Food For Toilet: Life Without A Gallbladder

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Editor's note: this was originally posted a month or two ago on the forums. As you may know, our dear Ms. Shit Volcano recently had her gallbladder removed. I'm posting it now because it's interesting, and because I'd like TSV to post a follow-up so we have the whole story in one place.

What's a gallbladder? PoopReporter Randompoo tells us:

The gallbladder is where bile is stored after the liver makes it. Bile is what your body uses to digest lipids (fats) when you eat. If you eat more fat than the bile your liver is making can handle at that moment (which is usually the case), the gallbladder dumps some bile into your digestive tract to assist in the breakdown of lipids.

With your gallbladder removed, your body cannot handle significant amounts of fats in your diet. Small amounts will be tolerated, depending on your liver's capacity to produce bile. But there is no longer a bile 'reserve' in your digestive system to cope with a big influx of fats. Since bile is the only way lipids can be processed, when the bile runs out, the fats will go through the body more or less unchanged.

Thanks, Randompoo. And now, Ms. Volcano, take it away -- rather literally.

So my pooping adventures have begun. My gallbladder came out on March 8th and now I am adjusting to my new bowels. They're quite something.

Before the surgery, I never used to fart when I woke up. In fact, I didn't vote for "always" in that recent front page poll. But now, every single morning, I wake up and rip ass. Gilbert is usually annoyed.

I have discovered that my body no longer processes fat, toxins, and other nasties that used to leach into my system when I ate like crap. Now when I eat bad, I pay within minutes.

On Tuesday we went to Reno to drop my sister off at the train station. We spent the night at Circus Circus and enjoyed buffets, ice cream, a fancy dinner, and various other not-so-good items. Almost the minute I finished eating my banana split, I heard (and felt) this rather bizarre gurgling in the pit of my stomach. My asshole bulged as if it had to fart, but something told me this wasn't a good idea. I raced up to our hotel room instead and sat on the toilet.

Thank God I listened to intuition. That fart turned out to be a liquid explosion the likes of which hadn't been seen since the Missoula floods 12,000 years ago. Everything landed in the toilet. My melon and bean salad at lunch. The bananas, ice cream, nuts, caramel, and cherries from my banana split. Several chunks of breaded rack of lamb, potatoes, squash, and fresh baked bread. Everything came out almost as it had been when it went in. All in a single fart!

Yes, disappointing as it was to me. I almost regretted not farting in the middle of the casino. That would have made a great story for the front page. But, alas, I'm not THAT dedicated a journalist.

We went to Carson City to do some shopping for our irrigation system the next day. I really didn't have much of an appetite until after we arrived at the motel at Topaz Lake. Then I scarfed down another fruit salad, potato bacon soup, top sirloin steak, and a baked potato with all the fixings. This is what the toilet ate a few minutes after MY meal.

Tonight the pattern of crapping changed. We had a regular meal without all the crap in it. No chemicals. No added salt. Nothing but chicken thighs with a little bit of fat on the side. A few minutes after my meal I had the usual gassy gurgle and tried to sneak a fart. My crack was instantly soggy. I waddled to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet (thankfully discovering my underwear was clean) and farted again. A rain of something hot and greasy fell into the toilet with a sort of SLOOSH! sound. When I got up I discovered that the entire bowl was filled with yellow chicken fat. Nothing solid.

So, with my gallbladder out, my guess is my body rejects anything crappy. Fat and chemicals, as well as other junk, goes right through in a matter of minutes. It makes me shudder to think of all the things that used to be processed right into my body instead of ushered through.

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Plus one point for using the word "sloosh."

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You need to check into getting a script of Questran as the "full bodied farts" will get old very fast.

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I feel so bad for you! I couldn't imagine eating all that just to poop it out mere minutes later! Best of luck to you. By the way...good story!

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_I'm so sorry you have this problem.I had no idea taking out your gallbladder causes this problem.hang in there!______

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Very moving. Although, I wouldn't rule out the casino food as the sole instigator. I still have my gall bladder, and I would predictably shoot turkey stuffing out my anus with every trough feeding at the old El Rancho buffet in Vegas.

It sounds like IBS without the guesswork. You may have inspired me to have my gall bladder electively removed.

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Try having your gallbladder removed (when I was 13, almost ten years ago) and having IBS. It's horrible. But from the sound of your story you may have IBS too. Make sure you get that checked out.
Greasy foods will travel faster but I've found that even with non-greasy foods there is always an explosion waiting to happen.

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TSV, What do expect the overall health consequences of Gall Bladder Removal will be for you? Weight loss?

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Geez I feel for ya there. Instantly soggy ass crack is no fun!
The Thunderous Crapper 63 Enjoying home toilet advantage since 2004!


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ah, yes... explosive diarrhea. I once lost the deposit on an apartment that way.

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Wow! That's sounds extreme! I think I'd be afraid of actual ass-puke, being able to tell what was what so clearly.
I hope you get into a nice balance of things soon. I'm worried you aren't getting enough vitamins and nutrients....
Thanks for sharing and best wishes for a speedy recovery. What makes someone need to have their gallbladder removed anyway?
'Hey that sounds pretty nasty, how about a courtesy flush over there?' (AP1)

'Hey that sounds pretty nasty, how about a courtesy flush over there?' (AP1)

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I do hope that you'll be able to tolerate things like walnuts and olive oil and mackerel (omega three fatties for the brain), as someone as wonderfully intelligent as you should be feeding your mind as much good fat as possible. My question, Shitty, is can you take OM3's in a pill or gel-cap form that your body will allow? Is it different from eating food to get this thing?

Do you have to take new suppliments?

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

.....hugging bunnies since 1969

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Removed gallbladder = excellent weight loss program

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About as good a weight loss program as having your tonsils or wisdom teeth out.

Let us know if it gets any better, TSV. My uncle just had his gallbladder out (two days ago) and I don't know if he's gotten to the "can't eat ANYTHING cause I'll get the runs" stage yet.

It's YOUR cat, YOU get his poop out of my sink!

Bad kitty! Bathtubs are NOT litterboxes!

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Thank goodness someone else has the same problem as me ... now I don't feel so angry at my digestive system. I've always been a little sensitive to fatty (especially fried) food and removing my gallbladder made it worse -- once it goes in, my tummy IMMEDIATELY starts rumbling & whooosh! It comes out. It's truly gross & annoying. Yet sometimes satisfying and a great way of making sure that I eat healthy.

And alcohol speeds things up ... even if it's "safe" food. We went to a fancy restaurant a couple months ago and the small amount of pate in one of my dishes made me sick for 2 days. Ugh.

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As Dave requested, I can say after almost two months that the problem has calmed down substantially. I am still unable to eat large amounts of oil or saturated fat, but that's not entirely a bad thing.

My ass still reacts to certain foods. However, I am no longer afraid to fart for fear of a technicolored pyroclastic flow. Now I just notice it after eating foods with a lot of saturated fat or chemicals. I will have to shit within fifteen minutes of these junk foods.

