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Favorite Bathroom
Our ground floor guest bathroom. It's decorated in shabby chic and is full of antiques, so I feel fairly pampered. The lighting is also very soft, and that sets a relaxed, pooping atmosphere. Plus, that's where all the good reading material is.
Favorite Toilet
Just one that flushes more than a nickel. Nothing ruins the moment like your cup runneth-ing over.
Favorite Toilet Paper Brand
Scott Naturals. One-ply, soft, and doesn't fall apart. And natural. Whatever that means.
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How I Discovered PoopReport.com

I was up late one night after everyone else went to bed. We were living in a University Place apartment for six months while looking for a house, and I happened to find Poopreport in a search for some humor to read while I wound down. That was back in December of 2003. I've been a poopreporter ever since.

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I am a native east coastie living as a west coast hippie, soaking up the Pacific Northwest rain with two kids and a multitude of pets. I love good wine, writing, cooking, and crafty shit like crocheting, sewing, jewelry-making and drawing. I have an associate's degree in Accounting and Account Fraud and an associate's in Criminal Justice with a psychology specialization. Now I attend Utica's computer forensic bachelor's program and hope in the years to come to help find missing and exploited children. Up yours, human traffickers!

Washington state, where everyone poops. It's a pooper's haven.


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