Gentlemen" and "Ladies". I do not aim to recommend the "through yor legs" wiping technique, merely to report that it is used by a small sample of men.
Thank you for detailing your experience of a recent dump. I am sure that regular readers found it fascinating. I commend your use of music as an encouragement to succesful action! I am very lucky, since I seem to go every day immediately I get up to shave. Quite often a second visit to the bog is needed, after breakfast, but I am seldom constipated. I suffered for a time from anal polyps and this upset my schedule, but these were excised in hospital - a most interesting sight, as I was not fully anaethesied and lay watching the activities on a TV screen. I saw parts of my inside I am not likely to see again and yes, the TV camera/knife, which were pointed, slid out of my rear and my arse did not close with a bang - scientific proof of the reason why a turd is pointed at one end!

Today's efforts were, as usual, satisfying, both before and after breakfast. I leaned well forward and wiped from front to back, whilst remaining seated in an upright position - well, with the left buttock raised from the seat for convenient access. I do not lower my body to wipe, but sit upright, using three or sometimes four sheets of Andrex put together. I do not scrunch the paper up, but carefully use it as a single multi-layer sheet. Having made several passes "blind" I looked at the last couple of sheets after I had used them, to check that my fundement was quite clean, and then pulled up my pyjamas/trousers and flushed. Because I was leaning well forward I did not need to push my tool downwards into the bog. On the occasions when I sit upright my tool hangs down without pressure. I do not have a great hard on upon awakening, so I can let my tool do its own thing. Although I am a clean cut man, I often wipe my tool before rising. One friend, who is not, does not wipe his tool and has been known to drip on the floor - what a mucky fellow!

I hope this series of posts will continue and I look forward to learning from America (and very occasionally England) more of the art of efficient evacuation and the fundemental satisfaction it offers.

Turdle-loo's picture

PS I don't think I am for open stalls.

Turdle-loo's picture

AN ENGLISH GENT - The information you have gathered. Does this mean you are a man of leisure, free to make such detailed observance.

On the occasions when I have burst in on a guy sitting on the toilet (because there is no lock on the door) the main thing I have noticed is that most men's trousers are round their ankles. I shut the door quickly, saying 'Sorry' ('no problem' is the usual reply) but I don't stop to study the position of their hands, whether they are leaning forward, or whether their legs are together or apart.

Quite often I have to use a cubicle, and if there is a gap between the petition, as there usually is, guys next door usually are sitting with their trousers right down, not round their knees. You can tell this from the belt dangling on the floor, and their underpants.

Have your experiences shown whether men round the world drop their pants right down, or down to their knees, or higher up?

A lot of things I don't think any of us have thought about. For instance, I have never thought about whether I wipe from behind or from the front. I have found out tonight.

Yesterday morning I had to set out very early for a long drive to a meeting, which was going on until today. I had my shower and shave, got dressed, ready and pack, but my bowels were still asleep.

So I set out on my journey, and there were rumblings down below, just as we arrived at a traffic jam. By the time the road was clear, the urge had gone. I went through the meeting, overnight hotel, meeting again this morning, and despite dropping trou, sitting and pushing ... NOTHING. I wasn't feeling ill or anything, just worried, as I am as regular as clockwork. My wife has taken the kids to their gran's, so when I got in, I made a strong coffee, got changed and a quick shower, and still no production. I had 3 abortive sittings on the toilet, and was wondering if I was compacted.

So for a bit of relaxation I looked at PoopReport which I haven't done for a month or two. I ate a couple of apples and a plum.

I read English Gentleman's detail-packed posting.

Then I felt a twinge.

"There is a tide in the affairs of men
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries" (Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar')

I must not miss the urge again. I switched off the computer, and adjourned to the bathroom, remembering to notice whether I wiped from the back or the front. I unbuckled and unzipped, and jeans just dropped down without pulling them down. I pushed my boxer. and I prepared to sit as long as it takes. The last download was 62 hours ago. Quite a backlog of work.

After a pee, I thought again about English Gent's posting. I had a dry run with the toilet paper - front and back. As soon as I started from the front, I knew that has never been my way. I have never lifted my balls up to wipe. But I thought I would try it at the end.

