Food For Toilet: Life Without A Gallbladder

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Editor's note: this was originally posted a month or two ago on the forums. As you may know, our dear Ms. Shit Volcano recently had her gallbladder removed. I'm posting it now because it's interesting, and because I'd like TSV to post a follow-up so we have the whole story in one place.

What's a gallbladder? PoopReporter Randompoo tells us:

The gallbladder is where bile is stored after the liver makes it. Bile is what your body uses to digest lipids (fats) when you eat. If you eat more fat than the bile your liver is making can handle at that moment (which is usually the case), the gallbladder dumps some bile into your digestive tract to assist in the breakdown of lipids.

With your gallbladder removed, your body cannot handle significant amounts of fats in your diet. Small amounts will be tolerated, depending on your liver's capacity to produce bile. But there is no longer a bile 'reserve' in your digestive system to cope with a big influx of fats. Since bile is the only way lipids can be processed, when the bile runs out, the fats will go through the body more or less unchanged.

Thanks, Randompoo. And now, Ms. Volcano, take it away -- rather literally.

So my pooping adventures have begun. My gallbladder came out on March 8th and now I am adjusting to my new bowels. They're quite something.

Before the surgery, I never used to fart when I woke up. In fact, I didn't vote for "always" in that recent front page poll. But now, every single morning, I wake up and rip ass. Gilbert is usually annoyed.

I have discovered that my body no longer processes fat, toxins, and other nasties that used to leach into my system when I ate like crap. Now when I eat bad, I pay within minutes.

On Tuesday we went to Reno to drop my sister off at the train station. We spent the night at Circus Circus and enjoyed buffets, ice cream, a fancy dinner, and various other not-so-good items. Almost the minute I finished eating my banana split, I heard (and felt) this rather bizarre gurgling in the pit of my stomach. My asshole bulged as if it had to fart, but something told me this wasn't a good idea. I raced up to our hotel room instead and sat on the toilet.

Thank God I listened to intuition. That fart turned out to be a liquid explosion the likes of which hadn't been seen since the Missoula floods 12,000 years ago. Everything landed in the toilet. My melon and bean salad at lunch. The bananas, ice cream, nuts, caramel, and cherries from my banana split. Several chunks of breaded rack of lamb, potatoes, squash, and fresh baked bread. Everything came out almost as it had been when it went in. All in a single fart!

Yes, disappointing as it was to me. I almost regretted not farting in the middle of the casino. That would have made a great story for the front page. But, alas, I'm not THAT dedicated a journalist.

We went to Carson City to do some shopping for our irrigation system the next day. I really didn't have much of an appetite until after we arrived at the motel at Topaz Lake. Then I scarfed down another fruit salad, potato bacon soup, top sirloin steak, and a baked potato with all the fixings. This is what the toilet ate a few minutes after MY meal.

Tonight the pattern of crapping changed. We had a regular meal without all the crap in it. No chemicals. No added salt. Nothing but chicken thighs with a little bit of fat on the side. A few minutes after my meal I had the usual gassy gurgle and tried to sneak a fart. My crack was instantly soggy. I waddled to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet (thankfully discovering my underwear was clean) and farted again. A rain of something hot and greasy fell into the toilet with a sort of SLOOSH! sound. When I got up I discovered that the entire bowl was filled with yellow chicken fat. Nothing solid.

So, with my gallbladder out, my guess is my body rejects anything crappy. Fat and chemicals, as well as other junk, goes right through in a matter of minutes. It makes me shudder to think of all the things that used to be processed right into my body instead of ushered through.

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I had my gallbladder removed three years ago. I saw my doctor because of all the bathroom problems I had been having - diarrhea, painful digestion, and need to use the bathroom after eating something unhealthy or fatty. My family is in Texas and I'm in school in South Carolina so I drive home for the holidays which is hard seeing as fast food is a BIG no no now that I have no gallbladder. He told me to take FIBER PILLS before each meal and that they balance out the system. If you're blocked, it will move the waste through, and if you have diarrhea, it will solidify it. I take four colon fiber pills before eating (three of one kind, one of another at my docs suggestion) and it HELPS TREMENDOUSLY! Fast food is still a risk, but usually I can continue on a diet of mixed fatty/unhealthy foods and healthy foods. I SUGGEST ANYONE WHO IS HAVING PROBLEMS TRY THIS! I thought my life was over when it came to eating the best tasting junk food. I now rely fully on the fiber pills and don't have to worry about going out to eat or over to someone's house

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Love this story!!!! Tell us more!!!