It's very interesting to see what foods my discriminating ass accepts, and what it doesn't. Foods that pass the ass-id test are ice cream, cheddar cheese,and most lean meats and fish. Foods that definitely fail are pizza (except the low fat recipe we recently discovered at my house), fatty lamb, and foods with a lot of canola or olive oil (so dressings are out). Oddly, peanut oil does not have the same reaction.

There has been another strange result of having my gallbladder out, and I am at a loss to explain it. I am now slightly allergic to raw onions. The other day I had a curry with raw onion cut up in it and had a full-blown, throat-closing allergic reaction. The strange thing is that it doesn't happen with cooked onion (unless it's red). My only guess is that this has something to do with the changing body chemistry, going from acid to alkali.

I have also developed a rather odd craving for spicy foods. Particularly cayenne red pepper and Ortega chilis. I swear I could eat powdered cayenne pepper right out of the bottle. Again, see the acid to alkali thing.

My farts remain unchanged. Loud, stinky, and hot, though much less frequent (disappointingly) than they used to be. The surgeon said this and my other problems would slowly fade over time, and he was right.

Oh, and Dung Daddy, yes, weight loss has been one of the benefits of the surgery. Subtracting about thirty pounds of baby weight from the equation, I have gone from 240 pounds to 170. Some of this actually started before the surgery, when the gallbladder was severely infected and I was sick. I have lost 20 pounds post surgery.

Behold! My new farting super power! BRAPP!!!

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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3 years ago,I had my gallbladder removed!
Every since its been pure hell for me! I regret
so much having my gallbladder removed! After
having my gallbladder removed, I had to have 3 other surgeries, due to my gallbladder surgery.
I had 2 surgeries to remove adhesions and lesions from my insides including my bowels.
I also had to have a procedure done on my bladder from where I had multiple hemorrhages.
I can't believe the shit, I been going through
since my gallbladder surgery! I have experienced unexplained chest pain, back pain, feel very sick at times and I constantly get diarreah. For 3 years, I have feared that I may
possibly die, because I can't get answers from doctors on why I may be experiencing all these
problems, since my gallbladder surgery. My
biggest fear is possibly dying and leaving my
only child, which is 15 years old, without his
mother.My advice to anyone thinking about having their gallbladder removed Don't Do It!
You may regret it afterwards! I know I do!
Your family and loved ones may regret it as well!

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As for not digesting fats, have you tried coconut oil? The fatty acids in coconut oil do not require bile to be broken down. It's often given to those who cannot digest other fats.

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Recent cat scan shows my gallbladder has cholesterol stones in it, but it is not full with them. They are silent gall stones - I do not have attacks. I've had my spleen taken out, and my uterus taken out. They are NOT taking my gallbladder for the exact reason you have described - no bile support to break down fats in foods. To prevent more stones from forming, I've switched to a high fiber, low fat, low cholesterol diet and also controlling portion sizes to lose weight. Gallstones are not "stones" - they are balls of cholesterol built up in the gallbladder due to a high fat diet that a fatty liver can no longer handle. I might even try (for the second time) the gallstone flush. Has anyone tried the flush with any degree of success?

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Anonymous Coward, alas, I am deathly allergic to coconut. I actually have been to the ER for coconut reactions.

As things have calmed down, olive oil in SMALL amounts is okay. So is peanut oil. Canola, corn, etc, forget it! The only times I have this reaction now are to extremely oily foods, such as fried foods and other things I probably shouldn't eat anyway.

Saturated and trans fats do it every time. Mono and poly do not.

Cheryl, was your surgery laproscopic or did they actually cut your abdomen open? Was the gallbladder the only problem, or were there other things wrong? Some people don't heal from surgery very well, and other times you get crappy doctors who need their asses sued. There are small risks to this surgery if it is laproscopic, especially if you don't change your diet/health habits afterward (just look at the story). Those risks go up if you had old school, rather that laproscopic removal.

Behold! My new farting super power! BRAPP!!!

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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I had laproscopic surgery to remove my gallbladder. The surgeon made 1 incision in my
belly button, 2 incisions in my lower right side and 1 incision in my epigastric region
around the sternum. Before this surgery, I was
having problems with reflux, occasional heartburn,diarreah, nausea and vomiting at times amd I was also having pain in my upper right side.
10 years prior to gallbladder surgery,I had
a complete hysterectomy due to endometriosis.
After my hysterectomy, I had no complications
what-so-ever. After my gallbladder surgery, I
had an Upper GI done, which showed I had a
sliding hiatal hernia.Gallbladder Surgery reports showed,that I also had dense adhesions stuck upon my gallbladder, before my gallbladder was taken out,which lead me to believe that the adhesions could have been removed off the gallbladder, without having to remove my gallbladder itself. The past 3 years
have been one big agonizing nightmare for me.
anyone considering gallbladder surgery should
really consider all options, before having the procedure done. If your taking to the hospital under emergency circumstances, as I was, don't allow physcians to give you medication, while trying to make your decision.
Have family and friends with you, so that you
feel no pressure in making your decision.
Peace to all!! Thanks for listening!!

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TSV; My gallbladder was removed March 30th and I am laughing because it is as if I wrote your descriptions myself. I thought I was all alone with this post-op syndrome. The first week I was home recovering, I had visitors who brought me candy, flowers and wonderful little get well cards. Not wanting to be rude, I devoured the candy and neatly arranged the cards atop the TV for all to see. Soon after, I felt a fart coming on. I was worried that when it daintily puffed out of my ass, it would be SBD. So, I squooze my buttcheeks together trying to hold it in. ha. You can imagine the look on my face when I discovered that the SBD was the least of my problems. OMG, that's when I remembered the doctor told me that I might experience "loose bowels" after the surgery...of course, he told me that when I was hooked up to the morphine drip and not really in a clear frame of mind. To make the most of it, I've decided It's actually like my very own secret form of bulimia, with no puking or laxatives. I'm enjoying a little weight loss-albeit temporary. Every day gets better, and, I must say, I feel soooo much better without my gallbladder; having an active poopshoot is not so bad.

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I had my gallbladder out on 6/13/05. They told me I had no dietary restriction after the surgery, but if I were to eat fatty foods I'd get the shits and quickly. But that only happened to me ONCE. About a week after surgery I went up to the Wendy's and got a burger. Fifteen minutes later it was gone.

Other than that one episode, I went the opposite way. Constipation. I'd never had a problem with this in my life, and the doctors refused to believe it had anything to do with the surgery. Obviously, I refused to believe it didn't. I know it did. Nothing had changed with my diet or anything else. I never even took the oxycontin they gave me for pain. Nothing changed except that I didn't have a gall bladder.

And I'm not talking about a couple of weeks, either. This went on for a very long time and still happens on occasion. At some point (several months post-op), I began to alternate between constipation and the shits. But the shits rarely happen just after I eat. It's random.