I had put a CD on - not Handel's 'Water Music', but some chamber music of Shostakovitch's String Quartets. I leaned forward slightly, clasped my hands together, pushing gently, half-forgetting where I was, and enjoying the music. Then things began to happen. It hurt a bit, but not too much, and after about ten minutes there were some splashes in the water beneath.

I checked for blood, and there was none. I tried wiping from the front, but it took a lot longer. And, as I said earlier, it was't a comfortable way for me.

But English Gent, this is the first reply to your questions. Not from the American angle. I have never been to America. I too am English; I don't call myself a 'gent' - that is for others to decide.

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The idea of open stalls is unknown in contemporay England, although it was common in factores, docks etc in the nineteenth century. I visited an orphanage twenty years ago where the bogs were without dividing walls and noted that the youngsters seemed perfectly happy to crap together or merely chat to their friends who were on the bog.There was a playing field (football etc) which had a big bog with a single trough urinal on one wall and several WCs on the rear wall, side by side. There was no bog roll adjacent to any seat, nor anywhere to hang a roll. I remember visiting Southampton Docks and finding a nineteenth century dock workers' bog with ruidimentary partitions and no doors - facing a trough urinal. In Swindon railway engine building works there were doors on the bogs stalls, but each had a 10 inch circular hole, so the foreman could check if the occupants wre reading newspapers - or w....g (?). At least one English public school (fee paying privately run school like Eton) was reputed to have no doors on the bogs. However, that would probably no longer permitted becuase all schools are subject to inspection by government inspectors and one of the aspects looked at in boarding schools is the confot, privacy and dignitiy of the students. To read so many posts regarding open stalled bogs - particlarly in American schools - is surprising, as we would naturally regard the Americans as setting standards in hygene and standards of building and maintenance. Evidently not, in the South. I wonder if Canadians have open stalls? My experience of Continentnal Europe suggests that open stalls are not found there -I have never seen any, although even in Switzerland you have some "Turkish" "squat over a porcelain hole in the floor" bogs. There are, for instance a pair side by side on Brigg Station, with proper seven foot high doors with locks. There is also a room with conventional bogs, one of which has a huge, sometimes open, window which permits passers by of both sexes to improve their crapping techniques by observing those being used by the crapper who is sitting on the bog.

I once went on board a sail traiaing ship the "Christian Raddich" - German, I think, in Oslo harbour. This had a "head" with about a dozen seats set in a circle near the bows and below decks. YOu could all sit together and sing sea shanties, whilst admiring the physique of the golden headed German youths - if you were one yourself. I am not sure if the supervisory crew and officers shared the open "heads". The "heads " were deserted at 3.30 p.m, when I visited them and I could not summon up the shit to do drop a turd myself, though I would have been pleased to have done so.

I like company when I crap. I am certainly a shameless shitter. Various friends share my liking for company and come to join me or let me join them when we are crapping in my home. The bog is in the bathroom, so there is plenty of space for them to sit or stand as they wait their turn.

How do American men and teenagers differ in their way of using the bog from British people? Do they sit upright or lean forward? Do they wipe standing or sitting and if the latter, is it from between the legs or from behind? Do they sit with legs wide apart, or parallel, or do they press their knees together, sitting upright (difficult to lean forward with your knees pressed together - especially if you have a gut like mine!)? My experience suggests that a lot of American males sit very stiffly upright and wipe sitting down, from behind, but I had an e-mail from someone showing pictures of a group of America crappers, all of whom were naked and leaning forward, generally with their legs wide apart. I knew some young Spaniards who generally sat forward and who wiped between their legs. Japanese and other orientals tend to lean forward and to wipe from behind from back to front, although I knew a Korean who sat bolt upright and then stood to wipe - Caucasians tend to wipe from front to back. My experience of European caucasians is thet they sit forwward with their legs not too wide apart and that about a quarter of them wipe standing and the rest sitting, or raised half way between sitting and standing with their arses sticking out. Wiping between legs is quite uncommon. I came across a south American once who leaned back on the wall behind as he crapped, so that his body was scarcely bent. My own habit is generally to sit forwward, but i like occasionally to sit up with dignity as straight as I can. If I am sitting forward I hold my hands in front of me - I do not need to press the tool down. If I am sitting upright I put the palms of my hands on my knees. I generally wipe sitting down and from the rear, but yesterday I started from between my legs, went on to wipe backwards from the rear and then stood up to finish the job. It was a very through cleaning process and gave me a variety of sensations as the paper wiped in the different ways against my bung hole.

