Women Peeing Standing

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Any of you ladies here on PoopReport will no doubt be familiar with the
Raunchy Restroom problem. You're at a concert or a club, or even out hiking,
and suddenly the need to pee arises (as it is wont to do, from time to time).

So you exit the dance floor in search of the ladies' room, and you're
confronted with a horror of a choice: the stall where someone obviously was
having technical problems with their pissing equipment (because there's a
mess all over the toilet seat), or the toilet with the broken flush that
people have continued to use, and use, and use... practically to overflowing.

It's not a pretty sight, and not a pleasant concept even to bandy about in casual
conversation. However, it's an all too common problem.

So you're faced with three equally unsatisfactory choices: attempting to
eliminate the mess; trying to hold it in until you find a better bathroom;
or working out those gluteal muscles and squatting so that your rear is just
hovering over the toilet.

These choices all suck. But luckily for us
ladyfolk, more than one enterprising soul has devised a handheld gadget
which would enable a woman to PEE STANDING UP.

The TravelMate, from The Woman's Guide On How To Pee Standing.

As a woman, I
acknowledge that learning how to pee standing is certainly something that
would come in handy on a number of occasions, and would be rather impressive
to boot.

That's why I'm relieved (heh) to have discovered
The Woman's Guide On How To Pee Standing.
They offer advice on two methods -- the natural way ("The Finger-assist Method") and the easier way ("The TravelMate-assist Method").
According to them, both methods are PRACTICAL -- "No more
hovering over filthy toilet seats or getting poison ivy on your bum!" VERSATILE -- "There is the 'device-assisted' method and the 'device-free' method." And last but not least, IMPRESSIVE -- "Amaze yourself and your

If that's not enough to convince you that women should pee
standing, read the accolades heaped upon the TravelMate device. One woman
from Long Island states, "I can stand up and pee outside with the best of
them now."

I'd probably be willing to use the
device in desperate circumstances, but I'm not sure I really want to picture it
being used. Too late, though -- the site contains a far-too-
graphic depiction of a woman making use of the TravelMate. I really didn't
need to see how "Brenda 'pees through the fly' using a TravelMate." I think
I'm going to have nightmares, after I stop rolling on the floor laughing.

The disposable P-Mate.

But watch out, TravelMate -- because you've got a
competitor. Cleverly named,
The P-Mate is a paper device
specially shaped to enable a woman to pee into a narrow vase,
or a nasty toilet, or out in the woods where the Pope does his business.

be honest, I think it's a pretty good idea, and the P-Mate has the advantage
of being disposable (at least I hope it is -- eww. I'm not putting it back into
my bag, that's for sure).

So men beware, because next time there's a line
for the ladies' room, we might be invading the men's room. Though, from what
I've heard, I don't want to go in there ever.

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Yes, i have tried peeing standing up "finger assist" and that is some hard stuff to conquer, although the "travel-meth" might be an advantage.

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I guess the P-Mate and the Travelmate are both the same concept... you pee into a trough that becomes a surrogate penis. I wonder how many girls would want the re-useable Travelmate, because that means you have to keep something in your purse that you've peed on... even if you wash it, that's a bit gross.

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I've always wanted to pee standing up for just one day, but I don't think its important enough to do something as gross as that. I would like to pee my name in the snow though. That's always interested me. Oh well. I'll just find my own methods.

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hahahaha even if you wash it. Thats rich

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Why not use that thing, women are always bitching, about not being able to stand up while urinating, i think it is a great idea, cause if your on a road trip with your woman, she can just pee anywhere, you dont have to spend all that time trying to find a bathroom, and who care's if you have to carry it around, dave, you run a poop website, come on, your bitching about pee being gross, it's just pee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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On pepe la pew's comment - Finally, the voice of sanity. I'll be ordering some of those travelmate's for peace of mind for when I'm hit by female fickle urinary patterns at inconvenient and frequent times (like a traffic jam, etc.). You know, they also have a tube and bag that'll work with it, so you don't even have to hop out of your car. You can drive straight through! I prefer the idea of quickly rinsing/washing the small plastic travelmate and putting it away rather than tossing some used paper to stink up someones trashcan (I'm assuming the paper aides/funnels are not flushable). I really don't get some of these folk's disgust with fresh urine. Unlike 'poop', it usually starts out sterile.

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Creepy. I actually had a dream last night about peeing standing up. It was a strange dream and since I am female, I peed all over the place. Now that I think about it, I have no clue why I even had to stand and pee but I distinctly remember thinking that it was going to be a mess. So then I visit poopreport today and boom! A strange coincidental solution for my fictitious adventure the night before. Creepy.

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I use the travelmate since half a year and it's fantastic. I recommend it to every woman. I like hiking and it's ggod fun to be able to stand and pee onto a tree through your zip. By the way the person how got nightmares from the photo, get real. After I used it outside I whipe it with a tissue and put it in a little plastic cover to rinse it later. And come on, guys don't throw their "tubes" away either after they pissed with them. So what. Have fun girls!

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I hope you realize that there is a real movement to stop peeing standing up, even (especially) for men. Check them out at http://www.mapsu.org/

Dave, you might want to write a little bit about this group, I'm sure this could be a great feature article.

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Phenomenal... mankind has truly spoiled themselves with their technology this time.

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In case there are any friends of the travelmate or the finger method stopping by, say hello...

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Haven't tried one but sounds like a great idea! I am confined to a vehicle for work 10-12 hrs a day and try to hold it till the next fill-up. Usually am successful but here's the rub... The gas stations that don't have public restrooms!! If I spend $50-$60 on gas the least you can do is let me pee. Last time I was denyed use of the facility I politely asked if they would mind if I pee'd on the side of their building... I didn't, but with one of these gizmos I could have! Instead I filled to the brim a Super Big Gulp cup in the back of my van and left it as a gift for them to dispose of.

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Have you not seen the movie "Vatel" which depicts this very manner of toilet for French Royalty in the 17th century? I had come across historical documentation of this several years ago in my independent study of 17 and 18th century clothing.

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I read about this women peeing standing up thing a month or so ago and have since tried practicing it in the shower. The first couple of times I thought I was doomed to failure. However, after about 4 or 5 times I pretty much got the hang of it. I'm not ready to try it at work (away from the safetly of spare clothes) but my last few attempts at home have gone smoothly. I'm am SO ready for the next time I hit the ladies room in a crowded bar. (shudder)

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I can't tell you how excited I am to hear actual real-life reports from women who have tried the standing pee and/or P-mate methods. One of these days I'm going to have to stop being a puss and try it out for myself.

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Interestingly, evidence shows that women in ancient Egypt peed standing up all the time. It was standard custom -- while men, on the other hand, peed while sitting down on the toilet! Just goes to show you how much of it is culturally induced.

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I like to piss,and this is an awesome teqnice to.

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I need some photos of p mate products. women standing up while peeing

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that mapsu stuff is crap. it's almost as stupid as this anti-masturbation site, saying that clitoridectomies should be enforced in america. but mapsu is probably some site made by one nasty PMS mutha. interesting how the site has no feedback... probably didn't get any GOOD email :P who the hell'd pay 20$ a year for a domain name, just to make a jackass of yourself on the internet? peace out, peeps

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I really enjoy the www.restroom.org site but would like some photos of women standing & pissing.

