Diagnosing A Leaky Butt

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Editor's note: This was posted yesterday as a comment on the leaky butt discussion by an anonymous PoopReporter identifying his/herself only as "Cured." I felt it deserved more attention than as just one comment of many.

On February 7, 2005, I went to work like any other day. I was in a meeting when I started to smell "poop." To my horror, I started to suspect that it was coming from me. I got up and went to the bathroom to check things out. Waste had clearly leaked out of my anus without me realizing it. I cleaned up and went back to work. A little while later, I felt like I wasn't clean. I went back to the bathroom to check things out. Again, very messy. I thought that it was odd that I was leaking without being able to control it. I made about seven trips to the bathroom that day to clean myself.

The next day, I had the same problem. After three days of this, I started to worry. Prior to that first day, I had never had a problem keeping clean. I was very regular with my BMs -- I would get up in the morning, have breakfast, have a BM, take a shower, and get on with my day. I'd been regular like this for my whole life.

At the time the leaking started, I was thirty-eight years old. I had been healthy my whole life. After a month of leaking, I developed the courage to see a specialist (a gastroenterologist). She checked things out and suggested that I probably had a hemorrhoid problem. She prescribed suppositories and a medicine to reduce the inflation. I thought it was odd that the leaking would be caused by a hemorrhoid, as I didn't have any hemorrhoid-like pain, but I gave it a shot.

The suppositories and medicine made no change. I was still getting up in the morning, having a BM, taking a shower, and then leaking throughout the day. One month later I went back to the specialist and told her that I had no change in my condition. She maintained that it was a hemorrhoid problem and again prescribed suppositories and a medicine to reduce the inflammation. One month later I was back to the specialist again, and again I told her "no change." She referred me to her colleague to have the hemorrhoids banded -- that is, removed.

The second specialist scoped me and listened to my story. Instead of a hemorrhoid, he thought that I had a problem with bad bacteria in my system. He sent me to a lab to have my waste analyzed. The lab results came back normal, but he prescribed Ultralevure, a medicine that restores the good bacteria in the digestive system.

The need to take Ultralevure made some sense to me, as at the end of January, 2005, I cut my finger while preparing chicken. The cut got infected and I ended up taking very strong antibiotics. So I was very optimistic about the Ultralevure working.

After one month of Ultralevure, I went back to the specialist. No change. He prescribed me another three months of Ultralevure. No change. So I went to another gastroenterologist and told her about the problem.

This gastroenterologist checked me for rectal prolapse and to make sure that my anal sphincter muscle was strong enough. I had no prolapse, and no problem with the anal sphincter. She suggested that I had somehow forgotten how to control my anus. She prescribed physical therapy to learn how to regain control of my anus. I thought this was simply ridiculous -- I would not forget how to control my anus over night!

Because this problem literally did develop overnight. On February 6, 2005, I had never thought about my anus before; and on February 7, 2005, I developed what turned out to be a very mysterious problem.

I told my normal doctor that I was really becoming concerned about my condition not improving, and she referred me to a professor of gastroenterology at a hospital-university. Over the last year, he performed the same checks the other doctors had, adding a colonoscopy and an MRI of my digestive system. According to the gastroenterologist who performed the colonoscopy, everything looked normal. The radiologist who performed the MRI said that it looked like I had some inflammation at the end of the digestive system just before the anus, but nothing abnormal and nothing to be concerned about.

As any of you with this problem know, it changes your life in a not-so-positive way. For the last two years, I have really had to fight to prevent this problem from overly depressing me. About three weeks ago, I got down on my knees and prayed that God would heal me. A few days later I began to think about changes in my diet that I had made over the last few years. Two things came to mind: 1) I stopped drinking cranberry juice, and 2) I stopped cooking with garlic.