Anyway, when I have the shits it's very strange. It's not exactly diarrhea; it's more like loose stools. But what's weird about it is that these loose stool are mixed in with and even connected by stringy, webby stuff. I don't think it's worms and I do not know what mucous looks like. But again, this never happened before the gall bladder was removed.

I'm waiting on my account to be verified so I can take this to the forums, but in the meantime I thought I'd post here since it seems to be on-topic. Has anyone else experienced anything like this (with or without a gall bladder)?

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what do I eat now that my gall bladder is out and I need a real food list because I do also have liver problems, so if some one can help me with this I would really appreciate it and may God Bless you all for the stuff that I have learned so far from this page.

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OMG....I have my surgery scheduled for Oct. 4th. You guys have me totally AFEARED! Yikes!

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I parted company with my gall bladder years ago. I had and still have diarrhea. Not all the time, but when I do it goes on and on no matter what I eat. I am never constipated. A gastroenterilogist diagnosed irritable bowel syndrome and advised me to use stool softeners and eat a diet to keep my stool soft. May he rot in the same garbage can from which he pulled his "trashcan diagnosis" and lose the hearing he apparently has no use for. Constipation would be a relief.

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Hey, I've been going through the same things as The Shit Volcano! The only thing is, I still have my gall bladder, it just doesn't work. Different problem, same result. I too felt like it was my story. I just ate a salad with raw onions and the pain is awful, so I got online to check it out and found this. Whew! Other people go through this stuff too!

My surgeon told me he could take out my gall bladder, but it wouldn't change the symptoms. He diagnosed IBS and gall bladder disease, and told me my only restrictions on food were what made me hurt-and ice cream. NO ICE CREAM! It's been two years and what I wouldn't give for a pint of New York Super Fudge Chunk.

Sometimes I have to decide if a food-or drink- is worth the amount of time I'll be in the bathroom, or the sore butt that comes with it. If I can't clearly see the bathroom in a place, I won't eat or drink anything. If it's going to get me, there usually isn't time to look for a john.

Oh yeah, one of my biggest poop causers is tap water. Once in a while I will forget and casually take a drink from the tap, and the payment is swift and not at all fitting the crime.

My doctor put me on Lomotil and that really eased the symptoms until they went the other way. I decided I would rather be loose then plugged up. It's too bad those are the only choices. Taking a fiber supplement helps too, but nothing stops the constant running to the toilet, sometimes before I can finish a meal.

Anyway, hope everyone is coping and that someone finds a "fix" for us all the doesn't include NO ICE CREAM.

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I actually did a search through google and found this article. Only because I too had my gallbladder removed, last month. My search wording was, "what happens when you eat fatty foods with no gallbladder." This morning I went out with my husband for breakfast and I ordered sausage, eggs and buttermilk pancakes. I was so good with my lowfat diet until this morning. Now, I'm paying the piper. waaaa!

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Hi,wanted to comment that i also had my gallbladder removed after 7 years of on and off pain in upper right area!!! I also experienced the DUMPING SYNDROME....when a dear aunt of mine brought a deliciuss strawberry cheescake to me a week after my surgery I ate only a little tiny piece and owwwww my lord!!! it was aweful. But, I am a hairstylist and I have supppper clients that I talk about everything toooo and have gotten the best advice!!! do your own research, but I started taking DIGESTIVE ENZYMES and i can eat pretty much anything i want and go to the restroom with dignaty haha!! go to your local health food store and ask for samples and try out a few diffrent kinds to see which work best for u. with this i also started taking probiotics but thats only because i had to take alot of atibiotics before my surgery! trust me .... it has been 3 weeks on the digestive enzymes and i do try to make better choices... but, i have lost 11 pounds .... practically effortlessly. Thanking heavens i felt the need to share this with all of u because i also research alot to find answers the doctors won't share with us because these products are'nt from a pharmacy and they don't profit from them.
hope i could help u
thanks for letting me share this with all of you!!!

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To those who don't know, gallbladder removal is done only if medically necessary, not as an choice. I have been sick for years (since 1985) and no one knew what was wrong with me... My sister had her gallbladder out a year ago, and other than the instant pooping after eating greasy food, she is much healthier and happier... A gallbladder attack is one of the most painful things you could ever go through, and I will be happily having mine out soon... I am a single mom of a beautiful 11 yr old girl, and I thought she was going to be an orphan after my last attack... If you need your gall bladder removed, do it... for yourself and your loved ones...

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I can agree with what you all are saying it has been the worse 4 weeks of my entire life. Nothing but suffering i actually taught i was going to die i eat kfc few min later i was having diarreha, vomitting,fever i was told to use amodiun ad it did not help i started to stool blood so i went to the walk-in clinic they got scared and send me to the ER for to much blood in my stool. the er took a x ray found nothing wrong went to work the night came home at 7am rest and and woke up at 11am sweating and vomitting sick like a dog was rush back to the ER they found out my gallbladder was not working i had the operation the next day and still had loose stool when i ate or not i was in pain and drain from stooling so i got food posioning which cause my galbladder to shut down and it was a mess i am never going to eat kfc again and i am still in pain shitting and vomitting 4 weeks later wether i eat or not is this normal any advise i an my way back out to work i need to make this stop help me.

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Too Scared To Eat,
I had a similar situation with my health. I kept feeling tired and having chronic pain. When I'd run, I'd get out of breath. All sorts of things happened starting at about seven years old. Each time I went to the doctor, they did the same thing: check for anemia, check for hypothyroidism. When they could find nothing to explain my chronic pain and exhaustion, they told me I was depressed.

Last November I began to feel a strange pressure in my chest every time I ate. It was always just under the lower right ribs and sometimes was enough to cause shortness of breath, but oddly there was no pain.

In February, I ate a cheese quesadia and the swelling was accompanied by pain for the first time. Not horrible pain, but enough to tell me there was a problem. I had a second bout of pain after some pasta at a local Italian restaurant, this time a little more intense, and actually made my same day doctor's appointment leaning over the counter at the office.

I have only had one full-blown gallbladder attack, and that was during my HIDA scan to see if anything was wrong with my gallbladder in the first place. You could actually see in on the monitor after the radiologist injected the stimulant. Normal gallbladders would empty their contents when stimulated. Mine blew up like a balloon and regurgitated into itself. They decided I'd better remove it.

Once the surgery was done, (despite these few pooping mishaps) I feel much better. No more breathlessness, exhaustion, and chronic pain. I wonder how many people out there diagnosed with depression or chronic fatigue syndrome actually have gallbladder disease.

What if everyone farted at once?