Are there other differences in techniques? Do Americans hold their tools down into the bog when they crap or let them hang loose? I once came across a young American who rested his tool on the seat (he didn't seem to piss). I have come across two Japannese who held their tools up in the air and did not let them hang down into the bog. One wiped standing up and his tool stood out horizontally rather than hanging delicately down.

Well, I hope this may stimulate debate and descriptions of American ways. My best wishes to Poop Report and my fellow students of the noble art of crapping.

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I just returned from a camp that has to Toilets
side by side no Partions and a roof the building does have four sides not much privicy.

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It's been twenty years since my last open stall experience. Must admit I do miss it. However, I just returned from a trip to india and experienced my first communal shitting experience. In the village where I taught English for the past two months, the male(as well as female)would go together. At first, I did not join them but after a particularly embarrassing situation when a passing lady saw me in the woods in the middle of my droppings , I thought"the hell with it"!! WHile I was mortified, she just walked by.

Each morning, the male members of all ages would go as a group. WHere I was in Northern India(Himachal Pradesh), facilities are very primitive. Two trenches facing each other in a hut.(Water and left hand fingers ae used instead of paper) At the end of the group session, someone would pull the chain to wash it all away.

Each trench can accomodate four to five squatting and since we faced each other, every single detail cannot be missed. Conversations would go on in their dialect which I do not know but occasionally, someone would speak to me in broken English.

I got an erection on a few occasions but jerking off in front of the others was not part of the deal.

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Loved your post. It reminded me of when I swam competitively in college. Our lockeroom had two rows of stalls facing each other.. all doorless.
Every morning before practice.. every stall was taken and there would be a line.. needless to say we were all comfortable watching and talking to each other while we unleashed our loads.
A few times.. before big meets..some of my mates and me would jerk off as well.. just to calm our nerves.
Even though we all had girlfrends at the time.. it was really bonding ..
email me if you want to share more stories

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I agree completely with Big Wiper on open stalls. I grew up with closed stalls in school and it wasn't until I joined the Navy that I was confronted with the loss of privacy one experiences with doors. Most older Navy ships had two rows of three crappers facing each other with tiny partitions which served only to hold rolls of shit paper. It was quite a cultural shock at first, but after two days at sea you couldn't hold it anymore and had to submit to taking a shit with your buddies.

Most guys got into a regular cycle and you soon started shitting with guys on your schedule. After a week or so you didn't think twice about walking in, finding an empty crapper, dropping your pants and shorts, sitting down and letting nature take its course. There was usually a conversation in progress, or a buddy would start one when you came in. Conversations weren't even momentarily interrupted when someone farted real loud or you heard a plop when a big turd hit the water. The only shit related comments usually came when a buddy had the "drizzly shits" that everyone hates. That sound was usually met with sympathetic questions like: "Dude are you OK - what's goin on man, you sick?"

As Big Wiper said, feeling at ease to drop your shorts, bare your ass, sit down and shit with your friends is a bonding experience. If you can do that (and you have to in the Navy), you have a greater degree of closeness and trust.

I was actually glad I was able to shit in front of other guys so easily, because that helped with the next "natural thing" I needed to do in front of other guys: jerk off! That took a little more time to get used to, but after a few months at sea with no hope of getting laid, I had a lot of incentive. Hearing/seeing other guys doing it and the sounds of their satisfaction got me over that hurdle. The light-hearted joking after a buddy sees you get off (dude - was it good?) made it easier to bear.

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It is more than 10 years since I have seen a WC pedestal in the same room as a urinal in the UK. I imagine it would be illegal now.

