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Apartment complex has a 24-hour clubhouse which is totally deserted at 3 am when i go to get the mail. (graveyard shift) i can read the mail in peace in a spacious, well-stocked and freshly cleaned bathroom, a haven for a super-shameful like me.
Favorite Toilet
whatever kind they have in the New Orleans sheraton hotel.
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Shameful Shitter
How I Discovered PoopReport.com

I was reading the "Shit Like a Man/Shit Like a Woman" joke that's been floating around the Internet, for about the 100th time and wished desperately to find a site catering solely to shit-story afficionados like me. I typed "shit humour" into google and stumbled here. I've been reading for months but never posted- but now I have a story that might be worthy.

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I'm a 21 year old white female who is Uber-Shameful but takes extraordinary and infantile delight in the fecal adventures of others. Interests: black and death metal music; animals; photography; horror movies; the occult; the history, languages, ancient religions and historic architecture of Europe; shit-related trivia, especially that related to history and the monarchs of europe. I've lived for 3 and a half years with my boyfriend who started out as a general shameful shitter but has gradually progressed to just carefully silent; our 3+ years together have been, for me, one long war against him ever seeing/smelling/hearing evidence of- or even SUSPECTING that I, too, like all other humans, shit.

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