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

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My Aunt found this thread for me, I'm so happy! (Never thought I'd be so happy talking and reading about crap, literally) My Gallbladder was removed two years ago. (which I'm glad about, that pain before was the worst in my life, I thought I was going insane with the missed diagnosis) Any who, I'm not sure if my pooping misfortunes started immediatly or not. If it did, I just didn't correlate the two. (I don't think I was told I would have the craps) I do know, I've cut off caffiene including my beloved coffee, I've cut out sodas even caffiene free, I've cut out high fructose corn syrup. Now those didn't cause my butt to pray to the porcelan God, but they did make me feel nausious. What does cause my Ass Prayers are of course fatty foods, spicy foods, and acidic foods especially tomatoes/tomato sauce, I've notice nuts come right back out. Until now, I've actually blamed it on "oh, I guess I'm getting older", or I assumed, especially with the nuts, they were just cleaning me out. Now, I can't tell what every thing looks like as it comes back out, but my poopy does change colors. And, for me, sometimes it happens before I even finish a meal. I think the only "normal" poops I have, is the one first thing in the morning, other wise, it's always either loose, or explosive, while I rock back in forth in pain. I also have not been fortunate in the weight loss department, it's been the opposite. I havnt noticed about Ice Cream, guess I'll have to eat some tonight and find out! (I say I havn't noticed because it happens so often, that I don't always attribute it to a specific food, tomatoes being the first one along with salsa)
Thank you for allowing me to share my shitty comment, I thought I would add to the crap...

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m 1+ points - Newb

My sister had her galbladder out. I feel sorry for her husband...

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I too have gone through the horrific pooping of the missing gallbladder. I feel for ya!

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I ate a handful of peanuts last night before dinner. All was well, I had fish and a glass of wine for dinner an hour or two later. When I woke up this morning I felt an urge coming on to poop. I went into the bathroom at work to poop and I had a watery bowel movement consisting of all the peanuts I ate last night as if they had just come out of the can! I have never seen anything like this before! Granted I rarely eat peanuts, does this mean my body cannot digest nuts? Or maybe its IBS?

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i'm 2 weeks post op and have only started down the road everyone else appears to be on. however, tonight, i tried donatos pizza and after eating took some food enzymes that I had been taking pre-op and guess what? no immediate toliet visit for the expected explosion. so I'm going to keep trying the food enzymes to see if they continue to help
if you want to try them, see my website
other than the poops, i keep experience pain in my right side and my pcp and the surgeon can't explain it any body else?

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45 years ago, I had the stones removed. Gangrene had set in so too late to remove gallbladder. That did not function and had to go three years later. There is some major pain involved in a gallbladder attack, for those of you who think that we are whining here.

And now I am suffering from severe scar tissue crowding the lungs and heart. But it beats what I would have had if nothing had been done.

I have had what I call the "gallbladderless runs" for as many years as the gallbladder has been gone. Pain in the left side as well. I think stress often affects it. I have managed these bile attacks fairly well as long as I stay away from KFC, French fries, some fruits, onions, lettuce sometimes, and other rich stuff. Carry imodeum. Sometimes live on toast. All this a little difficult with the addition of diabetes.

But here is the kicker: family after me to have the colonoscopy. Well, let me tell you!! This is one of those things that you hope you never have to do again. Not the surgical part. The part where three days later, I still can't leave the house. Doctors do not understand what we go through. There is no instant cure; it is just more shit to live with. I do not think that I will repeat very soon that surgical part. I even took my own tp to the hospital as I knew that institutional stuff is bad. I was shitting up to the time of the "operation" (not really bad), and immediately afterwards. Am down to maybe getting it under control.

Do take a prebiotic complex as I go from one extreme to the other without it. I am waiting to get the colon back to my "normal" soon.

We all have to manage what we are dealt with. Many of us who are whining have to remember that most of the time we are having the lesser of two evils. Would love the spicy food, ice cream, etc. but I will survive better with out them.

And 45 years ago, I started out with the runs before the gallbladder came out.

Also without a "g-bladder."'s picture

I, too, having my gallbladder removed almost 3 years ago STILL have this problem. Everything I eat goes right through me with the exception of maybe Skittles. Most of the time it's an ooze of orange foam that looks like a frothy mix of citric acid and heroine. The gurgling doesn't go away either... it only increases in strength and beastliness. I fear my dining out days are officially over alas... unless I can eat from the Chinese buffet in their restroom. And as far as my morning coffee goes... it's become a morning laxative. I wish I had more comforting words to offer... like, "Hang in there! It gets better." But it doesn't. I'll be praying for your anus.

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28 years old and feeling much older sometimes.

I have endometriosis. Had it diagnosed, then removed (two surgeries within one year, 2005).

Then I still had pain... Sonogram report said polyp. 5 Doctors I talked to all said, "Remove the gallbladder" (third surgery within two years of first, on December 15,2006).
Turns out the polyp was a whole bunch of cleverly disguised stones.

Now, over a year later, I feel as if I have the gallbladder pain again. I'm on the toilet within 10 minutes of eating most things, and I'm just very frustrated at hearing IBS.

IBS should stand for "It's Bull Shit" considering that it's just a name they give your problems until they figure out what's REALLY wrong.

Now, I'm worried that I'll need yet another surgery for stones in bile ducts.

Not to mention the wonderful feeling of Anal Fissures while I'm already experiencing the discomfort of the explosions. (BTW, that's another one my doctor wants to do surgery for...).

I don't regret having my gallbladder out, because I had at least one attack. It was extremely painful. Don't need that again.

I DO regret the way our bodies won't forgive past issues. Getting something one time doesn't always mean you're safe. Sometimes it means chances of another occurrence go up.

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I was searching on and found this. Its quite interesting what you can learn about the Gallbladder. I found that drinking large amounts of water, quickly, causes you to vomit very much, and cleans out the garbage in your gallbladder that causes the pain. I drank alot of water, and then I probably vomited maybe 4 times, it was harsh, but in the end it was worth it because the pain was gone, and after laying down for a few minutes after the vomiting, it felt so much better, then I was overwelmed with joy. I prayed and thanked God for everything, regardless if I don't like it much. I have an appointment in 2 weeks to have my gallbladder taken out. We'll see how that goes. Good luck to everyone on getting better from the after effects of it. I know for a fact God will help you through anything, if you just ask. He may take a while, but he does help. Anyone that is suffering from Gallstones right now, please be aware, drinking mass amounts of water will help, it makes you feel bad at first, but it cleans your gallbladder out from the garbage you put in, so its worth it. Good luck, I pray that God watch over you all, and protect you. I'm only 23 yrs old, and I know what is best for everyone, and that is God. I am sure that everything will be alright in the end.

Kurt FOO's picture

im 16 and thier tkaing mine out >.<

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Kurt F00, when you woke up from the surgery was the top of your head shaved?

Brick's picture

I developed gallstones when I was in college, sometime around 2000 I think.

At the time I didn't know what my problem was, but I'd get these awful cramps in my upper right torso area.

Being reluctant to visit an ER for anything less than a gunshot wound, I ignored the pain.