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In 2001 I started having pains in the right upper quadrant of my stomach. One night at work I had felt feverish, sweating like crazy, hurting so bad I could not stand it, and vomiting. My husband came and drove me to the hospital. They did an ultrasound. Come to find out I had over 200 gallstones. Wow, the Dr. said it took at least 10-15 years to accumulate that many. He said, "we are going to have to set you up for emergency surgery." I assumed that I was going straight to the E.R. Surgery was a month later.

Everyone I talked to that had the surgery said I would lose weight. Boy were they wrong. After surgery I spoke to others who had the surgery and they said they gained it. I have gained 90 lbs.

I was still having problems with heart burn and some nausea. A girl that worked for me asked if the Dr. had put me on protonics and gave me a special diet. I told her no. PROTONIX is a proton pump inhibitor. It helps to break down the foods as the gallbladder would do. It is expensive though. I do not have insurance, and it cost me $113.00. But I would take it only if an antacid would not help.

For years the Drs had me on 2 zantac 2xs/day, then switched me to prilosec the same dosage. A few years after surgery I started going to the bathroom after I ate anything, even drinking anything.

Eleven years later I am still going through the bathroom problems. Due to the surgery, going into my stomach(lapo) I have had a hernia, had it repaired last year. A couple months later it came back out. I had double mesh and it still did not hold.

Well several years later, after my gallbladder surgery, my husband was getting sick. I noticed a lot of things I went through. The same time every morning he was sick. The Drs could not find out what was wrong. After several weeks of E.R. Visits one morning he woke up jaundiced. We went to the doc in a box, he did numerous tests but did not known what was wrong.

He sent us to the ER, they did numerous tests. I was telling them what test to run. I asked if a HIDA scan was done. We had to go to another hospital, which was two streets over, to see a specialist. I told the specialist that we needed these tests and I told the ER Docs this. He told my husband that your wife needs to stay off the computer.

Well he had to stay the night for several tests. They took him down early in the morning and did an endoscopy. They found a huge stone blocking the duct between the liver and gallbladder, and several small stones too.

He started breaking out in welts all over his back, arms, legs, almost his entire body. They gave him a menthol prescribed lotion to help. This was caused by the Bilirubin backing up and coming to the surface. Stomach problems years later are still a problem. He did not tell his whole family history. He had a colonoscopy done to find out he has a spastic colon. Make sure you give your docs your complete medical history and family history.

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I am a firm believer in entrusting my healthcare to doctors. If you don't entrust your healthcare to doctors who else would you trust it with? We are lucky to have medicines that correct many problems that were often fatal only a few dozen years ago. If you don't trust your present doctor, get another one but don't give up on the medical profession all together.

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

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I had my galbladder out three years ago and had the worst pain you could have in the intestinal area and was afraid to eat. Lost a lot of weight. I have had constipation going on and I went to a GI doctor and he said to take Amitiza. I am not going to. I just barely came across that post op thing today when reading up on things. I am so scared. I had a CT scan and gastric emptying and blood test recently and waiting for the results. When I had my appt. he said you have IBS and dyspepsia. I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis like OMG!!! it's ridiculous. I am so sick I am taking antidepressants and now I know those don't help and want to stop taking them. I don't trust the doctor's and their damn medicine deals.

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I'm 23 years old and had my gall bladder removed when I was only 14 yrs old. I am so thankful to have found this website. My doctor never explained to me what would happen to me, and so, for years, I've dealt with it all on my own.

I have all of the same symptoms as everyone else! I have weird stomach attacks after eating unhealthy food, I usually have to either leave in the middle or right after a meal to use the restroom, I have the runs every single day of my life (along with a sort of dumping syndrome), and I'm so gassy! I definitely feel for everyone on here because I'm dealing with the same stuff! All very awkward daily experiences when you're in college and living in roommates for 4 years (not to mention a bf).

About the enzymes: Does anyone know of a brand name that worked for them? I'm in desperate need of a solution. I really hope I can work something out. I just want to be normal.

Oh, and as for weight loss, I feel that I actually put weight on more easily? Not sure how, maybe enzymes will help.

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I have the same problem, I had surgery in April 2010. I'm so embarrassed at work. Eight hours of work means six or seven restroom trips, if you have a solution let me know. Okay, thanks for the info. I know I am not the only one with this problem.

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Thank you so much for this. You just described me. Set for surgery in four weeks and agonizing over the decision. Fear, fear, fear. I appreciate your comment as you are right, it appears mostly those with horror stories are on the internet. Everyone else is out living life I suppose. Thank you.

