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Motel Pillow Pissing

Postby Wild_Bill on Dec 10 2004 3:07 am

Motel Pillow Pissing

Nearly twenty years ago, while I was driving on a long trip, I spotted an old abandoned motel on a secondary highway that had been bypassed by a new freeway. After determining that the motel was completely vacant, I explored the motel and found almost all of the rooms were locked. I found all of the rooms had beds and most of the beds had their pillows still on them. I was able to enter the rooms through the windows and I found more pillows in one of the laundry rooms and decided to take some of the pillows and have some fun with them. I took about half of the pillows from the rooms and put them in my car. I then took the rest of the pillows and gathered them all into one room. Rather than place them on one of the beds and masturbate on the pillows or then rip the pillows apart to watch the feathers fly, I decided to place the pillows into the bathtub and then start pissing on the pillows.

First I found a stopper that fit in the drain of a bathtub. After plugging the bathtub drain, I Took and placed the pillows I had found in the motel rooms into the bathtub. By placing the pillows carefully side by side in the tub, I was able to get about 6 or 7 layers of pillows with each layer consisting of 6 to 8 pillows. Since I still had many pillows left over from all the rooms and the laundry room, I placed the surplus pillows in the trunk of my car. I bought several six packs of soda pop from a convenience store a few miles down the road. When I arrived back at the motel, I started to drink the soda pop as fast as I could. I took several cans of the pop and instead of drinking them, I poured the soda pop directly onto the pillows in the bathtub.

After I had consumed three or four cans of soda, I had the urge to urinate, and did so standing next to the bathtub. I loved the sound of my piss going splash onto those pillows!!! I continued to drink my soda pop and piss on those pillows for most of the night. After I had pissed as much as I could, I went into the bedroom, and lay down on the bed and slept for the rest of the night. When morning came, I discovered that my bladder was full again, so I went back into the bathroom and
started urinating on the pillows again.

While I was urinating on the pillows I had placed in the bathtub, A couple of other men came by exploring the old motel and when they saw that I was pissing on the pillows in the bathtub, they decided that pissing on the pillows was great fun and contributed their own piss to the soaking of the pillows. When these guys had finished, they left and came back a little later with some of their friends and all of them pissed on the pillows I had placed in the bathtub.

Because I had to drive this same route several times in the next few months, I continued to stop at this same abandoned motel and each time I took time to urinate on the pillows in the bathtub. One time that I visited the old motel, I found that somebody had poured paint on the pillows. I went ahead and pissed on the pillows in the bathtub again and washed some of the paint off the pillows with my piss.

I mentioned earlier that I had taken the pillows I found in the motel that I was unable to place in the bathtub and placed them in my car for further destructive fun. I had them with me when I found a pit toilet in a highway rest area along where I was driving. I decided to take one or two of the pillows I had liberated from the old motel and dropped them down the toilet and then pissed on the pillows. Later other people would come by and shit and piss in the toilet and of course they would shit and piss on the pillows that I had placed there. When I visited the rest area about six months later, I saw the pillows still there with a pile of shit on top of them. The ends of the pillows where the shit had not fallen on the pillows were wet where the piss had dripped onto the pillows when people urinated into the pit toilet.

Since I had an abundance of pillows from that motel in my car, I would place one or two of the pillows in the urinals in various rest areas along my route. I normally liked to put them in either the trough type urinal or a floor length wall urinal where I would place the pillow upright against the back of the urinal. I would then start pissing on the pillow and watch if someone else came into the restroom to piss. Most others would also piss on the pillows I had placed in the urinal in the restroom, and a few of the men who came in would jack off onto the pillow in the urinal. I doubt that anyone ever guessed that just a few months before they may have used that very same pillow to sleep on in the motel where I had found the many pillows and put some of them in the motel bathtub and then pissed on them. There were no identifying marks on the pillows, and I had removed any pillow cases from them in case the motel had a laundry mark on the linen.

About a year or two later, I returned to the motel where I had discovered all the beds and pillows and found the roof was leaking and the mattresses in the rooms were all soaked with rain (or piss?) but some of the pillows were still in the bathtub where I had placed them that first night. I guess some of the hobos and transients that frequented the motel had taken some of the pillows but left the rest when they discovered how wet they were. Also, the window above the bathtub was broken completely out, and rain was now able to soak the pillows that were left in the bathtub.

I now took the pillows out of the bathtub and placed them in pairs on the beds in several of the rooms. Although I no longer had the pillows in the tub, I still stood beside one or two of the beds and pissed on the pillows I had replaced on the bed.

If anyone visited the motel after I was there that time, they would have found several of the rooms with their beds made, and wet pillows on the mattresses. I am sure they would not have been able to explain the wet pillows and the stink that emanated from the pillows.

Even though I am no longer taking long trips and discovering abandoned motels and hotels, I still enjoy buying a couple of pillows every now and then and using the pillows as my toilet or urinal. So, if you are ever driving along a deserted highway, and you find an old motel, with no cars parked in the lot, it has probably been abandoned. If you check it out and find rooms with beds and pillows, just remember what I did that night, and have a lot of fun destroying the pillows you found in that motel. Some of you may want to cut the pillows up and scatter the feathers all over the rooms. Some of you may want to squat over the pillows and dump a load of shit onto the pillows. Still others of you may get your kicks out of masturbating all over the pillows. Or maybe some of you will want to take the pillows (and mattresses if you can) and place them on the ground outdoors, pour charcoal lighter fluid over them and then light them on fire and watch the pillows (and mattresses) burn. Any way that you use to destroy the bedding you will have a lot of fun and enjoyment.
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