It got progressively worse over, yes, a year's time. I let the episodes continue for over twelve months until it was too late. And let me tell you... that's some of the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. And it just kept escalating in severity and duration.

Well it finally crippled me one night.

I had smoked a shitload of dank the night before, and I think that may have staved off the event from happening earlier than it would have... But when I came down from my high that morning (4am or so), it hit.

I ran to the shower per usual to stand under the scalding hot water (which sometimes helped alleviate the pain a little for me), and then I started puking. I hadn't vomited during an attack before, and I knew it was probably time to finally give in.

I finished showering, got dressed, and woke my girlfriend at the time up and told her I needed to get to the hospital. Since I was without insurance and funds, an ambulance was out of the question. We called a cab and head to the ER.

They admitted me fairly quickly, and pumped a ton of morphine into me, which really helped with the pain.

At some point during my encore high, they took me to a room where they did an ultra sound or something on me, as if I was pregnant (I'm a guy). And as the doc was doing his thing, he goes: "here we go... There's Mo, Larry, and Curly." He was naming the gallstones as he spotted them.

No problem. They can remove the stones, right? Not in my case. My gallbladder had finally ruptured or something. Over the year it had become diseased and over sized. It had to come out completely or I would probably expire.

At the time I didn't care. I figured whatever it takes to finally end that pain, especially if the consequence could be fatal. Plus, I was super high from the morphine and everything sounded like a shitload of fun.

Fast forward to post op. The doc said I'd healed nicely, removed my stitches, gives me a little pill bottle with a few gallstone souvenirs to gross out my girlfriend with, and tells me he showed all his doctor friends my extracted gallstone: "Because [he'd] never seen a gallstone so severely damaged, enlarged, and abnormal."

Thanks, Doc. Did you make sure everyone also got a good look at my cock during the operation too? (insert abnormally large joke here)

Anyway. I was told that my pipes would return to normal operation pretty soon after my body had adjusted.

Not in my case, it seemed.

It's been many years since that operation, and I still need to take a dump moments after eating. And that's not limited to just fatty foods either. I'm talking anything here.

It even gets to the point sometimes where I have to stop in the middle of a meal to crap, then return to finish eating. It makes eating out kinda unpleasant, being a shameful shitter.

(I like to think of myself as a rogue or stealth shitter. I hate taking a dump in public, but I'll do it if I think I can slip in and out without anyone knowing I was there.)

I guess everyone has a different post op experience with having their gallbladder removed, but this was and still is mine. I haven't been naturally constipated in years.

If I predict I'm going to be going somewhere where public dumping may be unavoidable, I'll load up on immodium or something like that to preemptively shut down my system. (I only do this rarely, however, and don't recommend it.)

And that makes for some really heinous farts too, by the way, until I can finally release the evil that's been building during the sanction.

Nice site. While I've read a lot of articles here, this one led me to register. Really enjoying these stories, and wanted to toss mine in here for shits and giggles.

tl;dr = Don't ignore pain. Morphine is God. Rogue shitters do it from behind.

dontwannashitgook's picture

you guys are hillarious! i'm having gall bladder problems and wanted to see the outcome and it's pretty disgusting! scuurrrrred

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Nice story, Brick. But I am envious. Your morphine actually DID SOMETHING! They gave me morphine right after the surgery and it didn't do diddly squat. I didn't get high, it did relieve the pain, and I just lay there overnight wondering when it was going to take affect. At least the anti-nausea medication worked, because they had to keep me on that stuff overnight.

Beware the shitticane. Election, 2008.

I found Jesus! He was behind the sofa the whole time!

Jenn P.'s picture

Maybe getting some sort of binding powder could help "slow the flow"--that's what I've been using, and that stuff works almost immediately. (I'm talking next day immediately.) Cholestyramine's fairly cheap, too, compared to other prescription drugs. It's a bit nasty to take, but one scoopful in a glass of water a day has completely changed my bowels. (Mind you, some people must take more and some can take less.) I'm pooping normally after years of problems! (Gallbladder was failing for years, finally died this December, got it out in January. I'm 22.)

That's probably why your body seems unable to digest fat--it doesn't stay in long enough to digest it. Or, at least, that's what I've been told. The body ends up producing too much bile with the gallbladder removed, and then everything just goes to... well, y'know. It got bad enough that I started to have no energy because I couldn't digest my foods well, but my energy is slowly coming back now that I'm on it.

Eventually, a lot of people can get off of the binder--it's just a bit of help that'll give your body the chance to adjust properly.

Hope that helps someone!

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This has been the best read all day.I just came home from my gall bladder operation and am feeling pretty good.But the strange part is I think I have had mild attacks for years and never thought it was reason enough to tell the Dr about it because I always felt like I ate too much and was full to the top.For the last two weeks I was getting crippleing pain on the right side going threw to my shoulder blade,thought I had to shit so I just rode it out and took alot of Norco(I take for a back operation)(8 screws 2 rods)The pain was almost every night for two weeks and I was trying to think of anything it could be but again never thought it was the gall bladder.So I ran out of drugs and the pain was so friggen bad I was up and off to the ER at 1:30am feeling like a big baby cuz I didnt think it was anything serious.Wow was I surprised to find out what it was they had me come back for the ultra sound later in the morning and found alot of stones and wanted me to stay to be operated on, Thick headed me decided to leave with a script of Percoset and I was off and running for one whole day went out all day had a great meal of prime rib got home and gave the dogs a bath I thought I was gunna be fine (I'm stupid) went to sleep around 1 am and by 3:30am I woke up screaming in pain figured I better do to the ER so here I am totally messed up on Dauladid but pain free I went threw with the operation and feel good not great just good 2 hours after I was out of the recovery room I was up walking around looking for a place to have a cig. I was kept a extra day so they could pump me up with antibiotics.Dr. said something about it being infected and swollen. I'm home and just got done the housework and laundry I feel good almost new but a little slower.I figure if I didnt have the Norco I probally wouldnt be moving well but I also believe that moving around alot after the operation helped things along most of the belly bloat is gone and nothing really hurts (thank you Norco) but I do let it wear off to see if I did do too much too fast an all is well.But no poo yet I would love to poo its been a few days since I droped a good one.I have eaten everything I have craved except the exelent meatballs I made I'm so afraid of the fire shits I think I'll wait a few days for that.It has been 2 days since the took that painfull hunk of shit out of me and I'm so glad its gone.That pain was worse than having contractions I atleast cought a break between them unlike the pain of that friggen gall bladder.I think by chance I got a good Dr.and he did a great job as far as I can tell at this point. Hope others can relate to this easy going story and IF anything happens like I have been reading here....I could use to drop a few pounds and learn how to eat better but I probally wont try to eat better until I have to BUT I WILL TRY A LITTLE CUZ I HATE FIRE SHITS AND HATE SHITTING IN MY JEANS.YOU CANT BE A SOCIAL BUTTERFLY WITH A LOAD OF SHIT IN YOUR PANTS.If I get to fart more often even better I love to fart it feels so good when ya get it all out. Thanks for reading this I'll let ya know how it goes after the Norco stops binding me up an the poo starts moveing.Good Luck to anyone who is thinking about the operation just do whats good 4 you.I loved all your Poo stories Thanks......