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I had the very same problems as all these people with my gallbladder still in. When scanned my gallbladder was chock full of stones and doc said that my gallbladder had stopped working due to stones and infection and all food was coming out as it went in. Since having my gallbladder out my food is digested better but still have multiple consistency and colors but I'm not throwing up everyday which is a bonus! But, I wake up with terrible acid pain in front and back and when I'm hungry I have acid pain. So you lose one problem and gain others!!!

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Thanks for the info, will definitely be going back to my doctor. I had my gallbladder removed in 2005 and have to watch what I eat, especially at breakfast time, that seems to be the worst. I go to go to work dreading pooping myself one day. Take care.

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Mid May of 2012 I found out I had gallstones and since they wouldn't stop causing problems I was told to have them removed. Well, as soon as I heard that I threw a tantrum of epic proportions - everything in me just felt and knew that it was wrong. The good lord himself felt the need to put it there so I wasn't too keen on just up and removing it so casually. After all, it's not exactly something that can be undone. Anyway, I spent the rest of May looking for a second opinion, one that wasn't surgery and there wasn't one to be found.

A couple of gb attacks later I finally resigned myself to my fate and set a date for the surgery (6/27/12). In the meantime, I went searching the Internet for everything I could find about the procedure as well as what would come after.

Well Jesus, Mary & Joseph!!! I thought I hated the idea before. After I saw the videos and read the horror stories my anxiety hit the stratosphere. All I could think was what the hell happened to my life?

I read the stories and I just knew that it was going to be me too. I'd read the occasional success story but never believed I could be that fortunate. Turns out I am.

I am one month out of the Lap Chole and I could kick myself for all the stress & grief I caused myself for almost a month. For those of you who are searching like I did let there be hope. No one was more convinced than I that my life was going to be over. I was certain that I would never be able to eat at another restaurant or family picnic or carnival etc. for fear of any type of 'accident.'

I was also beyond anxious about having to have surgery. The idea of being knocked out, butt a*s naked in a room full of strangers with all kinds of sharp objects was way way down on my fun things to do list.

For those of you with the Lap Chole coming up I found these things to be true for me:

The anesthesia is great before surgery because it hits you before you have too much time to think about what's about to happen to you.

The anesthesia absolutely sucks afterward,tell them ahead of time you want stuff for nausea in the hospital and a script to take home with you. It's better to have it and not need it then the other way around trust me.

The sooner I got off the pain meds the better I began to feel.
Take at least two weeks off work even if you have a desk job.

Ice packs help a lot with the belly button incision.

Gator Aid and Mashed Potatoes made for good first meals.

It takes a while until you start to feel like yourself again.

As far as any bowel issues - I've had zero. I thought the ones who posted success stories were probably lying but I can honestly say that I've had no issues. I've been out for wings, nachos, beer and even movie popcorn and nothing... So far so good.

Oh, during the recovery I felt all kinds of pains all over the place and I'll be damned if I knew what was typical and what was not because they tried telling me what to expect after the surgery when I was still high on meds. Do yourself a favor and get as much info before the surgery.

One of the comments I read when I was researching was that folks probably don't come back and post success stories, I almost didn't. But I think somewhere in the back of my mind that when I would read about symptom free Lap Chole patients that a little speck of hope would appear. It would promptly get squashed to oblivion my by overwhelming doubt and fear but for a moment it was there.

So my friends, I wanted to stop back and let you know, while you may firmly believe that you are afflicted with every horrible side effect known to man, you very well may end up like me, absolutely fine.

Good luck and God Bless.

(32 and Female, BTW)

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Sorry to hear about this. I am just reading all articles about person getting their gallbladder removed. I don't know where you stand now if you done that already. Don't be scared and don't put it off, put your trust in God and pray about your situation. I know he will answer you. Learn as much as you can about what is going to happen to you. Doctors don't always tell you everything. I had my gallbladder remover year ago. I have been shopping at a grocery store and just as I was going down the alley I had to go bathroom. I never finished my shopping. I had to call a friend to come me. My pain was really bad before they took it out. I was in the ER four times, threw up and bent over in pain until they did an ultrasound and said it had to come out or later have other problem... It's next to your liver. I was on a lot of pills for other things, such as asthmas, Gerd, and acid reflex and prednisone. And pain pills. It's not that bad to be pain free. Sometimes I have my little problem, but so far so good. I watch what I eat; low fat diet, no red meat or high in fat foods. The problem: I lost weight and no one let me know about that result. After the surgery it happened within week. Hang in there; nothing is impossible with God. Now I'm pain free and not on all those pills that I was on before. Just tapering down on the prednisone. Thank God. This is a blessing. It's been long eight years of medicines. Never let any doctor put you on presidones. Good luck with your decisions on the gallbladder and remember the Lord hears you. Just pray.

