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I am from the UK, living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am a struggling screenwriter (though I have not had the pleasure to have any of my works yet plastered upon the silver screen) I am in my mid to late twenties. I am a student in the film department, at San Francisco State (SFSU). I am what most people think to be a good looking strawberry-blond bi male. I am in basic reasonably good health, but I have some serious bowel problems myself. I have what is called chronic functional diarrhoea. After shuttling from one physician to another, it is still to be determined what is causing this situation.

After my term at SFSU, I shall either go back to England, or go over to Germany for a while. It all depends onmy work in selling my screenplays. (I am trying to avoid Hollywood, as in my opinion, mostly rubbish comes out of there). My interest is soccer, swimming, and nature. I love to hike as well.

what more can I say about myself?


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Loo at a petrol statopn just off the M-62 in Howden, I am from near the North cave area.
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Not really, a toilet is just a toilet to me, really
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Surfing the web for shit related sites. Then I had stumbled upon this "very august institution"!


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