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I just wanted to say i wish i had the prob u all are having to some degree. although bowl movements are more frequent, its nothing like this for me...gall bladder removed yr and half ago...have gained 32 pounds..and being a former fitness instructor, teaching diet &weight loss puzzled how i am gaining..not eating bad things, working out and doing all the typical fitness things...but gaining and not muscle. frustrated and puzzled...maybe i should start eating greassy crap to help????

Key on the SHITTER.'s picture

i suggest you go vegetarian. then you wont have to deal with all those nasty animal fats racing through your system.

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Well.......this thread explains something I have been curious about. I went in one of the bathroom stalls where I work and the
last occupant had not flushed (automatic
flusher at Sam's Club). It looked like someone had opened a can of kidney beans and dumped them into the commode. Must have been someone minus their gallbladder. The beans were mashed together in the shape of a turd.

Something else I have always been curious about is the saying, "he has a lot of gall." I worked in a small custom slaughterhouse years ago and made a
discovery on my own. When I was gutting a cow that had been particularly rowdy it always had a very large gallbladder. When the cow had been gentle and easy to drive inside the gallbladder was always very small. Does anybody out there know anything about this?

Eat chilies and feel the burn!!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on!

Anonymous worried person's picture

Hi guys. Thanks for your stories. I have been diagnosed with gallstones after being in a lot of pain. I am worried about the surgery as it seems 50/50. Half the people are glad they had it; half are not.

judy ann's picture

I heard about a condition called habba syndrome, which happens alot to people without a gallbladder. There is testing for it . Diarhea after eating is a symptom. Tehy say it is because the gallbladder is gone or not working to keep down the bile. They give you a cholesterol medicine for this after thorough testing. There is a doctor in Summit nj that specializes in the\is. Look on line under habba syndrome for information.

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m 1+ points - Newb

Just had a gallbladder attack today.

My story starts last spring when I passed a kidney stone. And anybody who has had one of those can testify, it don't feel very nice. In fact it hurts like you just got in a fight with some big guy who had a baseball bat, and then he through you off a cliff where you were run over by a rabid rhino on steroids.

So with that pain in mind, I started to feel a little discomfort in the center of my chest. Just below my sternum. This was shortly after a meal, and it just felt like a big balloon of gas. No big deal right? Well, it did go away, but later that night it came back. Started at about 1 AM. I couldn't sleep. The pain kept coming and eventually I was reminded of my kidney stone. So from anybody who has had a "big one" is it anything like my rhino attack or am I still in for something worse?

Now the pain from the kidney stone might be exaggerated from my miserable memories, but the new pain of today came pretty close to the intensity. I got to the point where I couldn't move. And well, many of you know the details from your own experiences.

Finally went into the ER and yep... gallstone.

So now, the ER doc has already signed me up to see the surgeon. No surgery scheduled yet, but it seems like they have already made up their minds. After reading so many other posts, I'm a little apprehensive. Is anybody still out there living with a gallstone? After you have already had an attack?

Thanks for letting me vent a little. It's been kind of a crazy day.

fleastar's picture

wow, ive had my gall out this week and have not stopped going to the toliet as yet (3)days, ive just been reading all your stories and thinking wow that sounds like me and even had to laugh at a few SORRY! so can any one say for sure having no gall will make us all poo the way we all r? ive been dx with IBS before i had my gall out and hate to think im going to keep going the way i am! any help or advice would be great.

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I had my gallbladder out on Valentines Day 2008. I was so sick I couldn't eat anything for a week after the surgery, laproscopic, and then for months afterwards only very small meals. I lost 30 lbs. My problem now is I eat whatever I want even though I know it will make me sick but I have also gained all the weight back. Does anyone know a good post gallbladder diet? I know I can't go on eating whatever and getting confined to the toilet all day. My surgeon said he had never seen a gallstone as big as mine. It was larger than a golfball. I wish I would have kept it.

Earth, insane asylum for the universe.

little squirt's picture

I had my gall bladder out in 1997 and still to this day I shit yellow food coloring like liquid about a hundred times a day. After my son was born, it all happened. Pain, ER, then surgery. No one told me that the I'd be best friends with every porcelin throne known to man afterwards. Not only did I have agonizing pain after the surgery for almost a year resembling the same attacks, but I couldn't finish a meal without sweating and painting the bowl a nice canary yellow. It is many years later, and every time I get sick with an intestinal bug, I have a phantom gall bladder attack on top of it all. I'm glad it's gone but the BS that went with it wasn't that fun. To all thinking of the surgery, it pretty much has to be done so just find a good doctor who is honest and take care of yourself. Happy crappings!

Carey Ann

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I've just found this article online and it made me laugh like a drain.
I had my gallbladder removed 3 weeks ago and am now back at work carving a path to the ladies on a regular basis. I've been trying to loose weight, but all at once through my arse is not what I had planned.
I had my operation at a local hospital, having to leave through the maternity department to get to the car. Having been pumped with gas to have the op I burst into tears when an old lady stopped me to comiserate that I have been in having had a flase alarm. - "They'll come out when they'e ready". My OH replied with "She's had them love, all 27." He will pay when the stiches are finally out!
Alas no painkillers due to rampant allergies, but since I wasn't able to go for 2 weeks after the op that was the last of my worries. Eventually I stockpiled books and a sudoku book in the loo and when Vesuvius eventually blew I took the phone in as well.
Back to some kind of normal now, but yes fatty food does wend its way down the little red runway like a 747!

fixxxer's picture

i too had my gallbladder out in 2005 and have suffered a bit since then. i now have bad ibs symptoms and bile / acid reflux. i notice if i eat too much i have to run to the bathroom shortly afterward. doesn't happen all the time but i hate the feeling. i too regret having the surgery, for years i lost weight now ive gained a ton because of not being able to break down fats and such.