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I had my gallbladder out in august. It's been eleven months and I still can't eat without having to poop ten minutes later, it's embarrassing. I can't eat breakfast because I'm afraid of pooping on the way to work or school. I cant eat before I plan to go anywhere for fear of pooping there or having to stop on my way. Its awful.

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I had my gall bladder removed because of stones on 5/12. My bowel movement is chalky white to light brown. I sometimes get diarrhea but most of the times I don't. I can eat what I want but sometimes feel bloated and I get very sleepy right after I eat.

My issue is that the DR fucked up my surgery. He clamped shut both liver ducts and I had to have reconstructive surgery on my dime. I cant understand how a Dr. with 20-30 yrs experience can fuck up like that. I have to wait till next month for this procedure and then wait till January to be cleared for full work schedule. A

I'm going to sue his ass when I'm done with all that.

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Glad to hear I'm not alone

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I had my gallbladder removed about four years ago. Ever since I suffer badly from diarrhea almost as soon as I have eaten something. I too cannot leave home some days as I need to be close to a toilet.
I have unfortunately had many mishaps when out, usually while driving and most recently while traveling overseas.

I am glad I had the operation though as I was in such incredible pain for over two yrs before I was diagnosed. The stones were left in my system after the operation. I was discharged then was back in the ER that night screaming in pain. For eight more days I was on a morphine machine and then I started to develop panic attacks due to the severity of the attacks. I wanted to die. That's how bad the pain was.

To this day I suffer panic attacks and have had psychological and psychiatric experts help to try to overcome this problem.

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I had my gall bladder out in a British Army hospital in Germany in 1972 at the age of 26. I had been suffering from violent pains both in the digestive tract and behind the shoulder blades, and also had very bad back pain which had originally led my army doctor to treat me for 'back strain.' An X Ray for the 'back strain' back in England while home on leave showed many gall stones, and on my return to Germany, after presenting a copy of the X Ray to my army doctor, led to me having a removal by normal surgery within 6 weeks.

Problems you may ask? Well, despite having loved curry before the operation I have now found that any food with spice can bring on violent pains, and so have lived a spice-free life ever since.

All these people complaining of pains and stuff leave me amazed. Never did I have diarrhea or violent pains. I can't imagine what form of treatment is given nowadays, as I felt a million times better and pain-free very soon after the operation.

Heredity, I feel, sure does play a part in this complaint. My mother had an enormous stone which had blocked the gall bladder completely, so hers was removed in 1966, my great aunt suffered from gall stones in the early 1900s before it was known that you could actually live without the gall bladder, and had her GB opened, emptied, and sewn up again twice before it was discovered that it could be removed completely. My own case way back in 1972 led the doctors to stop counting stones after about 20 and gave them to me in a bottle, with which my daughter used to amuse herself when examining them.

My answer to all these people is to question the methods used during their operations. Did they have keyhole surgery? Was the common bile duct examined for extra stones and emptied completely? Or have they got other problems as well?

I have always eaten a fairly low fat-diet, but apart from the spices and curry aspect I think life is a million times better without that dratted gall bladder!

Maggie Andersen in England

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I had my gallbladder out three years ago and my crap problems started with milk and dairy products within days of having it removed. It then very rapidly spread to all food. I can't eat anything without crapping my brains out within 10-15 minutes.

Nine months after I had my guts cut out there were times where running to the bathroom was not good enough maybe if I was a cheetah I would not have messed myself but I'm only human and a lil fat one to boot, I gained almost 75 pounds after my operation. I would give anything to have my gallbladder back. I only had one gall attack in my whole life and that came 3 weeks after my 3rd baby was born.

I also don't know if this is just me but I still have phantom gall pains from time to time. In my case nothing is going to stop me from crapping my brains out all day everyday except Imodium, which has become a major part of my diet! I am glad to see that I am not alone.

May the potty gods be nice to you and bless you not with hemorrhoids!

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I will put my hand up for this one. I am four years post op and I have found with the continuous issues with bile salt diarrhea I have become a very anxious person. I have also found that I feel nauseous and sick most days along with the diarrhea. I have never had an accident while out and about, but I am certainly scarred silly about it happening.

Yes anxiety has become a result of gallbladder removal for me. The pain was bad before but I have been feeling ill ever since.

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I had my gall bladder out about a month ago. My Dr. said I could eat anything since my gall bladder hadn't been working and my liver was probably putting out enough bile.

Wrong, I have been having loose and running stools 4-6 times a day. It has been very helpful to me to know this is a common problem and not just me.