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It's quite rude if people start to jerk off. If they do it in a stall without involving anyone, that's ok, but don't drag the rest of us into it please. I had a good chat today with someone while were were both having a poo. There were just two toilets together in this one building at my university and it's very quiet in there so you can hear everything. Absolutely everything! We both happened to be going in at the same time and it's kind of funny when you can hear someone farting or pooing so loudly when there are only just the two of you in the toilet block. I commended him on his poo splashes, they were rather huge and he did the same for me. We both grunt and strain when we poo as well - you couldn't help but hear one another. His stall had no toilet paper either, so I obliged there. We didn't have smelly poo either, so that made it all the better. He takes his trousers off, he says it gives him more room to spread his legs and open his cheeks more so he can push his chunks out and let rip more easily - his feet came under my stall, so they must have been very spread out. It's good to get an insight into how other people crimp one off, it can help you improve your own technique and it's a bonding thing. He says he poos there most of the time, so I'll make sure I head there for future pooing so that I can do it again. I wouldn't feel ashamed about taking my trousers off in a public loo then as I know he does it.

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Twice I've been in a situation where I've taken a dump in a doorless stall.. directly across from a row of doorless stalls.
The first time, every stall was taken and there was a line.. so you didn't have a choice on where you dumped. I had an easy conversation with the guy across the way from me.. we were about the same age (28).
The second time the guy across the way started to jerk off.. Not Cool.

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Getting a wood is always a problem when you are taking a dump. If you are in company it is more likely to happen just because you are nervouse as opposed to you actually being aroused by anything. Plus if it's cold, that can do it too. Sitting Wiper, I've never seen a toilet in the same room as a urinal, where did you see that? I saw someone pooing in a urinal once, that wasn't too nice or polite. Anyone ever fantasised about sitting in a old castle on one of those old stone latrines next to a friend and having a chat? That would be such a cool thing. I would have no qualms about it, nor being naked with then, and then you could move to an old style roman bath to clean up. Anyone else have any cool ideas?

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I tried, but I'm fairly well endowed so the guard shorts didn't do much to hide the helmet.. especially when my friend was standing two feet away looking down..
I've taken many dumps in front of friends since then.. it never happened again. I think I was backed up that day in more ways than one.

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I don't know of any 'open stalls' in the United Kingdom - they would probably now be illegal. I remember once having to sit on a toilet without a door, but that had obviously been broken off by vandals. I have occasionally used a toilet in the same room as a urinal, and also in a youth hostel. But basically, defaecating is a private activity in the UK.

But having said that, I have been open about the matter with my younger brother and my own two small boys. My younger brother and I were usually in the bathroom which we shared together: we wanted to do the same things at the same time - early morning pee and then a shower, and after breakfast, one would drop trou, and the other clean teeth, and then swop over. I had taught him how to use the toilet by taking him in with me. It would have been pointless to go private, and in the rush for school we couldn't waste time waiting outside the bathroom, pretending not to know that the other one was sitting with his trousers round his ankles.

The only time I have had a hardon is in the mornings when getting up. The time came as a teenager, when my little brother laughed to see me sitting to wee, but it was a valuable lesson for him to know that it comes to all of us (and it did for him.)

I had one or two erections when camping with my best friend, when we had to squat. But he had the same problem.

I don't have any with my own boys, fortunately.

Lachlan: one alternative would be to pull your trousers up to shield your penis, then nobody can see. Even then, it can be very uncomfortable. Often the human penis can be like a difficult teenager, unpredictable, and defiant.

NB I think that in almost all cases the pants should be right down to the ankles, but this predicament might be an exception to that rule.

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I'm not from the states, so I can't help you there. Maybe you should remove the doors yourself, or invite people from this web site to come and take a poo with you in your own doorless toilets at home, perhaps.

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So, where are all these doorless stalls? I live in NJ and ain't seen one in 20 years. If anybody knows any ...lemme know...thanks

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I've just discovered something new. At a motorway service station I found that between the cubicles the side panels had been removed and you could see and chat to the person next to you. It was nice to have a poo and a laugh at the same time, though I fear gay guys may use these as pick up points. But it was pretty cool.

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I like G-Ras's idea of the confessional type windows. Not that I want to watch anyone shitting, but it might be nice to see who I'm talking to in the next stall.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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a cleaning lady walked in on me once while using a open stall & I'm a guy. Once this cleaning guy walked in & just stood there claming he could not speak English.