poop-a-loop's picture

You guys have given me many things to think about, but as soon as my insurance kicks in and i find out I wont be fired, I'm having my gallbladder taken out if someone will do it at my request. On tuesday after Christmas 08' I was at work in tears and by 2pm I left, not caring what the consequences of leaving my job were. My boss knew I was in pain and asked to drive me, I said never mind because there was no one to come back to get my car. I got to the hospital on the worst day to ever go because everyone was sick. I had a sonogram (ultrasound) of my upper stomach and right flank, and the tech told me not to tell the dr, she told me but it was a gallstone, just one, but the size of a golfball.I felt a bit releived to atleast knwo what it was. I had been thinking that I had either pancreatitis like my dad or IBS. An I.v. was given to me because they thought about admitting me to remove, I was given a pill to help with the nausea, and what was called a g.i. chaser to help with pain...and sent back to the waiting area with everyone else...Well, not having thrown up since I was 12yr old, i got to embarass my self real good. I threw up all over myself, there was no warning, i grossed out everyone in the er. No one wanted to sit by me and I couldnt blame them. Periodically i kept throwing up nothing but liquid. Once it was discovered I didnt have insurance, my i.v. was yanked out and was given some rx's and told to get some over the counter tagament. I dont know why they said tagament because I have never had heartburn. It was about 9:30pm and i got discharged and started hurting so bad i couldnt drive home. I called my sister who had a newborn less than a month ago. Of course all the pharmacies were closed except walgreens. Made it home to 1 last upchuck and diahrrea, called my boss telling her i was off, poped thos epills and laid in bed worming and moving around until the medicine helped a bit and i could actually get about 3 straight hours of sleep...I have insurance but had not received my insurance cards, so now i'm waiting for income tax so i can have this surgery and use income tax money to pay my bills..How long can I expect to be out for recovery?...One thing I Can say is ive read about the weight loss which can be very helpful, but this has caused so much pain that i have decided to change my whole eating..I will probably become a meat at all, just a protein suppliment..The firt thing I Ate after taking my meds was 2bags of frozen spinach, and it was so delish!....

Anonymous Sassy's picture

I was down to 93# prior to my Gallbladder surgery. After my surgery (it's been 4 months). and I have only gained back about 3#. I am having a heck of a time putting weight back on. And I am going to see a nutritionalist soon to help me with this. Food dosen't have the same taste either. Also, I have little to no appitite. My bowel movements are not anything like Shit volcano describes. In fact they are normal. I have gone to the Dr. on this and he sticks me on Anti-depressants. His thinking is that I'm depressed because of all this and this should brighten my spirits, And increase my appitite. What types of foods have any of you, who are out there. Been eating, to try to increase body weight after your gallbladder surgery?

ohh so sick's picture

i had my gall bladder out 6/08 and ever since im sick more now than ever before sometimes its only 5 mins after i eat i find myself in the bathroom. Before my gallbladder was out i only got sick after dinner or a fatty snack now i seem to only get sick after lunch. Ive relized that coffee brochalli are a big no but pizza lunchables seems like is the only thing i can eat for lunch that stays in me. This is just horrible to live with always being affraid of what to eat and its odd that i could eat steak today and be fine but if i eat it tomorrow i could get sick not sure how that works that the same foods make me sick somedays but not others. But i to have benifited from a weight loss i was 155lbs when it was removed and today i weigh 136 lbs. I hope this does not stay like this forever if theres more foods u relize u can eat please let me know i asked my doc about a diet plan but all he wanted to do is have someone stick a telescope up my butt to run more test and im really not up for all that.

Thundelcrap's picture

I had my gallbladder out on the fifth (It is the 21st). Prior to removal they did an endoscopic procedure while I was in Twilight and found sludge in my common duct and evidence that the stone had already passed. The cut the common duct to allow more flow-through and decided to do more tests.

What had happened? Gallstones had repeatedly, over the years, clogged my common duct causing bile acid to back up into my liver, pancreas, and gallbladder causing acute pancreatitus among other things and was misdiagnosed as GERD. For appx fifteen years I was on prevacid and had loose bowel movements six to nine times a day. The pain of the gall attack was 8/10 and was not releived by GI cocktails (1 part mylatna, 1 part lydocaine, 1 part benedryl) but the antibiotic they'd give me would eventually kill the infection after the stone passed.
In the hospital this last time they took blood and found that the gallstone had clogged the common duct, everything above the clog became infect and when the stone passed the infection marched downward over the course of five hours in the ER into my intestines, kidneys, and finally bladder.
I had to be on no food or water by mouth, just IV so the pancreatitis could subside before they could operate. The ultrasound saw no stones becauase ANY SORT OF GAS AT ALL and the ultrasoung can NOT see gallstones. Boy were they suprised when they found my gallbladder absolutely filled with stones and chronically infected.
Havin your digestive system shut down means y ou can't shit for a couple to three days but gas and everything else builds up. Not to mention they inflate your abdomen with carbon dioxide for lacroscopy. By osmosis that gas eventually ends up in your intestines. That first shit after nearly a week was great... followed by gas gas and more gas.

Now... they prescribed stool softener even with diarhea. Why? It cleanses your intestines and if you use a stimulant laxative you're going to be in so much pain its not funny. Even some of the inactive ingredients ins tool softeners can screw with you. Kaopectate worked for me but the stuff made by Rugby kicked my ass with gas.

AS long as there is something in your intestinal tract that does not agree with you, your bnody will continmually try to flush it with diarhea after gall bladder surgery. If it can't flush it... permenant diarhea. Stool softener help get rid of the deposit. The longer the deposit is there the worse it gets as it is not properly digested. It will begin to putrify and cause gas. Your temperature will elevate, etc. So go with the stoll softener for chronic diarhea to clean your system out and make sure you don't have like red meat and onions stuck in your colon.

For gas pain? Symethicone.. Gas X. Get used to it. They tell me I will use it a lot from now on. Beano can work too but they prefer symethicone. For abdonimal pain at night? I wrap an ace bandage around my abdomen twice. It isnt loose but its not overly tight either. Gas pain hurts even through morphine. The ace bandage keeps your abdomen from inflating and causing pain while you sleep as well as keeping organs where they should be and not pushed around by gas. If you sleep on you back, elevate into an almost sitting position. If you sleep on your side, use three pillows under your head and one under your stomach.

Learn to wake up before you fart at night. It will be hard at first. Most days farting in bed is fine. On bad days where you are basically peeing out your ass, a sleep-fart becomes a massive mess to clean up as well as shower time.

This is all the advice I have to give right now. Some of your advice has helped a lot.

Onions are the devil.

Anonymous Coward's picture

I had mine removed after an excrutiating attack, I wont go into all the horrible details, but we can't fill our bodies with junk and not expect something to go wrong. I recommend everyone read the book The Fat Flush plan, even if you do not need to lose weight it will educate you so much on your liver, your most important organ, and the purpose of the gallbladder, and how our livers are so diseased. With healthy eating and supplementation we can repair a good part of the damage we do to ourselves. I have the poop problem, but only when I eat something that is horribly bad for me, full of fat, chemicals, toxins and all the stuff that is in today's food. (hardly what should be called food). I could not have survied without having mine removed as it was so full of infection. I dont regret it, what I regret was that I contributed largely to the problem in the first place.

Jai Jai's picture

Thankyou for the read guys. Its good to know that many can have a chuckle about what is happening, and that it happens to not just one.