I will start to be more careful with my diet. I have had problems with IBS in the past and Imodium always worked great. Not now.

I have started to take Lomotil and that helps a little more. I wear a pad 24-7. And it has save me embarrassment many times. I will keep working on this.

I feel I have to get it under control.Where can I learn about any enzymes that help?

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I had my gallbladder removed in 2001. I still have some serious issues. I am glad that I am not alone in this adventure. The problems come and go but are embarrassing nonetheless. My close friends and family are used to me needing a bathroom nearby if we plan on eating...anything. Healthy or not when my body doesn't want to keep it in it won't. Nothing I can do but walk swiftly to the nearest toilet and pray (running is too!

Life with the gallbladder = pain. Life without the little bastard = interesting. Good to know we aren't alone... thank you for that!

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I had my gall bladder taken out almost two years ago and have suffered severe anxiety since then.

Does anyone else have this problem?

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I just found out today after a hida scan that I don't have a gallbladder. I'm a little nervous of the outcome as it may include taking medication or following special diets.

I really don't know when or how I lost my gallbladder and the doctor insisted that I must have had it removed.

Has anyone out there had the same experience? Although to be honest I don't recall any pain whatsoever from this. I'm 32 yrs old and wondering what might have become of my gallbladder.

I can relate to the fact that every time I eat, no matter whether it's a healthy food or not, I go and take a dump. This has been going on for years.

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Just get a good digestive enzyme from your local health food store. They can advise you.

I had my gallbladder removed almost 12 years ago. My only problems were with salads, coffee, and bread. Due to the lack of bile, salad (the greens, not the dressing) sit and ferment in the stomach with the rest of the meal sitting on top of it. I was advised by a surgical nurse (who had her gallbladder removed) to just move my salad to the course after the main, if I want a salad with my meal, or make the salad the main course. She also said that bread will sit like a lump in your I just eat less of it.

Two cups of coffee in the AM guarantees a run for the bathroom but that is easily controlled. Drink 2 coffees if constipated. Drink one coffee for most days. Drink no coffee if going out early for a long drive.

I tried the Activia yogurt and two days later have severe explosive diarrhea. These products contain the probiotics NOT normally found in our bodies. I will stick to old fashioned Astro yogurt as it has the biotics we would normally have in our bodies.

Your body now supplies a steady dribble of bile to the intestines, and can't release a flood of bile to breakdown a large meal. So you can (read should) try smaller meals and graze your way through the day.

Just remember, not everyone gets the problems outlined in the comments. Hopefully you won't get them either.

Anyone who says they want their gallbladder back is forgetting how badly it hurt before surgery. And once your gallbladder starts to go bad, it goes bad. I tried careful eating and the surgeon said I could try it but that I would be calling for the surgery sooner than later. He was right.

BIG TIP: WANT TO KNOW IF THAT PAIN IS A GALLBLADDER ATTACK. When the pain, or attack starts, lie down on a sofa or couch with the back of the couch on your right side. Lift your right leg up and over the back of the couch. If it is your gallbladder then the pain should ease up almost completely within a minute or two. Most gallbladder attacks last 2 - 4 hours. Lowering your leg will cause the pain to increase again so relax with your leg till the attack ends.

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I had my GB removed last Friday. I had been very ill since November, this is May. I was in the hospital with dehydration and my potassium levels have been staying between 1-2.4 without supplement!

I lost 50 some pounds before surgery! I was already very slim.I have not had a meal! since Nov., I ate for first time yesterday, hurt awful! I had severe diarrhea before and excessive gas as long as I can think back. I'm not running to the bathroom yet but I was put on probiotic enzymes. I buy these at Walmart. They seem to work.

I had my esophagus stretch in march due to esophageal reflux disease. I'm on 40mg protonix 2 times a day also. I still have awful regurgitation and a choking feeling. I also have bad nausea and still have tons of swelling in my belly. I'm terrified I'll keep loosing weight. I dont even weigh 98 lbs! Good luck to all!

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Reading through all these comments, I can definitely relate and sympathize. I have to admit some made me laugh hysterically. I had my gall bladder out in October of 2011. Apparently I have some ridiculous tolerance for pain, because I didn't even really think much of it till I had severe abdominal pains and had to ride in an ambulance to the ER. The stones from the gall bladder blocked my pancreas, and I also had pancreantitus. They removed my gall bladder a couple of days later, but I also had an infection and was stuck in the hospital for 4 weeks. The first 3 of those I ate nothing except glucose from an IV.

Because of the pancreas problems, I also developed a case of diabetes. Six months later I'm still taking insulin injections, though my dosages have gone down as my pancreas slowly recovers (I'm told because of it's low blood flow it takes a really long time).