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its about time. Any woman who think peeing standing is
gross is just stuck in the past where woman were weak.
now its time to be equal. Equal is good.

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peepee stand is coool

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Yes, standing pee is better than holding it while the guy goes off to see a man about a horse. My wf has learned to lower her panties, bend way over and shoot a stream of pee backwards! (it's a lovely sight) her plumbing is just like all you gals so if she can aim it back, probably you can too. It's worth a trip to the woods just to try it!

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I have the travel mate -- I love to freak people out with it when we go hiking... they all look at me like I have a secret they only read about in nasty magazines... hee hee hee heeeeeeeeeeee

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Oh in this site the talking is all about urining, well so not bad if you know that in my culture the male people avoid pissing while standing! In my country it's so, as my religion has recommended not to piss while standing. I know there, they teach the kid when he can stand up, how to pee while standing, but it's not so hear. However, I don't piss while standing. for more info, you can email me, I may not come to this site again.

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i want sumwun to direct mee to a site with actual pictoors of ladees pissin while standin

please i really need to see it :)

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Been peeing standing for six months thanks to http://www.restrooms.org/standing.html. What a lifesaver. Camping. Trashy porta potty at the soccer fields. Poison ivy. Yucko gas station restrooms. You name it. All women should learn to pee standing. Power to the pussy. As for mapsu you men can pee standing as much as you like as long as you do the cleanin'. Fair is fair!

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To reply Austin Chick, mapsu is right, because as they don't want women to be in trouble of working hard to clean bathroom, they don't want men to be in such a trouble too! If we men seat and pee, neighther women nor man will be in trouble, but the case you mentioned makes men bear its difficulty instead of women! Why women's and men's energy should be waisted in cleaning bathroom? They can use this energy in more useful ways if they reduce the needs of bathrooms for being cleaned!

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I always leak on my panties when I am in school. During class, I get very full and cannot take it even when i tried to cross my leg very hard around. Am always shaking my leg when I am very full as we can't go to toilet during class. many times , I had to wear sanitary pads during class as many times i cannot take it , I peed a bit in them. THere was a time when i can't take it and i peed on my pants.. I am aged 14 at that time. since i use this , i pees in class in a bottle now when i can't take it.

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wow what a site. woman standing up to pee is no big deal so wht the big deal. some do not like it oh well I enjoy seeing woman pee and if they would like to stand so be it . To all the woman who are and trying this best of luck this guy here enjoys seeing it.

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poop rules

preston's picture

i love men

ryan's picture

take a bath in peanut butter and pickles

..Its so much fun

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I think peeing on people's faces is so hot. It gets me real horny. I also love men, especially old hairy ones.

Diana's picture

Hold on their ladies! There's no reason to go out and buy this product. When you are leaking a bit and that pee is dribbling down your leg, just get some Oop's I Crapped My Pants.They work wonderful. They absorb all the pee in the world. In fact they work so well that I don't even make trips to the bathroom anymore. If I have to take a dump, I just shit myself right them and there. It's like being a kid again. So don't go out and buy these crazy new products, get Oop's I Crapped My Pants, they worked for me!

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Why are chicks so anal about leaving the seat up?

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I was once a man and I peep standing up and now that I don't have a penis but a vagina of sorts, I still can pee standing up? With my legs about 2 feet apart i can shoot it about 2 feet!!!!!!!!!use to shoot about 5 or 6 buts thats okay.

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My boy friend likes me to pee by squatting. He then opens my vaginal lips and wets his penis. He then has anal sex with me, with his penis lubricated by my piss (sometimes with me peeing). Its such a pain to we girls that boys try to dominate us since we pee squating. Its a nice advice to girls to pee standing using the above mentioned devices. I shall give it a try.

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I have been on testosterone shots for 2 years and I have had a number of symtoms. They include facial hair, chest hair, breast shrinkage, pubic hair growth, and vaginal growth. The vaginal growth has made my vulva a mina penise which I can use to pee standing into urinals andget more accuracy than men because the vagina is easier to manover

kane's picture

I went to a restraunant once and it had a urinal that meant we could see ouit but no1 could see in. Lots of girls used it.

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omg, does there really have to be a discussion forum on peeing standing up for women? i think things should stay the same. i dont want a woman standing next to me taking a leak, i mean shit. its just NOT normal. heh, as you can tell im a conservationist. oh by the way that MAPSU web site is such a load of shit. hell, i think its just some some women pumped full of testosterone sitting behind a computer that has nothing better to do with her/his/whatever money than spend on it a website againist peeing standing. it may be neater but hey, its more fun standing.

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I agree with the last comment women pissing standing is kinda fucked up.

screw's picture

^i also agree with the 2 above posts

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Women should sit on the toilet with their panties pulled down! Not standing up pissing all over their clothes! Men and women have different genitalia. Why would anyone expect us to pee the same! Daaaa! My husband and I frequently camp with other couples. I personally enjoy pulling my shorts and panties down to my ankles and peeing in the woods! It's exciting to feel the air blow across my vagina!


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I always pee standing just because my mother taught me to sit. I always try to do just the opposite of what I'm told. Anyway, what's the point? It's just pee. Save a good, relaxing moment for a good, long poo.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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i love to pee standing up. why can't every1 do that

Kenisha's picture

i love to pee standing up it just like you are on the toliet and it is just like sogge cerial

Flag girl's picture

I flag for a living. I am out in areas all day and it is a royal pain to use the bathroom. I think these products are wonderfull! I gotta get one.

gaza's picture

Does anyone really care how you get rid of your body waste

busy_mom_of_8's picture

I for one don't mind to sit down to pee. I'm so use to sitting down to pee that standing up to pee might be hard to do anyways.

Woman_of_power's picture

I have been peeing with the best of them for a while now, and instead of buying a device from online i made one myself out of a baby medicine droper, there was a web site about it. Now matter how u do it girls, Woman peeing standing is a thing of the present, Id mush rather rinse somthing with MY PEE off than SIT on someone else's.......

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When I pee I don't need a special device to do it. I just stand over the bowl, spread my legs, and let loose.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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Females make the smelliest poop!

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Finally, someone who sees it my way.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

someone's picture

does anybody still have a site on which the finger assist stuff can be learned?
id really like to learn it

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I usually pee standing up because the toilet is so dirty in public so I guess I have developed a perfect stance but if this product will make it easier, I would try it.

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I think girls should pee siting.I also think they should let everyone know that a kick to the vulva is painful Please admit it

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The girls can pee standing. Woo, I won't sleep at night. But can you write your name on the wall or in the snow?

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I don't know what happened, but the instructions that used to be at restroom.org/standing on how to pee standing up naturally, are gone. Now you get led to the product sales website for the TravelMate. This is an outrage! The non-consumer based instructions, written by a nurse, are no longer available. The instructions I've found by doing a google search are not as good as the original. It's the man, I tell you. Keeping us down (on the seat).

