Women Peeing Standing

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Any of you ladies here on PoopReport will no doubt be familiar with the
Raunchy Restroom problem. You're at a concert or a club, or even out hiking,
and suddenly the need to pee arises (as it is wont to do, from time to time).

So you exit the dance floor in search of the ladies' room, and you're
confronted with a horror of a choice: the stall where someone obviously was
having technical problems with their pissing equipment (because there's a
mess all over the toilet seat), or the toilet with the broken flush that
people have continued to use, and use, and use... practically to overflowing.

It's not a pretty sight, and not a pleasant concept even to bandy about in casual
conversation. However, it's an all too common problem.

So you're faced with three equally unsatisfactory choices: attempting to
eliminate the mess; trying to hold it in until you find a better bathroom;
or working out those gluteal muscles and squatting so that your rear is just
hovering over the toilet.

These choices all suck. But luckily for us
ladyfolk, more than one enterprising soul has devised a handheld gadget
which would enable a woman to PEE STANDING UP.

The TravelMate, from The Woman's Guide On How To Pee Standing.

As a woman, I
acknowledge that learning how to pee standing is certainly something that
would come in handy on a number of occasions, and would be rather impressive
to boot.

That's why I'm relieved (heh) to have discovered
The Woman's Guide On How To Pee Standing.
They offer advice on two methods -- the natural way ("The Finger-assist Method") and the easier way ("The TravelMate-assist Method").
According to them, both methods are PRACTICAL -- "No more
hovering over filthy toilet seats or getting poison ivy on your bum!" VERSATILE -- "There is the 'device-assisted' method and the 'device-free' method." And last but not least, IMPRESSIVE -- "Amaze yourself and your

If that's not enough to convince you that women should pee
standing, read the accolades heaped upon the TravelMate device. One woman
from Long Island states, "I can stand up and pee outside with the best of
them now."

I'd probably be willing to use the
device in desperate circumstances, but I'm not sure I really want to picture it
being used. Too late, though -- the site contains a far-too-
graphic depiction of a woman making use of the TravelMate. I really didn't
need to see how "Brenda 'pees through the fly' using a TravelMate." I think
I'm going to have nightmares, after I stop rolling on the floor laughing.

The disposable P-Mate.

But watch out, TravelMate -- because you've got a
competitor. Cleverly named,
The P-Mate is a paper device
specially shaped to enable a woman to pee into a narrow vase,
or a nasty toilet, or out in the woods where the Pope does his business.

be honest, I think it's a pretty good idea, and the P-Mate has the advantage
of being disposable (at least I hope it is -- eww. I'm not putting it back into
my bag, that's for sure).

So men beware, because next time there's a line
for the ladies' room, we might be invading the men's room. Though, from what
I've heard, I don't want to go in there ever.

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Yes, i have tried peeing standing up "finger assist" and that is some hard stuff to conquer, although the "travel-meth" might be an advantage.

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I guess the P-Mate and the Travelmate are both the same concept... you pee into a trough that becomes a surrogate penis. I wonder how many girls would want the re-useable Travelmate, because that means you have to keep something in your purse that you've peed on... even if you wash it, that's a bit gross.

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I've always wanted to pee standing up for just one day, but I don't think its important enough to do something as gross as that. I would like to pee my name in the snow though. That's always interested me. Oh well. I'll just find my own methods.

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hahahaha even if you wash it. Thats rich

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Why not use that thing, women are always bitching, about not being able to stand up while urinating, i think it is a great idea, cause if your on a road trip with your woman, she can just pee anywhere, you dont have to spend all that time trying to find a bathroom, and who care's if you have to carry it around, dave, you run a poop website, come on, your bitching about pee being gross, it's just pee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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On pepe la pew's comment - Finally, the voice of sanity. I'll be ordering some of those travelmate's for peace of mind for when I'm hit by female fickle urinary patterns at inconvenient and frequent times (like a traffic jam, etc.). You know, they also have a tube and bag that'll work with it, so you don't even have to hop out of your car. You can drive straight through! I prefer the idea of quickly rinsing/washing the small plastic travelmate and putting it away rather than tossing some used paper to stink up someones trashcan (I'm assuming the paper aides/funnels are not flushable). I really don't get some of these folk's disgust with fresh urine. Unlike 'poop', it usually starts out sterile.