My symptoms don't seem to be as bad as some, but I definitely know about the explosive diarrhea. In fact I once ate shrimp scampi without thinking, and thought I might obtain liftoff from the throne. Because of taking the insulin, there's no way to avoid eating. I have to be careful with fats and dairy, especially some melted cheeses. Strangely I seem to be able to eat pizza with no ill effect.

The benefit has been I have to eat really well, and have lost 6 inches on my waist in 6 months and feel great except for the occasional bathroom incident. Fortunately never had a problem with a wet fart yet, but they sure do smell a whole lot worse than pre-surgery.

Good luck to all out there. It's certainly comforting reading of others dealing with the same issues.

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Thank you for your story. I was laughing in seconds! I too realized that I need to change my diet to make peace with my body without my gallbladder.

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I laughed so hard after reading through many of these comments, mostly because my life mirrors so many of those writing on here. This July 10 will be one year since my gallbladder surgery. It was the first time I ever went under general anesthesia. It was a good experience for me, and I also had a moderate hernia repaired, about 5 cm in size. After about a month, I started noticing changes in my toileting habits.They have only gotten worse, and I am considering going back to the surgeon for medication to help relieve my symptoms. Life has become very complicated in that I cannot go anywhere unless I know exactly where the restrooms are, and if there is more than one stall inside. Pretty much everything everyone is saying is true, on my end, pardon the pun. Anything I eat or drink, comes out within 30 minutes. Regardless. I usually have to wait until I have gone to the bathroom at least 5 times, before I venture out to do anything. Sometimes it is unavoidable and I have been caught in some embarrassing situations, with my 3 year old daughter in tow. I have had to make several stops BEFORE I get to my original destination. I had to stop going to my husbands work for lunch on the weekends, because the fear of having an accident was so strong, that I was afraid it really would bring something on. One time when I left his work, I barely made it to the gas station on the corner. I almost had an accident in my pants as I pulled my daughter from her car seat. I actually ran in the store with my pants undone. I have taken to wearing panty liners and am thinking about getting Depends for long trips where we are out on the highway, with no stops in sight.There have been times at home, when I am working on the computer, and all of a sudden I am taken with that gurgling pain that everyone describes. It really is like that. I have had many situations when I did not make it to the bathroom in time. A couple of times I blamed it on the dog when my husband came in and asked.I gradually lost control of my bladder after having 4 large babies, but this is different to feel like you have no control over your bowels. Sometimes there is a warning, sometimes not. Sometimes I cough and I have a surprise. Sometimes when I think I'm only going to urinate, the other presents itself as well. I always feel like I have to be on guard. I also noticed that while stool is formed, I never have an issue with constipation, but I do notice a lot of watery liquid that looks like melted yellow fat, or like the yellow bile that comes up when you have dry heaves. I can never be sure of flatulence. I cannot introduce it unless I am in a bathroom. I know all too well the repercussions. I sympathize with everyone here who has the same problem. I felt I was alone. The pain I experienced when I had the one and only attack that took me to the ER in an ambulance, was one I will never forget. I am glad I had the surgery and yes I did have a HIDA scan prior to the surgery. Everyone should. I wouldn't change my decision even though I have some very difficult side effects. There is help available.

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Peanuts are way fatty!! I love them but can’t touch them anymore, only occasionally if I am willing to deal with the consequences.

I had my gallbladder out November 2010, same story as all the others, I always farted in the past but wow they never smelled bad. My goodness, what I wouldn't give to have a non-stinky fart. Watching my diet I can usually control my BMs, salads and sandwiches everything is ok, throw some spice in the mix and I better start looking for the bathroom!
When I don’t pay any attention is when I really get to pay for it.

Just night before last, I ate a ground beef and cheese stuffed bell pepper, it was delicious! About midnight I woke up in horrific pain that felt just like the gallbladder attacks used too. Of course now when I go to the ER they have no idea what’s wrong with me, they drug me and send me home. I have heard that story a lot too. Why is it that they can do this surgery on average 500,000 times a year but can’t help us after the fact. I mean they are making plenty of money on the surgery think how much we would pay to not have to worry where the nearest toilet is or if we might suffer for cheating on our diets once in a while.

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I have the same problems as everyone else with runny poops mid or after meals since gall bladder removal in 96. You can do something about this!

I take Imodium instants when I go out for a meal, and regular Imodium at other times. I'd not be without it. There is no reason to have to run with watery poop whether you are out or at home. Medications for this are available.

See your GP to see which ones suit you best. Suffering with runny/watery poop is not an option for me, and should not be for anyone else either.