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as a man i can say, peeing standing up is one of the greatest feelings ever! the freedom to just pee anywhere, its great

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Girls, practice peeing in the shower. It may make things easier at first and you can work on your aim. For some reason I didn't have a problem with this when I started peeing, but apparently there are some girls who have terrible aim. They have been raised to sit down their whole life. Practice in the shower with the water running and you can master it.

Always remember when peeing standing up, put the toilet seat up. Guys do it for the same reason you should.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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I don't know why I didn't look for this option earlier, do you know how much of a hassel it is to take off all your gear just to squat. I allways envied the guys, for thier quick in and out of the bathroom. When you have to run out on a call and I had to go, I always had to hold it. Thank god I found this, now I can run in and out too.

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audrey wrote:

"I don't know what happened, but the instructions that used to be at restroom.org/standing on how to pee standing up naturally, are gone. Now you get led to the product sales website for the TravelMate. This is an outrage! The non-consumer based instructions, written by a nurse, are no longer available. The instructions I've found by doing a google search are not as good as the original. It's the man, I tell you. Keeping us down (on the seat)."


Here's the link to the OLD page.


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How did a thread on peeing get onto a poop site? Is nothing sacred?

That said, females can pee standing up... that's why they invented skirts, so you don't have to get pants wet. But squatting is more natural. Most Western people, men and women, are so used to sitting in chairs that they have not developed their quadraceps muscles for comfortable squatting. But in developing countries it's natural and everyday.

I started squatting as a kid and it's still comfortable now as an adult. It's easy to pull your pants down just enough to get yer wee-wee exposed for squat-pee. So easy, so neat, so convenient. Westerners are just too conditioned to sit on toilets.
"Searching for the Origin of the Feces"

"Searching for the Origin of the Feces"

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Another useful link

To PooperGal: Why is squatting more natural? These people seem to think that it's entirely a learned behavior, and that standing is just as natural.

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Peeing standing up works if you have the muscles to direct the flow. Many women don't, and splatter their legs. There is a website that shows women how to use their fingers to direct their little pee-hole in the right direction, but a lot of females are squeamish about touching themselves "there."

Squatting is universal and instinctive. I've seen it throughout Asia. Men squat to take a dump, and women squat to take a dump and pee. Who knows, maybe some of the men pee while they are squatting to drop a deuce.

In all primate species I know of, including great apes, the females squat to pee. Since humans are primates, I guess that means we're in that number of natural squatters. :)
"Searching for the Origin of the Feces"

"Searching for the Origin of the Feces"

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Here's a great website for women to visit & learn how to pee standing up. It is www.myvag.net . Sounds easy enough after a little practice.

First, try in the shower naked so it doesn't matter if you make a mistake. Then move onto the toilet with pants off. Next step is using the toilet with pants on but just lowered. The real experts say they can pee through the jeans fly.

The last step, that I would love to see, is to go into the mens public toilet & stand up boldly at the urinal. Here in New Zealand when there is a big concert women always pee in the mens but they use a cubicle. Never seen a woman at the urinal.

I'd love to receive your email at owentnz@yahoo.co.nz

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k 500+ points

That's the website I was thinking of. Good find.

"Searching for the Origin of the Feces"

"Searching for the Origin of the Feces"

Anonymous Coward's picture

I also think it would be cool for women to use a urinal just like a man! If they get the technique right it should be no problem. Then there might be more coed restrooms.

The First Anonymous Coward's picture

Yet another interesting link.

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This is awesome! I want to learn to do this. Next time I have to pee I'll see about getting into the shower.

I was at a big city event last Friday, and naturally the line for the women's bathroom was 50 people long (I'm NOT exaggerating), when there was no line for the men's. I said to myself, "I am not waiting in that line." I was wearing four layers cause it was freezing, I put my hood up, ambled into the men's bathroom, did my business in a stall, and walked out two minutes later. The line for the women's room hadn't moved at all.

Traveling Girl's picture

I have always wanted to pee standing up and i think this would be a great idea for me because as you see I do travel.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I think that society is very gender biased. I am a boy, but think that women shouldn't feel different just because god made them differently. If girls want to learn how to pee standing up, we should let them. Besides, even being naked infront of 10 other guys while trying to pee is much better than going in your pants.

Beth Anne's picture

I had a short blue plastic cup with a small part that woukd poke out of the fly while peeing along trails that had no hiding place for females. I would love to find one again I called it my blue wiz

emma's picture

Peeing standing when wearing skirt or dress is easy, I simply remove knickers if I am wearing any, and then stand facing urinal, tree or wall and pee. With shorts I pull them to one side and pee. Trousers are more difficult, a high squat is my normal stance.

Peeing options are a must with the filthy public toilets's picture

I believe that women do need to look at other options, as the sanitary situation of 99% of public rest rooms that I have had to use, could only be safer and healthier. There is no reason women should have to wait longer to relieve themselves than men. Maybe the toilet and urinal manufacturers should work diligently to provide a safe and healthy alternative. I know many woman who would be grateful.

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I used to have a girlfriend who I would get drunk with at my apartment. Sometimes, when I would go take a leak, she would just step up to the toilet next to me, pull her pants down, thrust her hips forward and pee standing up right into the toilet. We would both be peeing at the same time. She didn't use the finger method or anything.. Her pee just poured out and fell straight down into the bowl. The first couple of times, she startled me because I didn't even notice she was standing next to me until I heard her pee hitting the water in the bowl. And I found out that girls have a much larger stream than we guys do. It was as big as my pinky finger.

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My first year in high school I was really confused. The weekend before my classes started my mother took me into a restroom on I-35 and showed me how she puts paper over the seat before sitting down. She had actually showed me that about five years earlier when we were at a circus at the civic auditorium and she looked in on me and saw me sitting on the bare seat. She was livid! There must have been 30 or 40 persons using the huge room full of stalls and I knew that many of my friends sat right down on the seats. A few were taught to wipe the seat off first. Mom said the other parents had simply "forgotten" to teach their daughters proper hygiene. Except when my mom's with me, I do sit down on the seat. My daughters, 5 and 7, also have been taught to just sit down. I always remind them when they are with grandma, though, to put some paper over the seat for the sake of peace. I want my daughters to develop proper urination and bowel habits and not try to "hold it" like I did to avoid a confrontation. I've taught them to wipe the seat off if it is wet, but to always flush and wash their hands afterwards. Carly had one problem when she was at a gas station, it was winter and the seat was cold so she didn't sit back far enough and peed right onto the front of the seat and on her panties and dress. She learned the valuable lesson of dropping them all the way down, spreading her legs out, and sitting back comfortably. The women who go to all the trouble of squatting and peeing without lifting the seats are the real menace today. I hope some of you will rethink the work you make for yourself and the mess you leave for the majority of us who sit down, as God intended!

daphne's picture
PoopReport of the Year AwardSite AdminComment Content ModeratorComment Quality Moderatore 6000+ points

I did not know God invented the toilet!

In truth, if He intended anything, He intended us to squat like those wiry little people in India. Check out our anatomy.