So after work the next day, I went out a bought a bunch of garlic cloves and cranberry juice. That night I sliced a garlic clove into little pieces and swallowed them with cranberry juice. The next morning I noticed that I only had to clean up after myself once after my shower, instead of the normal multiple times. So the next day after that I ate three uncooked garlic cloves and continued drinking cranberry juice.

I have been eating the garlic and drinking the cranberry juice for a couple of weeks now. And for the last three days, I have been clean! And believe that I am well on my way to being cured.

Not long after this problem developed, I started doing Google searches to try to find answers. What really scared me was the fact that I didn't find much information on this problem. It terrified me that I had seen three doctors up to that point and had all of them just shooting in the dark. Many months ago, I found PoopReport.com's leaky butt discussion. I was sad to see all the people with the same problem being told that the only solution was more fiber -- I had and have a healthy diet. I tried increasing my fiber intake, but that didn't improve me situation. When I found PoopReport, I told myself that if I was ever cured, I would share my story.

I really believe that cranberry juice is the cure. Having read more about cranberry juice, it sounds like a good thing to prevent and cure infections. I think that when I took the antibiotics years ago, it caused a good-to-bad bacteria imbalance, with the bad bacteria winning. I think the fact that I was leaking was my body's way of trying to clear things up -- perhaps a mechanism similar to that of a runny nose, but at the opposite end.

I hope and pray that those of you who are suffering with this problem will benefit from my experience with cranberry juice and garlic. If you don't, I still believe in the power of prayer and encourage you to ask God for help. Peace be with you.

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It's the garlic. Garlic has cured my ass three or four times. I'm not making that up.

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I insert the garlic directly into my ass. Stops leaks every time.

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Check out cranberry extract capsules if you don't want to continually drink the high sugar juice. Garlic also comes in caps. Glad you found a solution and sorry you had to discover that doctors are often basically useless! :(

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That's fascinating! Cranberry juice and garlic have very well-known anti-inflammatory properties...I'm surprised that the doctors you saw didn't ask you about changes you've made in your diet. It's possible you had some sort of rectal swelling that caused the leakage and the garlic and cranberry helped shrink it. I'll keep eating my garlic...thanks for the info. :)

An apple a day keeps the ExLax away!

An apple a day keeps the ExLax away!

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This is why I treat things myself before seeing an MD. I am glad that you found something to relieve your condition.

I can't believe that mordern medicine can't cure a leaky bottom. I had heomorrhoids in late 2005, and my butt didn't leak, I think that some doctors just guess when they don't have a solution.
A man who farts in church, sits in his own pew.

"Two percent of the population think; three percent of the population think they think, and 95 percent of the population would rather die than think."

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So now when I go to the bar and get drunk on vodka & cranberry's and eat a frozen pizza with a shit-ton of garlic on it I'm helping my butt not be leaky. Hooray.

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Cranberry juice has long been recommended for clearing up urinary infections, so that doesn't seem at all out of line to me. Garlic has often been recommended as a natural aid to helping keep blood pressure under control. There may be something there, too.

Anyhoo, glad you're solving your problem, and thanks for sharing such helpful information with the site.

Pulling My Pants Down For Peace, Plop and Posterity!

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AB2K, your just creating the cork to hold in tomorrows beer shits. Just be careful when that thing pops.

Number One . . . I order you to take a number two.

Number One . . . I order you to take a number two.

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My mother is a big believer in the curative properties of garlic. She swears it's THE BEST antibiotic, anti-fungal, and blood pressure and cholesterol regulating food. I recall her saying at one point that chewing and swallowing two or three whole, raw cloves 30 to 45 minutes before breakfast for a week will kill any worms you might have picked up.

It probably works, unless the little buggers like garlic...

Thanks for sharing your leaky butt cure, Cured. There are a lot of folks that come to the site looking for anything that might help with that problem. If it worked for you, it might work for others, too.