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I know that the doors at my shcool are gone because of a policy we have:

Write on the doors, and you won't have anything to write on anymore.

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Englishman - Doing your business in a stream, which goes into rivers, and eventually into lakes or the sea could be putting us back to the days when untreated sewage caused life-threatening diseases.

I am a 13-year old English boy who has been fortunate in life. My parents, through particpating in the capitalist system - they have a small company - are able to give me a better start in life than many other children. I am an only child and have a bathroom which nobody else uses unless we have visitors. I suppose I am a posh boy. I feel guilty about it.

They send me to a fee-paying grammar school where many of the teachers fortunately have a social conscience, and being a church choirboy has also developed my ideas.

I have been involved with projects like providing water for the third world. It horrifies me how much clean water we use to flush our toilets.

It is often said that baths are wasteful of water. I have showers, not baths, but even shower water can be re-used.

Last week our school was on holiday, and I stayed in bed when my parents had gone to work. Before I had my shower I got out a large plastic box which holds toys from when I was younger. I emptied them into a cardboard box, and then stood inside the box under the shower to collect the water. I took a bucket into the bathroom, and filled it with water. When I had had my breakfast, and put my parents' and my own pots in the dishwasher, I returned to the bathroom to clean my teeth and pull my jeans down.

Afterwards I flushed everything away with one bucket of soapy water, and there was plenty left for bladder emptyings (more frequent when at home, as I drink a lot of tea.) The same can be done of course when cleaning your teeth, if you have a small bowl inside the wash basin, or even when you wash your hands.

The time might come when we HAVE to do this to save water, and perhaps link washing machines and dishwashers to a cistern which is connected to the toilet.

For Englishmen and his friends to relieve themselves in woods away from a footpath, and get a stick to cover everything up, can be good for the environment, but not pollute the water system.

One of our school teachers told us that urine can be put on a compost heap to break weeds down.

My parents do not know that I used my toy box and a bucket last week, and now I am back at school I am into my old routine. But I made my environmentally-conscious geography teacher and the class laugh when I told them. The teacher said 'Well done Jonathan'.

Bare-Cheek Jon's picture

Englishman - we have an eco-friendly washing-machine and a dishwasher. But I have learned how to wash up in a bowl of water. However, the busy lives my parents and I live means that we have to streamline things. (It may be that we are TOO BUSY.)

I can't change a lot on my own of course at my young age. I hope I didn't sound arrogant.

But I am trying to do my bit (pardon the pun) for the future of the planet so that it is fit for my children and grand-children.

Englishman's picture

I had one poo in a river that's all; think of all the geese, ducks and other wildlife that do it. THAT goes into the sea as well. But you have a dishwasher - wouldn't it be more economical to use one bowl of water in the sink instead as opposed to wasting electricity and yet more water in such a machine? Well you are only 13 (apparently) so you are excused. I obviously wouldn't condone everyone having a poo into a river, in the woods is much better and if I live on my own in the future I will just have a biodegradable toilet. You see, you're not the only one who thinks about these things! Very conscientious though, well done indeed.

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Just thought I'd let you know I had a really good poo yesterday, probably the best of my life. I am a naturist and so it's great for when you want to poo freely, you can really spread your legs and get down to it. Well, I was on a naturist outing in the hills with some mates (luckily it was warm) and as we're all ok with ourselves, we thought we'd poo together. We've done it before, but not in a three. However, there were no decent branches or anything to perch on to make the poo more comfortable, so instead, on of us sat down on a tree stump and then open his legs and let someone sit of his lap, using the gap in the middle as a toilet. This is ok provided no-one is too overweight and you don't poo on their manhood. It makes a warm seat too. We took it in turns and it was a most enjoyable experience. Only thing missing was the plops, but later that day when we needed another poo, we stood over a stream and did it. It actually feels nice when you stand up, put your hands on your hips and then slowly push out your poo, it feels tighter, so you can feel every movement. If you squat down as well, you can cleam your bum whilst you are pooing in the stream, it's like a bidet. Try it and see what you reckon.