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Aimee Ann, your mother is right. Last spring I was diagnosed with pubic lice which my friend and I, who are both high school juniors, probably got from sitting on the ladies toilet at a BP service station or at the ballfield where we play four times a week on a softball league. My doctor, who is required to report lice-like cases to our county health department,said the service station toilet is most suspect because it is not U-shaped with the front opening like in most public bathrooms. It's an O-shaped seat like most of us have at home and he said scraping my pubic area over the front is where I could have picked up the lice. I remember using the toilet on about a half dozen occasions and that the seat was pretty loose, so I tended to sit more toward the front, so much so that I do remember having to move back a bit because my pee was almost not getting into the bowl. He also said that me and my friends should be careful after showering in the locker room at school, because we often expose our pubic area to the wooden benches as we dry our hair and get our clothes ready to put on. He said we should be using a towell to sit on in there and that when using public toilets we should avoid letting our pubic area touch the seat. Both me and Shannon have tried to pee standing up but it hurts me, so I eventually sit down in order to produce. Shannon has started putting paper over the seat. Both of us learned our lessons in exposing our pubic areas to public toilets and benches. Maybe our situation can help others.

GottaGoGirl's picture
i 2000+ points

"...in exposing our pubic areas to public toilets and benches..."

Now I'm going to have the creepy-crawly heebie-jeebies all day.

But that's good information; thanks.

Fart Poopie's picture
j 1000+ points

From The Division of Parasitic Diseases, www.cdc.gov:

Pubic lice are usually spread through sexual contact. Rarely, infestation can be spread through contact with an infested person's bed linens, towels, or clothes. A common misbelief is that infestation can be spread by sitting on a toilet seat. This is not likely, since lice cannot live long away from a warm human body. Also, lice do not have feet designed to walk or hold onto smooth surfaces such as toilet seats. Infection in a young child or teenager may indicate sexual activity or sexual abuse.

From health.yahoo.com:

Named for their crab-like appearance, pubic lice are large enough to be visible, and leave little bluish marks where they bite. If your sexual partner has lice, you have a 95 percent chance of picking them up. Some of the old wives' tales are true, too. You can catch lice from dirty sheets and towels, though not from toilet seats.

Something's fishy with your story, De-loused.

Angelina's picture

Although some girls at my school pee standing up, more time and resources are wasted by a larger number of students who take up to a quarter or so roll of toilet paper that they stack up over the seat like a cushion or nest. Often when they get done, they find it's difficult to flush that much paper and, if the toilet's not running over, there's very little wiping paper for the next users who are content just to sit on the seat to pee or shit. It's not fair! A couple of years ago when I was in middle school in another city, all we had were pre-cut squares of toilet paper in a much smaller dispenser. They worked fine for us who are normal. I feel they would really drive the point home to the abusers who make it tougher for everyone else!

Anonymous Coward's picture

Angelina, are you calling the many of us who refuse to sit on public toilets NOT NORMAL? In my school there are at least a hundred girls using each stall a day and it is atrocious to think what a person could sit in. We will continue to take a precautions necessary and you should too!

Anonymous Coward's picture

That's what disposable seat liners are for. You can buy them in neat little travel packages. Each envelope fits in your purse or pocket and it doesn't waste the precious TP.

Melody's picture

I'm in agreement with Angelina. I went to an elementary school that just had the pre-cut squares of toilet paper and they worked fine for wiping; THEY ALSO DISCOURAGED SEAT COVERING!
Yes, I know you can get the travel packs of sanitary seat covers at places like Walgreens but they are going the do a lot of good when there's urine on the seat from the standing pissers. The pee will go right through the seat protector. The nice thing about the pre-cut squares is that they SAVE paper and ONE of them is sufficient for wiping the seat off. So I sit directly on a public toilet seat. Does it mean that I'm the world's worst skank or will it be the end of the world. The enemy to us normal people are the standing pissers who in their next life will probably come back as boys who are notorious for peeing over seats because they are too lazy or perhaps stupid to lift the seat. I should know, I'm the only girl in a family of five boys!

Gyl's picture

Right on, Melody. You are so right. I had a great day today at school. I took my much-needed shit 2nd hour, and when exiting the stall, I saw our school's most notorious hover pisser in her cheerleading uniform brush by me. I stopped the door as she was closing it, forced myself back in, and much to her surprise, simply raised the seat. She was startled and couldn't seem to figure out what I had done. The next person in line sure could! Chalk up a victory for us NORMAL GIRLS that sit down to pee!

The Shit Volcano's picture
Comment Quality Moderatorh 3000+ points

For the record, I pee standing up quite regularly. You cannot simply drop trou and piss, girls, or, as a couple of you mentioned above, you will have to use a bunch of toilet paper and other cleaners to wipe it up.

1. Lift the damn seat!
2. Seperate your pussy lips so pee streams don't go in various directions.
3. Actually watch where you are peeing. I have never understood why people, especially girls, won't look at their functions or even check their shit for changes in the toilet (which is the first sign of some rare but life threatening health conditions). People who are prudes should never try to pee standing just for this reason.

Oh, and I will probably make it a point to pee standing just because someone above said sitting is "peeing the way God intended".

I was a category five! Category five, I tell you! Get it right or I'll be back to PROVE IT!!!!- Katrina

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

Comfortable Karissa's picture

It makes no sense to me and most of my friends as to why girls should squat over the toilet, play with their pussy lips and be some uncomfortable. Me and my friends just sit down at school because we enjoy being comfortable and this is the normal way we've been going for years. Besides, on most days we're going to have to sit down and take a shit anyway. We don't understand why some people are making it out to be such a big deal to sit on a toilet seat away from home. I did, however, try squatting once when I was traveling with my family at a rest stop and spreading my legs and squirting caused me so much pain that after a few seconds I just decided to sit down and do it the normal way. There are a few the squat at school....I think it's stupid!!!

cerise's picture

What's problem if with the travel-mate? It gets wet, so you wash it. That's all. Pee isn't as dirty as we are made to believe. It contains toxins but it's bug-free.

Anonymous C*nt's picture

If women weren't meant to stand and pee, then they wouldn't be able to. But clearly, they can with practice.

However, does it really matter? It's freakin' piss. Personally, I'd rather NOT have a dick and keep my glorious clit and be able to experience many orgasms and longer sex-sessions than having a penis to piss from. Penis envy is for the insecure. My boyfriend actually has clit envy!

Steady Legs's picture

As a woman who has three school-aged daughters ages 7 to 16,I agree that practice is what's necessary to teach peeing from a standing position. However, there has to be a willing "learner" and I have had difficulty in getting through to my oldest. I started squat pissing on my first day of high school; my mom trained me as we went to various public places that summer, including our family vacation to Washigton, D.C. Although it hurt me considerably at first, I eventually saw the advantages of it when I was able to use a portable toilet on the mall, something most mothers would never allow their children to do if they intended to "sit down". The convenience factor became important to me and I was able to use toilets that others would take one look at and reject using. Even now, it's nice standing in line at a Knicks game, progressing to the stall, and then being able to use it--wet or shit-laden seat and all--because mom had the patience to teach me this most valuable technique. However, I'm still waiting for the "light" to go on for my 16-year-old. And waiting, and waiting.......

