Our Comments Policy


Many years ago, PoopReport's comment approval philosophy was regulated by the first PoopReport Comments Policy, in which Dave promised to document and publish elsewhere every deleted comment in the interest of justice and free speech.

But it turns out that there are too many idiots in the world to do this. (And many of these idiots are too dependent on their cell phones.)

So here's the new policy: We approve and delete comments arbitrarily. If we think it's too fetish-based, too racist, too homophobic, then we will delete it or not approve it. It's imperative to have a gatekeeper, because the site suffers without moderation. This is the Intellectual Appreciation of Poop Humor site, which means that readers who come here expect to be able to actually read the comments. No one cares to read racist or political rants, or idiotic comments such as "I puped & it wuldnt cum out plz hlp me u can find me @ wthevr.com."

When that happens, people don't come back. And we want people to come back.

-- daphne