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the summer camp i went to and will be working at this summer doesnt have open stallsprobably cause its run by the diocese and it used to be a mental facility. The camp (tygart) is still badass. I'm all for open stall shitting in fact my best friend (in the whole wide world of course!) normally come into the bathrooms at our houses and talk to each other while we shit. I must admit I usually don't go in with him cause his shit is fuggin' stinky.

Englishman's picture

My mother was quite private about that really and for us guys it was more of a bonding session where we could just be guys in all our glory if you like, i.e. disgusting, joking around etc. But she knew where we'd all been (we'd usually take about 1/2 an hour, dad and I like to take our time when we poo). Mum just used to go off and do it by herself really. It's quite funny actually, as this week I was with my dad on a walk in the country and we both needed to poo, so it we were just thinking about when we used to go camping. It was raining a bit, but still, it's nice to have an uninterupted poo in the country side.

Dumping Jack Splash's picture

Englishman - brilliant story! I would certainly like to use a toilet like that - but with a pretty woman - a gf OR a stranger!!

Tell me - on all those camping trips when you went off to enjoy a poo after breakfast (presumably in the woods?) did your mum ever accompany you both? Surely she must have needed to poo as well? A sort of family session. Or were you and your dad taking so long so you got out of doing the washing up?

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Englishman -

I'm working at home today on computer etc, have been since 6 am. Wife saw kids to school and play school before going to work. Boys will ask me when they get home if I've sat with my trousers down, as they know I didn't when they were around. Haven't yet - been too busy. After I've made a cup of coffee, I'll be ready. Imagine it will be a good one.

I can take as long as I like. Boys not waiting to follow me.

After using modern technology of computers, automatic dishwashers, kettles that switch off automatically when they've boiled - it's back to basics when going to the toilet; no automatic gadgets to pull your trousers down, no remote control to come to you, no automatic bum-wiper.

They talk about the paperless office; what about the paperless toilet?

You said "I have to go now, I incidentally need to poo, hee hee!" Perhaps reading and writing on this site has this effect on us. I've drunk my coffee, and my bowels are telling me something - guess what.


Englishman's picture

It is quite a cool feeling, I agree. Maybe you should get a three setare one in your house, you could make one yourself, I wouldn't mind getting one for myself (I am not very good with my hands so I could never make my own). Maybe you could do the same with your kids, unless your partner finds it a bit strange. I wouldn't like the compost toilet though, I like the plop sound too much, it's really satisfying - the louder the better. A bit like having a good fart. I have to go now, I incidentally need to poo, hee hee!

Sitting Wiper's picture


I am not that kinky as to want to build a three seater loo in my house. What if you came to sell the house?

On the question of plopping in the water, I and my boys also enjoy hearing the splashes.

BUT with that chum with whom I shared the two seater - for a change from plops in the water, we enjoyed listening to the THUDS which each other made. We tried to do it alternately! Neither of us sat on the third, lower small child's seat. But the two seater section was higher than we had at home and we were only 8 years old. We had no problem with getting on and off, but we must have looked cute sitting with our jeans and knickers round our ankles, our legs several inches above the ground. (We used to enjoy referring to our underpants, when no adults were around, as our knickers.) It was a cool experience, and helped us to bond as friends.

We use toilet paper which would decompose easily. My pal's granddad kept his garden free from weeds so there was no opportunity to wipe our bottoms on dock-leaves or stinging nettles.

Sitting Wiper's picture


No, I have sat on a THREE-seater with another guy. If you look at my posting on this site for 2.20.2004 (20 February)you will find a description of this. But we did have one hole each. We were only 8 years old at the time. Maybe at that time our smaller bottoms might have fitted into one hole. We only did it every day for a week.

But that pal's dad had sat there with the lad next door every day for about 8 years, with the other lad's little brother on the third, lower seat.

What did I reckon to it. I enjoyed it. If you live a sheltered middle class life it is good to rough it sometimes. The feel of wood touching your bare posterior is fabulous.

Englishman's picture

PS Have you ever sat on a two seater with another guy? If so, what did you reckon to it?

Englishman's picture

How interesting, what a crazy bunch of eccentrics we are over here. Spiffing! It was a piece of wood with two holes, but enough space to get two people on each hole (obviously). My dad was basically bum-to-bum with the guy and then I was the same with my dad after the other guy had left. That was one of the best poos I have ever had, all the time in the world for it too.