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I've always been a big fan of cranberry juice and use lots of fresh garlic when I cook. Maybe it's a coincidence that I never get constipated, or maybe we're really onto something here. It hasn't turned my poo into liquidshit either, which is something that too much apple juice will do. Maybe this is the cure for leaky butts out there! Mine has never leaked, but if it does I'll know what to eat and drink lots of.

Rock-n-roll! Poopy-poo!

Rock-n-roll! Poopy-poo!

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Glad to hear you're on the mend, Cured. I can't think of too many things that could make life miserable faster than a leaking pooper.

Perhaps the problem was mental. After all, your blood/garlic ratio is directly linked to the proper function of the anus control center of the brain... isn't it?

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I also have a leaky bum bum. All these comments have helped me and I am sure to try them out. Thank you

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Hey..My name is Stacey I am an over active shitter. I poop atleast 7 times a day, it doesnt bother me much i feel like it relieves me and i like it. But lately I have had an uncontrolably leaky anus..It leaks rght through my pants when im wearing a thong then I have to leave class to go home and change my undies. Ive tried all these methods and nothing helps it..Its out of control brother. So please help me control my leaking anus!! thank you..Peace.

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Hate to be a party pooper, but have you been checked for carcinoid tumors. Unfortunatly my six year battle with the butt turned out to be this very rare cancer and I may be end up with an ass hole in the front very soon. Surgery is the only cure. Never thought I would miss my hemorrhoids, butt, as an alternative they are much preferred to what I now face.

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I eat garlic and drink cranberry juice, all the time. I guess I have no worries.
Sir SamDamnit!
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The Emir of Crapistan

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I drink a juice blend that is cranberry and apple. Am I contradicting things here?

I like garlic and I ain't scared to eat it. 'Tis good stuff!

[Insert witty banter here]

[Insert witty banter here]

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My chiropractor has been insisting that I read The Fungus Link. Apparently, most of our bodies ails can be attributed to crazy ass fungus growth (from too much antibiotic for example). Garlic and Oregano are fungus killahs! So I think you had a fungus.

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They should invent Garlic Cranberry Juice! To cure those super leaky bums! Nail 2 birds with one stone!! You saw it first here!



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KING POOP. Garlic Cranberry Juice would cure a leaky bum. That concoction sounds so disgustung, that whoever drank it would spew everything, before it had time to digest. Hence, no poop to leak out.
"If December be changeable and mild, the whole winter will remain a child."

"Two percent of the population think; three percent of the population think they think, and 95 percent of the population would rather die than think."

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I like AB2K's prescription, above. What germs the cranberry and garlic don't kill, the vodka will.

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I had a bout with the wild shits. That is the shits when you can't control which direction to block splatter from. Lots of gas and poop mixed together forms some lethal splatter bomb. So I ate over a 3 days period two candles (wick not included), this along with vinegar seemed to cure the splatters in a matter of two days. By the third day I was constipated, so I took a 32 oz serving of prune juice. After that, no problems since.

What do you all think of that?

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I think you're burning the candle at both ends.

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You got lucky, Sheriff. When used for relief, candles are suppositories, not pills. Next time, insert them in your rectum, not under your tongue.

Dinner Table Candle, for these purposes, are insufficient. Only Hurricane Candles will work.

Yo quiero Taco Bell.

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I am the master of my ass I find cheese is also a good way to cure the chronic shits, I just eat half a block and I'm cured!

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Sometimes I get leaky butt syndrome myself. I have found that having anal sex with a male with a smaller penis for a couple of weeks can help to stop the flow of my anal seepage. Go with God, I love you Matt!

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"...having anal sex with a male with a smaller penis for a couple of weeks can help to stop the flow of anal seepage..."

I happened to just read that EXACT phrase in this month's JAMA! Amazing.

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JAMA must have reprinted my article that first appeared in the Congressional Record.