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Creepy. I actually had a dream last night about peeing standing up. It was a strange dream and since I am female, I peed all over the place. Now that I think about it, I have no clue why I even had to stand and pee but I distinctly remember thinking that it was going to be a mess. So then I visit poopreport today and boom! A strange coincidental solution for my fictitious adventure the night before. Creepy.

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I use the travelmate since half a year and it's fantastic. I recommend it to every woman. I like hiking and it's ggod fun to be able to stand and pee onto a tree through your zip. By the way the person how got nightmares from the photo, get real. After I used it outside I whipe it with a tissue and put it in a little plastic cover to rinse it later. And come on, guys don't throw their "tubes" away either after they pissed with them. So what. Have fun girls!

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I hope you realize that there is a real movement to stop peeing standing up, even (especially) for men. Check them out at http://www.mapsu.org/

Dave, you might want to write a little bit about this group, I'm sure this could be a great feature article.

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Phenomenal... mankind has truly spoiled themselves with their technology this time.

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In case there are any friends of the travelmate or the finger method stopping by, say hello...

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Haven't tried one but sounds like a great idea! I am confined to a vehicle for work 10-12 hrs a day and try to hold it till the next fill-up. Usually am successful but here's the rub... The gas stations that don't have public restrooms!! If I spend $50-$60 on gas the least you can do is let me pee. Last time I was denyed use of the facility I politely asked if they would mind if I pee'd on the side of their building... I didn't, but with one of these gizmos I could have! Instead I filled to the brim a Super Big Gulp cup in the back of my van and left it as a gift for them to dispose of.

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Have you not seen the movie "Vatel" which depicts this very manner of toilet for French Royalty in the 17th century? I had come across historical documentation of this several years ago in my independent study of 17 and 18th century clothing.

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I read about this women peeing standing up thing a month or so ago and have since tried practicing it in the shower. The first couple of times I thought I was doomed to failure. However, after about 4 or 5 times I pretty much got the hang of it. I'm not ready to try it at work (away from the safetly of spare clothes) but my last few attempts at home have gone smoothly. I'm am SO ready for the next time I hit the ladies room in a crowded bar. (shudder)

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I can't tell you how excited I am to hear actual real-life reports from women who have tried the standing pee and/or P-mate methods. One of these days I'm going to have to stop being a puss and try it out for myself.

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Interestingly, evidence shows that women in ancient Egypt peed standing up all the time. It was standard custom -- while men, on the other hand, peed while sitting down on the toilet! Just goes to show you how much of it is culturally induced.

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I like to piss,and this is an awesome teqnice to.

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I need some photos of p mate products. women standing up while peeing

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that mapsu stuff is crap. it's almost as stupid as this anti-masturbation site, saying that clitoridectomies should be enforced in america. but mapsu is probably some site made by one nasty PMS mutha. interesting how the site has no feedback... probably didn't get any GOOD email :P who the hell'd pay 20$ a year for a domain name, just to make a jackass of yourself on the internet? peace out, peeps

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I really enjoy the www.restroom.org site but would like some photos of women standing & pissing.

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its about time. Any woman who think peeing standing is
gross is just stuck in the past where woman were weak.
now its time to be equal. Equal is good.

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peepee stand is coool

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Yes, standing pee is better than holding it while the guy goes off to see a man about a horse. My wf has learned to lower her panties, bend way over and shoot a stream of pee backwards! (it's a lovely sight) her plumbing is just like all you gals so if she can aim it back, probably you can too. It's worth a trip to the woods just to try it!

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I have the travel mate -- I love to freak people out with it when we go hiking... they all look at me like I have a secret they only read about in nasty magazines... hee hee hee heeeeeeeeeeee

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Oh in this site the talking is all about urining, well so not bad if you know that in my culture the male people avoid pissing while standing! In my country it's so, as my religion has recommended not to piss while standing. I know there, they teach the kid when he can stand up, how to pee while standing, but it's not so hear. However, I don't piss while standing. for more info, you can email me, I may not come to this site again.

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i want sumwun to direct mee to a site with actual pictoors of ladees pissin while standin

please i really need to see it :)

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Been peeing standing for six months thanks to http://www.restrooms.org/standing.html. What a lifesaver. Camping. Trashy porta potty at the soccer fields. Poison ivy. Yucko gas station restrooms. You name it. All women should learn to pee standing. Power to the pussy. As for mapsu you men can pee standing as much as you like as long as you do the cleanin'. Fair is fair!