Anna, UK

Anonymous's picture

I had my gallbladder out in 2005. I used to be able to eat salads, then I couldn't. Now some of the time I can, but instead of going to the bathroom and getting gas, I throw up for least 5 straight minutes in the bathroom, Sometime I don't make it to the bathroom, I can't eat many foods, but I haven't lost any weight. I stay the same. My ribs hurt all the time. I have sleepless nights and am always hungry.

Anonymous's picture

I just had my gallbladder taken out and have had no problem eating anything,thank God. I've had coffee, eggs, steak (small portion), milk, butter, fries, etc. Little gassy but no diarrhea. I feel SO much better. No more pain where I'm bent over a chair at 1 in the morning and not being able to live my life in fear of having an attack. So far, so good.

Anonymous's picture

I can't stop laughin at all these comments. It's been 3 years since my gall bladder was removed and my life is ruled by my pooping habits. I want to eat because I am hungry but I'm afraid of the moments after eating. I can't leave my house until I feel all my bathroom trips are over. I have 2 small children and a husband. They get so annoyed with having to wait for me to get done, or having to go home early from some family outings because my stomach hurts.I have had to cancel an interview because I just couldn't leave the toilet and be scared of being in the middle of the interview and telling her I needed to go to the bathroom NOW. I've been reading about the fatty foods and everything you need to sacrifice but it isn't just fatty foods. I'd have a salad for christ's sake. Don't tell me I can't even have salad dressing on my salad. I'm not a supermodel, I don't have a supermodel personality. I can't eat fat-free foods all day everyday. It is impossible to expect that from anyone.I try to starve myself most days because it just gets annoying and old. I'm tired of all the flushing, all the endless rolls of toilet paper. I skip breakfast and for lunch I cautiously have a granola bar and water and boom! Hello toilet and good bye plans to go shopping or to the park with my kids.

Anonymous's picture

Yes, I would like to have mine back. It's has been 9 years and I have pain with every meal. Life must go on, so best of luck to everybody, watch what you eat, and take bile salt tablets -- they help with fatty food. They are just a little costly. I do use them

Anonymous's picture

I just read your comment posted on 10/29/2011 jbrian. I am very troubled and angry they took mine out years ago. I now don't believe it had to come out. But it has taken me close to 30 years to see this.I have been stumbling across info on the web showing natural ways to fix it, like the olive oil and lemon remedy. I am mad really, and would like to sue all these doctors and the VA for taking mine out. I am coming to the opinion it is mostly a money making scheme and in my opinion knowingly, criminally abusive by the money mongers of the world. They need to be stopped. So many things seem to be that way now. I wish there was something I could do about it, all the rackets and to get my gallbladder back so I and others can live with less suffering.

Anonymous's picture

It's too late at this date, but if you're still having symptoms has Carcinoid Syndrome been considered and ruled out? If not, check out You may have rare but very curable carcinoid tumors. I did. The best place in the world for treatment is in Louisiana.

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I had my gallbladder removed 2 weeks ago and I'm having trouble with diarrhea. What brand of enzymes do you take?

Anonymous's picture

Had my gallbladder out a few years ago. No problems until recently. Either high fat intake, or perhaps a stomach virus caused a prolonged spell of diarrhea with the same effects you all have had. It's possible that the good bacteria in my intestine was washed out during the process. I started eating yogurt with probiotics (Bifidus, L.Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus etc in it. Improvement was almost instantaneous. I know of two brands - Stonyfield, and Activia that contain these bacteria. There may be more. Probiotics can also be purchased in pill form at a natural food store. It is probably a good idea to watch and limit your fat intake as well.

Anonymous's picture

I had my gall bladder and part of my liver out 10 years ago because of pain and my gall bladder had grown to the liver. I have suffered with the same problem. When I go shopping I usually go by myself because like a mother with a small child, I have to locate the restrooms first and then do my shopping with it in site. Working can also be a problem if you are busy and can not stop what you are doing. I therefore eat at 5:00 a.m. and little or no lunch unless I can go home to eat and dinner out is sometimes questionable. But I live on because the alliterative of the pain was just not a choice. I try to eat fiber and add wheat germ to my meals at home. Helps some but I guess the side effect of a lost gall bladder will never go away, but take heart we are great in number and we are not alone.

Anonymous's picture

Whoa. Here's a couple that really needs therapy.

I feel bad for the wife and kids.