Sitting Wiper's picture

Englishman! What an incredible story. What a video it would make. Were the toilets separate, or was it a two-seater? If separate, I think I would have been inclined to sit sideways, bum to bum.

On the subject of reading - a survey for World Book Day has analysed the reading habits of professional people in the United Kingdom. Solicitors, according to the sample, do most of their reading while they sit on the toilet.

Englishman's picture

My parents were quite avid naturists so seeing them naked was nothing new and we often went to nudist beaches on holiday in France. One time I remember there were no toilets available and my dad and I, having similar ass properties, needed to have a poo, so we wondered off into a small wooded area to look for a nice place to do it. We both like to take our time and had no qualms about going together. We eventually came across a randomly abandoned toilet and decided we should go there. However, on opening the door we found that there was a fellow naturist sat legs akimbo on taking a dump. We apologised, but he said it was fine and pointed out the fact there were in fact two toilets. As my father and I were both quite desperate (we had been farting for quite a while), we decided that we should share it until the other guy left. He was constipated however, though amusingly let off some of the loudest and most satisfying rippers I have ever heard -I wish I could produce such things. So I had to share with my dad. As he was older and slightly taller he sat down and then spreadeagled his legs so that I could sit in front. I waited for him to piss and then I sat right back against his body so that I would be able spread my legs too (I repeat, we are very similar). To avoid pooing on his dick, he had to fold it up against my back, which was a little strange, particularly as he has a large member (larger than his son's sadly). We both sighed deeply and then began to open our rectums, much to our delight. I always get an erection when I take a poo, as does my dad apparently and the man who was there with us. I apologised, but it was all good humoured as we were all in the same position. I felt the first movement and heard the huge satisfying plop, followed soon by my dad - it was strange to feel his bowel straining against my back, but we all have to do it. The guy next to us asked if it would be ok if he masturbated as he would have to walk outside after and we agreed and since I was in front, I began to do the same. The feeling of pooing and masturbating simultaneously is quite something. Dad can do the best farts and continued for a couple of minutes before unleashing a huge poo. The guy commented on our good performance and promtly let out a large series of grunts, and seeming strained my dad rubbed his back to help him through. It worked, as the water splashed out of the toilet when he plopped. After a few minutes, the guy finished his poo and shook our hands and left, so I then took his nice warm seat, leaving my dad free to position himself for the remainder of his shit. And by that point he had gotten an erection and began to masturbate,as was I, though I imagine it wasn't my mum he was thinking about. I finished my poo and came quicker than dad, so I had time to relax and have a few good, loud farts. Dad came a few minutes later and then finished his poo, with a lot more grunting than he normally did. We waited about 10 minutes before looking for leaves to wipe with outside. Since then, dad and I have generally pooed together, sometimes with dad's mates, though not masturbating, that's too weird in front of others. We often go camping and we all sit down to breakfast and then take a good half an hour poo before we do anything else. I thin it bonds people, it makes you comfortable with your friends, though most people my age wouldn't necessarily like to do it. We often have farting competitions or see who can do the biggest poo - I have never won sadly. I love my daily poo, sitting naked in my bathroom, reading a book or whatever. I'm glad people also lik it and aren't afraid of the taboos - it's just a normal bodily function after all.

Tidey bowl Man's picture

At Summer Camp our Scoutmaster would pass out Poop
beads in order to get the Scout to use the Toilets
with no doors it worked very well.

Sitting Wiper's picture

I can remember one open stall when I was a student. I had been hitch-hiking and a lorry driver dropped me at the sliproad into a town and left me to hitch back onto the motorway. (He hadn't got time to drop me at a service station which was better for using the loo and getting another lift).

I had left the university early in the morning, while the other guys were asleep. We had an agreement that in the night we wouldn't 'flush' if we needed a wee, but if we needed a trousers-down, we would. I decided to forego the latter that morning, and I was paying for it in the lorry, holding on for dear life.

Where I left him, there were no woods to go into, it was quite built up. I walked to what looked like a park, where there were sure to be some. There were some at the entrance to the park, but the 2 cubicles in the men's had no doors, almost certainly the result of vandalism.