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To reply Austin Chick, mapsu is right, because as they don't want women to be in trouble of working hard to clean bathroom, they don't want men to be in such a trouble too! If we men seat and pee, neighther women nor man will be in trouble, but the case you mentioned makes men bear its difficulty instead of women! Why women's and men's energy should be waisted in cleaning bathroom? They can use this energy in more useful ways if they reduce the needs of bathrooms for being cleaned!

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I always leak on my panties when I am in school. During class, I get very full and cannot take it even when i tried to cross my leg very hard around. Am always shaking my leg when I am very full as we can't go to toilet during class. many times , I had to wear sanitary pads during class as many times i cannot take it , I peed a bit in them. THere was a time when i can't take it and i peed on my pants.. I am aged 14 at that time. since i use this , i pees in class in a bottle now when i can't take it.

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wow what a site. woman standing up to pee is no big deal so wht the big deal. some do not like it oh well I enjoy seeing woman pee and if they would like to stand so be it . To all the woman who are and trying this best of luck this guy here enjoys seeing it.

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poop rules

preston's picture

i love men

ryan's picture

take a bath in peanut butter and pickles

..Its so much fun

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I think peeing on people's faces is so hot. It gets me real horny. I also love men, especially old hairy ones.

Diana's picture

Hold on their ladies! There's no reason to go out and buy this product. When you are leaking a bit and that pee is dribbling down your leg, just get some Oop's I Crapped My Pants.They work wonderful. They absorb all the pee in the world. In fact they work so well that I don't even make trips to the bathroom anymore. If I have to take a dump, I just shit myself right them and there. It's like being a kid again. So don't go out and buy these crazy new products, get Oop's I Crapped My Pants, they worked for me!

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Why are chicks so anal about leaving the seat up?

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I was once a man and I peep standing up and now that I don't have a penis but a vagina of sorts, I still can pee standing up? With my legs about 2 feet apart i can shoot it about 2 feet!!!!!!!!!use to shoot about 5 or 6 buts thats okay.

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My boy friend likes me to pee by squatting. He then opens my vaginal lips and wets his penis. He then has anal sex with me, with his penis lubricated by my piss (sometimes with me peeing). Its such a pain to we girls that boys try to dominate us since we pee squating. Its a nice advice to girls to pee standing using the above mentioned devices. I shall give it a try.

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I have been on testosterone shots for 2 years and I have had a number of symtoms. They include facial hair, chest hair, breast shrinkage, pubic hair growth, and vaginal growth. The vaginal growth has made my vulva a mina penise which I can use to pee standing into urinals andget more accuracy than men because the vagina is easier to manover

kane's picture

I went to a restraunant once and it had a urinal that meant we could see ouit but no1 could see in. Lots of girls used it.

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omg, does there really have to be a discussion forum on peeing standing up for women? i think things should stay the same. i dont want a woman standing next to me taking a leak, i mean shit. its just NOT normal. heh, as you can tell im a conservationist. oh by the way that MAPSU web site is such a load of shit. hell, i think its just some some women pumped full of testosterone sitting behind a computer that has nothing better to do with her/his/whatever money than spend on it a website againist peeing standing. it may be neater but hey, its more fun standing.

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I agree with the last comment women pissing standing is kinda fucked up.

screw's picture

^i also agree with the 2 above posts

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Women should sit on the toilet with their panties pulled down! Not standing up pissing all over their clothes! Men and women have different genitalia. Why would anyone expect us to pee the same! Daaaa! My husband and I frequently camp with other couples. I personally enjoy pulling my shorts and panties down to my ankles and peeing in the woods! It's exciting to feel the air blow across my vagina!


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I always pee standing just because my mother taught me to sit. I always try to do just the opposite of what I'm told. Anyway, what's the point? It's just pee. Save a good, relaxing moment for a good, long poo.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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i love to pee standing up. why can't every1 do that

Kenisha's picture

i love to pee standing up it just like you are on the toliet and it is just like sogge cerial

Flag girl's picture

I flag for a living. I am out in areas all day and it is a royal pain to use the bathroom. I think these products are wonderfull! I gotta get one.

gaza's picture

Does anyone really care how you get rid of your body waste

busy_mom_of_8's picture

I for one don't mind to sit down to pee. I'm so use to sitting down to pee that standing up to pee might be hard to do anyways.