Mother of Twins's picture

As the mother of twin daughters who are five, public restrooms are indeed challenging. For the past 18 months or so, I simply bring them into a stall, and have each over the seat, on opposite sides. My biggest problem is to get them to sit in far enough so that they get their pee into the stool and not on the seat or themselves. It is so surprising to me that large number of users who put large (several layers) of tissue over the seat, pee but never flush. Just last week when we were at a highway reststop, we passed up four stalls that had large amounts of paper on the seats and unflushed stools. I'm reluctant to try and flush in such situations because I don't know if the bowl will clog. After my girls get done and flush, I have them stand directly outside the toilet door and I watch their feet while I sit down and urinate. It only takes me a minute or less and the next woman in won't have to worry about the paper or pee I left for them. I know some mothers are neglectful, some are over-protective, and some are probably best described as neurotic. I'm a stay-at-home mom without a college degree and I want my girls to grow up knowing how to RESPONSIBLY USE public restrooms without the two extremes we've seen so much of with some of the other postings: fear and overreaction!

Anonymous12345's picture

I have recently picked up this skill and trust me, its much better than squatting over a dirty toliet seat and spraying everywhere.

I started practicing in the shower. When I was able to successfully hit the drain with no problem at all, I moved on to the toliet. Now I'm a pro!

One time the women's line was ridiculously long so I waltzed into the mens bathroom, went to the urinal, and went. Everyone thought it was sexy.

So, give it a try cause it's convient and fun.

Anonymous Coward's picture

Come on-give me a break! What next-pooping while walking?
It seems to me that the biggest problem we women have is that people are incosiderate boobs! If everyone took a moment to clean up after themselves and FLUSHED, we wouldn't have to worry about standing up. Yes, there are times when we encounter "technical" problems with stalls, but 9 out of 10 times, it's because others don't flush!
I'm TIRED and SICK (LITERALLY) of walking into a stall and finding that the last users were inconsiderate boobs! GET A LIFE!

Dirty Donna's picture

I agree with Mother of Twins. There are some real wacko people out there. I feel some of the extreme behaviors are passed down from generation to generation. without anyone thinking to question why something is done.

I was one of the poorest (financially) in my school. Although we lived in public housing, I went to a nice school nearby. Many of the girls in my graduating class ten years ago would hold it until they got home rather than urinate at school. Like Melody, in an earlier posting, our school only had the pre-cut squares of toilet paper than were stored in a small dispenser--similar to ones for napkins in the cafeteria. Initially, as freshmen, many of the girls would spend five minutes or more putting these little squares of toilet paper over the seat. It wouldn't be unusual to put a dozen or more down for what would be, at most, a 90 second or two minute pee. And the lines would get longer and longer for the eight or nine stalls on our floor. One classmate, who was a couple of years older than me, put about four or five pieces down and cursed when she found the dispenser was out. She got pissed and got into line for an adjacent stall. I immediately took advantage of the opportunity, pulled off the tissues, and sat down for my pee which I totally completed in less than a minute. I used one of the squares to wipe with, got up, flushed, opened the door, and there she was waiting with a fist full of tissues. I put the three or four I had not used in her hand as I walked over to the sink.

Later that day in the hall way, she asked me how I could be so "dirty" as to sit down on the uncovered seat. She seemed startled when I told her I thought she was neurotic (a term I had just memorized in General Psychology class)and then I heard from friends that she was calling me "Dirty" Donna.

I found it amusing later that year when I saw she was not suiting up for PE and was on crutches. A friend told me she had tore a legiment trying to squat straddle a toilet when there was not enough paper available.

Even now I feel comfortable sitting on a public toilet seat because I know that within a few hours I will be showering. The most important thing to me is to do my best to keep the toilet clean and to make sure I wash my hands. I've taught my two elementary school sons the same thing. The youngest, Josiah, even at age 5 two years ago, protested so much that I let him start going into the mens rooms independently. Like me, he believes public toilet seats were meant to be sat on. Period!

Brittany's picture

First of all. I believe this discussion has deviated from the original idea of women's urination devices... I think they are a great idea! In fact, I'm buying one!!

I've always wanted the freedom to stand up and urinate! Not have to undo all of my clothes, pull them down, wrinkle them (if they are good work clothes), worry about urine or water on the floor or dirt... Worry about STD's on the toilet... etc... Yeah, a piece of thin paper is really going to be much of a barrier. I don't really know how much it helps... Then I'm always worried of it tearing when I sit. Then I'm always worried about my pee not flowing into the toilet if i'm using one of those stupid sani-toilet cover paper things because the hole doesnt drop out, its attached to the inside... I worry if the pee will flow toward the front of the toilet and onto my clothes. UGH. Damn traditional toilets and NO WAY AROUND MY ANATOMY!


Curious.About.Life's picture

Here's a poll on the very topic of women peeing standing up...hopefully it will serve as a good resource for women just like this site. Thank you :)


D-Piss's picture

Okay, here is a great solution on expanding women’s restrooms in concert halls, movie theaters, stadiums, and other large venues where so many of them have to wait in long lines. In one, two or three of these major cities, one of those venues should rebuild the ladies’ room. Take those doggone couches and lounge chairs out of that area and build plumbing there. Install and wall or two full of urinals like in the men’s rooms. Let them have the divider between urinals (not latch doors like stalls).

After reading numerous articles about women can pee standing up (with and without any devices) and how many have done so is some surveys that indicate that over 80 percent have used men’s urinals, this is an opportunity to put it to the test. Take a crowded venue. It’s intermission, halftime, or the seventh inning stretch. A lot of women are standing in line with their bladders about to explode. If the women’s room have a wall of urinals and the toilet stalls are full while they are waiting, the power of suggestion (empty urinals = no waiting) will make women go to those urinals in this dire emergency and use them. The lines go down immediately. Those that don’t want to use the urinals can wait on the toilet stalls.

As more venues rebuild women’s restrooms and install more urinals, more women will know that they are available and can plan their outings accordingly. They can practice peeing standing up at home in the shower or bathtub. The female-oriented television channels and magazines can let women know that there is a solution. Women can insist on having urinals installed by petition, e-mail messages, to building contractors, owners of public establishments, “Potty Parity” legislation, and so on. Take a quote from a baseball story: “Build them and they will use them.” Now let’s see women using urinals in the movies like they show men using them.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I've just learned about the finger method and I don't know what everyoneis fussing about. I got it first try and it feels great! Can't wait for winter so I can pee my name in the snow. WHOOT!

Mother of 13 year old girl's picture

when my daughter was seven we learnt peeing standing up. We practiced in the shower and she was able even to pee with the pants on, just opening it like a man does.
Now she is 13 years old and her best friend does it the same way. They are really happy to have learnt it.
Thanks for spreading this technique - it should be done more!

Nicole S.'s picture

I am A MUSLIM, and I would rather pee sitting than splashing my legs, clothes and the toilet floor. I would not even do it under the shower, because that is sick and not fun. I think that men should also pee sitting whenever they can if they care to keep thier body and clothes 100% clean.

Addison's picture

I'm 13 and just getting started with babysitting. It is my responsibility to take Darcie out a couple of times a week when her parents have to work late or go on a business trip. When we've been at the zoo and circus in recent weeks I've noticed that she does something different. She stands over the toilet and pees without sitting on it. I've always sat down. Darcie is 9 and says she's been doing this for a couple of years and that her mother is even better at it. My mom just sits down normal like me.