Pride had to give way to necessity, and I said to a guy standing at the urinal, 'Do you mind if I sit on the toilet'. He said 'No', and then left. Surprisingly, it was clean and the flush was working (there was an old-fashioned chain) but no paper. I have always carried some tissues with me, usually for my nose.

I pulled my jeans down to my ankles, but kept my underpants as far up as possible, so as not to show off my modesty. (I normally like them right down, to give more freedom of movement of my legs higher up)

There was a layby nearby where a couple of lorry drivers stopped, and several came in just as I had sat down. One turned round and said 'Hello! No door.' I held it in until they had gone, and then started to plop, just as a group of boys obviously on the way to school came in and giggled while they stood at urinal. Now doubt they found it funny both seeing me and hearing me. Maybe a topic of conversation among their mates at school.

I was able to wipe my bottom in peace (I could tell you of an occasion when I wasn't). Needless to say, there was no soap, but I had my toilet bag with me, and I could wash my hands. Then I walked back to the motorway to continue my hitch-hiking.

One or two more stories some time of experiences -not in open stalls, but in not-very-private ones.

Sitting Wiper's picture

I've just come across this site, and some of the comments are fascinating, witty and intellectual, and the site is a lot less crude than a lot of them..

When you perform this basic human function, you are not doing anything wrong; you are doing something right. The shame probably comes from religious tabus (the idea that at the moment when you are eliminating, you are unclean, and nobody should see you.) But it is also to do with culture of a particular society.

Doorless stalls are virtually unknown in Britain, unless someone knows different.

'Three-seater' gives a good history lesson about toilets. I can remember seeing a row of seats in the Roman ruins at Dougga in Tunisia. They were made of stone or marble or something like that, and would probably have been cold to sit on in cold weather, and hot in summer. I have actually sat on a wooden three-seater nine times, and very comfortable it was. One of my close childhood pal's had a grandad who had one in an outhouse. His wife went off with an Italian Prisoner of War in the 1940s, and financial reasons meant he had to take my pal's dad, when he was only 9, to a primitive rented cottage, where there was one three-seater loo for four houses. He and the boy-next-door were the only two from their village school to pass the scholarship to go to grammar school, and every morning before the fifteen minute walk to the train, getting the two of them sat bare-bottomed over the two larger holes with their trousers round their ankles. The-boy-next-door's little brother sat on the lower one with the smaller hole. Buckets of earth were thrown down the hole to cover droppings and paper.

Later, after they bought the houses from the landlord as sitting tenants (pardon the pun), indoor flush toilets and bathrooms with showers were installed, but the boys kept up the practice until they went to university. After every few days this was dug into the ground, left for about a year, and then it made excellent compost. My pal's granddad still used the outside toilet quite often, and l when I went to stay with him at his granddad's when we were 8, for the week we were there, after breakfast, we went outside together for our daily 'trousers down'. We also did the 'mucking out', emptying the buckets underneath the hole into the compost pit. We did appreciate the other aspect of 'mod cons' though, the shower. In my pal's dad's day, they had to get cold water from the tap outside, which they had to insulate to stop it getting frozen.

When the granddad decided to sell up and go into sheltered accommodation, the three seater toilet was given to a museum.

There are several people I'm not inhibited about seeing me, and me them. That childhood friend, and one or two others, were included. After staying over night at each other's houses, what are now called sleepovers, we would obviously all be using the toilet with the seat down. We might be in the bathroom together, and while one boy sat on the toilet, another would be cleaning his teeth or combing his hair, or having a shower.

I didn't mind with my own younger brother, either. He learned how to use the toilet by watching me (and I learned how to wipe a small child's bum). We didn't think there was anything strange about seeing each other.

Now my own two young sons often see me. Because of the rush for school and work, you have to be in the bathroom doing different things.

All of this social toileting can be real quality time between family members and friends, and a time to talk about all sorts of things. 'Putting off going' probably is a cause of bowel diseases later on.

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in my school we have unisex 2 person toilets with no stall so we all poo and talk, its great i can shit in the same toilet as my bird at the same time mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

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No, but I do vomit when I watch someone shit.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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