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I have been peeing with the best of them for a while now, and instead of buying a device from online i made one myself out of a baby medicine droper, there was a web site about it. Now matter how u do it girls, Woman peeing standing is a thing of the present, Id mush rather rinse somthing with MY PEE off than SIT on someone else's.......

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When I pee I don't need a special device to do it. I just stand over the bowl, spread my legs, and let loose.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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Females make the smelliest poop!

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Finally, someone who sees it my way.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

someone's picture

does anybody still have a site on which the finger assist stuff can be learned?
id really like to learn it

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I usually pee standing up because the toilet is so dirty in public so I guess I have developed a perfect stance but if this product will make it easier, I would try it.

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I think girls should pee siting.I also think they should let everyone know that a kick to the vulva is painful Please admit it

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The girls can pee standing. Woo, I won't sleep at night. But can you write your name on the wall or in the snow?

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I don't know what happened, but the instructions that used to be at restroom.org/standing on how to pee standing up naturally, are gone. Now you get led to the product sales website for the TravelMate. This is an outrage! The non-consumer based instructions, written by a nurse, are no longer available. The instructions I've found by doing a google search are not as good as the original. It's the man, I tell you. Keeping us down (on the seat).

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as a man i can say, peeing standing up is one of the greatest feelings ever! the freedom to just pee anywhere, its great

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Girls, practice peeing in the shower. It may make things easier at first and you can work on your aim. For some reason I didn't have a problem with this when I started peeing, but apparently there are some girls who have terrible aim. They have been raised to sit down their whole life. Practice in the shower with the water running and you can master it.

Always remember when peeing standing up, put the toilet seat up. Guys do it for the same reason you should.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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I don't know why I didn't look for this option earlier, do you know how much of a hassel it is to take off all your gear just to squat. I allways envied the guys, for thier quick in and out of the bathroom. When you have to run out on a call and I had to go, I always had to hold it. Thank god I found this, now I can run in and out too.

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audrey wrote:

"I don't know what happened, but the instructions that used to be at restroom.org/standing on how to pee standing up naturally, are gone. Now you get led to the product sales website for the TravelMate. This is an outrage! The non-consumer based instructions, written by a nurse, are no longer available. The instructions I've found by doing a google search are not as good as the original. It's the man, I tell you. Keeping us down (on the seat)."


Here's the link to the OLD page.


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How did a thread on peeing get onto a poop site? Is nothing sacred?

That said, females can pee standing up... that's why they invented skirts, so you don't have to get pants wet. But squatting is more natural. Most Western people, men and women, are so used to sitting in chairs that they have not developed their quadraceps muscles for comfortable squatting. But in developing countries it's natural and everyday.

I started squatting as a kid and it's still comfortable now as an adult. It's easy to pull your pants down just enough to get yer wee-wee exposed for squat-pee. So easy, so neat, so convenient. Westerners are just too conditioned to sit on toilets.
"Searching for the Origin of the Feces"

"Searching for the Origin of the Feces"

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Another useful link

To PooperGal: Why is squatting more natural? These people seem to think that it's entirely a learned behavior, and that standing is just as natural.

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Peeing standing up works if you have the muscles to direct the flow. Many women don't, and splatter their legs. There is a website that shows women how to use their fingers to direct their little pee-hole in the right direction, but a lot of females are squeamish about touching themselves "there."

Squatting is universal and instinctive. I've seen it throughout Asia. Men squat to take a dump, and women squat to take a dump and pee. Who knows, maybe some of the men pee while they are squatting to drop a deuce.

In all primate species I know of, including great apes, the females squat to pee. Since humans are primates, I guess that means we're in that number of natural squatters. :)
"Searching for the Origin of the Feces"

"Searching for the Origin of the Feces"

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Here's a great website for women to visit & learn how to pee standing up. It is www.myvag.net . Sounds easy enough after a little practice.

First, try in the shower naked so it doesn't matter if you make a mistake. Then move onto the toilet with pants off. Next step is using the toilet with pants on but just lowered. The real experts say they can pee through the jeans fly.

The last step, that I would love to see, is to go into the mens public toilet & stand up boldly at the urinal. Here in New Zealand when there is a big concert women always pee in the mens but they use a cubicle. Never seen a woman at the urinal.

I'd love to receive your email at owentnz@yahoo.co.nz

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k 500+ points

That's the website I was thinking of. Good find.

"Searching for the Origin of the Feces"

"Searching for the Origin of the Feces"