I am having mine out in 2 days time. I am under no illusion of the after effects, everyone at work ( I work in a hospital) is quite forth coming in relaying their tales of the post-op craps lol.
I miss not being able to have even a bite of chocolate, else comes the pain.
God I miss cheeses, else comes the pain.
It has been a slow process of eliminating foods to avoid an attack.
I put up with this for months and months, finally giving in and seeing a dr about the loose bowels one day then constipated the next, the constant bloating and farting. I was never a huge farter, now they just want to run amuck at the most imappropriate times (yes I have tried arguing with the bowels but they always win in the end).

After finding out it was gallstones my mother in all her wisdom says "oh welcome to the club!" Apparently its a real tradition in our family, she had it removed, both her sisters, her mum, her mums mum and just to try to balance my dads mum has also had it removed........... I told mum we seriously need to get some new traditions cause the current one sucks!

I am now reduced to rabbit food, No dairy of any kind, limited meats, never anything processed. (have I mentioned I miss chocolate?)

It is common for some people to experience pain after its removal. My mum still gets it now, and she had hers removed 34yrs later. What you have to do is learn your limits. Be aware of what might set it off. Eating too much, to much of a particular food that sort of thing.

Thankyou for sharing guys..... at least I know I will have somewhere to vent while I am home recovering
Will let you know how things are in about 3 days ;o)

Brit-Shit's picture

I had my gall-bladder out in May this year. I think I've had IBS symptoms for years, but it was constant dull pain and then an ultrasound that confirmed gallstones. Since then, I've found more and more that carbs and alcohol give me the shits. Unlike most people's who've commented on here, I seem to be fine on fats and am now following an almost carb free diet. e.g. breakfast is an omelette with double cream and a big handful of cheese, lunch at work is some sausages and an avocado mixed with a big dollop of full cream cheese, and dinner is steak with a creamy mushroom sauce and some green veg and some butter. Snack would be nuts. Alcohol guarantees me the shits for a day, and stress will also set me off. I still get aches where my gallbladder used to be - perhaps this is scar tissue.

Lena Dahlman's picture

Wow...that was quite an experience. It was a funny experience by the way. Good thing that you listened to your intuition. It would have been disaster.

sstephanie's picture

i am 19 years old.. i have a little gallstone and really bad stomach bloating(top to bottom-was just at the bottom before) and im petite so it looks this normal?

.. i was suppose to be getting my gallbladder removed.. i had surgery schedualed.. and cancelled due to what i was reading on the internet.. i have never been so unsure as to what i should do..

ALSO, one of my main concerns is how my weight will be IF i were to get it removed.. i keep hearing of weight gain, which lets be honest isn't really music to anyones ears!

if anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated - thank you!

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well, what can i say lol... i have read every single post on here, and have laughed and cried and whinced and everything inbetween lol... some funny stories (sorry) heres mine to add to it, for the last 5 or 6 years i have had on and off pain all over my stomach and in my back, it was only every now and then so i presumed it was just trapped wind,, i'd fart terribly and after about 3 hours or so it would go, this would happen maybe once every couple of weeks, then in june 2008 i discovered i was pregnant with my 5th baby (i have 3 living children now i miscarried in 2004 which would have been number 4), anyway the pains started getting slightly longer and mre frequent, i presumed it was slow digestive system from being pregnant again took no notice, then on october 13th when i went for my 20 week scan of my baby we found out she had died and i had to come back to the hospital 2 days later to give birth to her, which i did, after 2 or 3 days of having my darling little Angel (thats what we named her BTW, Angel) i started getting pain in my back, side and front all on the right hand side every day, sometimes it would be just a dull ache others would be excruciating, with planning her funeral and morning my baby i ignored it and put it down to stress, the pain just kept getting worse and worse and one night i really thought i was going to die no pain killers worked or anything. my husband (who i married 2 days before we found out our baby had died) told me to go and see the dr, so i did, this was the beginning of january, the dr said he thought it might be something to do with my gallbladder, so requested an ultrasound scan, i had to wait untill 3 days ago for the scan (february 17th) while i was waiting for the scan my pains have been daily, very very painful, cant eat anything at all even a mouth ful of lettuce sets the pain off, when i had the scan they said i have "multiple stones" in my gallbladder but apart from that everything else looks healthy,none stuck in the bile ducts which is good. i saw my dr yesterday (19th february) to discuss the results and ask for stronger pain killers as the pain is very bad and is stopping me having a normal life with my kids, they cant give me anything else for it apart from what i have got, then she said i have to have gallbladder surgery, which im really worried about having, to the point where i have panick attacks, but worse still i have to wait at least 6 months before having the operation..... i cant go every day like this for another 6 months maybe more!!... i cant eat properly i cant sleep properly, i'm in agony every flipping day!... im laying on my sofa now in pain its almost 1am and i've had this pain now since 3pm.... thats 10 hours!!... going to see another dr and ask if i can have some disolving stuff that i have read about to see if i can try to disolve the stones beofre having the surgery, that might help with the pain i dont know!.. anything is worth a try lol... cant go on like this.. i am worried about surgery, but reading the stories am in a way looking fwd to seeing waht my body decided to do with no gallbladder!!... will post again when i have had my surgery, to let you know whether i have simular problems to what you guys have had... thanks for reading and i hope everyone who has gallstones gets better soon, and everyone who has had gallbladder removal i hope your toilet habbits get better soon!!

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I had my galbladdr removed a yaer ago I have the same pain as when I ahd a gall bladder. I didn't get pain too much but was told to get it out asap It was blocked One day It was so painful i had it out immediately. I have diarrear constantly. Caffein and stress makes it worse. i am also diabetic so I have to eat to stay stble with insulin. I would be good if I just didn't have to eat . I would n't have to take insulin and I wouldn't get diarrhea . So I to suffer from constant diarrhea But what gets me you think my dr would have said tis goes along with getting your gall bladder removed no they send me to the gynacologist for abdomen pain the stool sample lab the gasto guy . Just tell me eh ya gonna have problems digesting fats ya gonna get the shits i would have been able to respect her honesty but they send me on a wild goose chase to give every other dr some funds from my insurance too Thank you for sharing everyone I have learned a lot I have to get some digestive enzymes and eat a very small amount and realize if I eat alot I suffer . My family suffers Wow there is some long large gas bloating situations Don't dear get a stomache virus on top of this condition . Any who I found that stopping eating and just easting jello and warm apple cinnamon tea with honey comforts my right side where i must have scar tissue that causes my pain . When I had sergery the dr told me I had ederm sitiuatio where skin was graowing in wrong places They said they had to cut it all up toget tomy gallbladder I woke from the surgery like some one had repeatedly stabbed me . the dr said It would feel like that because he had to cut me up so much. I then caught phenomoia when I went home a colapesed lung and some how lived . I will get some enzymes thank you for the 4111 I will eat like a vegetarian too

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its funny. cause i can laugh with you and not at you. i had mines removed over a year ago and am only now (hopefully) getting used to this story. its okay now tho. i just am way more aware now of what i eat. lol.