Neighbor's picture

Like you, Addison, I also babysit and it involves taking two children to places like movies at the mega-plex. Yesterday, I had my two girls there for a movie. I had the middle stall and they each had a stall on the side of me. To my east, a lady who was probably in her 30s or 40s came in, real fast, latched the door, I could hear her put the seat up and there was a lengthy popping and splashing, but her head and shoulders were easily visiable to us. Megan thinks she actually pooped while standing. All I know is that she wasn't in the stall two minutes and had washed her hands and left by the time I got done peeing. I know that some people pee standing up (I think it's hard and gross!) but do I now know about squat pooping also?

Love 2 pee's picture

as a girl,I love standing 2 pee.
I need to practice.
And all the boys on here now we are equals.
And 2 the girls practice
with the shower on and make sure no one walks in.I love camping so this will help me alot.
also i have tryed the finger methode it works but not as great.

Tall Chick's picture

I'm 17 and 6'l" tall. The past few months I've switched to peeing while standing in most of the public restrooms I use. And between an almost full-time job and a summer school class, most of my peeing is away from home. It may be just the luck of the draw, but in the bathrooms I'm using, my height really makes me conscious when I pee and, although I don't try, others in adjacent stalls are looking up at me and they seem suspicious about whether I'm looking down on them. Today, I was at the mall, I took the first stall because it was more isolated, and while I was peeing, a middle school-age girl came into the stall on my left, was preparing to sit down and saw me, and just left without going. Last week at the stadium in a similar situation, a woman in her 30s sarcastically asked if I was "being turned on". My friend Mary said I should have replied: "Your stall or mine?" I hope I'm not becoming too self-conscious about this.

Hamster's picture
k 500+ points

TSV - being unorthodox, you will probably appreciate this - it is the opposite take on this thread. For some years now I've had to take a leak during the night. I can do it half asleep, and go straight back off again afterwards. But can't put any lights on. It works perfectly if I sit down to pee - no need to worry about aim, splashing, or anything else. So practical!!

Taller Yet Chick's picture

I'm 4-inches taller than Tall Chick and I also get looks from other stall users because I tower over the stall partitions when I squat pee. While I haven't had that obnoxious remark like "You're stall or mine?"

I do avoid using a stall next to a young child. I've had several occasions where the young child will call out "Mommy, Mommy..." and when the mom comes to the stall, the child gets off the seat and opens the door and whispers (not well, however, because I hear it!) about that "big,tall, huge" lady that's standing.

What people have to understand about us big, taller people is that it's uncomfortable to sit on the stool because most public stools are way too low for us and its very awkward and uncomfortable to be "on" the seat. In some stalls like at the mall, my knees are practically touching the door because there is so little room.

I believe I learned something in a college pre-law class a few years ago about "equal protection under the law". The reference is to the 14th amendment. I don't believe big and tall people are in fair situations when public restroom partitions and doors are as low as they commonly are.

My grandmother talks about "old-style" toilet booths where the partitions and doors go all the way to the floor and are also much higher. She says that I wouldn't have liked the toilets as a child because they were higher up, but that many buildings had lower toilets for children. The advantages that she used to explain it with were the privacy and additional room available.

Anonymous Coward's picture

is it possible to pee or poop while having sex?

Just me 123's picture

I have seen videos of women using men's urinals, and they do it exactly like the men. Don't know why the women's rooms don't have rows of urinals.

Also, what's the big deal about having unisex restrooms where women pee standing right next to men? The mechanics are exactly the same; pee squirts out a hole from between the legs. If restrooms were unisex, then lines for women would be a thing of the past!

Comfort Queen Carolyn's picture

I would rather sit on a public toilet seat, even if it wasn't the cleanest, instead of peeing in a urinal that is part of a larger line of such devices. There's something to be said of privacy. At 30, sometimes when I'm shopping my legs get tired and its restful to sit down for four or five minutes and pee. And on occasion, I'm able to get some bowel action going. I have the same opinion as Dirty Donna expresses above. It seems people go to the extremes to avoid the inevitable. The water and soap of a shower stall can take take care of the rest on a daily basis.

Woman Reading's picture

I recently read the following post in another, very similar thread. Whilst I felt it was probably made up, it stired mixed feelings. Either way, I liked the part about using the sink and I now do (even in public toilets). As for the rest, I am not even going to think about it until I have kids of my own. Here is the thread (obviously written by a man):

"When I first started typing this post I was going to just say thank you etc for the help. After I started typing however I realized that I should leave a longer message for two reasons: Firstly to encourage more men/women to pee in the sink and secondly to encourage more moms and dads to teach their boys/girls to pee in the sink. I put a lot of detail in as I hope others will find it useful if/when they are in the same situation. Also I am practicing my speech writing technique so this is a useful opportunity there too.

I too think that the hygiene issue is a really important one. I also think that saving water is important. I was taught as a young man that flushing a toilet unnecessarily spreads germs (the toilet water becomes an aerosol). I therefore pee in the bathroom sink, but never a kitchen sink, as that would defeat the object. This way I am able to wash the pee away with the tap for a moment and then wash my hands. This technique is also good because it uses less water then flushing most loos.

I have one boy and one girl who I bathe together. A few months ago I taught my son Mike (the eldest at eleven) to pee in the sink after their bath. He had just become tall enough to reach the sink if he stands on the scales. I explained the reasons why to him. His younger sister Sophie (who is nearly ten) was quite curious about the issue and that’s why I discovered this site. You see I wanted to know if girls could pee standing.

After discussing it with their mother I decided that it would be interesting to teach Sophie to do the same, if for no other reason, then just to help the environment! We have had a recent water shortage in our area and the water is metered. I looked at a few other web sites, which offered advice on technique for girls to pee standing, so I started to formulate a plan.

Now I realized that for girls the first ‘standing pee’ can be quite messy, so I decided that she was going to start in the bath (even though Sophie is already slightly taller then Mike), and move on from there. I knew that she was going to need to touch herself, and I thought about drawing a diagram, or getting her Mom to demonstrate. As her Mom works nights it was not practical to enlist her help and a diagram seemed too confusing.

So Thursday night I explained the issue to Sophie whilst the Kid’s were in the bath. When they had finished, I took Mike out to start drying himself whilst the bath water drained. I then asked Sophie to face the plug hole and put her feet shoulder width apart. I was sweating at this point because, stupidly, I thought that touching her down there would make her feel uncomfortable. I explained in a soft voice that I was just going to show her how to hold her kitten. Before you ask, this is the name her mom uses for it when with her, which is fitting I suppose as she has grown a few fine blond hairs recently.

I used my right hand to stroke her shoulder to relax her whilst I showed her how to hold herself. I firmly placed my index finger on one of her vagina lips and my middle finger on the other. I spread her lips out and inserted my thumb slightly (about one mm) at the top of the slit. Whilst I did this I was shocked to see a cheeky big grin appear on her face, but in hindsight I suppose that is nature. I gently eased it up and asked her to pee.