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My ass started leaking about 2 weeks ago. At first I thought woah how did I miss that one but now it has been about 2 weeks and I drip about twice a day I'm thinking I'm gonna go with the Fiber and give the Cran Juice a try I'm not to crazy about the fresh garlic. Will eating cooked garlic work as well ?? And does being over weight have anything to do with this ?? I gained 30 pounds last year and dont have much of a problem being fat but if my ass is going to start leaking I will lose 50 pounds just to make sure my ass is sealed. Also I am a graphic designer and live about an hour away from where I work so I am sitting about 15-19 hours out of the day.

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I to suffer from leaky ass! I think it is often times caused by stress. I will try to stock up on the cranberry and garlic also. gee you guys are great!

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Your butt doesn't leak. Its all in your head. Damn Thetans again.

PS You're not depressed either, dammit.

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Hey thanx for all the info. I have been having this problem lately and I know I haven't been getting much fresh fruit in quite a while (or fresh veggies either), but I have been drawn to those olives stuffed with garlic, so I do think my body is asking for help. I will start with the cranberry juice tonight (I've never had any of that in my entire life) and we will see if that helps. I don't have a really serious problem, but it does happen every so often and then a few times a day and I have to wipe a lot of mucous. I am pretty stressed lately...

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enema with cranberry juice. works every time.

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I haven't been right since back surgery 5 years ago. I am presently eating a lot of fiber, but what is happening is my poo is turning into a mushy muddy stuff and won't totally eliminate itself. So when I am on my feet, it continually pushes out a little, irritating my anus and messing up my underwear.
I can't wipe it off it just comes back. I think it is because my anus is numb, and hangs open a little but I think I will try your cure anyway. Because if my shit was different, then I could completely eliminate and not have that puddy mixture leaking out. I did an saline enema yesterday just to clean out the end of the colon and so far so good, I guess until the rest of it works its way down there. I really don't think anything can be done to correct the problem of nerve damage from lower back surgery. I was told the nerves would heal by a doctor, but it has been 5 years now.
I went from having IBS with loose bowels, to constipation, and now this. I think too much fiber is causing it to be like mud and so irritating to my anus.

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I've had this problem for about 4 years and lead a clean lifestyle like you described. I can't believe I finally found out what the problem is. I've lost faith in modern medicine. I'm drinking pure cranberry juice from Whole Foods right now! Thank you so much!

Not-so-anonymous's picture

I think it may be the garlic... I've had a leaky butt ever since I moved in with my roommates... What's even more embarrassing is that I work in the nursing field and have to wear white scrub pants and (ugh!) white underwear... We don't use garlic in this house because one of my roomies is allergic!...

I never thought... Gawd! I suppose I should take garlic pills... I never... wow! I came across this on google... Yay for poopreport!

I'll keep you all updated and we'll see if garlic does the trick... wow! I didn't even think about that minor change in my diet!

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l 100+ points

Cranberry juice is a good thing to drink when you have this problem. It also helps with bladder enfections
Russell the shitting queen

Russell the shitting queen

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I have had this problem for about 2 and a half years and I am only a teenager, still in school and I told my parents about what was happening, but they just thought I didn't go when I felt that I had to. I am very thankful about this because it is very embarrassing. Know, all I need to do is get my dad to buy some cranberry juice....

The Burning Butt's picture

Thanks for all the useful information. I also have the problem of a serious anal burning sensation-particularly after a bowel movement.
Cooling gel doesn't help much. Any suggestions?

peterr's picture

i have been battling this for 2 months a few days ill be fine but for the most part im screwed. gotta get this fixed, cranberry seems like a reliable cure!

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TBB: Check your diet; you may be eating something that produces more acid than your system can handle. Best place to do this is with your doctor.

The Burning Butt's picture

I've been on a garlic-cranberry regimen for a couple of days now and initial signs are encouraging but it is too soon for a definitive answer.

Carmwoman's picture

Thanks so much Cured.