Anonymous's picture

All of the symptoms described here can be eliminated. The old saying "you are what you eat" says it all. I had my gall bladder out 2 years ago, no stones, it just quit functioning. Doc said only thing I could do was have it out or suffer in pain the rest of my life. Oh how I wish I had researched this before surgery!!!! Doctors used to be GODS in my eye, I now know how LITTLE they really know about nutrition and the affects of food and your health. Do you know MD's take just ONE nutrition class to become a doctor?? Thankfully there is help for us all. Check this out - Great Taste No Pain by Sherry Brescia. She supports a way of combining foods so that they are much easier for your body to digest. It works, and not just for those without a gall bladder, it's for anyone who wants to feel better!!!! Not only does it work, but immediately. What have you got to lose? I'm not here trying to sell you something, believe me, I've been where all of you are today! This works!!!

Anonymous's picture

I can't believe there are not more people raving on about enzymes. My doc suggested them (surprisingly) so I willingly took them as I have read alot of small comments about trying them. I lost 7 kilograms in 2 months through not being able to digest food properly (BILE DUMPING) in caps as it was terrible. I can now eat and seek comfort in knowing that I won't regret what I just ate. It didn't matter what I ate, from veggies to cereal & rice milk -- it would almost instantly send me to the toilet. Good luck to all that are seeking answers as I am still. Having your gallbladder out isn't necessarily the end of your troubles; it can mean just a few more new ones for you. Try enzymes; even a greenie like me was surprised on the outcome. As I said Good Luck Poop Miesters...

Anonymous's picture

This happens to me and I still have my gallbladder but I think it needs removed. Why does it happen with it still in?

Anonymous's picture

1:26 am

surgery tomorrow,
i apparently suffer from a gull bladder issues preventing my bladder from properly emptying. i am very worried about the "shits" to the point of considering skipping the apt. i have headaches centered in the right temple region, loss of energy, pain under rib cage and pain in between my shoulder blades. taking a deep breath makes it hurt more.

the diagnosis,
scans, x-rays, blood work
scan showed bladder empties only 17%

my dad is a doctor, so , i am naturally trusting of my surgeon's word. when i went to him with the results he told me. "i can not guarantee your symptoms will improve but gull bladder surgery is an option" i responded by questioning about post-op complication. his response "some people experience loose bowl".

i just do not know what to do. i am to the point of considering death as a viable option... i do not want liquid poop and i do not want pain, i just want to be normal; my symptoms have been ongoing for years....

:( scared
procrastination will eventually kill me....

Anonymous's picture

I am so happy I am not the only one who feels the pain! I wish I had read this 5 years ago when i had my gallbladder removed. I knew the local of every public bathroom this side of Texas. Thank God for Target! they always have potties close to the entrance and they are usually clean. Casinos are they worst.... the bathrooms are always hidden... three miles away from where you need them to be. Shit my pant at the Borgata in AC... there I said it. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, but all I wanted to do was let out a little toot and the whole brass band made an appearance.

I don't eat eggs... I rent them.

Anonymous's picture

I had my gallbladder removed about a year ago. I'm 24 Male 6'4 200lbs and pretty much went back to eating the fatty foods i ate before and have not had that many problems. I have to take a crap everyday now instead of about every other day before it but not have been getting gas or having to rush to the bathroom like it seems many have. The only problem i had was shortly after when i went out to a bar i would feel drunk after two or three was like being a teenager with alcohol again seemed like it just lowered my tolerance to alcohol as I have become the tank I've used to be with beer. It was well worth the removal since i dealt with the pains for about 4 years which i though were pains just from being active and playing sports with friends and busting my ass at work like I always did. also before i was getting sick while playing football and throwing up, that has not been a problem since

Anonymous's picture

I had my gall bladder removed about two years ago. Every since, I have had really bad diarrhea. As soon as I get done from eating breakfast, lunch,or dinner, It starts. I haven't lost any weight, keep gaining weight. This is annoying and I want some help. Give me my gall bladder back. I would rather deal with the pain than the shits. I think I will go and purchase me some depends, so that I can eat and than just shit at the table. WOW I AM MAD AS HELL. HELP!!!!!!

Anonymous's picture

HeY whatever happened!

Anonymous's picture

Im sorry to here yall have had these problem after your gallbladder was removed i had mine removed about 15-20 days ago and nothing has changed yet thanks to this forum i know what i may have to look forward to and that it is not uncommon wishing every every onr the best

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hey friends, my uncle got gallbladder attack and was obliged by his doctor to cut off his gallbladder soon if possible. But my auntie said we have no money and we will just come back after we find money. so when they got home my auntie gave my uncle 3/4 cup olive oil with lemon to fill up the cup. and after consuming the pain subside. my uncle right now is okay and no operation. I hope this will help. for assistance u may e-mail me--

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