At first it splashed slightly but I manipulated my fingers until we had a golden stream of wee (it was not easy cus she giggled a lot). I explained how she could aim by moving her hips side to side and her hand up and down. Mission accomplished! I told her that tomorrow I would teach her how to pee in the sink, and then I demonstrated (which Mike had also just done ;) ).

The best thing is that the next morning, when my wife came home, Sophie got up about the same time. As I went to greet my wife in the hall she took my arm grinning (I had discussed the issue with her the morning before) and she pointed into the bathroom. There was Sophie, without even the scales, peeing in sink. When she came out of the bathroom I praised her and then her mom gave her a proud cuddle. Mike must have heard the commotion because he then followed me into the bathroom and we used the sink together.

Well that’s the story of how I taught my kids to pee in the sink. My only worry now is should I tell them not to show their friends at school. I want others to learn the idea, it is so practical, clean and even environmentally friendly etc. I am worried however that the teachers might not see it the same way. What do you think people?"

Like I say, probably made up or something?!?

The Thunderous Crapper 63's picture
k 500+ points

hmmmmm I read the above and I find some things pretty disturbing here. First of all you say you are a woman reading however you sound male. Equally disturbing you have a boy 11 and a girl 10 and you STILL let them bathe together. BUT EVEN MORE DISTURBING than any of that you manipulated your daughters vagina????? And she had a grin on her face??? While I think this story is made up as part of someones sick twisted fantasy, I also find it disturbing that someone MIGHT allow something like this in their home. I dont know maybe I am too anal about propriety? What do you guys think?
The Thunderous Crapper 63 Enjoying home toilet advantage since 2004!


Hamster's picture
k 500+ points

Thunderous - you are a better person than me - I couldn't be bothered to read such a long post which appeared to repeat another one. I imagine you are right in your conclusions.

Woman Reading's picture

The 2nd to the 9th paragraph are from another forum, hence the quotation marks

Jayne's picture

http://www.gettingit.com/article/123 says in the first few lines that the army concluded that Women can't pee standing. I do wonder if they meant that women should have the choice.

Also I just tried peeing in the sink too, and it is practical, but I agree that the story you found was probably made up by a pervert Woman Reading!

Roxie's picture

The issue for me with a daughter who is 11 and a son, 10, is how to go when they are away from home and in public places. The sink, toilet, bathtub options in the debate are largely extraneous to us who just want our kids to be able to go quickly and with some degree of cleanliness; the latter being difficult since both women and men are notorious for waterlogged seats for the next user.

It doesn't matter what store we're at when shopping but when my son needs to sit down and crap, he often complains about the amount of pee he has to wipe off before being seated. Once at Sears, he said somebody else's pee was even dripping from the flusher and one side of the stall's partition.

My biggest concern this past summer has been my daughter. We've been traveling and out a lot every day. Two out of every three times we've encountered urine on the toilet seat (and at one rest stop in Kansas, a log of crap on the seat). I wonder if more women are teaching their children to stand to pee, but not demonstrating the finger work necessary to get the pee into the bowl. Why is it so hard to teach them to simply lift the seat before going? My daughter, although I've demonstrated the proper procedure for her, says hovering hurts her and she has decided to continue sitting down. However, since starting middle school last month, she says she avoids the stalls with the wet seats but is surprised at the number of her classmates that just go in and plop themselves down in someone else's urine.

As for me, I've been peeing standing in public bathrooms for more than 20 years. With the school year just starting up, I would think this is a good time for parents to visit with their children the options that are available. Apparently, too few are doing so.

Push n Clog's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

well, I'm a guy, and I'll never be able to find out how women view this whole pee-standing up thing overall, but I think it can be useful in situations mentioned as such above... there are just times when peeing standing up is so much more sanitary, convinient, fast, and effective...

oh yeah.. not to mention writing your name in the snow. hehe

To clog or not to clog...
too late - already clogged.

My dream: to design and build the ultimate shredder toilet that will never, ever clog.

Taffy's picture

I agree with Roxie. We're into the school year and very few parents seem to have taught their children to use public bathrooms properly. I'm a high school senior and I feel the conditions in the bathroom have gotten worse each of the years I've been in middle school and high school.

First, I don't pee standing. I sit down. To me, it just makes more sense. However, one morning when I got to school at 7 a.m. for music practice and my McDonald's coffee was already going thru me, I went in to pee. All eight stalls had unflushed shit in the bowl, two had peices of toilet paper hanging on the seat, and one had pee over the seat. To me, it's gross to have to wipe somebody else's pee off the seat in order to sit on it and pee. Why more students can't flush when they are done is something I'm trying to figure out. I lean back and flush just before I get up off the stool. It's not that hard. There are a few girls who pee standing up but they don't remember to lift the seat and they don't have as good of aim as they think.

Why more students can't pitch in to keep the restrooms clean I don't know. I guess they haven't been taught right by their parents.

Sadee's picture

I've just started school here in the U.S.. I agree with both Roxie and Taffy. The problem is with the few girls who squat over the toilet to pee, but they miss and, because they haven't lifted the seat, they leave a wet seat for those of us who sit down to pee like normal people. Also, before taking a shit, no one should have to choose between using the last piece of toilet paper for wiping the seat off or wiping themselves. On too many occasions at school, I have skidmarks in my panties because there's not sufficient toilet paper because it has to be used to wipe the seats after the squat pee-ers get done.

The Thunderous Crapper 63's picture
k 500+ points

I feel that a woman who can accomplish this ranks right up there with women who drive pickup trucks and motorcycles. Women who can fart and poop in front of their S.O's without missing a beat. A woman who is comfortable with who she is and tells the world This is who I am. Dont like it? Too damn bad! These women ROCK and I might add a few times have rocked my world. To those ladies I thank you!
The Thunderous Crapper 63 Enjoying home toilet advantage since 2004!


Blameless Belinda's picture

I have not sat directly on a public toilet seat since 1997, the year I graduated from high school. Like many of the other posters, I got good at hovering and I use it for both peeing and pooping. There is one drawback, however, and that is when the next user comes in, and it's a really public and heavily-traffiked place, I get blamed (dirty looks, a mom apologizing to her pre-school daughter "We'll have to find another toilet honey,that lady was sure as messy as a pig!" and similar comments) which should all be directed at the previous user because my aim is right-on. I flush with my foot but since I don't use the seat, I'm not about to lift it or wipe it since I didn't contribute to the problem. There's an art to hover peeing/dumping that isn't fully recognized.

Artful Dodger's picture
Comment Quality Moderatorl 100+ points

Amen, Thunderous. Those special ladies are absolutely fabulous.

A long time ago I was assosciated with a woman that not only dared to pee standing, she once tried to write her name in the snow. I think I wrote about it on the forums once.