Stumbled on the cranberry juice myself, today, with a urinary infection, noticed it is helping my Crohns disease (chronic diarrhea too) only just started on it, so I have high hopes, have been researching on here ever since, and it all points to the Cranberry juice, stopping the bacteria from adhering to the membranes.

the burning butt's picture

I've found the best way to combat leaky and burning butt is by performing Kegel exercises. They're easy to do and have largely solved my leaks and burning sensation. There are plenty of instructions on the web.

hamburger soup's picture

I have had 3 years of leaky ass----at wits and ass ends---what do I do?

Me too's picture

I've had this problem off and on for years. Had a colonoscopy, no problems showed up. Some things I've found out on my own: Caffeine is a trigger as are dairy products. It's very difficult to deal with this. I eat only a rice cake if I'm going out somewhere. If I go out to eat, I have to come home immediately after. My doctor told me to eat an orange everyday. Yeah, right! No help there. Then there's the fear factor also, which I think triggers it. Just thinking about having an accident scares me into an accident. I can get past that sometimes, but not always. As for cranberry juice, I think that helps. Ocean Spray has it with no sugar and also cran/pomegranate, which is very good. I think diet has a lot to do with it.

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take a clove of garlic
rough it up a bit to release the juices
then insert it into your anus and leave it there
repeat as often as necessary
this is also a very effective remedy for piles
it can sting quite violently for a few moments, but quickly offers great relief
bon courage !

Anonymous Coward's picture

coffee, tobacco, red wine, white flour and dairy products can all aggravate this embarressing condition, all things acidic in fact ... integating blak radish (or any radish) and millet into one's diet helps, by supporting the spleen, which has the function (amongst others) of keeping the body fluids contained in their proper places ... i find the comment about anal cancer somewhat alarming, but believe that regular use of the 'garlic up the bum' remedy would address that too, as i have already used garlic to get rid of cancerous moles most effectively ...

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Dear AC, are you sure that the spleen has the function of keeping the body fluids contained in their proper places? I always thought The human spleen was the organ that creates lymphocytes for the destruction and recycling of old red-blood cells and was also a blood reservoir. It supplies the body with blood in emergencies such as a bad cut. The spleen is also the location where white blood cells trap organisms. I believe it is has more of an immune system function than anything else.

Pork and beef spleens are called "melts" and are good to eat. They taste like a cross between liver and a sponge. Unscrupulous butchers used to grind them into fat hamburger meat because they made it bright red and made you think the meat was lean, until you cooked it and it melted away to nothing.

Dirty old men need love too!!

If I had two faces do you think I'd be wearing this one?

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I developed a leaky anus too I ate "healthy" and did everything the mainstream, business backed, health advocates advised, flaxseed, fiber, fruits and vegetables, juicing, whole grain bread and pasta, low fat milk ( does a body good right?)and yogurt, restricted butter use, ate very little meat and when I did it was lean, used vegetable oil for cooking, etc... the "healthier" I ate, the crappier I felt, the leakier / wetter my butt was. After reading some other views of what is considered a healthy diet for a human based on what humans have been eating for tens of thousands of years ( we've only been eating the way we do now for a little over a hundred years) I went the opposite direction and ate less to no fruits, little vegetables, cut back on grains but when I did eat them they weren't whole grain, I ate meat two to three timerwss a day ( organic chicken and grass fed beef and lamb {including the fatty parts}, no processed meat, pork, or conventionally raised meats) and I liberally butter bread and eggs, no vegetable oils for cooking. Lo and behold I felt better overall, the anal leakage stopped, my thoughts sharpened, and my ability to exercised at a higher level returned. I can only surmise that all that fiber from grains (that past generations had the wherewithal to discard before eating) I ate drawing water out of my body, all those vegetable oils not being absorbed (cause the body doesn't want large amounts of that type of fat), caused the leaky bum syndrome. So eat more meat, take less fiber or only get it in your fiood, and dry up that butt>

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Good job summing up on what the cavemen discovered first thing after fire:MEAT GOOD.
More people flush than they do wash their hands.

More people flush than they do wash their hands.

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