Not Embarrassed's picture

Belinda, you seem so high and mighty that you haven't sat on a public toilet for 10 years and you can't understand, even though you hover/squat or whatever you seem to call it, why you get blamed by the NEXT user for what was left by the EARLIER user. Why not just wipe the seat off before you leave the stall. That way the parent with the young child, or in my case, a high school student who isn't afraid to sit right down on the seat, doesn't have to do it. Last week I had a big shit at the Kum 'N Go before I walked across the street to my school. It clogged the toilet. On my way out, I told the clerk and she was very thankful. If everyone tries to help out, there shouldn't be a problem. Duh!

sexy hot tricia's picture

Hi I'm tricia and I just started to pee standing I find it really hot and nice . I some times were thongs and do it without taking my thong off
Steps to do it
1 go to a toliet
2 pull your pants down to about your knees or below
3 reach between your legs for your thong
4 once found thong grab it with your fingers (in the middle) and pull it to the side to reveal your vagina
5 hold it there
6 push your vagina forward
7 watch your vagina
8 hold the thong in 1 hand and make an upsidown V with your fingers
9 place the fingers on the area around your vagina
10 pull up and outward so your vagina can
Pee in a strait stream
11 pee!
12 wipe but I' dont really do that ?)

Another way with a thong is
1 go to a toilet
2 pull pants down
3 grab back of thong and pull forward so the thin part is about right next to your vaginas pee hole (works best with bigger thong)
4 slightly pull the thong to the side aim pussy and pee!

Now with a dress or skirt
1 go to toilet
2 lift skirt or dress
3 grab the front of thong or panties and pull all the way back so you see your pussy
4 aim
5 pee!

I'm in middle school so the girls room gets packed sometimes so I go in the boys (sometimes)
1 time all these girls went in and I didn't get a stall so I went into the corner pulled my thong to the side squated and peed on the ground luckily no one saw me though...
I also remember when I was running the mile and had to go BADLY so I ran behind a bungalow and pulled my shorts down pulled my panties to my butt and peed I told my friend but no one saw me well than I onetime had to go so badly and it was halloween time so my teachers hall pass was a jackolantern so I went with my friend and as we were walking I had go so badly I RIPPED part of my thong off (actually so the part sheilding my pussy) trying to take it off (wore a short skirt)and my friend took me outside while I peed into the jacko lantern then I poured it out and took my thong off (I was bear bottomed after that) and walked to the class I think I got my seat a little wet but my pussy and butt were so cold and the seat

Okay by oh and ill post later

— sexy hot tricia

Linsey's picture

Tricia may be "sexy and hot" but in all of her advice, she left out one important thing: lift the seat before you start. Frequently at school, I go to sit down and pee and at the last moment, I notice pee on the seat. I doubt it's from a mother bringing her young son in there. I'm almost 14, and just having started high school, I find there's pee on the seat every couple of days. I've always sat down and probably always will. I just don't want to sit in someone else's urine. And having to tear off toilet paper and wipe pee off the seat isn't very pleasant. I just don't see the advantages of peeing standing and the "disadvantages" left behind for the normal users.

Sitting Male's picture

Yes, I agree with Linsey. My girlfriend occasionally complains about pee on the seats, especially at our high school and when we are at concerts at the Metrodome. However, I would like to bring a male perspective to the discussion. At least once or twice a month when I try to shit at school, I can't sit down and I need to find another toilet because there's a complete leg of shit over one side of the seat, or as was the case yesterday, a long log of shit hanging over the front of the bowl and extending well into the bowl. Our school doesn't have enough janitors to carefully watch for such gross and atrocious acts that might be done as a prank, but I fear are done by some misguided boys, who literally think it's normal to squat over a public toilet in order to shit. I worry about the young, developmentally-impaired freshman or child of a teacher who might be in the building and who will forget to look before sitting. It won't be a pleasant experience!

the incredible pee's picture

"I just don't see the advantages of peeing standing and the "disadvantages" left behind for the normal users."

What about what you just mentioned - avoiding pee on the seats?

Sure, people shouldn't get it on there, but the fact is that they often do, and an advantage of peeing standing is that you could avoid sitting in it.

Sitting 4 Sure's picture

Sexy Hot Tricia lays it out pretty clearly on how to pee standing up in various scenarios and Belinda brags it up that I should believe "There's an art to hover peeing and dumping that isn't fully recognized." I might only be 15, but I have to ask what about having your finger directly on your vagina for the aim AFTER it has been in contact with the restroom and stall doors and latch and hopefully, as Linsey says, the seat as it is raised? I'm far from a germophobe and regularly sit on public toilets, but what's being gained by standing isn't clear to me. Just sitting down continues to make more sense to me.

sexy hot tricia's picture

I bet lindsey didn't even try my advice
:( You should try the thong 1 first :)

Di Verticula's picture
m 1+ points - Newb

What's the big deal about sitting down to piss on a public toilet seat? Just wipe it off first, Jeeze. I've had too many failed attempts to pee standing to give a shit anymore about unsanitary public toilet seats. Except, of course, the ones found in Penn Station, NYC. Something about that bathroom that gives me more heebee jeebees than others I've visited. I have, on wasted occasion after partying the woods, successfully peed on the ground. It's easier because you can squat lower and don't really have to "hover" and try to aim like over a toilet seat. Only real challenge there is not peeing on your shoes or pants.

the incredible pee's picture

By the way, Tricia, you're awesome.

More girls should be like you, in my opinion, and try out the standing method.

Miranda's picture

At 17, I agree with Di. Sometimes the standing works, sometimes it doesn't, and besides it takes too long and sometimes hurts a little. Also, once I was at a football game and the seats were gross so I stood and was having some success, until water from another toilet which was on the floor caused me to lose my footing and I feel onto the seat. It's just easier for me to sit down. I don't even wipe the seat off first any more. I guess I just don't need the hassle and I'm going to shower at the end of the day, anyway.

Kirsty's picture

usually i sit down while peeing but i have just strarted to pee standing, right now i use the shower, and so far i think its much easier to pee standing

Anonymous Coward's picture

I would like to learn how to pee standing. I go hiking a lot and it would be so easy just to piss on a tree rather than have to pull my panties down! I have tried the finger method before and I find that although most of my stream arches out away from me in a nice golden fountain, some of it trickles straight down and lands on my pants or underwear. I wish that I could find some stand-up peeing women to hike with and they could demonstrate their technique! Do any girls out there who have mastered this talent have any advice for me? Perhaps my piss stream is just not forceful enough?

the incredible pee's picture

To the above poster: There was an old forum mostly dedicated to discussion of women peeing while standing, and there were women there who helped each other on solving problems like yours. Perhaps if you read through the posts people made on it, you might find the aid you're looking for. ;)

The forum is gone now, but each of its pages can still be found and viewed through the Wayback Machine. Here's an index to the pages: http://web.archive.org/web/20030411112742/www.restrooms.org/archives.html

(P.S. I was the first "Anonymous Coward" who commented on this page, if anyone was wondering. I actually think I posted this same link further up a long time ago, but it doesn't go to the right place now because the original restrooms.org site isn't online anymore.)

Jody's picture

I started using the travel mate when I was only 5 and now I am 10.I remember when I was 8 and I was in my new school and had accidentilly gone into the boys loo but was to desparate to go into the other building and used the travelmate in the urinal and there was this really hot boy using the one next to me and he just stared at what I was doing and when I finished he asked if I wanted to be his girlfreind and of course I said yes and we kissed in the boys bathroom.I only told one of my freinds this but they where all teasing me for 3 months.

2prnot2p's picture

I think it's cool for women to pee standing, despite the challenges. Very sexy!

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